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Ultra Luxurious Private Islands

Luxurious Private Islands
These most expensive Private Islands in the world will not only satisfy your fancy of experiencing a luxurious holiday but also proved to be very expensive, be it your honeymoon, a romantic getaway or a long due family vacation. When you really want to unwind, sip the crowds, the queues and the loud talking guests- the answer is to indulge in your private respite. Try to be the only exclusive guest leaving footprints in the sand or swimming in the sea, while still having access to swarms of the world’s most attentive staff, as well as world-class dining and spa services.

Private Islands are going to be the star attraction of the year 2019. Yes you heard it right, these ultra luxurious getaways with turquoise waters lapping at crisp white sand and tropical palms swaying in the breeze. These islands are favourite among the rich famous and fabulous and something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Here are some super exciting luxury I Private Island destinations you would want to go in 2019.

North Island Seychelles is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and also one of the most exclusive island hideaways in the world. Located in the Seychelles there are only 11 opulent handcrafted villas overlooking the fabulous turquoise waters and the pristine white powder sands? We could go on and on and talk about its sensational beauty. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their honeymoon on the Private Islands.

Laucala Islands located in the Fiji are in a league of their own. The islands have been described as extraordinary and unlike any they have visited before by those who have stayed at this luxurious island resort. There are countless attractions but the best among them are the pristine rainforest, white sandy beaches, extraordinary private luxury island and mouth watering food. Laucala Islands also has got palm lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons on almost all 300 islands. It boasts of its stunning and super comfortable private island resorts with views so beautiful that it will sweep you off your feet right away you walk in and you actually wouldn’t even mind spending for a night to live in one of its spectacular hilltop residence.

Things to do: Rainforest walking tours, golf, farm visits, jet skiing, horseback, riding, fishing windsurfing, kite surfing, kayak, jet skiing are some of the things to do in Fiji.

Cocoa Maldives Island has a lagoon that couldn’t be bluer and silky white sand underfoot that will make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud. The facilities include shimmering swimming pools, beautifully manicured gardens and on site spa water sports center, a yoga pavilion and a restaurant offering lip smacking good Thai food.

Mnerba Indian Ocean is set on a private island off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar. Mnemba offers guests a chance to get away from the skyscrapers and city mania and enjoy yourself on the private island. With 10 romantic beachside and lodges every vista looks like a shot straight out of a honeymoon brochure. The island was voted one of the top three most romantic islands in the world and ranked as one of the most visually stunning remote islands in the world too.

Thanda island, Tanzania: this award winning island located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Tanzania is one of the most exclusive and sought after private island destination in the entire world. There are plenty of reasons to make this island irresistible to tourists but the most attractive is the natural beauty. This island is surrounded by a vibrant coral reef attracting marine turtles and whale sharks.

Society islands French Polynesia is located in the south Pacific Ocean .It is famous among honeymooners .What makes Society Island stand apart from the rest in the list is the French influence over everything right from food to Luxury islands. As an added bonus tourist can head over to famous Bora Bora islands nearby for luxury with a dash of Glamour.

Fulfil your dreams to place your importance on these luxury islands.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Most Enchanting Fairytale Castles around the World

Fairytale Castles
May be it’s the captivating history or their splendour or their stunning architecture, castles still remains one of the greatest tourist destinations throughout the world.

These are some of the world’s most incredible castles that seem straight out of a fairy tale.

Blue forest fairy tale Castle is situated in an enchanted Tree house Hideaway. This enchanted tree house hideaway may look like elves or princess might emerge at any moment, but it was actually built for human inhabitants to enjoy. Designed by Blue forest the elevated home is located at a secret location in U.K that looks a lot like a fairy tale forest. Blue forest designs all kinds of unique tree houses customized to meet their client’s wildest dreams.

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany: the fantasy castle about which other fantasy castle are fantasies, this elaborate slice of Romanesque Revival perches on a hilltop above the village of Hohenschwangau in Southern Germany. Neuschwanstein has become the blueprint for such wildly flamboyant structures. It was the inspiration for the Sleeping beauty Castles which lights up Disney land in California.

Alcazar is one of Spain’s most famous castles, rising out of a rocky crag of the rivers Eresma and Clamores. The Alcazar was originally built as an Arab fort but has served as a royal palace, a prison, a Royal Artillery college and a military academy.

Chateau Chambord, Loir-et-cher is one of France’s renaissance architecture. The chateau Chambord was constructed in 16th century and has remained relatively unchanged. Walt Disney used it as an inspiration for the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast.

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal: this colourful palace is a prime example of 19th century. Romanticism in architecture features Moorish influences. Pena was built by King Ferdinand the II who wanted the palace to be visible from the beautiful park.

Lacko Castle Lidkoping Sweden: on the shores of Sweden’s largest lake –Lake Vanern-Lacko castle was built in the Baroque style. Visitors should check for concerts and exhibitions that are held there throughout the year.

Burg Eltz Germany: it is tucked into a lush valley. Burg Eltz is one of the greatest fairy tale castles in the whole world. Burg Eltz is only one of 3 castles in the Rhine River from Medieval times that hasn’t been destroyed or re built over time. Hiking lets you truly feel the seclusions of this fairytale castle and helps make your first glance a pure medieval fantasy.

Mont St Michel the sacred castle in the sea is considered one of the wonders of the Western World. Mont St Michel is a medieval fortress in France, sitting on top of a rocky island in the ocean, floating like a mirage on the horizon this sacred monastery is truly a beautiful site. The centrepiece of Mont St Michel is its church which is essentially a medieval skyscraper which was inspired by a dream. Mont-Saint-Michel is a granite Island in the center of a huge bay connected by a cause to the mainland. During high tide the castle is surrounded by water. The water rushes at an incredible speed and rises up to 45 feet high during high tide.

Glamis Castle Scotland is a living, breathing monument to Scottish heritage hospitality and enjoyment for all. It is a family home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Glamis Castle is the legendry setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and the birthplace of Princess Margaret. The garden surrounding Glamis Castle is beautiful all year round. At Glamis you have the opportunity to see a wide variety of flora and fauna.

So enchanting is the beauty of the castle that once you visit, it’ll overwhelm you and tempt you into seeing more.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Places you should not miss in Corsica


Corsica a sun drenched island is a fantastic European holiday destination. It is nestled between Italy and France. This mountainous land is covered with beautiful forests, vineyards and surrounded by sandy beaches. Corsica is an idyllic island in the popular Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is as glittering jewel in the sun for an island influenced by several countries. It’s maintained an unrivalled individual quality that can’t be matched. Corsica is a wonderful blend of old and new, luxury, rustic, high craggy peaks and smooth sand shores.

The month of July-September is in fact the best times to plan your Corsica holidays. Go hiking in its lofty mountains- Monte Cinto, Lac De Melu among other. Every nook and corner Corsica oozes its charm and it is sure to entice you. Holiday in Corsica can easily be spent lazing on the beach or hopping from a romantic restaurant to local bar, but for all round experience of this island make sure you consider these things not to miss in Corsica.

Romantic escape to Corsica: Corsica absolutely deserves the slogan “Isle of Beauty”. Enjoy your holiday in a romantic idyllic setting. You will be accommodated in a hotel with superior category with sea view. Stroll along quaint mountain villages, medieval citadels and picturesque port cities, moreover indulge in sweets. Doing nothing on white sandy dream beaches with turquoise waters is impossible.

The town of Bonifacio is a remarkable destination. Bonifacio is perched on its impressive limestone cliffs. Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful cities. You’ll see during your trip to Corsica. Most of it’s charm comes from its citadel and it’s winding shady alleys.

