Sunday, April 24, 2011

Enjoy your holiday in Costa Brava!!!

Succession of coves, inlets and headlands fringed by pine forests, beautiful scenery of cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, that beauty is Costa Brava. Also the Costa Brava that is not called "Coast Wild "by chance it is by fact. Tossa de Mar is a convenient place to reside and rest, its terrain is protected by the promoters. Costa Brava is not only popular for its beauty but it also has a pleasant enchanting climate. This is the paradise for the divers from all over the world. The underwater world of the Medes Island of the coast of Estartit is the heaven for the diver community.

Not only the costal sea but also the hinder land of the Costa Brava is enchanting. Sierra de Montseny is classified UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserve. This is the place you can enjoy hiking and biking. And if you want to offer a cultural break during your stay, go through Figueras, birthplace of Salvador Dali. The Catalan artist has created a museum in his honor in a former municipal theater.
Finally, if you miss too much asphalt, you can always make a trip to Girona and its perfectly preserved medieval center. And icing on the cake, the Costa Brava is easily accessible from France by road, rail and air. If you choose this option, you should also opt for Girona airport which is closest to the different destinations nearby.

So if you want to spend a sunny holiday in a rather preserved and with wide and varied activities, the Costa Brava is for you!

Holidays in Corsica

Corsica is a land of contrasts with mountains with bushes and forests and beaches. Corsica is a unique island bordered by azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and it has not usurped the title of Island Beauty. Veritable "sea mountain", Corsica has thus a unique topography in the Mediterranean with 120 peaks above 2000 m (the highest point is Monte Cinto and her 2 710m) and over 1 000 km of coastline steep. With a Regional Natural Park which covers two thirds of its surface, Corsica offers a surprisingly rich and unspoilt nature. Pine forests in mountain lakes Lariccio emerald, through the fragrant maquis, the refreshing mountain pastures, the vineyards of its land or rushing streams and other sources refreshing, a true island green awaits.

As it is in the heart of Mediterranean, the cradle of humanity’s cultural heritage Corsica have its own history. Because of its real strategic position, Corsica has always fueled the greed of the power mongers in the Mediterranean. But still Corsica has preserved its traditions and ancient cultures. Thanks to the people of Corsica. The local products such as chest nut cured meats and cheeses and the wines of the hills are popular around the world. The houses were built with stone and slate and also they are the part of the historical heritage worth mention is the Piana and Coves. Some of the villages are nestled on the peaks of the Alta Rocca and Castagniccia and others are spread over the valleys.

Finally, the Corsican village, with houses of stone and slate, are also part of that heritage is the pride of the island and are often in remarkable places such as Piana and coves. Some are nestled on the peaks of the Alta Rocca, or lurk in the heart of Castagniccia, other valleys to the decline of marine Cap Corse or spread in the plains, between sea and mountains.

In addition to the discovery of its rich heritage, Corsica offers a wide range of activities to its visitors. Mountainside is a hiker's paradise with the famous GR 20 which crosses the island from north to south. But it's a long course (14 days) and demanding, reserved for hikers in good physical condition. If it is known for its difficulty, the GR 20 is mainly for the beauty of landscapes and diversity of fauna and flora encountered: it is common to see random paths boar, fox, dormouse or peregrine falcon. But only the luckiest and most patients will see the two icons of the Corsican mountains: the sheep and the bearded vulture.

Seaward, creeks and seemingly endless beaches are paradise. Words fail to describe the beauty of the places where the water is turquoise unique. With over 1,000 km of coastline and an un spoilt coastline, Corsica is the ideal setting to practice all water sports: swimming, yak sea, fun, sports sailing or living standards, water skiing, scuba diving, surfing or jet skiing. Enchantment and continues under the water where the coral seabed illuminate an array of colors.

So if you want to spend a beautiful vacation, pack your bags for Corsica. Especially with small price Travel Leisure, rest is assured.

Enjoy your vacation at the island of Oleron!!!

This beautiful Island is in the French coast, Oleron means “Light”. This is an ideal destination for your vacation. Enjoying the sunny micro climate you can view their flora rich with tamarind, mimosa and oleander. You can explore the forests and swamps by foot or by horse. You should definitely visit The Swam Birds in Dolus and the Port Salines at the Grand village. And if you want to enjoy the wilderness of the wild life don’t forget to visit Myocastor Park. The mills also beautify the beauty of the island.

