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FX Sneak Peek: Untitled Jersey City Project 2

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In first chapter embarks on by means of a delineate of Jersey City. The subsequent thing you perceive is a man falling from a high building and right away you are obsessed. The chapter steps forward to let know a tale that leaves you surprise why the man was fling from the building. As his associate takes part to the sight of the crime, he unearths his associate puts face down lying on the ground in a huge pool of blood. To his surprise, he finds himself that he is bounded by police and other men showing guns on him.
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Transport in Barbados

You can choose between buses and private minibuses Official (AOR). The island is generally well served, but you can not go anywhere - especially to remote beaches and some less visited corners, as Sunbury Plantation House. Buses run to most of 6:30 to 0:00 or 5:30. They spend on average every 30 to 45 minutes on the busiest lines, to the south coast (Oistins) and west (Holetown), and every hour in the rest of the island - sometimes with 1:30 to 2 hours between two buses especially on weekends.

In Bridgetown, the terminal is in Fairchild Street, close to National Heroes Square (heart of the city). Just cross the fairing.

Surprising: The Transport Board set up every Sunday bus service "tourist", not intended for Barbadians in Bridgetown who want to take the air on the east coast. Different route each week. Departure at 14h of Independence Square. Price: B $ 15. Really practical for an overview of the island at low cost and good company.

Both buses are quiet, as the ZR (private minibus) they vibrate with all the strength of their stereo. Pump up the volume! seems to be their motto ... Unless the driver is more of a fan of musical horn. However, one does not preclude the other! ZR rates are the same as those of the bus ($ 1.50 B). In fact, if you wonder why they are called like that, look at their license plates: they all begin with the letters ZR.


Little specificity of Barbados: no major international leasing company is represented there. You will have to contact one of the many local businesses and choosing between the two vehicle models the most common: the Daihatsu, Mini Moke or convertible, perfect for exploring the island with the wind. But other models are also available.

It is necessary to obtain a local driver's license (valid for one year) issued by the rental companies and costs B $ 10 (€ 3.60).

Remember that you drive on the left, as in England. Most cars are equipped with automatic transmissions.

The road network, inherited from the multiple paths plots between cane plantations, is very dense. The roads are okay, and does not allow high speeds. Especially on smaller areas (often tortuous) when the plumes of white sugar cane reaches its maximum size ... reduced visibility.


You can find anywhere in Bridgetown and at or near hotels in the resort areas. No need to look: often you will be offered a path of a "hey buddy, looking for a taxi? ".

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Traditions in Barbados

The Bajans are so crazy that they have launched an annual international competition, the Slam-a-Dom Extravaganza. And surprise you does it if you are told that the World Council of Domino Federations is based in Barbados? On the agenda: dominos three hands, four hands and couples. Phew, having yielded to St. Lucia, Barbados is world champion again in 2012!

Rum shop

Well, while we're ... The rum shop, the boozer on the corner. Except that there is no down her little white filed, but his little rum. Statistics show more than a thousand rum shops on the island, some say even 1500. What quench many thirsts!

There are all kinds: simple wooden counter in a tin hut, lean-way Chattel house along a house frequented by old timers, hang outs for kitesurfers, domino players or fans of karaoke ... it talks about cricket or politics, in a tone often inflamed. It draws on the bottle to the exhaust, alternating occasionally with a chaser, just to blow (a cut or rum, for the more timid, a Coke or a glass of water).

In many rum shops, one can enjoy a snack, especially on the weekend: roast pork, pudding and souse, grilled chicken ...

A selection of 10 among the best rum shops.


- 1st January: New Year
- Jan. 21: Errol Barrow Day.
- March-April: Good Friday and Easter Monday.
- April 28: National Heroes' Day.
- May 1: Labour Day.
- June: Whit Monday (Whit Monday).
- August 1: Emancipation Day.
- First Monday in August: Kadooment Day (Crop Over Festival).
- November 30: Independence Day.
- December 25-26: Christmas and Boxing Day.

Good manners

Attention, no topless sunbathing in Barbados. It is not only frowned upon, but also against the law!

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Sports & Recreation Barbados


Advanced in the Atlantic, Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands that are best suited for surfing.
The spot reference, the Soup Bowl, Bathsheba, on the northeast coast, "one of the three best in the world", according to the unshakable Kelly Slater, nine-time world champion in the discipline. Good day, breaks of 5 to 6 meters are there. But watch out: Soup Bowl did not steal his name and is quick to mix everything, waves, surfers, lined with coral and sea urchins funds ...