Calvi is a dream destination for those who love Sea Mountains and a citadel all in one go. Calvi is a town brimming with charm. It’s lined with stunning houses and buildings yet maintain a village feel. Its narrow lanes and selection of boutiques makes the town pleasant. The sea meets mountain scenery is also another big attraction. Calvi has its own airport. Flying over Calvi and its surround is a sheer delight. It’s superb out of the ordinary way to discover the area and admire its magical landscape.

Rondinara Beach is elected repeatedly most beautiful beach of France or Europe. The beach of Rondinara disappoints nobody. Fine sand, turquoise waters sloping gently is surrounded beautifully by preserved scrubland and decorated with reddish rocks.

The interior of the region of Corte is a home to Corsica’s most rugged landscapes, from dense pine forest to glacier moulded gorges. The area has become something of an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiast and is one of the best places to go rafting and canyoning the Mediterranean.

Those who want to get active in the water, there are a number of water sports opportunities available across the island, whether it’s sea kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing or diving. Corsica is ready for you to take a splash.

A walk through the mountains: the mountainous landscape of Corsica is a haven for those who have packed their hiking boots. Walking through the mountains is the best ways to absorb the island’s stunning scenery with several routes.

Conquer Mountains on Two wheels: Swap you two feet for two wheels and explore Corsica mountains by bicycle. The island has cycling routes offering leg burning climbs for those looking to get really active.

Corsican Cuisine is influenced by French and Italian menus with unique dishes and ingredients. Despite their location seafood isn’t a major concern. A sweet treat should not be missed on a holiday to Corsica.

Take advantage of the stunning scenery and dine at al fresco perched on a rocky outcrop in the north. Everything is done outdoor at this unique bar. Beautifully lit at night the menu here is mouth watering.

Ensure you get the most out of this island during your trip by visiting some of its most stunning attractions and famous location.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Guide to Planning a Group Road Trip


A road trip has the potential to be either the best trip of your life or the worst, depending on the way you plan it. Some of the best experiences people have on road trips depend on the group they choose to travel with. A good road trip will involve several things, from sharing stories, inside jokes, and creating some amazing memories together and, all of these have the potential to turn a group trip to one of the most life-changing experiences ever.

So, here is a list of tips and tricks that can make the long-awaited trip with your bunch of friends or family one of the best experiences of your lives:

1.Book the proper mode of transport


The most important part of a road trip is perhaps what mode of transport you are using. If you are a group of more than 5 people, a camper or a minibus would be the best option. Of course, planning how to get your group from point A to point B will be one of your biggest challenges. So, research the different charter bus, tour bus, and school bus rental options available. There are options for all budgets, and your group will be able to relax and enjoy the sites while a professional driver fights traffic and struggles with directions if that’s the way you want to go. Or you can book your vehicle and choose to drive by yourselves.

2.Map your route beforehand


Another important thing to keep in mind before starting your journey is that you need to have a clear idea about exactly where you are going. You must research the routes you are going to take and have an updated map at hand before starting your journey.

You can go to google maps and save an offline map of your route just to be safe. This saves you the trouble of asking for directions at every point along the way. Always ask your vehicle rental company if they have a GPS device on their vehicles as it can obviously save you a lot of trouble.

3.Booking accommodations

This is where it gets tricky. Booking hotel rooms for groups can be a hassle as being confined to one room might make everyone uncomfortable.

For group trips, houses or apartments on rent are the best options to go. This will not only give you enough space to cook and rest but also make sure everyone gets all the privacy that they need. You can visit sites like Airbnb and search for the most comfortable options for your group.

4.Stay within your budget

Budget planning is perhaps the most important part of any trips and can decide how good a time you guys have. Always sort the nooks and crannies before starting your trip and decide on a budget per person that fits comfortably within the financial capability of everyone. This not only ensures that everyone has a good time without being too worried about money but also gives you enough flexibility to accommodate souvenirs.

So, book your accommodations and your travel after agreeing on how much each of you is willing to spend.

5.Have a Back-Up Plan Ready

Life is unpredictable and often unfair. You never know what can happen and when. So, it is best to be prepared beforehand. Instead of freaking out when you actually run into such incidents, make sure to have a backup plan ready at hand. Make sure everyone in the group has emergency numbers saved on their phones. Also, keep a list of hospitals and medicine stores along the way. Always keep at least one spare tyre in the vehicle and make sure to prepare for sudden weather changes. Keep a list of gas stations along the route handy too.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Off Season Travel Means Money Saving Experience

Off Season Travel
The most effective travel hack to keep your expenses to a minimum is to travel during off seasons. Every destination in the world has three tourism season- peaks, normal and off season based on the weather and volume of tourist arrivals. Peak season means the best months to visit a country both weather wise as well as from the point of view of festival and events. Off season consist of months that have most unfavourable weather conditions like nearby hot summers, nonstop rains or bitterly cold winters. Off season is the time where least amount of tourist activity takes place in a destination usually due to weather conditions.

These are some tips for saving during your travelling. 

Choose a destination where more people won’t be travelling to at that point of time. In short, an off season destination. Pick a place where the off season is on and the season is just about to start. For instance Darjeeling and Gangtok are great place to go in September because the season starts in October. The weather is just fine with occasional rain and the tourist places are not crowded.

Eat well and spend less: when you are travelling its better if you avoid having your regular favourites. Dishes like butter chicken and Kadhai paneer are available everywhere. Choose to eat the local cuisine. Don’t go to the restaurant, ask for the local for advice and then head to the local joints and dhabas. You will be able to eat plenty of delicious food and that too by not spending a lot on it.

Hotels are easily available with options. Demand for hotels tends to be lesser during off season and hence hotel and other form of accommodation are widely available with lots of option. You can even afford to reach your destination without any prior hotel booking. Popular hotel chains also offer attractive rates and packages during the off season and lower cost of accommodation means you can splurge on Luxurious rooms and stay in wonderful resorts.

Brave the desert in the summer: Traveller to Dubai in the summer could save up to 55% on vacation costs while snagging room upgrades. The Dubai summer is scorching hot. But there’s plenty to enjoy out in the sun. These include Ski Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Water Parks, over 96 malls and climate controlled pools at many hotels. Evening spent at the desert or the Souq after the sun goes down is a great.

Travel light: one thing you need to swear even before considering budget travel is that you need to pack only what you would need instead of stuffing your bags with unnecessary items. If you are travelling by flights this would be useful to reduce the baggage charge. Carrying your backpack wherever you go wouldn’t seem tiresome either.

Travel on Tuesdays: most flight tickets are at their cheapest on Tuesday as people rarely choose this odd weekday for travel.

Activities and experiences are cheaper and different. Off season travel makes it a very interesting time to enjoy the popular activities and experience of a destination. Want to explore the famous Louvre Museum of Paris without the distraction of weary travellers then visit the city during the winter months. You will also get cheaper entry fees for popular museums and tourist attraction. Restaurant and cafes also offer generous discounts in food and beverages during off season.

Travelling during off season often also means shopping would be reasonable like lower prices for souvenirs, handicrafts and Knick Knacks. Less number of tourist leads to heavy discount and price reductions in local markets.

Best Gay Beaches for Partying

Gay Beaches
Finding the best gay friendly beaches in the world can be a little challenging. Gay beaches are always a hot spot for most guys on holidays. It can get very tricky to find a nice gay beach to spend your days under the sun and meet and flirt with fascinating people from all over the world. There are certain cities and spots where the Gay Lifestyle is accepted and even welcome for touristic advantages. Beside the beaches they come with many attractions like restaurants, bars and cafes and above all a lot of fun for you and your friend.

Few place having Gay beaches are as follows:

Es Cavallet Ibiza is one of the world’s most popular destination for sunbathing and partying for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. On the southern end of the island is Es Cavallet beach were the gays go for some nude sunbathing.