The Island of Oleron has an astonishing architectural heritage with the blend of fortification, maritime monuments, churches and local architecture. Once it was a military strategic place and hence the island was endowed with citadels to protected Oleron. The constructions of these citadels were initiated by Richelieu in the seventeenth century. The Fort Boyard is the most popular monument. You don’t forget to visit the former prison and the rowing it around by boat is worth enjoying.

Oleron the beautiful largest island of the French Atlantic coast has more than 100Km of sandy coast. Its beautiful sandy beaches are the nature made play ground for your kids and you family. This is the paradise of winter sports; you can indulge in joy of surfing, sailing, yachting and wind surfing.

Last but not the least; the local delicious mouth watering cuisine is worth mention. Oysters, mussels, fish, other sea food, fruits and vegetables procured from the locals with the country wine are a unique combination you never forget throughout your life.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Romantic Weekend in Prague

Exceptional architectural landscape, streets, romantic, boat ride on the river Vltava, weekend in a spa town in horse-drawn carriage tour, picnic at Kampa Park ... These are all reasons to go on a love for the season in Prague.
Visit the Charles Bridge is a good beginning program for a romantic stay in Prague. This arch bridge 500 meters connects Mala Strana and Old Town. It is adorned with 75 Baroque statues depicting characters, who played an important role in the religious history of the city. A tour of Gothic architecture is still visible on either end of the bridge. The district of Mala Strana is also worth a detour. Many baroque palace surrounded by beautiful gardens, old houses and beautiful churches are everywhere.

World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the old city of Prague is full of houses of different architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque rustic, medieval and Renaissance. Its historic center is accessible via a narrow lane for pedestrians. To discover a surprising and unusual architecture, the lovers can stroll the side of the Diamond House, Adria Palace and the House Hofman & Stach.

For an unforgettable weekend in Prague, a boat cruise on the Vltava River is absolutely to be programmed. In addition to a rather unique tour, you can have lunch or dinner on the water. Crossings can be enhanced with music and see the participation of magicians and caricaturists. Couples can also go for a walk on the garden island located below the Charles Bridge. Mini-Venice, a place known for its romantic medieval mill is distinguished by a trickle of water lined with houses.

Besides the charm of its streets, its rich history and architecture, Prague is also attractive in terms of accommodation offers. Between lovers can stay in beautiful hotels in Prague, or even in restored castles. The residence is offered at an attractive price resolutely: count between 80 and 150 € for a weekend of two nights for two people. You can also opt for a spa stay or sleep in hotel-located on the river boats.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visit Peaceful Fortress of Kusadasi

If you dream about your travel during your vacation, stay a little quiet, away from the bustle of your city. And if you are looking for a peaceful and authentic; Come and visit in Turkey Kusadasi.
Located in western Turkey in the center of a gulf on the shores of the Aegean Sea to 95km from the province of Izmir, Kusadasi was a small fishing village in its infancy. Its name means "bird island" is now a seaside resort in Turkey. With no other tourist attractions such as a great history and unique in its origin, it nevertheless became one of the leading cities of the Aegean by the influx of tourists worldwide. His modernism is reflected by the hotels in Kusadasi clubs there are many discos and shops of all kinds.

Immersed in a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers, mild winters and wet, you can swim from May to October. The olive is a big part in the economy of the region. In antiquity, the Ephesian was already practicing the trade of olive oil in the world. 3 categories of oil existed at the time: the best for the kitchen, the second category for perfumes and the latest quality oil lamps. Kusadasi is a small town and do not have public transport like buses but taxis and dolmus ensure traffic in the city.
Three superb water parks are located 5 km from Kusadasi: Adaland Aqua Fantasy and Aqualand. For your memories of family holidays in Kusadasi, small shops, tannery, jewelry and clothing are at your service to give you a wide range of local products. You can visit Selcuk, 7 km from the city, a center of production of high quality leather. Cuisine lover, you will enjoy the country of origin of Kebab, Turkish specialty. Small kebab restaurants are found at every street corner. Added to the eggplant, a vegetable lighthouse in Turkey, you will succumb to the delicious taste of the Imam.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Great Wall of China

For a moment of relaxation and discovery, visit the Great Wall of China is the ideal destination. By visiting this unique monument, you will also discover its history, Chinese legends and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The Great Wall of China, a group of Chinese military fortifications destroyed and rebuilt many times in many places has been built in the third century BC. It is the largest architectural structure ever built by man. This tourist site that amazes even the most jaded travelers is considered a huge open air museum, witnessed many heroic scenes.

