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Varazdin – Croatian’s Little Vienna

Varazdin is situated on the right bank of the River Drava in north western Croatia, 79 km north of Zagreb. Varazdin known as `Little Vienna’, among Croatians is one of the most important tourist centers of northern Croatia. Varazdin is one of the most attractive destinations to live or visit in Croatia and besides being a tourist centre is also a cultural, educational, economical as well as a sporting centre of North western Croatia.

 It owes its Baroque bonanza to its position as Croatia’s capital from 1756 to 1776 and though its reign was short due to the fire that broke out in 1776 destroying much of the town, the capital was moved to Zagreb. In the span of those two decades, some of the country’s best architect and painter were brought by religious order, wealthy tradesmen and wealthy families to construct mansions and palaces. Varazdin is one of the country’s most picturesque and well preserved country and one hour north of Zagreb lies a small metropolis of 50,000 and has awesome cobblestoned town center stocked with Baroque churches and palaces.

Town Easy to Access due to Geographic Location

The old town fortification, numerous museums, the central part of the town, galleries and collections together with the Varazdin cemetery which is protected as a horticultural monument are the main tourist attraction of this Central European Baroque town and ancient Croatian capital. Due to its advantageous geographic location the town is very easy to access through many neighboring countries.

Buses are frequent from Zagreb which takes around ninety minutes, tourist could also check for updates at Zagreb’s Bus Station’s website. The most cheapest and scenic mode of transport to Varazdin from Zagreb is the local train which stops at all station between the two cities. Recent speed of the train has improved with the addition of a faster alternative of the high speed tilting train connection which is operated by Hrvatske zeljeznice, a Croatian railway.

Interesting Old City and Town Museum

Some of the interesting places to explore is Stari grad (Old city) which is a beautiful medieval fortress. Its construction began in the 14th century and expanded in the 15th century when the rounded towers typifying the Gothic architecture of northern Croatia were added by the Earl of Celje.

And toward 1925, it was changed into Gradshi Muzej, Town museum which contains paintings, weapons, furniture and decorative objects of the Varazdin history. It was the first Croatian museum nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award in 1994. The Galerija starih i novih majstora – Gallery of Old and Contemporary Masters is in the rococo style Sermage Palace which was built in 1759 and in 1947, was donated to the museum by the City of Cakovec.

The gallery holds over 3,000 pieces and the most valuable pieces are those by Dutch masters from the 17th and 18 centuries together with the portraits of both local and naturalized masters. Entomoloska zbirka, Entomological Collection, is placed at the early Classicist Herzer Palace in the center of the town where the first collection was established by Franjo pl. Kosces, who was the local high school teacher and entomologist.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Siem Reap – A Gateway to Millennium Old Ruins

Siem Reap
Siam Reap literally translated in today’s Thailand means `Defeat of Siam’, which refers to the centuries old conflict that took place between the Siamese and Khmer people during the rule of the Ayutthava Kingdom towards the 18th century which is referred as Nakhom Siam. It stretches along the Siem Reap River nestling between rice paddies and serves as the gateway to millennium old ruins of Angkor, the Angkorian era Khmer Empire. Being listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Angkor Archaeological Park covers dozens of temple ruins and Bayon. Ta Prohm as well as the legendary Angkor Wat has great artistic and archaeological significance in line with the Pyramids, Machu Pichu and the Taj Mahal. Siem Reap now serves as a town to the world with famous heritage sites of the Angkor temples to explore and due to these attractions, this forgotten town has now been transformed into a major tourist hub. It is a vibrant town filled with modern hotels and architectural styles and in spite of international influences; Siem Reap and its people have still retained the town’s culture, image and traditions.

