Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wellington (New Zealand) - capital of the Kiwis

Wellington and its history

The agglomeration Wellington named the natives of the island, the Maori, formerly as follows: "Te o Te Ika a Maui Upoko. In German: "The head of Maui's fish". The name comes from her geographical position at the southern tip of North Island, which looks with a little imagination, like a fish. In addition, this designation marks the importance of this city for the Maori, as they have always been the head was a fish worth more than the rest of his body. The present name of the natives in the 10th for the putative Century discovered area is "The Whanganui a Tara", translated: "The Harbour of Tara." The Tara was one of the first peoples who inhabited the region.

It was founded and named the city in 1840, according to the first Duke of Wellington by the Europeans William Wakefield, on behalf of the should buy the land from the Maori. It was founded by first duke - William wakefield in 1840 on behalf of the New Zealand Company. It was the political capital of New Zealand since 1865. It is primarily occupied by film and theater industry as such of Hollywood and fondly called as Wellywood.

Wellington - Sights

During a trip to Wellington you should definitely visit the award-winning museums in the city, dealing with the history and the maritime origins of the country. Here should be mentioned in particular the National Museum "Te Papa Tangorewa" which Hyde Park Museum and the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.

Major attractions are the New Zealand Parliament House and the House of Representatives, the botanical garden, which adjoins the city, the Old St. Paul's (main church) and the Old Government Building, the largest wooden building in the entire southern hemisphere.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miami - Florida at its best

The charming city of Miami in the U.S. state of Florida is characterized by a pleasant year round climate. In the summer months, you have to adjust to heat and moisture.

The majority of tourists it attracts from October to April in the city, as there is at this time a very pleasant climate. The luggage should light summer clothing, a sun hat and sunscreen are good, by the way, should not be missed in the winter months.

Miami - Parrot Jungle and Gardens

The Parrot Jungle on Watson in Iceland should not miss visiting Miami. The tropical jungle landscape that has a size of 7.5 hectares, is located between Miami and South Beach and was opened in 2003. Parrot Jungle many exotic animals and plants on display. These include orangutans, crocodiles, parrots, lions and tigers. But snakes and penguins, the inclined visitors admire the jungle landscape.

Miami and Miami Beach

Many think that it is Miami and Miami Beach are one and the same city in the U.S., but which is not so. These are truly two different cities. Miami Beach is located on the coast and is dedicated exclusively to tourism. The appearance of the town is dominated by hotels and resorts.

Miami is located inland on the other hand, is a cosmopolitan city with a distinct Latin American character, speaking in Spanish is mainly because the population is largely composed of immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central and South America.


Besides the aforementioned Parrot Jungle, a visit to the Monkey Jungle and the Metrozoo. Also, we should not let the Vizcaya, a beautiful villa in the Italian Renaissance style escape. But the Metro-Dade Cultural Center and the Holocaust Memorial are among the main attractions of the city.

Who would be delighted to physical activity, can operate water sports such as swimming, water skiing and fishing. But there is also the possibility to include tennis and golf.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Geo honors the best travel season in 2011 by Golden Palm

Geo season awards by 17 Time, the Golden Palm, to honor particularly beautiful, innovative or impressive travel. An eleven-member expert jury for more than 200 travel offers carefully scrutinized and evaluated.

Geo Saison, the travel magazine of the GEO family from the publishing house Gruner and year awarded, each year the best travel deals with the Palme d'Or award in addition the special award Green Palm to individuals or institutions that are the environment in tourist areas of importance have rendered outstanding service - this year to Global Garbage, a club that is engaged against the pollution of the oceans. The multi-thematic journal was first published in 1989 and today appears twelve times a year.

Geo honors the best travel season in 2011 by Golden Palm

The Golden Palm 2011 Geo season was awarded by a eleven-member jury consisting of journalists, travel and tourism experts. In the category "special package" TUI was with the "Journey to Life" achieve the highest jury review. On very relaxing place, whether the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea, should people handle grief in use by pastors and by sharing their experiences with fellow sufferers and their grief into life regain. This particular concept was awarded the first prize. The second prize went to a meeting travel to Cuba, the third on a tour of Oman.

The category of "discovery and active travel", a concept of Studiosus, decided for themselves. The study trip "West Africa: Burkina Faso to the Gold Coast by four different countries could be positioned in front of the organizers," Elements of China "and the" adventure Bangladesh.

In the category of "short, spa and city breaks" the organizer Sapio for its culinary trip to explore the lagoon fishermen in Venice was excellent. With the emphasis on regional cuisine and architecture are the group travel very personal insight into the daily lives of fishermen. The second and third prizes went to drp Cultural Tours for travel to the Ruhr or Berlin.