Having experienced a history dating back over 2000 years, this book of 6700 kilometers long, visible from space, is one of the main attractions of the country and will be part of your agenda during your stay China. The most popular places for tourists are made passes at Badaling, Jiayuguan, Xifengkou, Juyongguan, Mutianyu and Simatai. The panoramic view is superb, with a unique landscape.

Visiting the Great Wall of China is usually carried out from Beijing. The access point specifically designed for the nearest tourist is two hours away. Places reserved for tourists looking for unusual were restored. You will discover its historic and strategic importance based on an ingenious defense system to protect against Mongol invasions. Formerly, the Chinese soldiers kept watch on the towers arranged along the wall. Currently, it is mainly the towers that threaten the arrival of tourists. World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, this cultural treasure and Memorial has been designated as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Taj Mahal Wonders of the World

Is there is any place on earth where you can really speak of infinite love that a man can feel for his wife?, And it is part of the 7 wonders of the world is in India, more precisely Agra on the banks of the river Yamuna. This is the famous Palace Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal, which means ‘The Palace of the Crown’ was listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983 and ranked very recently, 7 July 2007 as the seventh most beautiful building in the world. Admittedly, this is a historical and architectural monument of inestimable value, but in reality it is much more than that. To find out, we must look back into history to discover its origins.

The Taj Mahal is actually a mausoleum, not a palace. It was built from 1631 on the orders of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Saddened by the death of his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal the emperor decided to offer her the most lavish mausoleum ever built as proof of his love. However, because of his illness and disputes regarding his son's estate, construction slowed and even blocked. That is why the Taj Mahal was not completed until 20 years after the commencement of work.

To discover the splendor of the Taj Mahal Palace, visit to northern, 200 km from New Delhi. The palace is built on a terrace of 7 meters high. Its courtyard is dominated by a magnificent garden compound symmetric lawn, fountain and stream. The central tomb is covered with a dome and surrounded on each side by 4 identical towers. At left, the emperor built a red sandstone mosque for meditation and sanctification. An exact replica of it was created right to maintain architectural symmetry of the place.

Taj Mahal Palace is completely covered with white marble from Rajasthan, which changes color depending on time of day. Its walls are decorated with 28 kinds of semi-precious stones from around the world. In some places, you will find some verses of the Koran written in calligraphy on white marble. The Taj Mahal is the jewel of India, now a sacred place for pilgrims and a historic site not to be missed for tourists.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Noonu Atoll in the Maldives

The crown of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is an archipelago with extraordinary natural resources invaluable. Each atoll has its own unique attractions. Discover the Noonu atoll and its treasures.
Noonu Atoll, a piece of land of dreams

Noonu atoll is north-west of the archipelago of the Maldives, besides Shaviyani atoll, Lhaviyani, Raa and Baa. Noonu an area of ​​210,000 square meters is covered by lush vegetation; it also has beautiful sandy beaches. Genuine Noonu has a singular charm and then counts among the most luxurious destinations popular. The quiet nature will reign supreme. The beautiful landscapes of this archipelago invite relaxation, discovery and practice of holiday activities.

Noonu is accessible by boat or plane, but hotels prefer to perform on-site transfers by seaplane. The 40-minute flight can enjoy an overview of the Maldivian archipelago. Lagoons, sandy beaches, coconut trees, landscape islands in the atoll remained intact and will ensure a world total. The trip on the atoll of Noonu is a wonderful getaway that you can do both, with family or friends.

Noonu Atoll consists of several tropical islands, but most notable are Iru Fushi Kuda and Fanafaru. This atoll is now very popular. Activities on the atoll Noonu are many and varied. Walk along the beach, water sports in Maldives: jet skiing, water skiing, swimming, boat trip for excursions to nearby islands, etc... Since it is protected by the coral atoll waters offer excellent visibility while diving. The diving spots in Maldives offer impressive performances while multicolored fish, rays and sea turtles amidst a lush marine vegetation. Some institutions also offer a gym, spa of the Maldives and care spa to relax. In short, Noonu Atoll is a good choice if you want to spend a romantic holiday in a magical setting.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Pleasure Trip to Dubai

If you are looking for a holiday in both modern and completely disconnected from reality, then Dubai may be your next travel destination.