Angkor Wat Interesting Place to Explore

During the past two decades, this town has been making progress in growth wherein this small little town has growth of more than 100 hotels in around the town where tourist have a wide option in making a choice. First timers would find Siem Reap an appropriate choice for a perfect destination. Exploring the town is easy and exciting with many interesting and attraction sites to visit including Angkor Wat which is full of history, restaurants, museums, relaxation, night markets, adventure activities and friendly locals. Siem Reap is a cluster of old villages which was originally developed around individual pagodas and overlaid later with French colonial era center. One can see the colonial and Chinese style architecture in the town center and around the Old Market. Since the earliest days of tourism in the 19th century, it was a tradition to treat visitors to Siem Reap with an Apsara dance performance, a taste of classical Khmer culture and no visit to Cambodia was complete without attending a performance.

Contemporary Galleries and Boutiques

Siem Reap is an excellent place for shopping for all kinds of Cambodian products. In addition to classic souvenirs, it also has unique and a variety of contemporary art galleries, trendy shops and fashion boutiques with shopping venues scattered across the town especially in places along Sivutha Blvd, areas near Phsar Chas also known as the Old Market and near Pub Street. Near the Pub Street especially Alley West, several distinctive small contemporary galleries and boutiques are found. Traditional items and souvenirs can be purchased from downtown traditional market, Phsar Chas. The most prominent feature of this town is the Tonle Sap Lake which is a huge dumbbell shaped water body, stretching across the northwest of the country. During rainy season, the lake is the largest freshwater lakes in Asia rising to 12,000 km2 and during dry weather it reduces to 200 km2 draining into the Tonle Sap River and eventually emerging with the Mekong River at the chaktomuk confluence at Phnom Penh. A unique hydrologic phenomenon causes the Tonle Sap River to reverse its direction during the wet season, filling the lake.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tulum Ruins - Walled City Built by the Mayan

The Mayan city of Tulum is 130 km south and 700 years away of Cancun. Cancun has a string of huge resort hotels which did not exist before 1974 while Tulum was built late in the thirteenth century which is known as the Mayan post classic period. This site is one of the few walled cities built by the Maya and the walls are located on only three sides of the settlements while the eastern borders are protected by the ocean and situated on 12 meter cliffs along the Caribbean with an estimated population of 1,000 to 1,600 inhabitants. The walls surrounding the settlement is three to five meter in height, eight meters thick and 400 meters long on the western wall along the sea. It was a major crossroad of trade from both land and sea trade from Central and South America to Yucatan. It is one of the most frequently visited sites in Yucatan Peninsula with thousands of tourists every day.

Well Preserved Site with Beautiful Beaches
This site stands apart from other ruins in Mexico with its well preserved, beautiful inviting beaches and for its greatest attractions of the location of the ruins. A day trip is a perfect choice to visit Tulum ruins for those who tend to tire of idly lounging around the pool and which are built on a bluff facing the rising sun and is the only Maya settlement near the beaches of the Caribbean. Tulum in the Yucatec language means `wall’, relating to the large barricade surrounding the settlement and according to the Mayan language, Tulum was called Zama which means dawn, which seems to be an appropriate name considering its eastern location. The name Tulum has been given to the site by explorers Stephens and Catherwood in the year 1841 when they had visited that place at the beginning of the Caste War in 1841 and after the city was abandoned.

Extensive Trade Network for Maritime and Land Routes
Tulum it was believed, to be the primary location for the Maya’s extensive trade network of both maritime and land routes which met here. Archeologist found artifacts in and around the site confirming that they had contact with Central Mexico and Central America. Copper rattles and rings were found from the Mexican highlands, flint and ceramics from the Yucatan and jade from Guatemala by the archeologists. It was also an international hub for trade and was responsible in the distribution of goods to Yucatan via Coba, Chichen Itza and connecting settlements. Besides, this it was also considered as an appropriate religious center for priest with the walls protecting the sacred leaders. According to archaeologists, who have evidence; believe that the population was killed by the Spaniards who introduced Old World diseases in that area by way of destroying the native population and Tulum remained inhabited about seventy years after the conquest till it was finally deserted. When tourists visit this ancient site, they see the building which in its time was the city’s main center where all their political activities and ceremonial took place, with thatched wooden houses around the wall which could have been homes to workers though there is not much evidence of residential homes.