Cancun is a hot beach destination for spring breakers and a popular gay beach. Playa Delfines. The water is treacherous to swim in, but the white sand is perfect for stunning and the view is incredible. This beach is popular for surfing and a great place to take surfing lessons. Gay couples and singles enjoy Playa Delfines. It is known unofficially as the gay beach in Cancun.

The boys from Ipanema are tanned and toned. It is said to be a home to some of the world’s sexiest bodies. Rio de Janeiro has become a hot gay destination and home to a sizable gay population. The gay section of Ipanema is to the east of Rua Farme de Amoedo where party promoters often give out flyers to the muscle men about the parties at the clubs. Though the scenery is beautiful but no one pays attention at the natural beauty.

Hilton Beach Tel Aviv is an open minded beach city where gay men have been swimming and sunbathing for years. For those who prefer to be clothes free head to Gaash Beach about 35 minutes north of the city.

Beach 19, Lisbon is the nude beach that has become predominantly gay. It’s huge, wild and sandy beach attracting guys of all ages to the Atlantic and dunes behind it. The natural scenery has made many say, this is the most beautiful gay beach in Europe and it’s quite a peaceful spot always with enough space to spread your towel.

Fort Lauderdale at Florida is known as the Venice of America”. Sebastian Street Gay Beach is located near the gay resorts is one of the most popular beach destinations for gay tourists. There are many Gay bars and restaurants. Hamburger Mary’s restaurant and bars is a great place to start or end the night.

Main Beach in Brighton England: This is a flat sandy beach with very clean water with a European blue flag. It has a huge gay crowd, but officially nude section is the most popular spot. This is the most popular London weekend getaway for gay people called the Number one favourite gay beach in UK. The city has many shops, restaurants and bars and also the streets are well lit up for the safety of visitors during day or night.

These were the top gay beaches around the world that will make your holiday even more fun and relaxing.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Beaches for Surfing around the World

Beaches for Surfing

For some the best trip to the beach involves ideal surfing conditions. Surfing is getting popular all around the world. It is growing fast and will make a debut in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo Japan. Many surfers are so addicted that they constantly travel in search of a perfect surfing spot. Some cities are better for surfing than others cities. Wind patterns, tide schedule and terrain create a perfect wave for surfing, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Let’s see some great surf spots along the coast of nearly every continent.

Teahupoo, Tahiti: Teahupoo is a real surfer’s paradise. It is known for its glassy waves. The beautiful village of the island of Tahiti has become one of the most popular surfing spots for champions and amateur surfers, thanks to the exceptional waves of its. Here once a year the Billabong Pro Tahiti is played where the most experience surfers competes against the waves created by the coral reef, even more than 15 meters high.

Chimaca Peru is a country that attracts more and more surfers from all over the world because of the endless waves and winds in the open sea. The perfect example of surfing slot is Chimaca, known all over the world as the most extended wave left in the world. Puerto Chico in north western Peru has one of the longest waves in the world and on its typical days. It seems like a wave machine. The first wave is called Malpaso which breaks for about 150 meters, the second wave is called Keys, breaks for another 600 meters and the main point connects with the sections called The Point and EL Hombre which open up to the city’s pier, a 2.5 km long ride that last for minutes.

France west Coast: is not only renowned for its superb food but also its glorious beaches and quality surfing waves that make it one of the world’s greatest destinations to surf. The long stretch of the west coast sees a varying quality of surf and further down the coastline you venture the better it becomes.

It’s been 25 years since the island of Bali has become the epicentre of exotic surf adventure. Bali is still an excellent destination a quarter of century on and offers true surfing magic. There is no denying of the quality and quantity of Bali surf. It is known as the mystical Island of Temokes and a thousand surfing waves.

Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa is one of the world’s best right hand point breaks. Professional surfers come from all over the world. Visit the South African surfing especially during the Billabong Pro Surf Contest. From a small fishing village that was since the surf industry over the years has transformed Jeffrey’s Bay into a real surf city.

Pavones, Costa Rica: known as one of the most remote surfing destination in the entire country. Pavones offers surfers an unforgettable experience thanks to its legendary wave. Pavones is a beautiful secluded beach located in the Golfo Dulce. When there is the perfect mix of wind and swell the waves hit, Pavones presents and epic break on the left that experiences surfers can drive for almost three minutes at a time.

Waikki- Hawaii, Untied States is one of the world’s most iconic surf spots and you’ll fee inspired to surf upon arrival. There’s no doubt it’s a touristy place but the consistent and easy waves at Canoes or the Royal Hawaiian Hotel matched with warm water and sunny skies makes an ideal family or solo learn to surf getaway.

Mal Pais- Puntarenas, Costa Rica and its nearby beaches receive constant surf round, which has turned the area into a hotspot for surfers from around the world. The break between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa known as Playa Carmen offers a long board wave with a sandy bottom that’s practically is made for beginners.

So come on grab your board, zip up your wetsuit, put on that brave smile and prepare yourself to get wet at some of the best beaches for surfing around the world.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The High Spirited Nightlife of Seychelles

The Paradise on Earth and The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean is none other than Seychelles. This island is well known for its pristine beaches, topaz waters and exotic wildlife. More than three hundred thousand visitors visit this island annually resulting in the boom of Nightlife of Seychelles. The Nightlife of Seychelles isn’t lively in all the places. Whatever little information received about Nightlife of Seychelles, it is mainly centred on Mahe and Praslin Island.

Vibrant Nightlife of Mahe Island: Mahe is the main island where capital Victoria is located, making it a major tourist hub. Katiolo Discotheque is an open air discotheque situated on the beach. A point of caution they have a strict dress code, Casual dressers are turned back without a second thought. The music itself is diverse and amazing covering a wide range of genres- 70s, 80s up to recent hits, R’n’B, local tacks and Rock’n Roll. Hot snacks like French fries, fried chicken and burgers are served here.
Tequila Boom: From the time Tequila Boom has opened its gates for the visitors, the nightclub has managed to maintain its position as the most happening place to spend a night. Well air-conditioned and quiet spacious, the club even has VIP booths. Music from local tunes to the modern hip-hop is played.


Moonlight on the beach: if you prefer to get away from the crowd, then the beach is a best and romantic place to go at night. Grab a bottle of wine and watch the sunset while lazing on the beach. If you want to spend more time in the night you can always walk to Mike’s shop or browse the Beach view shop for souvenirs.

Dance with the locals: situated in the center of Victoria the Love nut Night Club consists of a business crowd and plenty of tourists. The club is well lit, clean and a great place to party away removing all the stress of the day. All bars and clubs have no short policy. You can dress casually.

There are few casinos in Seychelles both within the hotels and individual ones. The casino Gran kaz Entertainment center is the largest one. The new refurnished heritage building Mercury house on the Francis Rachel street in Victoria includes 150 most technologically advanced slot machines and 3 high paying reel slots.

Nightlife of Praslin Island: As compared to nightlife in Mahe, Seychelles nightlife on Praslin Island is calmer. The Jungle discotheque is the liveliest and the most visited on the island. The decor is tropical and local hit Djs like Joseph Simon and Jean Marc Volcy perform here every weekend.

Enjoy a movie at Deepam Cinema: Nightlife of Seychelles is not limited to pubs, bars, nightclubs and casinos. Deepam Cinema has two shows on weekdays and three shows on weekends. It is the only cinema hall of the country that is located in Victoria and can accommodate 247 viewers.

Sunset dinner cruises are available in Seychelles. Travellers can cruise in the ocean waters and enjoy the gorgeous sunset views while enjoying Creole delicacies.

