Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How Tech Can Ease Your Summer Travel

Life is full of whimsical happenings and you have to be ready to embrace them. Well, technology has no doubt has molded our lifestyle and habitat in a great deal. We are quite fortunate for this. The summer holidays call for an outing but it can get worse when you travel to an alien land and there is no one to help you from the hot waters.

For an instance, when you are busy rummaging your luggage for the boarding pass in the airport, it can get very boring as well as frustrating. There is always a pressure on booking the right flight for the right time. There are some tools in this modern world rather the apps which can help you to save the last-minute hassles.


You always have to plan your journey beforehand in order to make it smooth as an ice. Well, certain things you can keep in mind like the online checking for the flight. The print outs may get lost so it is recommended to use email or the inbox. The technology has advanced a great deal and so you need to make use of the apps or the software that are available.

There are some apps which will help you to manage from the booking of the flights, hotels to making reservations in the best restaurants to which ever place you visit. You can stick to all the information into a clean and perfect itinerary. The technology has been developed in such a way that it helps to show all the timings for your schedule. Hence you can plan accordingly.

The app will go through your mail box in order to detect whether there are any scheduled travel plans and the related emails for the journeys. If you still feel insecure, you can create a separate account for your travel diaries and plans.


The smart phones should be used explicitly and they have made our lives more comfortable. You can use it at anytime and anywhere in order to locate places, book cabs and what not. It is good to use a SIM card of that foreign country as it will save your bucks a lot.

You need to juggle various several SIM cards if you are on a tour to different countries. Make sure that you have power banks and battery fully charged for the cell. Also, you need to have proper snacks or juices in order to help you out when you run out of food.


The technology is there to help you with regards to the safety and precaution even when you are travelling. It can keep you away from boredom as well. You need to book the right flight and hotel so that you don’t face any sort of inconvenience and your trip is bound to be awesome. Besides, you need to keep a check on luggage.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Incredible Wild Swimming Tour

If you’re a swim fan and want to do more than a few lengths in the pool this summer, then you should consider a swimming tour.Its’ available to anyone, it doesn’t cost a penny. What is more appealing is a dip in to one of the Cornwall’s rivers, lakes, bay or coves. This is the world of wild swimming in natural waters.

Wild Swimming in the outdoors was a common practise but now with the indoor pools and pollution of water people prefer indoor swimming

Here are some few places where you can experience wild swimming:

PORTHERAS COVE: It is one of the last remain and truly local beaches in west corn well. It is located on one of the wildest stretches of Cornish coast between Pendeen and Morvah. The beach itself is a lovely beach by itself, a lovely sandy cove located at the end of a shallow valley with sheer cliffs at the northers end. A west corn well adventure would not be complete without a foray down to Portheras Cove, It steep sandy beach, cascading waterfall and dramatic cliffs make it well worth. Portheras cove is dog friendly with dogs allowed on the beach all year round.

GALAPAGOS ISLAND is once in a lifetime trip. The tour promises breath-taking wild swimming around a volcanic crater. This trip is a wildlife exploration both above and below the water. You will also be wild swimming along with the marineiguanas, sea turtles and fur seals. So if you like the idea of getting up close and personal with stunning wildlife then this trip is for you.

THE FJORDS OF OMAN are found on the Musandam Peninsula. It is cradled by stark, rugged peaks, and the temperature here are high. The traditional boats used for the fjords ride are very comfortable. This trip usually takes two to three hours. It also allows anyone wishing to do wild swim or to take a dip in the water. Most boats also allow snorkelling equipment and towels. If you wish to go during the early morning session you will be more likely to spot dolphins and other wild life.

A BRACING DIPS IN THE ARTIC CIRCLE: Adventure is for two reasons. Every single person should go on an adventure. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder and also it makes you feel alive. If you are a lover of taking a dip in winter, then this trip is for you. The wildlife includes puffins, otters and whales. Swimmers can float above glossy kelp and with shoals of fish. Wild Swimming in the water with icebergs in the middle of the Arctic Circle is n’t crazy or scary any one can do it. You are given a survival suit that protects you from the cold. The only thing that is opened is your face. It is warmer to swim in the water than to sleep in the snow hotel.