In all, the island has about 35 spots, including some much more affordable for beginners. Several surf schools also offer courses, simple of 2 hours, or "guarantee" to keep you on the board in 2 or 3 days.

The kite enthusiasts, meanwhile, find themselves rather at Silver Sands (Christ Church). On the program: jumps of 9-10 meters when conditions are at the top! Rental gear available on site.

The trade winds are suitable for the practice of water sports, starting with sailing (rental and excursions of all kinds) and windsurfing.

A simple mask and snorkel nose enough to snorkel, go to the meet and hawksbill turtle reef fish. The main reef encircling the island varying between 800 meters and 3 kilometers wide. Other, smaller, point to the west coast and are the most beautiful, where there parrotfish, moray eels, seahorses, barracudas, rays and other fish-frogs - as Maycock Bay Reef Dottin and evil- Shark named Bank.

The scuba diving can also explore a number of wrecks. Stavronikita the cargo was cast in the Folkestone Marine Park (West Coast) to form an artificial reef, 20 to 30 meters. But in Carlisle Bay that we see most of wrecks: there would be nearly 200 listed! Visibility usually ranges between 10 meters and 20 meters.

Finally the range of marine activities include deep sea fishing. Taken among the most popular: barracuda, marlin, mahimahi (dolphin), tuna and wahoo (wahoo). The fishing charters abound.


The English heritage is alive and well here. Through the course first. Barbados has no fewer than six 18-hole and three 9-hole course. Among them, the Green Monkey Course, renowned as one of the most beautiful of the Antilles, and the Country Club ... where Tiger Woods marries in 2004. If it is not a reference ...

Horseback riding is also popular. In addition to the races held at Garrison Savannah (which Sandy Lane Gold Cup, the price of local Arc de Triomphe), the polo is often the one. There are over 300 horses trained in this discipline on the island. Of course, this is very elitist, but you can attend tournaments each year from December.

Hike Barbados organizes guided walks free (donation appreciated), more or less difficult, from 8 to 19 km, in cooperation with the National Trust. Early morning (around 6 am) and afternoon (15 h 30). There are even moon hikes.

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Health and Safety Barbados


Recent years have seen a fairly sharp increase in dengue cases in the Caribbean. This mosquito-borne disease has symptoms similar to those of a large (fever above 40 ° C) before degenerating nausea, vomiting, dehydration, rash or ... Nice, especially since it is a potentially fatal hemorrhagic form - but fortunately rare. To the extent that there is no vaccine or treatment (we treat only the symptoms), it is important to protect against bites. There are now bio repellents effective, less harmful than those containing DEET. If in doubt about symptoms, do not use aspirin.

Take out insurance covering medical repatriation on the spot: they are expensive and payment is required immediately.

In everyday life, protect yourself from the sun, especially in mid-day, beware of centipedes (centipedes), whose sting can be very painful and swollen, and sea urchins and jellyfish in your swimming. Better not touch the coral: it's bad for him and for you - the wounds, however small, made by rubbing it, heal poorly.

Do not swim on the east coast: the currents are violent and dangerous. Include also annoy no see 'ums ("invisible"), these tiny biting insects that thrive on the beaches in the wet season, especially at night. Above all, do not start scratching, the risk to prompt you want to tear the skin!

On another level, do not take shelter under a manchineel when it rains: the sap of this shrub is so toxic that the only water flowing on its branches can cause severe burns similar to those that would hydrochloric acid! It is said that the smoke of a fire with leaves can cause blindness ... It grows near the beach and looks a bit like a pear, with rounded leaves and small round fruits and green smelling of lemon. Tap water is potable.

Emergency Numbers

- Medical:
- Fire:
- Police:
211 (430-71-00 if not an emergency).


- Queen Elizabeth Hospital:
- FMH Clinic:

Dangers and annoy

Barbados is a relatively safe destination. Are still some precautions to take. If you rent a car, do not leave valuables. Do not walk around with flashy jewels in poor neighborhoods and avoid beaches at night.

You will meet regularly, on the south coast, the Rastas offering to sell you marijuana. Apart from the risk inherent in the thing, you could get robbed or you end up in jail quickly.