If you want to truly enjoy the pulsating Nightlife of Seychelles, then you have come to the right spot.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Picturesque Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Jeju is also known as the Hawaii of South Korea, a chillax island at the bottom of the South Korean Peninsula Just one hour plane ride from Seoul . Many Koreans who go there are tourists themselves. It’s where South Korean goes to escape their stressful Seoul lives. Jeju is a natural wonder. It is made up entirely from volcanic eruptions. That is why it is recently crowned as one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

Jeju water world: looking for something more exciting and adventurous for your trip? Head on to Jeju water world.Jeju’s largest water leisure park which is a favourite trip with the family or a vacation with friends. Apart from the thrilling water rides which will leave your adrenaline pumping, there is also an option to relax and unwind at a jjimjil-bang or sauna. You can have an opportunity to play some golf at a high class indoor golf practice range.

Catch some waves: from snorkelling to kayaking and many more there is a wide variety of exciting water sports and water based activities in Jeju Island to choose from.

Manjanggul cave is open to tourists. It has been said that monstrous waves of lava once flowed through these tunnels. As you walk inside a lava tube you can feel your spine tingle. Now you get to take selfies in it.

Love Land is an outdoor sex themed park with over 140 statues of human in various sexual positions. This is only for mummy, daddy and Kids over 18 yrs. Loveland is a park focused on sexuality and eroticism. 140 sculptures of men and women in different sex positions litter the park. Loveland also includes large phallic statues, stone labia and hands on exhibits. Even their door handles to the toilets are naughty for the ladies. They are shaped like an erect penis and for the gent’s they are shaped like boobies. Many honeymoon couples come here to make some tongue in cheek memories. Loveland should be your last stop before leaving Jeju if you want to end your trip on a cheeky note.

Teddy bear Museum: Teddy bear lovers go crazy here. Quiet possibly among the most well known museums in Korea. This museum displays thousands of teddy bears from all over the world. Some of these teddy bears have been designed and created by hand. As you walk through the history of Teddy bears in the history hall you can find bear-Y versions of famous historical figures such as Mona Lisa. For some fresh arm walk out into the garden and hang out with the huge teddy bear sculptures over tea.

A holiday without some sun, sand and the beach is meaningless. Jungmun Saedal Beach is a colourful beach destination popular amongst both locals and tourists. Apart from chilling during the day, you can also participate in various marine and aquatic sports such as parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving,

Drop by hipster cafes and fine diners. If you feel like you had enough local foods, enjoy a fine dining at Maison Glad Buffet. Then drop by one of the trendy beachfront cafes with killer views of the islands stunning ocean vistas.

The best time to visit Jeju is South Korea is from November to February.

Jeju aims to keep its tourist and honeymooners entertain, informed and well oiled for humour.

Find the Right Foreign Destination for Your Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat
Relax, Unwind, and Improve with a Wellness Retreat

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just escape for a few days? Ever want to just leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the constant struggle to survive? You’re overworked and underpaid, you’re on the brink of physical and mental exhaustion, and everyone is relying on you to keep things going. You know stress is a normal part of life and you wouldn’t trade your children, family, or significant other for the world, but deep down you know something's got to give. You’re the last person on your list of priorities and it’s starting to take a toll. What if you could get away (for a while anyway)? What if there was a place that you could travel to where the main focus and priority is you and your physical and mental well-being? Would you go?

Take a Wellness Retreat

Wellness retreats are just that. They are programs designed by resorts to give travelers a more therapeutic approach to vacationing. Most who participate in a wellness retreat say they receive true healing and redirection in their life. Wellness retreats can be instrumental to a recovering addict who just finished a program at a nearby detox, a burned out mother taxed by the struggles of single parenting, an individual struggling with their weight or chronic illness, and even someone who is getting treatment for depression from mental health programs. Though the types of activities will vary by which retreat you opt for, here’s a closer look at what you can expect.

Beautiful Locations

A change of scenery can be great for everyone once in a while. You get tired of seeing the smog and hearing the noise that city life brings and the eventual monotony of the suburbs on a daily basis. One of the reasons that wellness retreats are highly sought after and a benefit to the mind, body, and soul is because of their location. They are often held in beautiful locations spanning from the sandy beaches of California to the gorgeous mountaintops in Costa Rica. No matter which you chose the views will be plentiful offering a quiet, change of environment that is needed to relax and unwind.
Unplug and Recharge

Modern conveniences like smartphones, tablets, televisions, and so forth are great additions to the average person’s life. It makes completing basic tasks including shopping, connecting, research, and more from any remote location. Yet too much screen time is horrible for your mental well-being. From the lights and graphics to the negativity and illusion of perfection, it can drain your energy. Wellness retreat staff urge their participants to unplug so that they can recharge. With no cell phone and electronic device policies, the program gives everyone the opportunity to replenish the energy they lost.

Cleanse and Detoxify

Most wellness retreat programs offer the option for detox and cleansing. A body and mind filled with clutter and toxins will eventually shut down. Health cleanses and detoxes aid the body’s natural process in getting rid of toxins, chemicals, and disease. It flushes the system, revitalizes major organs, and replenishes the body with vitamins, nutrients, and supplements that improve function throughout. This boosts the immune system, increases energy, and provides mental clarity.

Invigorating Activities

Wellness retreats are probably most well-known for their health and fitness activities. Though there is plenty of time to relax, get a massage, and just explore, there’s also a lot of invigorating activities going on that have a positive impact on your health. There are fitness classes, meditation practices, hikes, swims, and more to try.

New Direction

Unlike a traditional vacation where you go away for a few days and then get home and immediately jump back to the madness, wellness retreats are designed to provide you with a new direction. They often have coaches or counselors on staff who work with participants to find out what their goals are and use this information to help you develop a plan to use once you get home. Whether that’s learning how to workout with just a few minutes available in the day, making clean meals for your family, or finding ways to relieve stress on a daily basis, they will equip you with the tools you need to maintain this new direction you’re traveling in.

Traveling is by far one of the best remedies for reducing stress and getting away from the normal. However, when you take a wellness retreat you get so much more. Located on a tropical haven like Bermuda, these programs are designed to help those interested in improving their health, gaining a new perspective, or overcoming struggles to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve been away, why not travel to a beautiful oasis and focus on restoring your physical and mental well-being.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Vintage Rides- Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas You Shouldn't Miss

Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas
Most of the people love to explore the world their motorcycle. If you are the one who always strives to travel with your motorcycle, then you shouldn't miss these motorcycle tours in Himalaya. The Himalayas is the best place to experience the real you. Although you may think this as funny aspect but I bet its the fact. Lots of people do travel a lot to the Himalayas on their motorcycle just to self-discover them.

I'm saying this because I am one of them who has explored the real me in the motorcycle tours in the Himalayas. The long-lasting and never ending roads in the Himalayas are just the perfect thing for any nature lovers.

You'll love them, and in fact, it will unleash the adventurous aspects in you. Now, you are traveling to the Himalayas means you shouldn't miss these " Motorcycle tours in Himalayas."

1. Vintage Motorcycle tour in Ladakh: 

If you love doing motorcycle tours means you'll definitely enjoy this tour in Ladakh. The Ladakh is India's most adventurous spot, and in fact, it is also called as the bike enthusiasts spot. You can find lots of vintage bikers around the Leh touring on motorcycles and enjoying the experience. You shouldn't miss this rock mountains tour & lovely bike riding experience if you visit the Himalayas.

2. Vintage Motor Rides in Spiti: 

The other vintage motorcycle you shouldn't miss in the Himalayas is the tour of Spiti. This Spiti valley is filled with the scenic beauties throughout the motorcycle tour. You will definitely get amazed while traveling through this gorgeous Spiti valley. There are lots of places to see in between such as hatu temple, sarahan, Sangla valley, Kah loops, etc.