5 Must-See Honolulu Attractions

With blue skies, white sand and palm tress swaying gently in the breeze, Honolulu deserves every bit of its reputation as a vacation paradise. But what are the absolute best attractions of Honolulu sightseeing tours? Here are five places you just can't miss.

1: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

You can't go to Hawaii without enjoying the beaches, of course, and the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve offers everything from snorkeling to sunbathing for all of your tropical island desires. Just don't forget your sunscreen!

2: USS Arizona Memorial

One of the most recognizable relics in all of WWII history, the USS Arizona Memorial combines education and excitement for visitors of all ages. Adults will appreciate the historical significance of the narrated tour; kids will love the sights, sounds and exhibits surrounding such a massive icon.

3: Kuhio Beach Torch Lighting & Hula Ceremony

Another activity for the scrapbook, you'll definitely get a kick out of the traditional hula dancing and conch blowing of real Hawaiian performers. Best of all, their show is completely free!

4: Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace was the residence of the last official King and Queen of Hawaii. Big, beautiful and gleaming white in the sunlight, it still stands today as a monument to the monarchy and to amazing Hawaiian architecture.

5: Diamond Head

This massive volcanic crater offers a one-of-a-kind view when hiked to the very top. You've never seen anything like Honolulu from hundreds of miles high, so put on your boots and get moving!

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Leon- The Saturday City

Leon – A City Filled with History
The city is named after Leon, Spain and after Nicaragua gained independence in 1800 from Spain, the elites of Leon as well as Granada struggled over which city would be the capital with Managua eventually being the choice.

Leon located in the northwest region of Nicaragua, south near Granada, Ometepe with the beaches is a college town often overlooked by many tourists who stayed there. Leon, a stable university town has lots of markets, with growing food scene, colonial churches and cathedrals than any other place in Nicaragua.

Leon being the former capital city of Nicaragua is the second largest city in Nicaragua as well as home to the largest Cathedral in Central America. It is also a city filled with history, narrow cobbled streets, battle scars along with vibrant colorful murals.

Tourists can undertake a day trip to Leon to explore some of the interesting sites which may include visiting beaches like Las Penitas or Playa Poneloya, volcano boarding down Cerro Negro together with hiking local volcanoes.

Amazing Beauty and Architecture
Exploring within Leon city includes a visit to the Basilica Catedral de la Asuncion one of the largest cathedral in Central America which stands in the center of the city having excellent views from the roof overlooking the city as well as view of the nearby volcanoes.

There are many churches in Leon which have amazing beauty, architecture with a history behind these buildings. Interesting places to explore are Museo Ruben Dario, (Spanish) Museo de Tradiciones v Levendas and Museo de Arte Fundacion Ortiz-Gurdian (Spanish).

Located a few blocks north of the Parque de Los Poetas, near Quetzal Trekkers is El Desayunazo where a typical Nicaraguan breakfast – gallo pint or a western style breakfast can be enjoyed. With its growing burgeoning food scene and a variety of enjoyable meals, Leon is attracting more number of international tourists as well as expats to this amazing city.

UNESCO World Heritage – Ruins of Leon Viejo
The ruins of Leon Viejo which dates way back to the 16th century are a short trip from Leon where the site is Nicaragua’s only UNESCO World Heritage listing considered to be the oldest Spanish colonial settlement in the Americas. It is one of the most amazing ruin sites enabling visitors to learn about the country’s colonial past.

Leon is in the close proximity of many outdoor markets, cheap food with decent foodie restaurants where tourist could enjoy and pamper their taste buds with their enjoyable meals. Leon has a warm Mediterranean climate where the summer is warm while the winter temperature is between 1 degree Centigrade and 13 degree Centigrade and the city has a considerable amount of sunshine throughout the year.