Avoid also preferably secluded beaches of Long Beach, Christ Church and Maycock, in the parish of St. Lucy, just north of the island of attacks have been reported.

Barbados Accommodation


There is no official camping in Barbados. The few campers are usually part of groups (academic or professional) and settled on a unique private site run by Higher Heights, in the parish of St Joseph, on the east coast. But we came across more as business seminars surfers!

Information from Higher Heights Outdoor Adventures Barbados.

Guest House

No hostel in Barbados, for cons there is a wide selection of guest houses, especially on south and west coasts. Most have 2 or 3 bedrooms or studios in the family home, sometimes up to ten. Their rates vary naturally depending on the comfort, but also services (daily maid service or just once a week, for example). Those who are not too demanding will lodge at a good price by sharing a bathroom. The fan is standard, but air conditioning is often charge extra (5 to 10 USD per day).

It generally has access to a kitchen, a lounge and a balcony to meet his neighbors, the wifi is usually available. Attention, in high season (December-April), the best places are often full to bursting. Some apply a minimum stay of 3 to 7 days. We normally pay in cash.

A good choice, among others: Dover Guesthouse in St Lawrence Gap, on the south coast, held by the welcoming Brigitte (which offers tours of the island). At the heart of the action then, but in a quiet area, within 200 meters from the beach.


Those who stay longer in Barbados usually choose this option. There are a good choice of studios and apartments with one or two rooms at reasonable prices. As for guest houses, they are often located in the house of proprios or in an outbuilding. Other sets are part of larger, more standardized, with more equipment but often less personality. Again, demand is high from December to April, it is best to go about it in advance to a better choice.

A good place, the Bajan Flamingo House, on the south coast, held by Germans. We choose between a studio (55 USD in summer, $ 65 in winter) and two larger apartments. Free wifi, but extra AC (10 USD per day).

Hotels and beach resorts

You'll find everything at all prices (except "cheap"!), From the small family hotel in the Gaza town of St Lawrence Gap in the ultra-luxury resort on the west coast living in isolation, surrounded by a immense tropical garden. Most institutions, even small, have a pool and are close to the beach. The air conditioning and TV are included, with rare exceptions. All hotels or almost have a restaurant that serves breakfast (included).


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Geography, climate and weather in Barbados

Barbados is an island a little apart in the Caribbean landscape. Look on a map: it is the only one that is not aligned along the West Indies. The reason? It is not, like the others, a volcanic island. Yet it is good, too, the result of movements of the earth's crust - and more specifically the shift from the North American Plate beneath the Caribbean plate.

But the subduction, partly blocked by the "barrier" of the West Indies, is imperfect, causing deformation of the crust of the two plates. Barbados is one of these deformations: it was formed by the ascent to the surface of marine sediments drawn into the movement. We talk about the phenomenon of abduction. Trinidad, to the south, is the result of the same geological process.

Pear-shaped, Barbados is a relatively flat island, rising to no more than 336 m at Mount Hillaby in the center of the land. So nothing spectacular, although the east and north coasts are outlined in places by cliffs battered by the Atlantic swell. Sediment, the island is riddled with caves, like the famous Harrison's Cave. Rain water seeping into underground systems and rivers are few surface.

This does not preclude a third of the island to be cultivated. Sugar cane, which was the heyday of the Barbados economy, however, is in steep decline. Production costs are now higher than world prices and the industry survived only through specialized products: sugar "luxury", molasses for rum (3 distilleries) and raw material for the development of electricity generation from biomass.


The dry period, which corresponds to the peak season runs roughly from December to May (and more precisely from February to April). The rest of the year, the rains are more frequent, but they are mainly concentrated in the late afternoon, in the form of short, intense showers (known to swallow in the French West Indies).
In practice, you can always count on 8-9 hours of sunshine daily, regardless of the period! The windward side (east) is more rain than the leeward coast. Temperatures range between 21 ° C and 31 ° C.

Barbados is rarely hit by hurricanes, they usually go to the north. The last episode really destructive (35 dead) dates back to 1955. Most hurricanes occur from June to November, but in recent years, the "season" lasts until early December.
Information from the National Hurricane Center, the U.S. dedicated to tracking hurricanes in real time (in English).

Barbados Culture

Cultural monument to 22 years? Yes you can. Since winning gold in 110 meter hurdles at the World Championships in Athletics in Berlin (2009), young Ryan has become the darling of Barbadians and the symbol of their commitment to international recognition.