3. Motorcycle Tour in Bhutan: 

If you want to experience the heights in your vintage bikes. Then the Bhutan valley is the best place for you. It is filled with the heights of adrenaline and surrounded by the high mountains and challenging routes. You can even find the dense forests routes on this special trip.

4. Vintage  Motorcycle Tour to the Rara lake, Nepal: 

Do you want to experience the ride of the earth to the stars and moon then the motorcycle tour to the Rara lake is the best trip for you? In this trip, you can explore the real beauty of the Rara Lake along with that dangerous roads. Although there are some hazardous roads, it will give a beautiful bike riding, but you have to be careful while riding.

5. Motorcycle Tour to the Mustang: 

The motorcycle tour to the Mustang is another classic bike adventure you have to explore in the Himalayas tour. The roads in this place are dangerous, and it will definitely give the goosebumps to the riders who ride on these roads. So, if you are a vintage bike rider, you shouldn't miss this experience.
These are the best motorcycle tours you have to experience in the Himalayas. With these tours, you can experience the breathtaking visuals and scenic beauties.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Most Traveller Friendliest Cities in the World

Friendliest Cities
If deciding to explore new places then makes sure the country that you choose treats you well. Travelling to new places is always fun and passion for many. If the people are friendly, then the experience of travelling is blissful. Many tourists are interested in variety and diversity, but there are so many countries who are not all tourist friendly and this can ruin your experience. Travelling to a new city or country can be intimidating.

These are few cities that are recognized as friendliest cities: 

Iceland is considered to be the world’s friendliest country even after having a small population. It is a Nordic Island country which is most sparsely populated country in Europe. Ice land is a dramatic volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and black sand beaches. Don’t miss out the breathtaking scenic beauty which mesmerizes the tourists. Fed up with summer and the heat? Visit Iceland and chill with the friendliest people in the world.

The city of Krakow has been taken over by a cultural revolution making it a wonderful hub for people who would like to relax, enjoy bohemian lifestyle and the old town with its medieval influence. Take in the 14the century Gothic-style architecture or spend the afternoon people watching in the Main Market Square. Any city that is this artistic and laid-back is bound to be friendly for travellers.

Canada is the second largest country in the world. This cold country never fails to amaze the visitors with their culture, diversity, national parks and historic sites. Canada is a welcoming country which accepts all the visitors as their own. Canada is one happy world in its own.

Siem Reap, Cambodia is wonderful country. You can hike around the mountainous jungle terrain, explore the ancient Khmer ruins in temples of Angot Wat. Visit the town to grab some local food or take in the gorgeous ruins of Ta Prohm that are surrounded by figs and silk roots. But what makes this city so friendly is the undeniable energy of peace and tranquillity that surrounds it.

Cape Town Africa: one can enjoy the full day by waking up early morning to take an African safari then heading to the local boutiques in the afternoon and finally in the evening dining at an upscale restaurant in downtown. Here the local people of the city are incredibly warm and welcoming as well.
Austria has become one of Europe’s friendliest holiday destinations in recent years. Austria is not only famous for its alpine scenery, glacial lakes and architectural wonders; it is also one of the few places on the continent where you are greeted ‘Good Morning ‘by the strangers. Austria is vibrant in summer and festive in winter. Austria holidays are perfect any time of the years.

Kyoto Japan: Kyoto has been getting a lot of love on the tourism front lately. People are beginning to rediscover the beauty and charm of this town making it a popular destination for lovers. The bamboo garden, cherry blossom trees and the stunning Japanese architecture is admired by the entire tourist who visits these places. It’s no wonder Kyoto is so friendly since it oozes romance.

So get friendly to the people around these cities and explore the country.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Maryland, Miniature America

Maryland is a beautiful state with charming coastal towns, forests, lakes, islands, flea markets, waterfalls, amusement parks, campgrounds, resort and an array of attraction. The scenic view around the Chesapeake Bay is really amazing. There is plenty of natural attraction to keep you occupied and be ready to bring out your camera.

The state has some really some awesome places to visit. So why not make a trip out of visiting one or more of these fantastic picturesque places.

Cambridge is another small town located in the Eastern shore of Maryland that is known for its scenic water views, fresh seafood and special events. Cambridge is situated on the chop tank river where there is a beautiful lighthouse that is used to guide ships along the river. This area is rich in history.

Baltimore is a fun place to spend the day by walking along the docks, shopping, eating and watching people. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. The Inner Harbour is a prime destination for all ages with world class attractions including the National Aquarium, Camden Yards, Port Discovery, Baltimore’s Historic ships, Maryland science center, pier six pavilion and Horseshoe casino.

Deep Creek Lake is one of the best getaway destinations in the state of Maryland. Mountains, river and lakes offer a wide selection of activities from active outdoor adventures to just plain relaxing, enjoy hiking, bicycling. Picnicking, boating, fishing, camping, swimming, horseback riding are some of the sports practised in summer and skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling is practised during the winter.

Building a sand castle at Maryland’s beaches brings a family together. Maryland has lots of great spots to offer by soaking in the sun, playing in the sand and making a memory to remember lifetime. Ocean city, Assateague and Sandy Point are some of a few spots waiting for you to grab your shovel and dig in.

Six Flags America is the largest attraction for kids in the state of Maryland featuring more than 100m rides, shows and the area largest water park. The amusement park attracts all ages with 10 roller coasters. The show line-up includes internationally awarded stunt shoe that is entertaining for all and younger kids enjoy the Looney Tunes Movie uptown, where they can meet Bugs Bunny.

Ocean city Boardwalk is recognized as one of the best boardwalk in America. From Novelty shops to fancy eateries featuring Maryland’s local cuisine amusement and a fantastic nightlife complete with music and dancing. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day in ocean city.

Assateague Island the wild horses of Assateague National seashore and state ark are one of the few truly unique sites in the world. The majestic horses are island’s signature species for centuries. Seeing those hoses frolicking in the dunes for the first time is one of those memories you’ll never forget.

Maryland live Casino is satiated between Baltimore and Washington DC. The casino features Las Vegas style slot machine and electronic table games including Black jack Roulette and Mini Baccarat. The gaming destination offers a variety of dining option and live entertainment.

Experience a beautiful combination of culture and convenience that only a gorgeous laid back and truly welcoming place like Maryland can offer.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kuwait, a Desert Holiday Destination

Kuwait is famous for its oil resources and also well-known holiday destination. It is situated between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Along with desert safaris to scuba diving there are plenty of incredible things to do in Kuwait. The focal point of this country is Kuwait City with some interesting attractions to discover like Palace and Islamic mosaics.

Kuwait is an oil rich nation, the land of architectural marvels and the country of riches. Kuwait has successfully managed to retain the Arab feel while making way for modern development with incredible museum, colourful Souq, romantic desert plains, peaceful beaches and vibrant restaurants. Kuwait is climbing the ladders of popularity and enticing visitors from all parts of the world. Cities like Dubai and Bahrain offer the glitz and glamour of big city life but in Kuwait the experience is more subdued. It is focused on family activities like dining out, shopping in its larger than life shopping complexes, strolling beach side, relishing the quiet atmosphere.

Here are some things to do in Kuwait that are highly recommended for you.

Kuwait Towers is the first thing that will grab your attraction. This famous landmark has been recently renovated and open for public. The main tower has a viewing platform. You can enjoy your delicious meals without disturbing your budget. During the bright day you get a chance to view the whole country even the inhabited parts.