Frost is common during the early hours of the morning before dawn during coldest days of winter which normally melts after sunrise. The snowfalls are not rare, around 16 days in a year in the city. The summers can be very hot and dry; with the temperature oscillating from 21 degree Centigrade to 35 degree Centigrade though it is not unusual for the temperature to reach over 35 degree Centigrade during the hottest day of summer in the city.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catania of Sicily

Catania of Sicily
While choosing a destination if you happen to choose Italy as your destination it just cannot happen that you overlook Sicily. This province of Italy has it all. Yes it is the same Sicily from where Don Corleone comes from. The fascinating sceneries which you see in the movie are actually the true beauty of the place. Although this movie points towards a very insignificant past of the place and converts it into fiction but still it will play its role in moving you to vote to visit for it if ever a confusion arises in your family and the matter is put to vote.

Catania is situated in the shadow of the Mount Etna and has also witnessed volcanic activities also. In fact the town itself has been destroyed many a time but was rebuilt and reemerged every time. The Catania rebuilt and restructured is today a grey city and is comparable by only few other cities in this regard. For its color grey – it can be said pretty unique too.

As Catania is the second largest city of Sicily and support a decent population of 300000 reaching here is not much of a concern.

There are a lot of points for sightseeing. Monumental buildings like Piazza Duomo. Cathedral of saint Agata who is the patron saint of the city also are some of the spots which you would not like to miss while visiting here.

There are a lot of amphitheaters also which gives this place grandeur. The city has been associated with the Greeks. It was even established by them and there are many places which might be attributed to the Greeks structurally till today. The city in the course of time became a roman town. But today you find much presence of Greek monuments and culture than the roman. The people who want to see the glimpse of magnificence of the human civilization are strictly advised to visit this place.

The building, theaters and square; and the detailing which is given to them is overwhelming. It is just beautiful and heart breaking to see to which extent the civilization has went and put effort to develop itself. One feels proud connecting oneself with this constant stream and find all the troubles in life worthy of undertaking. Yes it is very surprising to observe the extent of human creativity. And also the extent of its utilization by a man as he can use it to find inspiration in such a place like this.

Every brick and every wall have a history and has a story to tell. Upon arriving here you can book a travel agency for a guide. Or you can just roam around renting a vehicle if you like. Both modes of admiring this town have their own benefit. While without the guide you can talk to the city and hear its whispering and with a guide you can get much closer to its nerve. In the evening when you are about to retire enjoying the traditional Sicilian dishes in a decent restaurant is always a good idea.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Erice of Sicily

Erice of Sicily
In the west of Sicily there is a place emerging as high as 750 meters from earth. From this distant view only you can find that there is a certain air to this place which distinguishes it from the surrounding as if this has its own personality and distinct objectives. But still it’s a Sicilian town and has historical background like one. But it is said to have attracted great personalities of the past like the one Hercules and Aeneas. Like many other Sicilian towns it has been captured by many invaders and recaptured by another.

This town has now emerged as a grand travel destination and the most visited sites of all are Pepoli Castle and Venus Castle. These two castles have been built by Arabs and Normans consecutively. These castles offers a very fun visit which is also packed with a visit to its museum where you can find the stuff related to their history. There are also shops where you can purchase replicas and mementos of the castles and the famous things around. There are as many as 60 churches including the church of Saint John the Baptist. It is situated on the top of mount Erice at around 750 meters. There are many adjoining municipalities also. Today Erice plays a very important role in hosting many international conferences and scientific conferences. Significant among them is a conference related to astronomy.

But it is not all that is about Erice. It is a fantastic art center too and a number of artists crowd themselves here. If you love the art on your summer vacation its perfect location, otherwise you might also trying to absorb a little culture- everything for everyone’s taste. You'll be able to not get it wrong with Erice.