On the day of his return to the island, the schools were closed early for the whole population can go to the airport to welcome him! A ceremony followed, led by Prime Minister strongly red carpet, dances, songs and poems ...
Finally a successor to Obadele Thompson, the first Olympic medalist in the history of Barbados?

Chattel houses

This is a typical Barbadian home. The Chattel house, typical of the late nineteenth century, is a wooden house originally inhabited the plantation workers of sugar cane. Can be fired at any time, condemned to homelessness, they conceived of shacks completely removed and reinstalled! Small, they were made to the economy: the parts did not exceed the length of these American pine boards used to build ...

Gradually, the Chattel houses were offered for architectural and decorative elements inspired by those of the Georgian mansions of the planters: a central door flanked by symmetrical windows, friezes ornamental wooden boxes like Reunion. When the family grew, they built a lean-to side, then two, then three ... Often carried away by the fire, chattel houses have survived in numbers in Speightstown, on the northwest coast.

Great houses

They, often, that inspired the decoration of chattel houses. These large colonial mansions, reinforced to withstand tropical storms, inspired by the architectural lines of mainstream English: Georgia especially, but also to Jacobean older, as the planting of St Nicholas Abbey.


Introduced to Barbados by the British in the late nineteenth century, cricket was originally reserved for settlers. It spreads slowly in the rest of society, but each class and 'racial' had its own team. The Wanderers and Pickwicks represented the upper middle class white and officials of His Majesty stationed on the island, the Carlton and YMPC, the lower middle class and white workers. The first club was that of Black Spartans.

According to his story, the local cricket has given many great players, starting with "W 3", all three ennobled for their sport - Sir Frank Worrell (the first black captain of the team of the Lesser Antilles), Sir Everton Weekes and Sir Clyde Walcott. Another "knight" of cricket, Garfield (Gary) Sobers is a true national hero. It is considered by experts as the best all-rounder of all time. Basically, a versatile player who could also be a drummer launcher.

We should also mention Charlie Griffith, so powerful that it fractured the skull of one day a receiver (!) And Wes Hall, now sports minister and pastor. It was he who got the organization in Barbados and other Caribbean islands in the 2007 World Cup. If you want to watch a game, go to the Kensington Oval. You can visit, close to the Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum. Proof, if needed, the importance given to the sport on the island!

The great houses were built of brick ballast and coral blocks, which provided excellent insulation against the summer heat. To cool off, they were most often high, thus affirming a social vision as domination. Awnings, blinds and conservatory allowed to keep the heat away from the shadows by providing and promoting air circulation.


No, we do not speak lime ... To file, Caribbean English is fun, hanging out with friends or girlfriends - one, two, three, the number does not count, as we have fun.

So what's a Good file? A trip to the restaurant, canned, the rum shop, a glass and presto, you're done. Especially not to party. There, you have to plan, book, dress ... the galley, you know. Even a Good meragosses open file, once or twice a week: a herd of kids, the gossip with friends, and always a glass in hand. Cheers!

Barbados food and drink

Two parallel worlds live without really rub: that of Bajans, ranging from fish fry snacketteen, and the tourists, who frequent the restaurants especially chic resorts and hotels. The former are as affordable as the latter are expensive. Only real link is the presence of fresh fish and exotic fruits. Otherwise, almost everything is different.


A simple snacks? The Bajans have adapted some English classics such as fish studs (flying fish & chips), and adopted two Indian classical: the roti, a kind of falafel stuffed with all sorts of curry, and samosas, the fritters topped with triangular potatoes, vegetables and / or meat. In Snackette, typically found barbecued chicken, hot dogs and pizza. Some U.S. fast food are well established, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, the chicken (drum) is a lot of fans over here ... We should also mention the cutters, sandwiches in buns (salt bread) topped with ham, flying fish, fried eggs, cheese, stew, etc..


To start a meal, you can bet on Bajan fish cakes, cod fritters, served with a spicy sauce. The national dish is flying fish along with cou-cou. What is this strange bird? A mixture of polenta and okra (okra), vegetable of African origin as the basis for many stews. They become slimy while cooking. Fish, it is prepared in a tomato sauce with onion, shallot, garlic and various herbs. The neck-neck can also be prepared with plantains and fruit of the breadfruit tree.