A night in the desert: No visit to Kuwait is complete without a night in the desert. You can start your night with camel herds and try drinking some camel milk. After spending some time with the herds you can drive further in the desert. You can enjoy a short courtyard ride and continue driving until you see the disappeared signs of civilization on the sky line. You can camp at this place for one night and feel you are alone in the world. You are free to experience the silence and vast emptiness.

Let you inner mermaid shine at Aqua Park. The aquatic city offers the chance for water play and more. Adventurers will love the 65 ft slide while kids will have a blast at the pirate themed area. Those you can’t swim yet can have fun in the swimming pool with floats or they can hit the volley ball courts, football field, paintball area or visit Go kart racing track.

Experience Open-air rooftop Cinema: If you are a cinema enthusiast and happen to be in Kuwait during the months of Novembers to April you could make a beeline on Thursday to Saturday to catch up with some of the best multi award winning movies from all over the world with English sub-titles screened at Cine magic movies in the old Souk Salmiya. Comfortable couches, pleasant climate and hot popcorns also add to the fun.

Visit the spas in Kuwait: choose a tranquil spa and escape the busy life at Jumeirah Messilah Hotel and Spa. Visit the Talise spa for perfect well being and health. You can enjoy serene environments and rejuvenate you mind. Each session at the spa will help you to detoxify your body.

The most interesting part of nightlife in Kuwait is that it also includes shopping. The best way to enjoy shopping is taking a walk along the seashore. A relaxing moonlight walk will reveal many different shopping options, especially for the ladies. If you feel like going to a party after shopping on the vivid Kuwait streets, you can stop at a local live music venue. Most of the place with live music shows in Kuwait is local hotel, diners and other hospitality objects.

For some tourist, it’s good to mention that alcoholic drinks are forbidden in this city. However nightlife in Kuwait offers many different forms of entertainment. You can try Kuwait’s royal smoking experience. The smoking device is called Hubble bubble and you can find it in many bars. Besides smoking you can visit a bar and enjoy some great cocktails.

Silk Road is an all day dining restaurant offering ala- carte menus, lavish buffets, brunch, barbecues and festive fare. Balsmico an authentic Italian restaurant that offers a –la- Carte menu is an elegant and warm environment.

Shopping in Kuwait is a favourite activity with travellers and business visitors in Kuwait. Souq Sharq, Marina Mall and The Avenues are some of the shopping malls in Kuwait. They offer stores and attractions for the whole family while travellers looking for gold jewellery in Kuwait should visit the Souq Al Mubarakiya in the city center.

Scuba diving and speed boating: you can’t miss speed boating and scuba diving in Kuwait. Most dive tours visit the waters around Kobar Island, a small island famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. Kobar Island is perfect for diving with stingrays. It is a perfect place to explore between dives.
Though Kuwait is located in the desert, there are actually a number of fun activities to do as a tourist. Now is the time for you to visit Kuwait and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Top Things Cannot be Missed out in RAS AL KHAIMAH

A holiday destination which has the most unique touristy places and activities to offer is none other than Dashing Dubai. We have all heard enough about the exorbitant skyscrapers, unending sand dunes and the tempting shopping options, but there is a lot more to add on your Dubai tour packages than the usual tourist destinations that are the city of Ras Al Khaimah.

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the most beautiful city in UAE. This city lies amidst the Hajjar Mountains and the Majestic Arabian Gulf. Ras Al khaimah is an ideal destination for those seeking a weekend getaway in UAE. This rising emirates boast of sandy deserts, beautiful mountains and lush greenery dotted with a series of lagoons and creeks. Ras Al Khaimah is based on rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes and temperate climate. It is a great escape for quality value adventure, leisure travel and business trips. There are many tourist attractions to visit around this fascinating city and these are the things you can’t afford to miss in Ras Al Khaimah.

Desert Safari: Ras al Khaimah offer a delightful experience in the form of dune bashing which is later followed by the unique setup of dinner right in the middle of the desert camp during your desert safari. This means that you can enjoy the delicacies of the Arabs in the breezy and calm desert. Apart from these if you still have the appetite for the tourist spots then Ras al Khaimah definitely won’t disappoint you.

Mountain safari on Hajjar Mountains: the second thing you should make sure of not missing is experiencing mountain safari on hajjar Mountains. It is the best way to discover the true beauty of the Arabian Desert and along the way to the destination you will witness the best scenic drive. There are many mountain related sports adventures available.

The northern emirates mountain Jebel Jais has become one of the most popular camping spots in the UAE and is one of the top places to visit in Ras Al Khaimah. For breathtaking views and some adventure sports to get your adrenaline pumping there are lot of opportunities in Ras Al Khaimah. Adrenaline junkies will love speeding down the world longest zip line. Jebel jais is a perfect place for thrill seekers and adventure sports enthusiasts.

Al Sawan Race track is flocked by visitors and tourist from the months of October to April to witness the most traditional sport of the Middle East. Camel racing carried out in the nest of its form at Ras Al khaimah. This time honoured sport has robots driving the camels instead of kids and adults. Camel racing sport is a favourite sport right from the rulers of the country to the local citizen.

Enjoy a picnic at Ras Al Khaimah Saqr Park: there is no shortage of family friendly thing to do in Ras Al Khaimah. A family outing to the emirates is incomplete without a visit to Saqr Park. The lush green lawns dotted with beaches make the perfect venue to enjoy a picnic to soak in the pleasant weather. Visitors can hop on a train circling Saqr or take a refreshing walk to explore its green lawns .A serene lake and a waterfall is also one of the most popular places to visit in Ras Al Khaimah especially families. Saqr Park also has restaurants, swimming pools and children’s playground for some weekend fun for everyone.

The largest water park in the UAE and one of the most popular places to visit in Ras al Khaimah is Iceland Water Park. It is a haven on summer days, with more than 30 water slides a huge wave pool, high end private cabanas an Olympic sized lap pool, a beautiful beach and dedicated kids pool and play area. The gargantuan water park has something for everyone. Squeeze in a game of basketball on the Polar Game court, try out some adventurous water slides or simply laze around in the snow river.

Khatt Hot Springs offering therapeutic hot water springs at a place near the hajjar Mountains that looks almost like a castle. The Khatt hot springs gives you relaxation with its Ayurvedic treatments, hot stone and precious stone treatments. It is a perfect place for the tourist to relax and rejuvenate in a natural atmosphere with 3 natural mineral water hot springs. The Khatt hot springs resorts offer various amenities including a picnic location that adds to its advantage of being a weekend getaway.

Falcon show is one of the most traditional and still loved traditions of the UAE. Falconry is displayed with much funfair in the city of Ras al Khaimah at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort. Hawks, falcons, owls, eagles and kestrels are some of the most amazing species in this show. Enjoy the show along with a tour of the Falcony News breeding and rehabilitation center, which in itself is a one of a kind experience.

With its beautiful resorts, historic spots and exciting sports facilities, Ras Al Khaimah is fast becoming a favourite place among travellers. Residents as well as tourist in the UAE will definitely love this place.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Durango, the Water Town

Durango, Colorado is a family friendly vacation destination with many things to do. Durango is famous for its outdoor sports and adventure along with historical and cultural attractions. A ride on the Durango and Silverton narrow Gauge Railroad through a canyon and the gorgeous mountain scenery up to the former mining town of Silverton is one of the most popular things to do.

Purgatory Ski Resort in Durango is said to be a family mountain, but this is a destination for everyone. A whole new area of tree skiing is opened along with new intermediate and expert runs, new chairlifts, new snowmaking capacity and additional cat skiing areas. Purgatory Ski resort is about 20 minutes drive from downtown Durango. If you don’t want to stay in town, then you may consider Purgatory lodge with Ski-in, Ski-out access to the mountain with two to four bedroom units, a pool, a hot tub and restaurant. This is a great option for families.