The money poured in has made ​​this small Arab country immeasurably rich. But oil is not eternal, it is another reason the government decided to encourage mass tourism projects to ensure tomorrow lucrative UAE.

Dubai is the demonstration of the absolute excess of the country. Islands shaped like palm, the most luxurious hotels in the world, and a ski slope in the heart of the desert and soon the tallest tower in the world. In short, a country of excess absolute will do everything to seduce you.

While it is true that the tourism sector of luxury is extremely well developed in Dubai, it is still possible for ordinary people to travel there. You can find trips in small budget for a whole week, including flights, in low season. For Dubai, the trick is to leave when the others work, because prices can rise very quickly. If you decide against traveling to Dubai in low season, you'll get a cheap trip with all the quality services offered by the city and naturally with the unbearable heat of summer and less. Not bad isn't it?

The art of making a suitcase

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, preparation of suitcases is an operation which, admittedly, is not always successful.

You know the scene. You make the round trip for an important meeting and, upon arrival, your only unsightly blouse bears traces of spilled coffee on the trip. Or the elegant set that you had planned for this reception very preppy. took during the trip, the allure of a pile of goo. Or, you land in a resort of your dreams only to find that your clothes look like linen tea towels, or your toothpaste tube was ripped ...

Some practical tips

These few simple ideas you will surely facilitate the task on your next shipment


* Anticipate emergencies, even if you do not go one day. Slip a spare shirt in your briefcase (one for Mr. cravte) as well as the medicines you can not move (remember that the slightest snowfall was quick to disrupt flight schedules and better planned).

* Play the coordinates. By choosing clothes that fit together and s'interchangent, you will greatly reduce the volume of your luggage.

* Put your clothes on your bed, you better report on possible arrangements (which you will surely eliminate up to one third!).

* Opt for overlays, which immediately excludes heavy garments such as coats - a sweater under a jacket, a scarf ...

* You like to plan - Make a list of essential items and check as you add them to the contents of your bag. Remember to take it in your hand luggage. If stolen, the claim will be fast.

* Try to prepare your luggage at least two days in advance. You can then add last minute items that you would have otherwise forgotten.

* Check with your hotel there are many who provide bathrobes and hair dryer, terrycloth slippers ... much clutter that remain at home.

* If you plan to do extensive shopping, take some old clothes you wear for the last time. Once balanced, they can make room for your new acquisitions.

How to pack

Place the heaviest items, solid objects or bulky shoes for example, at the bottom of the bag or along the walls of the bag. Even if the old adage recommended to place them in the bottom, how do you know if your bag will not be stored upside down along the way!

Practical side, if you have a hard case, place the least wrinkle in the middle, fill the voids with socks and underwear.

Roll up jeans and sportswear and place them in the bottom of the bag. Then, stack sweaters and heavy clothing. Finish with fragile clothing.

Fill out your suitcase. Its content is less likely to move and break.

Place all liquids in plastic bottles, taking care not to fill only three-quarters. Then store the containers in freezer bags for extra strength, fitted with a clasp fastener.

Top your shoes stockings and pantyhose. This will save space and thus prevent damage. Insulate shoes clothing by putting them in plastic bags (which will in turn become very useful for storing soiled clothing).

Wrinkle-free technical

Buttoned jackets and shirts hanging them flawlessly. if you use the hook. Dispose of plastic bags (those of your latest dry cleaning) between delicate outfit. Another good technique anti-folds.


Do not pack fragile or valuable items in the bags that go in the hold as money, eyeglasses, jewelry, keys, cameras, laptop ... Take care to put in your hand luggage medicines, essential toilet articles. Keep with what you spend a night in case of loss or theft of your luggage and, if possible, some spare clothes. In case of problems, you'll be glad of this small precaution that you avoid wearing the same clothes for several days or chilly evenings with a shiver.

Finishing Touches

When your bag is ready, weigh them to make sure not to exceed the permitted weight, place a baggage tag with your home address on one side and your destination address of the other. Finally, to facilitate the identification of your luggage on arrival, hang it for a brand: Color adhesives, straps, ribbons ...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baggage on board

Small summary of safety. Too many people forget again ...