Another classic, the saltfish buljol is a dish from Trinidad incorporating cod, tomatoes and onions. Excellent! We also eat swordfish, barracuda, tuna, snapper (red snapper), the Saupe (chub), the wahoo (kingfish) and dolphin fish. No, this is not the dolphin, but the mahimahi, also known as dolphinfish dorado.

You will also find lobster (usually imported from neighboring islands), crab, conch (fried), the sea cat (octopus!) Of sea eggs (urchins), shrimp - coconut crust, or perhaps even in a pepper jelly, with the English. Remember that the trend is spicy!

On Friday night, do not miss the big fish fry in Oistins fresh fish barbecued in a festive atmosphere. Then we dance.

Those who do not like the fish will fall back on more British-inspired dishes, roast pork type (in cauliflower), roast beef (with potatoes), oxtail stew or lamb hilarious mint (yes, yes, we still find). Accompanying rice & peas come (rice and peas) flavored with coconut milk, sweet potato pie or yams, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, macaroni pie and other essential lightness inspired by traditions from across the English Channel.

Indian influences are also notable: in addition to rotis and samosas, we meet frequently chicken curry, tandoori and biryani.

More locally, there is the pepper pot, in fact a Native American recipe (Guyana) prepared in most English-speaking Caribbean islands. It's kind of pork stew, possibly beef, lamb or chicken, bathed in a dark sauce made from cassava, pepper and cinnamon. Otherwise, on Saturday, look for the signs and take the risk of testing a pudding and souse Keseksa ...? Just a sweet potato pudding with a kind of pie cheap cuts of pork (head, tail and feet in general!).

What you eat in the big restaurants has not much to do with it. You will find international cuisine and fusion cuisine, with influences mostly Asian or Indian than English and Bajan. The choice is vast and the quality to go, but hello prices ... If you go out for dinner at night, do not forget to dress a little class - no jeans or tennis, then this is British land!


A good pint of stout British often accompanies the meal, unless you prefer blondes to brunettes ... In this case, a local Banks to be ordered - do not forget to checkout.

As an aperitif, doubt seized the drinker. Beer or rum? The Mount Gay, distilled in Barbados since 1703, is one of the oldest in the world ... The elixirs white rum made countless cocktails, mixed with various fruit juices, rum old is eaten alone, at fair value.

And if you flee the degrees on the bottle, try the mauby, a concoction reminiscent of root beer American, derived from the bark of a shrub.

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About Barbados

- Area: 430 km ².

- Population: about 286,000 inhabitants (estimated in the summer of 2010), called Bajans.

- Ethnic groups: the population is black, of African origin, 93%, add to that 3.2% of whites (from England), 2.6% mixed, 1% Indian.

- Capital: Bridgetown (about 110 000 inhabitants).

- Government: Parliamentary democracy, a member of the Commonwealth.

- Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor General Sir Clifford Straughn Husbands, in office since 1996.

- Head of Government: Fruendel Stuart, from October 23, 2010.

- Political parties: they are two to divide the electorate bajan, both anchored on the left - an unusual case in the world! The Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of the current Prime Minister is the newest and most leftist of the two. The Barbados Labour Party (BLP), which is rather the center-left was defeated in 2008 after 14 years of government under the thumb of the popular Owen Arthur, who proposed to make Barbados a republic parliamentary.

- Languages: English (official), bajan.

- Human Rights: that its application be suspended since 1984, capital punishment remains officially in force in Barbados. It even automatically marked for murder.

- World heritage site by Unesco: the historical center of Bridgetown and its Garrison (inscribed in 2011).


Like many Caribbean islands, Barbados has marked a dramatic transition from a plantation economy to a service economy. They now account for 78% of GDP, mainly through tourism. Note also the significant contribution of financial services and banking offshore, with as many as 47 banks and hundreds of listed investment companies!

The country has experienced strong growth in the period 2003-2007 through the tourist boom (particularly in the luxury sector), supported by many foreign investors. However, the situation has been tense since the crisis, with falling attendance, resulting in negative growth (-5.6% in 2009) and a public debt exceeding 100% of GDP. Nevertheless, Barbados continues to show the 3rd highest GDP / capita in the Caribbean, with 17,700 USD. Reserves off-shore oil and gas have been identified.


