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Rauma Municipality, Norway


Rauma – Traditional District of Romsdal, Norway

Rauma, a municipality in More og Romsdal county in Norway is a part of the traditional district of Romsdal. The town of Andalsnes is the administrative centre of industry, commerce and service, an important communication link and the end station for the Rauma Railway. It has been a cruise port ever since 1883. The first golf course of Norway lies in Andalsnes and was the English `salmonlords’ who had arranged the golf tournaments at the beginning of the last century.

 There are only 6 holes so far and probably will be expanded soon. Andalsnes has over 100 years long tradition in the tourism industry with the well-known Trollstigne and Trollveggen in the area. Owing to this one will find plenty of hotels and overnight accommodation for the tourists. Andalsnes has some exciting industry and commerce and in recent years there has been increase in activity in modern plastic industry.

The leading traditional industry in the Rauma municipality has been the clothing industry especially in Isfjorden. In summer, it is said that Rauma tends to have a large amount of tourist traffic and the main tourist attraction comprise of mountain climbing, hiking and salmon fishing. The Rauma municipality has about 7,500 inhabitants, covering a space of 1.502,1 km2

Rauma Lines – Beautiful & Wildest Railways

Other settlements comprise of the villages of Vagstranda, Voll, Innfjorden, Veblungsnes, Verma, Isfjorden Rodven, Eidsbygda, Afarnes and Mittet. Several of these settlements in the municipality are situated beside the fjords and in the valley of Romsdalen.

Part of the southern end of the Romsdalsfjorden and the Isfjorden is surrounded by the municipality and also includes the Romsdalen valley as well as the Romsdalsalpene Mountains.Towards the lower area of the valleys and surrounding the Romsdalsfjord and Rodyenfjorden isthe agriculture with livestock. The Rauma Line is said to be one of the most beautiful as well as the wildest railways in Norway. It is 114.2 kilometre long railway between Andalsnes and Dombas.

 This line features two horseshoe curves having a 365 metre elevation drop. Surrounding the line’s feature is the Kylling Bridge with views of the mountainous valley. There are five stations which are still in use namely Dombas, Lesja, Lesjaverk, Bjorli and Andalsnes and it is said that there are plans to replace the line with high speed railway.

Trollstigen – Trollveggen Amazing Attractions

Other attractions are the Troll Road – Trollstigen and Europe’s highest vertical mountain face Trollveggen with idyllic hamlets and villages, mountain tops that reach up to 6,000 feet, fjord-side beauty spots with amazing viewing platform. Trollstigen is a road through the mountains of Norway’s Rauma municipality and is famous for its twists and turns together with its steep incline. Tourists need to be careful while crossing the Stigfossen Waterfall Bridge and avoid getting vertigo while looking down from the viewing platform. The roads are closed in the dangerous winter month and can be visited only in summer. Trollvegen being the highest vertical mountain is the cradle of mountain climbing sports in Scandinavia and is the landmark when one drives down Romsdalen by car. Several of the people tend to stop the car at Horgheimseidet to admire the highest overhang of Europe. Besides these there are several other sites to be explored with has a charm of its own.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

La Hougue Bie

La Hougue Bie

La Hougue Bie – Site of a Neolithic Burial Ground

Around 3500 BC, the Hougue Bie started as the site of a Neolithic burial ground which was covered by a passage grave together with a burial chamber. The passage grave comprised of a constricted passage which leads to a large oval chambers. Two small side chambers projected from the north as well as the south walls while a raised platform leads to a small end chambers situated towards the western area of the main chamber. This area could probably be the most sacred spot of the site.

The huge upright stones together with the capstones in the tomb came from several places in the east of the island and could have been set in places with the use of earth ramps, wooden rollers with plenty of manpower. Though it has been referred as a tomb, the site has served a more complex purpose with various rituals and ceremonial tasks.

For several centuries, it was open and in use prior to the tomb being eventually sealed and the site was abandoned. From early times, La Hougue Bie would have been acknowledged as a pagan site and was Christianised in the 12th century. On the summit of La Hougue Bie, a chapel had been constructed and probably replaced an older wooden structure.