In late 2006, a new rule concerning safety on board the aircraft began but, having flown several times in 2008, I realized that many products were still singled out by customs. A lipstick ... no problem. Mascara, lip gloss, nail polish ... think initially put in a small plastic bag when you prepare your luggage for flights. The bag must be transparent and slider to be closed safely. The law limits the amount of liquids you bring on board: no more than 100ml of liquid per container and the whole should not exceed 1 liter, placed in a single plastic bag. You will need the bag spontaneously control.

This law is valid for all liquids conceivable:

* Water
* Drinks
* Creams
* Oils
* Toothpaste
* Deodorant
* Sprays
* Shaving Foam
* Mascara
* Etc..


* Drugs
* Special Dietary Foods
* Baby food
* Liquids purchased at the airport after checking

As for lighters ... the law is more diversified. None in hand luggage in many cases. For others, one lighter permit. This depends on the airports. For example, in Terminal 3 at Orly, there is a patio smoking after customs ... while the lighter is permitted. For all smokers, slip an old disposable lighter in your bag and put another lighter in the outside pocket of your suitcase for the finish. So you will not be caught unawares.

Bon voyage :)

Checkmate for pickpockets

Pickpockets can ruin the holidays the most promising. Fortunately, many preventive measures can be taken to help ensure a safe and carefree travel. Alex Tilley, designer hats and travel clothing Tilley, in collaboration with Ron Frederick, retired Detective of Police Services of Toronto, shared with me some safety tips regardless of the destination. I added my two cents of course!

Basic principle: Do not spread large sums of money, jewelry or other objects that are or seem expensive. Spread your valuables in several places. Choose travel clothes similar to trousers, skirts and shorts that have pockets Tilley secret.

Second rule: Do not leave your purse "yawn" covetousness. Get yourself a bag with multiple fasteners, safety.

Pickpockets do not show their professions, many of them are very well dressed and cared for. Often difficult to recognize them!

Follow your instincts. Pickpockets usually study their targets. If someone is following you, go in a safe place. If the surroundings do not inspire confidence, get you quickly to this situation.

Beware of loud arguments, the clashes and other incidents. Do not play the curious. Pickpockets usually work in teams and often a disturbance to distract the victim while a partner makes the pockets.

Pickpockets frequent bus stations and train stations, airports, the lobby of hotels, outdoor festivals, subway stations and other busy areas. If you see a sign "Beware of pickpockets", do not exclaim "Oh my God!" by placing your hand on your wallet. It is you who display "This is where I put my currency!

The pickpockets rarely act alone. Surrounded by a group of children? Soar!

Even in Paris, in some tourist areas, children come to surround you. They are charming and you say "Oh, the pretty Lady". All smiles, you do not see those who surround you and steal you from behind.

Always keep your purse or your bag shoulder strap along the body, hands and forearms covering the front of the bag - does not need to be in a crowd for being robbed and some even work from of a moving car. For this reason, always walk on the bottom of the sidewalk, close your bag between your body and your arm toward the front of houses.

Choose modest clothing and luggage, and leave your valuable jewelry at home.

We must also think about jewelry razzle-l'oeil. I had a beautiful elephant head pendant. We tried to take me, yet it was only in gold metal. Your jewelry does not bear the label: Knock! Please refrain!

It's the same for the glasses. Cartier you have? You are immediately spotted by pickpockets who specialize in designer glasses. It takes you down stairs in a split second and try to chase when ridership. They were not scared, believe me!

Take as little luggage as possible. Travelers are overloaded even more attractive a target and you are slower to react.

Buy luggage with wheels that allow you to move quickly without effort. Beware of the Good Samaritan who wants to help you carry your luggage.

Walk with a firm step. Do not look vulnerable or lost. You're a tourist, yes, but have seemed to know where you go. You can redeem it and trust that usually discourages aggressors.

Make a photocopy of your passport, credit cards and driver's license. Leave one copy with a friend and keep one another in your secret pocket.

During your trip, do not give any information about your destination, your valuables or your itinerary for those who do not need them - desk attendants, doormen or taxi drivers.