Barbados is an island a little apart in the Caribbean landscape. Its geographical location in the first place: to offset the West Indies, it is not volcanic, but limestone, and heckled by powerful Atlantic waves on the east coast. Flat, or almost, it seemed an obvious choice for growing sugar cane. Slavery and Commerce of the white gold made ​​his identity and his fortune.
By the late seventeenth century, there was talk of the island as "the wealthiest acre of land in the world." This windfall allowed the erection of splendid homes of planters. Few of them are open to visitors, but there is a multitude of tropical gardens and beautiful beaches for lounging. Barbados has long been the most British of all the British islands in the Caribbean. But the island now seems reluctant. The iconic Trafalgar Square was renamed National Heroes Square. As for the statue of Nelson stands there, now it turns its back on Broad Avenue (in the past too?). Barbados should it remain within the Commonwealth, or finally take off and become a republic? The question is on everyone's lips.

It remains to reinvent an identity, more Caribbean, more festive, more simple. The same one encountered in the evenings fish fry for a barbecue on the beach and the rum shops that compete for great games of dominoes. Our favorite Barbados.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Bahamas

- Area: 13,900 sq km of land area (including 3,870 square miles of lakes and lagoons), divided into some 700 islands and islets (cays).

- Population: about 330,000 inhabitants (estimate 2010).

- Capital: Nassau on New Providence Island. This includes the three-quarters of people in the country!

- Ethnic groups: 85% of the inhabitants of the Bahamas are of African descent, 12% are white, 3% Hispanic and Asian immigration recently. Among whites, there is the presence of a Greek community.

- Plan: independence from Great Britain since 1973, member of the Commonwealth.

- Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

- Governor General Arthur Foulkes (since April 2010). It officially designates the Prime Minister (from the party that won the legislative) and the cabinet.

- Head of government: Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham Conservative (May 2007).

- Human rights: the latest report from Amnesty International refers to a use of force sometimes disproportionate to the police, and abuse against asylum seekers and migrants. The case of Haitian workers is by far the most sensitive. Some sentenced to death had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment under the effect of a specific court Commonwealth, but the main political leaders still opposed to the Bahamas worldwide moratorium against capital punishment.


It relies heavily on tourism and its effects on other sectors. Tourism accounts for nearly 60% of GDP and half of its jobs. After years of uninterrupted growth, the country is currently suffering from global crisis - especially its effects in the United States, its largest market (half of the tourists).

The other udder of the local economy is the financial services sector (20% of GDP). The Bahamas are among the major tax havens used by multinational and large fortunes to evade taxes. History of giving confidence, the Central Bank of the Bahamas also proudly announces a figure of 1 000 billion values ​​administered locally ...

In addition to tourism and offshore banking, point out the sale of flags of convenience.Industry and agriculture, low productivity, complete the panorama.

The Bahamas show the per capita income highest in the Caribbean ($ 30,700 in 2008). The year 2009 ended with a negative growth of around -3.9%.


The Bahamas is America! Here, October 12, 1492, that Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World. Where exactly? The subject is debated, but the island's most serious candidate is named San Salvador, east of the archipelago. The shallows surrounding seem to be responsible for the names of the Bahamas, Islas de Baja Mar ("islands of the sea bass").
Islands? There are no less than 2700 if you count every piece of land emerged a little bit. A rainbow sky of flat land, fringed with beaches and coconut trees, planted in dry forest and mangroves, coral reefs identified by one of the largest in the world.

The Bahamas is just two countries in one. On the one hand the luxury of Nassau and Freeport, with their hordes of tourists, their cruise ships and beach resorts to exorbitant rates. On the other, the outer islands, aka Family Islands, where the pace is easy, the pace of trade winds and masses. The attractions here boil down to the sea, nature, protected by several parks.

The british long reign, the Bahamas is the imprint of Puritan and Loyalist settlers, whose descendants live in charming villages with wooden houses. Some forts and guns remember the glory days of the race when, in 1700, the pirates led to the destiny of the islands. Plantations in ruins evoke the days of slavery. Remains as a host invariably - incredibly - warm.

Recommended itineraries Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is primarily a destination resort: beaches of fine white sand are beautiful, translucent turquoise waters which bathe them too. Some tourists also never leave the enclosure of their hotel and alternate between swimming, sunbathing, dining, cocktails at the beach bar and dips in the pool. Add to that the sand castles with the kids and outputs steelband evening for couples on a spree. That's about the table at Dickenson Bay, where the huge complex Sandals. Nothing very backpacker there! Most resorts also live in isolation, each in his corner, with high walls and guards at the entrance which will ask you to show their credentials ...