"Travel with Children" focuses on family-friendly vacation packages. This category could decide the concept of a vacation in the Galapagos Islands for themselves who wants the concept of family is very widely written and deliberately grandparents, friends and acquaintances to include in the experience. The second prize went to a family study trip to China, the third to the "father-child weekend treasure hunters" of adventure camps.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outback Australia experience in its original

The Outback is typical of Australia, and yet not. Far from civilization you will enjoy the country in all its originality and a shot that is completely different from that of Australian cities.

The Outback, which does not extend to modern civilization touched areas of Australia, for almost three quarters of the total land area of ​​this continent. Nature lovers will find so many opportunities to look around and discover something new. Especially since the Outback climatically less different regions such as the deserts of Western Australia, the rainforests of Queensland and the grasslands in central Australia includes.

Outback Australia experience in its original

Those wishing to explore the Australian outback, has to do first thought of when it should go where. In the southern hemisphere known to dominate the opposite of our seasons. A tour of the steppes is therefore recommended to rather then when Summer is with us - then the temperatures in Australia much more pleasant. But beware: At night it is for extreme cold, not so well-insulated sleeping bags for camping and other Helpers for keeping forget!

From exclusive trips through the outback, at least inexperienced hikers should be discouraged. Even with the car should be moved only by these lengths when you know exactly what you do. Ideally, you should join a tour group, you are never in the event of a breakdown on their own. If you prefer anyway, just start driving, get a pre-all the necessary information. If the routes that I selected safe this time of year really passable? Is my car suitable for the routes? I have plenty of food and primarily water? Am I prepared for a breakdown or an emergency? Get Travel Tips and you can answer your questions from a knowledgeable of a travel agent.

Canoeing in the Northern Territory, sleep on one of the local farms or a flight over the impressive rock formations in Purnululu National Park - the Australian Outback has to offer lots of adventure. The famous Ayers Rock, Uluru is the official name by the way, as only one of many highlights. Those wishing to explore the country in all its originality, is advised on more than one occasion to wonder.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Seychelles - holiday on the paradise island

The Seychelles are an absolute holiday paradise. The Indian Ocean archipelago lying to offer 42 and 73 magnificent granite coral islands that are surrounded by beautiful beaches and palm trees.

Those who want to relax away from mass tourism, you should consider a trip to the Seychelles considered. There you will find untouched nature, as the island was spared a long time before colonial exploitation and monoculture. Of tourism on the island can safely be described as "soft."

Seychelles - "The Garden of Eden"

The first sailors who discovered the archipelago northeast of Madagascar, lying some 500 years ago, calls this the Garden of Eden. And who had ever had the chance to put his feet on one of the most beautiful islands, know what the men said.

Of the 115 islands are inhabited to this day only a few. Of the 87,000 inhabitants of the archipelago, about 90 percent live on Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles. All the islands belong to the so-called Inner Islands that stretch along with the Outer Islands over a full six degrees of latitude.

In Seychelles there is a unique animal and plant world as it is to be found anywhere else. About 50 percent of the land mass has been put under protection. Also operate the Seychelles a conservation policy that is unparalleled.

The archipelago is habitat of jellyfish tree, of which there are only eight copies. The islands lie off the east coast of Africa are a unique habitat in which to live, from the smallest to the largest turtle frog many other fascinating species.

Snorkeling, swimming and diving

On the islands there all year round warm tropical climate. Between April and May and October and November, the water temperature to 29 degrees Celsius and the visibility is under water up to 30 yards unimpeded. Therefore essential to pack mask and snorkel, before making his way in the tropical paradise.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ancona, Pisa, Florence, Venice - A Tour of Italy

Ancona is probably not the first port of call for travelers to Italy, but definitely worth a visit. The port city presents a bit different from the major tourist magnets and is wonderful as a starting point for further travel through the north of Italy.

Armed with a variety of guidebooks, sturdy shoes and even better friends, I went some years ago on a similar tour. Ancona forms for such an unusual exercise, but just so interesting start. Here the locals still have not completely set on tourism. While in Rome is conveniently situated right in different languages, you come here often, even with English not well. The sparse existing signs and street signs are like attached to hard-to-points, and so gets even the search for the accommodation to the adventure, especially when one has to be a backpacker place in a large hotel accommodated in a small inn or a secluded hostel.