Re-Consecrated in 1931 – Extensively Rebuilt

For four centuries, the chapel remained in use till the Jerusalem chapel and the crypt was built in 1520. Towards the Protestant reformation, the chapels were abandoned and later on, fell into ruin, but was re-consecrated in 1931 and extensively rebuilt.

It was reoccupied in the 18th century and soon after 1780, the chapel ruins were transformed into a Neo-Gothic style house by the D’Auvergne family. The chapels’ interiors were extensively modified to create a large hall with windows on both sides. Towards the 18th century, the house had been abandoned and fell into ruins and the ruined towers of La Hougue Bie turned out to be an important landmark as well as a tourist attraction.

It was described as the `wonder of the islands’ wonder’ in 1859.The site was then bought by the Societe Jersiaise for use as an historic site in 1920. However on 10th March 1942, German forces started building a battalion command bunker towards the eastern side of the Neolithic mound.

Trenches Dug – Extensive Archaeological Destruction

The next few years thereafter, a total of around 70 trenches had been dug in the ground which resulted in extensive archaeological destruction. Dominating this tranquil as well as a spiritual site, a medieval chapel tends to sit on top of the prehistoric mound and monument. Different from several other monuments, one can stand inside the chamber of the passage grave and determine the heart of this place of worship.

On the site, antique treasures are yet to be discovered in the archaeology and geology museum which includes coins stores, axes, swords and spears. Besides this, one will also find command bunker built during the German Occupation which accommodates a unique memorial to the slave-workers in the Channel Islands at the time of the Second World War.

There is also a large picnic spot where one can enjoy an outing amongst the surrounding which tends to be peaceful and beautiful. Overall, it is an interesting place to explore during vacation.

Discount Marine Parts and Supplies


Boating is one of the greatest leisure activities. There is nothing quite like being out there on the open water and feeling the wind on your face. However, boating also requires a great deal of preparation if you are going to do it safely. You must never forget how dangerous the water can be. You need to be prepared to handle a wide variety of situations that may arise during your voyage. Being properly educated about the supplies you will need to have on your boat and how to use them correctly is important. It could literally save your life during an emergency situation. Here are some ways to locate a marine equipment supplier you can trust.

1. Years in the marine equipment industry

You need to avoid people who set up shop selling marine parts in a new location. Some of these people are not very reputable. They open a store by the water and hope to attract the business of novice boaters who do not know very much about the products they are buying. These places will often sell substandard products. They will then quickly close the shop and leave town as quickly as they appeared. This is why you need to get a little background information about any marine equipment suppliers that you do business with. When did they open their first store? How long have they been in that particular location? Getting answers to these questions will make it much less likely that you will get ripped off.

2. What items do they sell?

The amount of marine products currently on the market is truly staggering. There is a chance that many stores will not sell the item you are looking for if it is particularly obscure. You should strive to find a marine equipment supplier that stocks some unusual items that many of the other places do not. A large inventory is preferable because it will allow you to avoid running all over town when you are doing your shopping. A vast quantity of discount marine parts are available now.

3. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

It is always a smart decision to check out what the BBB has to say about any new marine equipment supplier you are thinking about shopping at for the first time. See what their rating is. You may discover that the business has a lot of complaints against it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Two Weeks in Beautiful Australia

Australia is one of the finest and worlds grand travel destinations, with the most modern cities and towns, and the vast wilderness, consisting of huge mixture of cultures and the different climates, and different terrain for wanderers to discover. In two weeks you can start with the East of Australia in cities Sydney and Brisbane, and the cherished trip to the Whitsunday islands, and then the great wild worlds of reef and the famous rain forests that encircle the city of Cairns. This 3000 km travel is an unforgettable experience….

Sydney, the majestic metropolis in the southern hemisphere

Sydney, an excellent location for a city, is built on the place of the first British settlement in Australia, which is on the hills encircled by one the world’s biggest natural harbours. This harbour has iconic structures like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The coastline where the city meets have famous beaches, such as Manly Beach, which is a surfing destination. Travelers adore the Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium with around 12,000 kinds marine life.

