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Monday, November 5, 2018

Guide to Planning a Group Road Trip


A road trip has the potential to be either the best trip of your life or the worst, depending on the way you plan it. Some of the best experiences people have on road trips depend on the group they choose to travel with. A good road trip will involve several things, from sharing stories, inside jokes, and creating some amazing memories together and, all of these have the potential to turn a group trip to one of the most life-changing experiences ever.

So, here is a list of tips and tricks that can make the long-awaited trip with your bunch of friends or family one of the best experiences of your lives:

1.Book the proper mode of transport


The most important part of a road trip is perhaps what mode of transport you are using. If you are a group of more than 5 people, a camper or a minibus would be the best option. Of course, planning how to get your group from point A to point B will be one of your biggest challenges. So, research the different charter bus, tour bus, and school bus rental options available. There are options for all budgets, and your group will be able to relax and enjoy the sites while a professional driver fights traffic and struggles with directions if that’s the way you want to go. Or you can book your vehicle and choose to drive by yourselves.

2.Map your route beforehand


Another important thing to keep in mind before starting your journey is that you need to have a clear idea about exactly where you are going. You must research the routes you are going to take and have an updated map at hand before starting your journey.

You can go to google maps and save an offline map of your route just to be safe. This saves you the trouble of asking for directions at every point along the way. Always ask your vehicle rental company if they have a GPS device on their vehicles as it can obviously save you a lot of trouble.

3.Booking accommodations

This is where it gets tricky. Booking hotel rooms for groups can be a hassle as being confined to one room might make everyone uncomfortable.

For group trips, houses or apartments on rent are the best options to go. This will not only give you enough space to cook and rest but also make sure everyone gets all the privacy that they need. You can visit sites like Airbnb and search for the most comfortable options for your group.

4.Stay within your budget

Budget planning is perhaps the most important part of any trips and can decide how good a time you guys have. Always sort the nooks and crannies before starting your trip and decide on a budget per person that fits comfortably within the financial capability of everyone. This not only ensures that everyone has a good time without being too worried about money but also gives you enough flexibility to accommodate souvenirs.

So, book your accommodations and your travel after agreeing on how much each of you is willing to spend.

5.Have a Back-Up Plan Ready

Life is unpredictable and often unfair. You never know what can happen and when. So, it is best to be prepared beforehand. Instead of freaking out when you actually run into such incidents, make sure to have a backup plan ready at hand. Make sure everyone in the group has emergency numbers saved on their phones. Also, keep a list of hospitals and medicine stores along the way. Always keep at least one spare tyre in the vehicle and make sure to prepare for sudden weather changes. Keep a list of gas stations along the route handy too.

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