One more interesting thing to know about the Erice is that it has had its name changed many times and it has had names like Eryx and more. The name originally when the Greeks first habituated the city was Elymian city.

This town is situated not very far from Sicily where you can reach very easily. There are numerous four wheel services as well as air services which you can choose from. From there you can very easily reach Erice.

As the economy has transformed itself according to the tourism business there is not much to worry about if you are planning to visit Erice for tourism purpose. The best thing which is associated with the town of Erice is that once you reach here there are a lot many places also which you can visit. Nearby you will find the grand city of Sicily and Aeolian Islands which you can chose to visit. In fact if you are travelling by the help of a travelling company to here they offer package deals to let you visit all these places also.

You will certainly get fond of the town and the region itself. It has a lot to offer quietness, its culture as well as the delicious food for which it is renowned in the whole world.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cefalù of Sicily

Cefalù of Sicily
Travelling Sicily is a package deal in itself. Once you get in this province everything you see seems like a tourist spot. All the time is just like picnic. People you observe are calm. They are helpful and also proud of their inheritance but of course in a very good way. Situated just an hour drive from the city Palermo, Cefalù is has signature of its own. It is a small town but the hospitalities present here are pretty big. Cefalù have nice beaches, a decent marketplace and of course the nicest of all fish to be eaten for. There is a Norman cathedral also for you to be visited. Thus in a single line only the versatility of the place is described. It serves fun on its beaches. It serves excitement in its marketplace and boasts its history in Norman cathedral.

For the history enthusiast among you this place go back at least to the Greek period and even found existing in historical findings. The normal cathedral present here is new to this extent and was built around 1130 AD. This cathedral is counted in the three main points to be visited while in Sicily. First being the palatine chapel in Palermo another one the Duomo in Monreale with, of course, the Norman cathedral.

Another attraction of the place is an antiquity washhouse which is situated nearby a natural spring and is also fed by it only. There is the residence of Ontario Magno which was king roger’s residence itself. Today this is used for art exhibitions.

The southern boundaries of the town touch with the Madonie National Park which lures the enthusiasts with its tremendous villages and towns. This national park is a very nice place for some walking and natural sightseeing. After the towns of Palermo and Taormina Cefalù is the most favorite travel destination. It offers everybody something and makes a tourist happy. The normal population of this city is tripled in the summer season with all the visitors coming here to visit this town. The main attractions from among all the places to visit for are the beautiful cathedrals built here. These churches are built during a variety of times and hence lack uniformity. But this is the plus point as at one place only you can get to know the way our forefathers used to build them. Yes all of them.

Cefalù is a signature place in history. It is like a live museum which is still collecting samples from every moment of our breathing and our stay on this place. The thing you most love about the place is its vividness which exists along with a mysterious calmness. It seems the city is proud of itself too. Apart from the sightseeing there is other stuff to do also. You can explore the history of the island and you can visit the nearby places too which are equally marvelous. If you will observe closely you will find parts of the old town which existed during the ancient time peeking through your window also.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Capo d'Orlando of Sicily

Capo d'Orlando of Sicily
Life is a hectic business in itself. One gets bored of the usual schedule and finds himself stuck in the loop. It becomes very important then to take a break and reassess things. It is not actually loss of work but it is gain of life which you will find. In such an occasion when you decide to go round the world it is highly advisable to visit a new place. The reason being that it fills you with the feeling of fulfillment and makes you more alive you have witnessed it all and seen it all. Power of nature is such that you never know at which point you feel spiritual arousal and rediscover yourselves and may be even find your calling.

Here let me tell you about a beautiful place which might be the one this time for you. This place is Capo d’Orlando of Sicily which is a small township in the province of Messina. It is a very well established tourist and commercial centre. It is a real live place- vivacious in nature and filled with positive energy. A lot of tourist and artistic activities take place here regularly. Artistic activities which go on here are due to its being the birth place of the poets and writers like of Lucio Piccolo who is very famous for his melodies sung for the nature. No doubt he wrote about nature such a beautiful place it is.