A SWIM IN THE MALDIVES:Gorgeous white sand beaches, an amazing reef with teeming marine life and the republic of Maldives makes for a dream vacation but there are few common dangers during your stay. Wear a t- shirt when snorkelling or wild swimming to prevent serious sunburn. There are many things in the sea that can be dangerous. Watch out for trigger fish. The giant trigger fish has a distinct coloration is very aggressive;especially if you come too close to it, keep your distance when you see them.

DURDLE DOOR is one of the most beautiful spots on the English coast. One can swim through the arch at Durdle door in Dorset, out into the open sea, and on to Lulcorth cove, one gets to walk or trek and slide in the waters as much as one could here with great experiences in photography, wild swimming and enjoying the nature. There is also a possibility of climbing an actual cliff and jump into the water from quite a distance.

Whether you choose to dive in for a big wild swim or just a casual dip with a friend, the waters are open and available to all.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Zytglogge: All about Bern's Clock Tower


Zytglogge: The clock with many exciting features!

The world is full of mysteries and there are a lot to discover in a limited time span. Well, there are many wonderful and heart touching stories that revolve around the only one word mystery. If you travel to the heart of Switzerland, the city of Bern has a clock which has a strong historical background.

The visitors are explained in details about the clock and its different parts. The clock named as Zytglogge is something very special with some exciting features and historical background. It steers an hourly performance integrating a dancing entertainer named Chronos. The parading bears flips the hourglass and opens its wide mouth after each interval of an hour.


When you travel to distant world, you need to bring back memories about the place. The clock should not be underestimated as the tower has been influenced by the then young patent none other than Einstein and the thought process has changed about the universe.

There is a huge gathering near the clock when the Zytglogge clock is about to strike 12 at noon. There is a different story during the rainy seasons. The caretaker has a lot to do for the Zytglogge clock. Along with other assistants, he winds the Zytglogge clock which is a daunting task. The masterpiece rings every 15 minutes. The residents live with the sound of the masterpiece and it is very soothing. You can have the sound recorded in your travel diaries.


The great scientist has spent a lot of time here. He was sitting in a streetcar when his watch was ticking but the mega watch was stopped. At this point of time a theory generated in him and it was nothing other than “theory of relativity”.

Later there was a great explanation about the space time and its effect on time, energy and mass. The tower sang the sound of ticking of the pendulum which seemed to grow louder with each swing. Here if you sit nearby and ponder upon the theories of the scientist, you would be lost. Really, indeed time acts as a relative. Time passes very fast here and you would sense with the striking sound.


The Zytglogge clock will sometime puzzle you and sometime it will please you. The machine is sure to put you under spell and it will leave you perplexed. Sometimes it will move fast and sometimes, it will move slowly. The caretaker often put the clock to a halt with jammers for repairing.

And finally, time stops and you will be stupefied. He would again restart the machine and finally everyone can relax. There is always a message in the sound of the clock and the residents have been adhering to it for centuries. The message is very simple which is time is moving on and so you need to enjoy the next hour of your life. Really when you travel, you get to carry huge amount of memories.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Spend Four Days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong diaries: four days of pure bliss

The bustling packed streets, lines of noodle stands, fashion paparazzi go-to spot, and every traveler’s dream destination, and only one destination can fit into all these labels, Hong Kong. It is one such traveling destination which attracts people from all wide corners of the globe.

The food it presents, the unique multiculturalism that the place portrays, and the beauty of the fast pace makes it every traveler’s dream destination. The city is not only the home to the biggest airport hub but to eight million people. There are thousands of people from across the globe who just dreamt of trotting the streets of Hong Kong, and fell head over heels for the place.

This uniqueness of the city has made it the home to thousands of travelers who settled in the city forever. If you cannot handle too many people, then Hong Kong is definitely not your dream go-to destination.