One of the best ways to see this terrain close is to participate in Colorado horseback riding. This state is filled with countless spots to go on a horseback. Durango in particular has amazing ranches staffed by friendly guides and of course magnificent horses.

Kayak, tube or raft the Animas River: the river that flows through Durango also offers the opportunity for water activities like tubing rafting and kayaking. The upper Animas offer amazing white water. The lower Animas are dramatically and are suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

If you’re looking for a rejuvenating hike filled with gorgeous scenery and breathtaking natural features, Durango Colorado is the ideal destination for you. This area has countless hiking trails and wilderness, each one containing their own unique components and landmarks. Hiking in Durango is the perfect activity.

If you are looking for some fun and you like to gamble, there are towns nearby having casinos in each with their own unique and exciting qualities. Sky Ute Lodge and the Casino are only 20 minutes south of Durango. The Ute Mountain casino is about an hour from Durango.

Celebrate at a concert or event: rock out at exciting happening like concerts and live sporting events at the 12000 square foot event center. Country artist Travis Tritt, Easton Corbin and Dwight Yoakam have all graced the stage as well as Coedan Sinbad. The facility has also been the site of boxing matches and the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Walk or bike the Animas River Trail: the Animas River Trail starts from Animas City Park and runs for seven miles along the Animas River. There are ideal spots for watching the Narrow Gauge Railroad pass by with eight trains running daily. Locals and visitors enjoy waiting for it to arrive to snap that postcard perfect pic. Walkers can simply enjoy the scenic beauty of the river and its lush surrounding. Picnicking on the river banks or fishing the entire length of the river along the trail is enjoyed.

Enjoy a Chuck wagon supper at Bar D is considered one of Durango’s top attractions offering the chances to step back in time to the old West complete with delicious chuck wagon dinners like the cowboys often enjoyed around the fire after a long day of driving steer. The Bar D offers a similar experience that come complete with musical and comedy performances and lively dances. There is a wide range of activities too like a mini train ride and playground for the little ones, hay rides, gold panning, and horseshoes, roping and hiking on nature trails. The property also have an ice-cream and java cafe, a chocolate shop, a gift gallery, a blacksmith shop, leather shop, record shop and a cowboy chapel for weddings.

Ride the Durango train to soaring Tree Top Adventures which feature the largest zip line course of its kind. The family friendly eco tour will carry you across the Animas River and through majestic old growth ponderosa pines and leafy aspen groves. Once you arrive a friendly sky ranger will help you with your gear and get you started. You’ll enjoy a four course gourmet lunch prepared by the chefs and snacks throughout the day excursion.

The historic starter Hotel in Durango: the hotel starter attracts guest year round to enjoy the mountains, rivers, hot springs and other attractions. Access Durango’s downtown on foot is fun. The hotel is walking distance to restaurants, shopping and historic Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train depot. A ride on the train is a must to do activity for every visitor.

Reserve a vacation home or cabin rental for a secluded retreat at Durango.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana

Some of the most treasured memories are those made with someone special, whether it’s having dinner together, taking a stroll or enjoying nature. There are so many activities. Many times romance blossoms simply by taking the stress of everyday life out of the equation and remembering how much love you share with the person next to you.

Down in Cajun country the seasoning aren’t the only thing full of spice. The people culture and destinations are packed with just as much flavour too. From historic city inns to quiet country B&Bs there are many beautiful romantic getaways to choose from when planning a Louisiana Vacation.

For a romantic getaway, consider going to the heart of all the excitement in the Deep South. Take advantage of all the romance that Louisiana has to offer right in front of you eyes.

The Remington Suite Hotel and Spa: In the North-western corner of Louisiana lies the relaxing and pampering Remington suite hotel and Spa. Whenever you and someone special feel the need to unwind and melt away all the stresses in your lives, the Remington suite is an ideal destination. One can experience an indoor heated saltwater pool steam rooms, dry saunas and even a massage therapist. Once you’ve got rid of your all the toxins in your body and want to replenish it with more then go ahead over to the hotel lounge in an intimate environment.

Maison D’ Memoire is a hotel where you and your darling will capture the romance of private cottages together with the charm of a Bed and Breakfast. When you come to the Maison you’ll get our very own cottage on a private lake as well as full kitchen with two people Jacuzzi and a delicious full breakfast delivered right to your door every morning. If you’re lucky enough to snag the Suite, you and your beloved will enjoy a heart shaped Jacuzzi. Relax yourself on a romantic getaway and leave the rest to the staff at Maison.

Cafe Vermilionville, Lafayette, LA is a restaurant serves award winning cuisine in a romantic setting. The building is a part of the National Registry of historic places, but today it simply hosts a house full of flavour. The lobster sauté comes served over toast points loaded with saffron garlic aioli and arugula prosciutto. Still tradional Cajun dishes like seafood gumbo can be had by the cup or bowl. On Wednesday evenings they host a concert series on their lovely patio area combining the best in local music and fine dining.

La Truffe Sauvage, Lake Charles LA: this fine dining restaurant makes sure that the food, wine dining and service experience all come together to create one unique night, using the freshest seafood best quality Angus beef.

LSU Lakes, Baton Rouge, LA are iconic lakes that are perfect to go for a romantic stroll in Baton Rouge. Sunsets are the best time to be at the different lakes that all have their own little special nooks. Two different beaches are located along the lakes where all come with bikes and stroll along the walking paths along the sides.

Shreveport Louisiana is famous for the riverboat casinos. You can enjoy a romantic excursion with your loved one. Explore the city’s diverse and lush landscape where the red river lazily flow past verdant parks and the cosy nightclubs are filled with the sound of jazz and country music.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Best Weekend Trips On The West Coast This Fall

Best Weekend Trips Port Land
Everyone needs a break. Whether you love your job or hate your job. Whether you are in middle of searching for employment or are comfortably employed. The cure for this feeling is Weekend getaways. Simple and fun weekend trips that will help refresh you. The west coast boasts some of the most stunning landscape in the world. The Best Weekend Trips are to spend your holidays on Beaches, vineyards, mountains and parks. If you are living within driving distance it saves your time of travelling.

People getting restless in the city should venture to an incredible weekend destination such as charming village at the base of a mountain. Villages are nature paradise on earth. Hikers and people who love outdoor will enjoy their weekends.

Portland always comes with something new. Portland transformed the historical carriage and baggage building into Pine Street market, the first food stall in Portland. Portland still has all of its classics. The largest used bookstore in the world, Powell’s city of books continues to impress. The Portland Japanese Garden is a haven of tranquil beauty in all four seasons. The Portland Saturday Market is also a favourite place to shop.

Scottsdale has earned its reputation over the last few years as a luxurious destination. Luxury hotel, high ends spas and a fair share of wine bars have cropped up throughout the area within the past several years. This small sleepy city has turned into a tourist destination with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of opportunities to pamper yourself. The W. Hotel Scottsdale is lively during weekends, while the Moroccan inspired Montelucia is perfect for rest and relaxation. During the day, Old Town Scottsdale is another favourite for history buffs looking to learn more about the city.

Ventura California: if you decide to go to Ventura as a last minute, spur of the moment trip you don’t need to worry about not knowing what there is to do. Just visit their local visitor’s centre to find out what you can do and what is good to do. Ventura offers a wide variety of activities for you to occupy your weekend with. You could go biking on the Ventura to Ojai paved Bike path. You could go kayaking or check out the Channel Islands national marine sanctuary. Whatever your interest is there is something for you in Ventura.

Arches National park is one of Utah’s most popular tourist destination and for good reason. The park is a home to some of the most famous rock formation in the United States including over 2000 jaw dropping amazing sandstone arches. These arches and expansive park are overwhelming. Hikers are allowed to hike for three hour through the region led by knowledgeable park rangers. Some part of the hike can be strenuous, but the sights and landmarks you visit are well worth the extra sweat.