Main tourist activities start in summer. You are also advised to visit in summer only. It might be costly during that time. But during this season the atmosphere is pleasant nature is beautiful and the temperature is favorable. While visiting this town you will find it busy despite its small size. This is even a positive factor as you don’t feel like you are visiting a zoo but a real living vibrant place. Although the reason for this is the commercial activity going on in here. As apart from tourism the other people are connected with the banking industry which is a surprising fact keeping in view the islands historical record and geographic location.
Upon visiting this town you will find it a replica of whole human civilization only. With its beautiful historical past as most of the people will find because of its association with Roman and Byzantine Empire. It is only because of its beautiful historical past that you may also consider this island if you are on a visit of historically important sites.

Reaching here is easy. Whole reason and around has been developed as tourism locations like the Aeolian Islands and township of Sicily so the town is well connected and easy to reach. This town started as a fisherman’s town is today world’s most sought after travel destination. The great thing is that it comes with a package deal and you can visit a whole lot of places equally marvelous when touring here. Don’t forget to book your relevant tickets in time because it can be really hectic a job sometimes.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Plan A Successful Conference

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Once the venue is selected, the contract can be negotiated in order to avail the best terms and conditions quoted by them. All the other research and contract negotiations are handled by them when the clients sign the contract directly with the venue. The provider has been originating for great many years and are well versed in organizing events, providing the perfect meeting venues and negotiating with the clients with their best rates and concession for all corporate events.

Clients have the choice of requesting a proposal on furnishing the desired details and submitting it to them where the same is provided to them on request. With service providers handling all the requirements in event managements, clients can look forward to the preparation of an excellent and meaningful program which can make a great difference to their business in general.

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Alicudi is one the eight islands that constitute the Aeolian island. The coordinates of the island if you require anyhow are 38°32′45″N 14°21′00″E. this island is situated at a distance of 40 km which is 25 miles from the main attraction of the Aeolian group Lipari Island. The area of this island is just 5.2 square km. this island is mostly circular shaped. This island initially was a volcano which is extinct now. But not to worry this volcano has been extinct for the 150000 years. This island was formed around 28000 years ago over this extinct island.

Similar to the other islands of the group this island also has a very rich ancient medieval and modern history. This island was populated as long before as the 17th century BC as the archeological evidences. These evidences are archeological evidences like ceramic fragments and pottery. The main place from where these evidences were found is eastern side of the coast.

The name Alicudi is the corrupted form of the Greeko Roman name given to the island of Ericusa. It was famous by the term Island of Erica. In initial years of the habitation of these islands simple agriculture as well as cultivation of peach was the main economic activities. Today there are as many as 120 permanent inhabitants on this islands and the main economic activity undertaken by them is fishing. Apart from these a number of merchants of different things and mementoes also permanently reside on the island. It is tough for any other person to get a round the year abode on the island. But it too can be done after paying a hefty sum of money.

This island, as a part of Aeolian Islands offers several distinct advantages over other islands. This too is a UNESCO world heritage site as all the other eight islands of the group. The special thing about this island art from the other is the crystal clear visibility of the sea. There is no fog and the sea could be observed till the end of the horizon. The fishes caught here are served in all eight islands of the group for the purpose of sea food preparations.

Most of the people while visiting the Aeolian Islands just visit the Lipari Island and return. But it is very strongly recommended here to visit this island too. This has a very unique flavor to itself and the sea food just tastes better. I don’t know whether the chefs are good or it’s just the atmosphere filled with the smell of sea and the sound constantly coming to your ears making you aware every instance that you are in Alicudi.

The usual offerings of the Aeolians islands are all found here and apart from these there is a miniature port on this island which you will be using if you chose to travel by sea route. You can spend every type of vacation here. You can party, you can honeymoon and you can spend time with your family.