Ancona, Pisa, Florence, Venice - Italy begin the round trip can

The port city of Ancona on Italy's Adriatic coast has to offer very good stuff. The ride on a public bus to some remote sandy beach becomes a nerve-racking adventure, if the already narrow road to the left of a steep slope and limited the right of the mountain massif and the driver is not even in the tightest corners of the pace will slow down. And if you tried to reach from the port to on foot the higher cathedral, while outside the car tunnel, the path next to the busy express lanes straight times half a meter wide, can not detect a different approach, one developed at the sight of finally reached a church building probably rarely felt relief. Note: the next visit to Ancona better place by car and a comprehensive dictionary instead.

However, we had decided on a train. And just such a vehicle, it went after three days in Ancona in the morning to Pisa. The small city with its world famous leaning tower offers first then a wonderful opportunity to rest. With a delicious Italian ice cream in the waffle, it can be in the Piazza relax first class. Next to the tower and the cathedral and the baptistry located here are real little highlights of architecture lovers. Apart from a dreamy streets which are perfect for strolling, Pisa holds at least for the more adventurous visitors but not too much more ready. So after a day trip has been on the evening drive to Florence.

In Florence, the art-interested people will be entirely at his expense. In particular, the Uffizi Gallery and other art galleries are worth their collection of works from painting and sculpture, a detailed visit. The world-famous statue of David by Michelangelo is kept here. Wen discourage the long lines at the museums, however, can at least look at a very close copy of the established popular sculpture. Santa Maria del Fiore, the magnificent central dome, then you should visit but themselves. Who has sufficient condition should be a climb to the lookout tower and the view of the city can not escape.

The end of our trip was Venice. A visit to the famous Piazza San Marco can not be absent, of course. Midst of the infamous pigeon flock here you can marvel at the St. Mark's Church and the other surrounding buildings and then go on a discovery tour through the city. The world-famous carnival masks can be found here in every small shop and the street vendors, who were posted everywhere in the city. A gondola ride, and countless by strolling through the city crossing bridges later turns slowly a recurring sense of deja vu, and so tends to be also the Venice visit to a close. Approved it for dinner one last authentic Italian pizza, you can finally satisfied and share rich, and to many impressions in the night train back home.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Where to meet green hills and white sand and turquoise waters (Calabria), turns out to picturesque villages and stunning natural beauty - there is the tourist's heart beat just higher. Visit the sunshine coast of Calabria and get to know the deep south of Italy at the toe of his best.

Between palaces and white churches

While capital of Calabria Catanzaro is on the Ionian coast, lovely enchanted places like Tropea each year on the Tyrrhenian side of their visitors. More than 50 noble buildings and 17 churches, you can discover by strolling through the old town and admire. On the upstream Isola Bella is the most famous church - the Benedictine Sanctuary of Santa Maria. Necessarily have to see also the unofficial capital of Reggio di Calabria to the palm-lined promenade and the city Tropeaeleganten strolling and shopping street Corso Garibaldi. From here you have a magnificent view even to Sicily up to the fire-spitting volcano Mount Etna.

The mysterious mountain village Pentedattilo

Above the beach town Melito di Porto Salvo to pull the houses of the village spirits Pentedattilo up the steep slope and look as if they had grown out of the rocks. Arisen about this mountain resort at the southern tip of Calabria is creepy stories to trade any of a beautiful aristocrat who is said to have overthrown 400 years ago, her entire family into trouble.

Unspoiled nature in the middle of two coasts

Between the nearly 800 kilometers of coast are forested mountains, meadows and crystal clear lakes. While sports fans to explore the diverse nature of hiking, climbing and mountain biking seems to have stopped in the romantic mountain villages of the time. The National Park of Aspromonte in the south of the Apennines lures with a 1955 meter high Monte Cocuzza - to the north, you can marvel at the massive Pollino massif with the 2267-meter-high Serra Dolcedorme. All Adventurers should not miss the 13-kilometer-long kayak trip on the Raganello River.

Culinary delights

The Calabrian it like hearty Mediterranean and love fresh seafood. In the small town of Scilla it always ends up in a typical restaurant of at least four courses on the table. Swordfish is one of the specialties here, and is prepared in a hundred different ways.

Panorama Liguria Lerici If you want to lick the other hand, a real Italian ice cream is, in the picturesque town Pizzo correctly. Here is the origin of the famous Tartufo ice cream - chocolate and hazelnut are his secret.

Magic moments at Cape Vaticano

Those who want to experience a very special moment, immediately before the sun goes wild rugged Capo Vaticano, the landscape is now immersed in a magical light. In the distance rises the Aeolian island of Stromboli. The crater of this volcano-isle constantly finds out smoke and ash clouds that bizarre images drawn in the evening sky.