It would be a shame not to go in search of the wildest beaches. We like, for example, Hawksbill Bay, south-west of St John's, a section has escaped the grip of the Rex Resort (another all inclusive). Quiet wish, frequented by pelicans who come to fish by diving all around the swimmers!

Even more beautiful: Valley Church Bay, a wonder of white sand, lapped by the waters curacao milk color, highlighted by coconut trees and miraculously remained empty - except for a unique beach bar, The Nest, where we invite you to stop (south of discrete panel Bolan's).Other beautiful carpet of sand in the wake Ffreyes to Darkwood Beach Beach. No shade here, but a direct view of the Montserrat Volcano smokes off.

At the other end of the island (east), do not miss Half Moon Bay, which is very aptly named half-moon. Another 4-star range.


Colonial memories

St John's, the capital, has not much to offer: a market a little neurotic, except Saturday, when the platform dummy passengers disembarking cruise ships (with the same shops as Nassau and St. Martin), a great cathedral that threatens to fall into ruin and a mini National Museum where we still trying to remember if we saw something interesting ...

Fortunately, there Français Bay on the south coast, with the iconic Nelson Dockyards. A bay so narrow and protected the British decided in the late eighteenth century, to make it their main stronghold Caribbean. The old naval base has retained some of its walls and many buildings of the time.
The Admiral's House, the former Victorian residence of the commander of the garrison, is now a museum. We learn all about the passage of Nelson in these places and even on his illicit love affair with Emma Hamilton some ... Many other buildings have been restored: former bakery, canteen, shipyards, stores, warehouses, who have found life through the installation of these places a water sports. Many boaters are here to relax, especially at the time of the famous Sailing Week (late April). Be sure to take a trip to the Admiral's Inn, a hotel located in the old store of tar and turpentine. The terrace is lovely and it is backed by an amazing block flanked by two stone columns. A frame extra to afford a 5 o'clock tea.

A little further on, we take a look at the home of the future William IV, Clarence House, where he served time on the island, then at Dow's Hill Interpretation Center. Finally, climb up to Shirley Heights on the opposite bank, for a view overlooking the bay. A cute bar-restaurant occupies the old stone building of the guard in charge of watching over the harbor entrance. At your feet are held the ribbon of golden sand Galleon Beach and coconut necklace.

Another nice visit in the interior: the sucrote (mill grind the cane) restored the old sugar factory Betty's Hope. Surrounding countryside is scattered, gears and ruins of stone buildings. Last living witnesses of the colonial period, several old churches can be visited. The oldest (1687) is that of St George's Sheets Creek, near the airport, but it has been retyped and with a hideous modern tower that contrasts with its old brick walls. You will notice in the cemetery adjoining the funny way to report dates of birth and death for the first sunrise, sunset for the second ... More "recent", there is St Philips Church (1728, if our memory serves), the belfry of shingles, and the stunning octagonal church of St Peter's Anglican Parham (1840), in blocks of coral. It is open only for Mass on Sunday at 9 am

Natural side

Exploring the North Sound Marine Park, northeast of the island, is another highlight of the trip to Antigua. You may register for a boat trip to the beautiful Bird Island, an uninhabited island, but we highly recommend exploring the place more peaceful, sea kayaking is an opportunity to browse through the channels and intersecting the mangrove to observe all sorts of exotic species of marine birds. See our information about it in "Sports and entertainment."

Those who do not want to grow whiskers wet drive to Devil's Bridge, northeast of the island. Limestone Coast has been sculpted by the waves, forming a sort of natural arch, so "hole blower." Nothing to swoon, but you can explore the cave where the sea is calm.


At first glance, nothing here will remember the Caribbean postcard: no mountains, but large tracts bush, no sugar cane field either, but herds of sheep, goats and donkeys returned to the wild. The roads are missing, the means also, and therein lies part of the charm of Barbuda. The island, one of the most authentic Caribbean, in a single village, Codrington, crushed sun and tormented by mosquitoes at night, bringing along its dirt roads almost all the 1500 inhabitants of the island .

It is a base from which to explore the next day the immense deserted beaches of white sand and pink, then the reserve frigates occupying an island surrounded by mangroves north of the great Codrington Lagoon. Access is possible only by boat. We would be tempted to recommend an inflatable kayak (bring) to go by yourself and take your time.