Party in the chill city, the gold coast

From Sydney up north you will reach the city of the Gold Coast, which is Australia s alive city, with fast nightlife and sky-scraping skyline, and a shore line of beaches with white sands and a vicinity of thick wild rainforest. You can explore the Springbrook National Park with a different ecosystem of plants and animal life.

Get to know Brisbane

Driving some hours north you reach the city of Brisbane. One of the most attractive cities, with a subtropical climate, and a great café culture, and the life in the city is mostly outdoor than behind closed doors. You can also visit the country’s finest zoos.

Visit the Fraser islands

Still further up north of Brisbane is the largest island of sand which has lovely natural beauty. A coastline of soft beaches of sand, turning creeks, freshwater lakes and the rainforest. The full of the island is restricted in Great Sandy National Park, and Lake McKenzie, a clear blue lake filled with water so pure and is unsuitable for many of the species. A few kilometers from the lake is the Kingfisher Bay Resort which provides accommodation to the island.

The spotless Whitsunday islands

The Whitsundays are an archipelago of 74 islands on the east coast of Australia on the Pacific Ocean. The Whitehaven Beach is the prettiest in the whole country. It borders green jungle inlands, with white shimmering sand, and the clear blue water of the sea. You can venture out to sea on your own in a boat to find out your own hidden coves and quiet spaces.

Discover the world of reef and rainforest

If you continue up north for 600 km you will reach Cairns, a small city in the north of Queensland, which is 2700 km far from Sydney from where the travel started from. Cairns is bordered by an amazing wild world, both on land and in water. From Cairns you can easily access the Great Barrier Reef which stretches for 2000 km along the north coast of Australia.

The Barrier reef is home to variety of marine life, fish, turtles, whales, sharks, dolphins, stingrays, sea snakes, and wide variety of beautiful birds. Underwater you can view different varieties of seagrass, canyons, plateau and gulfs. You can explore this entire underwater species by a boat which has flippers, a wet suit and Scuba diving suit. North of the city of Cairns on land is the Daintree Rainforest, with reptile and marsupial species, and 20% of the country’s species of birds. The Rainforest and the Reef booming with life makes Australia very unique.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Queenstown, New Zealand


Queenstown, New Zealand is the perfect destination for International tourists to visit. Queenstown is the location to visit all the year round. It is situated beside Lake Wakatipu which is in the Southern Lakes district of New Zealand, and the snow capped mountains can be seen in winter in all its beauty. Queenstown is the ultimate in the world for outdoor action, and adventure. You can do skiing in the winter and other activities like bungee jumping, sky diving, horse trekking, and river rafting all the year round. You can enjoy cycling on picturesque tracks to the backcountry trails. Queenstown is known as the Adventure Capital of the World.


This area was first known to the Maori tribe, and the Europeans arrived there in the year 1860. William Gilbert Rees and Nicholas von Tunzelmann were the first Europeans to settle in this area. Rees built a farm in this locality of Queenstown in 1860, but in 1862 gold was found in the Arrow river, and Rees converted his shed into a hotel and named it Queen’s Arms, is now known as Eichardt’s. Numerous roads in Queenstown have names from the era of gold mining, and some historic structures still stand in Queenstown.


Known as the resort town, Queenstown has around 220 adventure tourism activities like, Skiing , Snowboarding, paragliding, sky gliding, paragliding, jet boating, white water rafting, bungee jumping and mountain biking, to name a few. Queenstown is a main place for snow sports in New Zealand, and people from New Zealand , and from all parts of the world travel to ski at the four major mountain ski fields, Cardrona Alpine resort, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Treple Cone, and cross country skiing is also obtainable at the Waiorau Snowfarm close to the Cardrona village. TSS Earnslaw a 100 year old twin screw coal fired steamer travels in Lake Wakatipu.