All you need is four days

If you are an avid traveler and want to trot across the globe, and fill your soul with the beauty of the world, then try visiting Hong Kong. It is a city you will absolutely fall in love with. If you are on a tight schedule, all you need is four days to tour the entire city. Whether you’re alone or with your loved ones, touring Hong Kong will certainly be a life altering experience for every tourist.

An extremely popular tourist’s spot in the city is Kowloon’s island especially because of the massive park. The park is always packed with visitors and flaunts a well equipped fitness center, swimming pool, several small ponds with floating ducks; a well spread area to relax, and a mesmerizingly beautiful Chinese garden.

It is amongst the top traveling destinations in the city and is a beautiful place that truly represents the term ‘multiculturalism’. While visiting this park you’ll notice tourists probably from every corner of the world, yes that’s how famous it is. It is a particularly inviting place if you’re touring the city alone, here you’ll make hoards of friends.

Fascinating experience

While Hong Kong is famous around the world for its bustling streets, it is equally known for the breathtaking spots in and around the city. If you want a little calm and want to enjoy watching the beautiful landscape of the city try the cable ride at Ngong Ping. Visit the Po Ling monastery which is at the end of the ride, and while traveling enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view of the city’s landscape, harbor and port.

Amongst the top traveling destinations in Hong Kong that is a place you have to visit the Heritage Museum. Even if you are not a huge history fan, visit the museum it bares the culture and the museum itself is a unique piece of rare mastery and skill. No matter, which part of the world you’re from, you cannot leave Hong Kong without doing a one day food tour. Ditch the expensive restaurants, go around the city, visit the nooks and corners, and you’ll probably have the feeling that you reached ‘food heaven’.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hacks of Family Travel

Family Travel
Travelling is all about exploring new dimensions of the world. There are people who long for a reason to travel just to escape from the mundanity of life. Travelling is not only about a ‘your type of life’, it includes a lot of excitement, adventure, anxiety and many more. It is through travelling that you get to know yourself better. You get more acquainted with your likes, dislikes or how much capable you are to surpass your comfort zone. Travelling comes with an added preservative when it’s a family travel. There are many spectrums that you need to focus on when you are travelling especially with your family. Some hacks that can help you to modify travelling with your family are as follows:

  • Planning– Make a proper plan from before. During the family travel, you need to be more cautious in terms of preparation. Plan everything properly and from before. Last minute rush does not make your family happy. 
  • Suitable Location– Choose a proper location which is family friendly, so that they can cherish every bit of the holiday as any loose ends will upset them. Unnecessarily high-altitude places can be a disappointment for your family as anything that brings tenacity is not preferred by our family. 
  • Hotels & Resorts– Try to book a sweet which is much better than availing 2–3 bedrooms. If the entire family is at the same place, then the outing with family will be fulfilling and you can actually spend a quality time with your family which can be the major motif of you travel. 
  •  Adjustment– If you have children then you have to manage your sleep and hanging-out times as per their preference. You have to eat when your child is hungry and sleep when your child is sleepy to make the next day amiable. 
  • Safety– Family Travel involves a lot of care and precautions. So, if there are old people in your family who are travelling with you then make sure that you choose a destination where medical facilities can be immediately made available. 
  • Reservations & Confirmations– It is always advisable that you book hotels and resorts from before because if you fall in this regard then it is undoubtedly a major mishap. 
  • Conveyance Facilities– If you are traveling with you family then make sure that you have booked vehicle to carry you along with your family to different travel destinations of that place. 
  • Tastes & Preferences– You are playing safe, if you have chosen the travel spot as per you family’s tastes and preferences, otherwise the entire stay can become remorseful. 
  • Treats & Surprises– Remember if it is family travel, the holiday though planned by you, it is not precisely about your happiness. You need to make sure that you keep your entire family happy, and this could be done by giving them treats and surprises that they will hold on forever. It is these surprises that will enable them to cherish these memories all throughout.