Walla Walla Washington: Starting towards the top of the west coast there is the beautiful town of Walla Walla . It is filled with all sorts of interested wineries, but that is not all they have to offer. There are beautiful parks, museums and art galleries. This area is perfect for the wine lover who wants to taste in a not well known area.

Jackson Hole Wyoming: it is an outdoor adventure’s paradise. Stay at Amangani or Teton Mountain lodge and Spa. Explore the foliage in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. There is no longer any majestic fall foliage in the region. Paddle the Snake River or head out on a wildlife safari. Horseback riding, white-water rafting and blue ribbon fly fishing are other favourite activities.

Hood River Oregon is a small adventure town and having recreational activities. This is perfect for a weekend getaway. While mountain biking experience the jaw dropping scenery, valleys and Columbia’s River George. Hood River is just about an hour away from Portland.

These are the place for a best weekend trips.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Kiawah Island, South Carolina’s Pictursque Barrier Island

Kiawah is primarily a sea island and is known throughout the United States for its wonderful scenic beauty. It is a great place to visit with friendly and family and is undoubtedly a must visit tourist destination for all age groups. The best part of visiting this island is that it is not very crowded and is extremely clean. An exotic golf course, wonderful beaches and superb landscape makes Kiawah island an extraordinary tourist destination.

Night Heron Park is the epicentre of fun for kids on Kiawah Island. There is lot to choose from disc golf, kiddie playgrounds basketball, tennis, soccer, volley ball paddling fishing and so much more. Sports like paddle boarding and kayaking which are not only fun and recreational but are also a way to learn about the island’s wild side. There are regular live concerts and outdoor movies. The sundown festival is hosted one day in a week for 18 weeks every year and includes jump castle, live music, inflatable’s train rides and a photo booth.

Kiawah Island is a home to several championship golf courses. Kiawah ocean course offers views of the Atlantic coastline from every hole, while ok point is surrounded by the island lush maritime forest. At Kiawah island golf continues to earn international praise and loyalty of legions of golfers worldwide.

Exploring Phenomenal Trails with thirty miles of paved trails and ten miles of hard packed beach, Kiawah Island is a runner and a paradise. Great blue heron, fiddler crabs, egrets and bottlenose dolphins are all common for those exploring the island’s beaches and trails. With so much untouched and natural beauty a walk or a bike ride on the island is one that you’ll always remember.

Pristine private beach: stretching as far as the eye can see, Kiawah private beach makes a perfect sandcastle site, ball field, swimming pool, water sports arena, workout facility, yoga studio and whatever else a family can dream of.

A host of choices at Kiawah cater to your every taste from James Beard Award winner, Tom Colicchio’s menu at Voysey’s to brunch at the pool to an outdoor low country oyster roast and barbecue. Also visit Charleston where there is a gastronomic hub that is hosted by many chefs than any other city.

Kiawah Island Golf resort is something different compared to any other resort. The resort offers a variety of exceptional accommodations from a luxury suite at the Sanctuary hotel to a private home with view of the fairway.

There are number of outdoor activities for kids at Kiawah. These kids make some lifelong friends along the way while being involved in outdoor activities. If you’re spending time with your own children or your children’s children it doesn’t matter, you’ll find Kiawah is a family oriented place with generation after generation making their own memories here.

Popular events in Kiawah takes place throughout the year. Plan your trip using the Town of Kiawah events calendars.

Planning a trip to Kiawah Island can be one of the best choices for every individual who is fond of spending a vacation filled with joy and peace of mind.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bermuda, a Tropical Haven

If you are looking for an island destination then perhaps you need to look no further than this nature’s jewel. Bermuda is a cluster of islands. Hamilton city is the capital of Bermuda. There are many stunning beaches on these island and some with lovely pink sandy beaches.

Bermuda is a prime place to lounge in the pink sand and swim in the blue water. The British island has beautiful bays and beaches especially the Elbow Beach and the Horseshoe Bay. Bermuda enjoys a mild subtropical climate throughout the year.

A trip to this small paradise island should be well planned out. You should get a sense of what to expect and what to prepare for. It never hurts to do additional research before your trip.

Bermuda has a lot of things to do. Scuba diving has become a popular activity. The Atlantic Ocean provides amazing views of the underwater caves, coral reefs, shipwrecks and marine life. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are a number of world class golf courses.

Here are some specific sites of interest.

The Bermuda Reef Explorer is a double decker glass bottom boat that offers 2 hours touring in the underwater world along with a 3 hours snorkelling cruise to the quiet and sheltered coves.

Touch the Pink sand of Chaplin Bay: Bermuda is famous for its pink sand and this beach is the perfect place to witness this natural phenomenon. The velvety sand is pink and the surrounding turquoise water and rugged rocks make the scenery absolutely stunning.

Swim at Elbow beach: the soft white sand and crystal clear waters makes this relatively quiet beach a serene spot for a peaceful afternoon swim.

Hike in the woods: this tiny island is bursting with natural beauty. So be sure to explore some of the many hidden forest and woodland areas. Most wooded spaces reside on the eastern side of the island and can easily be reached by foot from nearby towns and beaches.

Bermuda’s Crystal and fantasy caves are magnificent natural caves with clear underground pools of azure blue water and incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations, rare chandelier cluster and delicate crystallized soda straws. These caves draw hundred of visitors every year to marvel at their beauty, both caves offer different experience with majestic waterfalls, walls covered in calcite mineral deposits.

For a romantic escape, explore Lover’s lane located in the lush Paget Marsh.

Kiss under a Moon gate: Bermuda is sprinkled with horseshoe shaped limestone passageway known as moon gates. These structures were introduced in this island via Britain and China in the 19 th century .Traditionally newlyweds couples step through these structure for good luck. Even if your relationship status is married or it is complicated, a kiss under one of them is a great way to commemorate a romantic Bermuda rendezvous.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: you can pay a small fee to climb the steps of this historic lighthouse and enjoy a lovely aerial view of the rainbow houses and the surrounding ocean.

Dolphin quest offers visitors an opportunity to interact and swim with dolphins. Committed to the conservation and preservation of the planet, Dolphin quest provides a variety of experiences ranging from Dolphin Dips and Sea Quest to Trainer for a Day and Dolphin Quest camps.

Delicious Food: Bermuda has a reputation for good eating and it’s not rare to enjoy a meal with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset over the oceans. Along with some wine and some good fresh local seafood, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven in earth.

While daytime activities like golf, water sports, scuba diving, visiting beaches, museums and the many other things to do in Bermuda are great fun, sometimes a night life is also important. For 18 and older the island offers a variety of nightlife activities to indulge in. In the city of Hamilton the famous front street offers a variety of bars for evening perusal with booze cruises, typically setting off from Alnouys Point on front Street, available through the summer in order to allow you to enjoy yourself while touring through the beautiful waters.

Go clubbing: despite the island small size the parties are endless. The streets of downtown Hamilton are lines with numerous clubs and bars where you can drink, dance and mingle with the energetic friendly locals. A particular party spot is there where the beach transforms into a night club in the evening along with flashing lights, a Djs, a stage and a massive dance floor.

Hydro biking: Endless aquatic activities are available on the island .But Hydro biking in particular makes for an extremely easy and fun experience. Hydro bike Bermuda at Daniel’s Head beach in Somerset offers the chance to ride on a bike in the water where the bike rests on top of two, kayak like floating devices. It is very easy to do and is a unique way to have fun in the ocean.

With world renowned beaches and iconic pink sand, Bermuda is a tropical haven on the must visit list of most travellers.