Queenstown is in the close proximity of the wine producing area, the two vineyards are owned by the actor Sam Neil. The neighboring town of Arrowtown has many restaurants and bars. Queenstown holds many festivals like the Bike Festival, Winter Festival and the Jazz Festival.

Queenstown and the and the neighboring areas are famous film shootings, for films like Lord of the Rings, Hindi Feature film Kaho Na Pyar Hai, I Hate Luv Stories, and the Willow, to name a few.


Queenstown is positioned on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, and a few 100 meters away are the centers for skiing and Snowboarding. Because of its elevation, and its high mountain background, has an oceanic climate. The summers are hot upto 30 degrees centigrade and the winters are cold, with temperatures as low as 9 degrees centigrade.


Queenstown can be reached by road and by air but not by railways. As it is a resort centre, many bus services are available into Queenstown. Queenstown also has an International Airport and an Helicopter base. The main road into Queenstown is through the Highway 6 heading to the eastern side of Lake Wakatipu.

You can indulge yourself by visiting regions wineries, select from the 120 bars and restaurants, and relish the local chocolates, beer and wines. Do your shopping in the very stylish shopping centers and also relax at the luxury spas to perk up your mind, body and soul.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud is a cultural hub, famous for its arts and craft, and is situated in central Bali, Indonesia, also has workshops of various artists and several galleries.


Ubud in fact consists of 12 villages, and each village is run by local village committees. Ubud dates back to the eighth century, when at that time was centre for natural medicine and curing, and that is how the name Ubud was taken , Ubad is the Balinese word for medicine. For the next 400 years temples and monasteries were established, and the temple complex at Gunung Kawi and the cave temples at Goa Gajah are from this period. Even the dance and drama from that period is still performed in Ubud today.

In the year 1900, Ubud became a Dutch province , but the colonialists did not interfere with the conventional arts and culture, and they were encouraged by the Royal Families to show their presence in the town, and were involved in promoting and of understanding of Balinese art and culture and taking it to the world, and developed into a high profile international place to visit.

Ubud is situated 200m above sea level, it has a fairly cool temperature, but a noon it becomes very hot, and the humidity is quite high. It is always better to see places in Ubud by moving outdoor early in the morning to avoid the heat. In the months of January and February Ubud has very heavy rainfall.


Central Ubud is usually congested with people and heavy traffic, of tricycles and trucks, and mainly in the afternoons when the tourists arrive in buses. To see the major attractions in Ubud, you should come here for holidays at least for a week, to see the sights properly.

The main historical sites are located out of the town area, and some of them as far as 20km, but advisable to visit these places. When you do visit attractions such as Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi, Pura Kehen, and Tirta Empul, always ask a knowledgeable guide to accompany you to enjoy these beautiful places, and learn about their cultural and spiritual importance.


Take a tour on a cycle through the Bamboo forests, and the coffee plantations, and take the traditional Penglipuran village breakfast overlooking Batur Mountain and lake and have your lunch in the centre of paddy fields in restaurant. You can also take a cycle ride through the serene surrounding, and tranquil pathways leading downhill to villages, and different landscapes of Bali, and also visit the local craftsmen doing their daily work.


The temple is the most famous sight, and this structure dates back to the 11th century and has enchanting stone carvings.


This Goa Gajah cave dates back to the ninth century, the entrance is ornately carved demon mouth, and inside the cave are lingam and yoni statues, as well as a statue of Lord Ganesha.


Dates back from the eleventh century, and is the burial ground complex of King Anak Wungsu and his numerous wives. This ancient structure can be reached by going down 371 steps.

The other important temples to visit are the Pura Kehen Temple, Puri Saren Agung Royal Palace, The Tirta Empul holy temple built around the hot springs and the Balinese come here to bathe and cleanse themselves spiritually and physically. The Monkey forest in Ubud is a must visit, so is the visit to Petulu to see the White Herons which descend there in thousands, and watching them is a spectacle

Ubud is centre of Arts, and has 65 various game plan dance shows, puppet shows, and special temple ceremonies. There are plenty of spas to choose from to relax yourself.