On site, depending on the season, there are a few tens or hundreds of frigates, perched on shrubs or streaking the sky with their round. They are up to 5000 back to the late summer, just before the mating season begins. It is their largest colony after the Galápagos. Known for its excessive size - up to 2.30 meters - the frigate is so cut out for aerobatic flight and that his skeleton weighs less than its feathers! She is able to perform all sorts of aerial acrobatics, not disdaining, on occasion, steal their catch of other marine birds in flight ...

Engine off, one approaches the pole, between the mangrove bushes. The frigates are there: young of the previous year to brown wings, white head and beak bluish black female head and red legs, male to dress as black as soot. To scare the intruder or impress their mates, they greatly inflate the pocket of red skin on their throat (known as gular sac) in the manner of a balloon. The show is striking.
Otherwise, you will not have much else to do but swim, and take your time. Adventurers will explore the meager remains of ancient times, when Barbuda, under the control of Codrington, was both the pantry and a "breeding" of slaves to the cane fields of Antigua. On the agenda: the ruins of Highland House, the home of family plantation, perched on the hills, and the Martello Tower in the south, where security guards inspected the sea in the hope that it spits out a wreck on the rocks to loot ...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Lifestyle Antigua and Barbuda

Useful addresses locally:

Tourist Offices
The tourist office opened its office for information at Heritage Quay at the time the passengers disembark cruise ships.

- Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority: ABC Financial Centre, High & Temple Streets, St. John's. Tel. : (1 268) 562-7600

- Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association: Island House, Newgate Street (PO Box 454). St John's. Tel. : (1 268) 462-0374

- Consular Agency of France in Antigua: tel. (1 268) 460-6428. The island depends on the Embassy of France in Castries, St. Lucia. Tel. (1758) 455-60-60. Email:

The Belgians will address their embassy in Kingston, Jamaica: 10 Millsborough Crescent, Kingston 6. Tel. (1876) 978-59-43 or 92-97. Emergency #: (1876) 382-78-50.

No Swiss representation. Should be directed to the Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: av. Jimenez Moya 71 (1 st floor). Tel. (1809) 533-37-81.

High Commission of Canada to Barbados: Bishop's Court Hill (BP 404), Bridgetown. Tel. (1246) 629-35-50. In an emergency, for Canadian citizens only: (1) 613-996-8885; collect call accepted. Email: The office is responsible for most Caribbean islands.

Jet lag

Antigua is at the same time that the French Antilles, or delay of 6 h on the continental Western Europe (GMT - 4) 5 pm in summer and winter. When 12 am in St. John's, it is 18 pm in Paris in July and 17 h at Christmas time.


230 V, 60 cycles. Plugs are the same as in England, three-pin flat (the top one vertical, two horizontal bottom). Still, in hotels, there are also powered by U.S. made 110 V, 60 cycles. Remember to bring an adapter to charge your electrical equipment.

Opening hours

- Most stores open Mo
nday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm from 30 to 16 h 30 or 17 h. Some observe a reduced schedule on Saturdays and closed on all Sundays. The Lord's Day is a day died in St John's! Only gas stations and supermarkets are so few open (reduced hours).

- Banks St John's is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 14 pm or 15 pm, and Friday until 16h. They have distributors accessible 24 h/24.

- The main post office (post) St. John's on Long Street near Heritage Quay, is open Monday to Friday from 8 h 15-16 h 30 (15 pm on Friday).


The English, more or less intelligible according to the Antiguan contact ... The high and the teachers in the schools apply to use a very British English, but most people speak Creole at home instead.

Telephone and telecommunication


To call Antigua, dial 00 (international), 1268 (National Code) and the number of the party. In the opposite direction, dial 011 for international, then the country code (Belgium 32, France 33, Switzerland 41) and the desired number, omitting the initial 0.

The charming old red booths in the English tend to disappear in favor of phones to the U.S. without charm. Still, even these are often broken. They work (when operating) with coins or a prepaid calling card.

These are sold in many shops ("phone cards sold here") or in the central company Cable & Wireless (Long Street and Woods Mall St. John's). They come in denominations of 15, 20, 25 and EC $ 100.


No problem to find an Internet cafe in St John's. Most hotels and some beach bars have access, wireless or fixed.