Never keep passport, return ticket, money, credit cards, documents in one bag, slide a portion of your cash, for example, in a money belt, leave your return ticket in the safe of your hotel etc.. Just bring the money you need for the day, and divide it among several pockets of security.

Avoid storing your wallet or passport in a back pocket. Use a money belt or pockets discreetly disguised to protect your valuables from potential pickpockets. A thief can easily cut the belt in a fabric bag hanging from the belt.

Do not leave purses or backpacks unattended, even on the back of your chair in restaurants.

Before taking public transportation, prepare your subscription card or travel money. This will prevent you from opening your bag and take money at a time when you are less attentive.

Keep your hotel room key and your car keys separate from your handbag. If you are robbed your bag, you can still take your car and the thief will not know where you are staying.

In the evening, stay in well-lit areas where other people.

Nominal fee, many airports can pack your luggage or bag shrink. This helps to prevent manipulation and theft at the airport and even in the taxi, and it prevents the wear of your luggage.

If you are the victim of a pickpocket:

* Offers no resistance when you are attacked,
* Do what you request,
* Look at the property in order to give his description thereafter
* Call help quickly,
* Go immediately to the police station or the nearest police station reporting the theft,
* Complain.
* Request a written report of your complaint to your insurance company
* In case of theft of passports or visas, contact your embassy. It is best to write down the phone number of your embassy in each country and region visited for not having to search if you need it.

Do not panic after the listing of tips, but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry!

Sun bath points to ponder


In the month of July in the northern hemisphere, the risk of sunburn due to UVB is 100 times greater than in winter.


The intensity of the sun is highest at the equator where the radiation is vertical and thus has a shorter path through the ozone layer.

The altitude

The amount of UVB increases by 4% every time you go up to 300 meters. This partly explains the greater risk of sunburn in the mountains. But why the sun is it more aggressive in the mountains? Is it because that altitude, it approaches the sun? Not at all, relative to the distance from earth to sun (150 million kilometers), an increase of a few hundred meters is not significant. By cons, as the distance from the sea level, the atmosphere traversed by the UV is scarce. Its action "filter" is thus reduced.

The schedule

Morning and evening the radiation is more oblique through the ozone layer between 11 hours and 14 hours when the UVB radiation is maximal.


Depending on their thickness and their height, they can filter some UV, but a sunburn is still possible under a cloudy sky.

The soil

The power of reflection is different depending on whether the snow (85%), sand (17%), water (5%) or grass (3%). Thus, the mountain combines all the dangers of UVB with more and more reflection on the snow.

You'll set sail for a holiday? Know that the foam in the wake of a boat doubles the amount of UV radiation received, the sails or deck painted the raise even more.

Tips for Sun Bath

Here it is, you go! To you spray, sun, hot sand ... Caution still as UV, salt and heat will not make you a gift. One refrain: protect yourself!

As a prelude ...

- Hang out the beach before noon and after 16 hours: it is less hot and more importantly, the radiation is less harmful.

- Start slowly with a short exposure time - one hour daily the first week - then a little more on other days and never exceed 3 hours per day. These short exposures and repeated stimulate melanin production without risk of burning the skin.

- Remember the panoply of protection: hat and sunglasses in addition to the cream.

- Feel free to use plenty of cream every two hours during exposure.

- It is wrong to think that you can expose longer with a high degree of protection. Better to apply several times a day an index 15 index once extreme type IP 50 or 60.

- Remember that a tan acquired gradually and without sunburn will last longer and be brighter than a deep tan too fast. Patience and caution are the creed of a flawless tan.

The ideal kit

On the beach

- A good barrier cream that matches your skin type

- A protective care for hair.
there are sprays Sun Protector for Hair

- A gloss UV protection and to combine glamorous.
Our favorite: Red Absolute Intense Hydration SPF 15 Lancôme

- A mist to cool and soothe the face

The classic: Evian Water

After the beach

- An after-sun care nourishing and refreshing.
Sun Chill Comfort Gel Face and Body Lancome

- A golden oil to nourish and enhance your tan.

The inescapable Nuxe Golden Oil prodigious

- A makeup palette to enhance your tan.
Our favorite: Solar Guerlain makeup.

Weightless leg with essential oils

Ready for a big march? Then, bring in your backpack essential oils to relieve tired legs and feet cool overheated. The hike is working the whole body, stimulating the circulatory functions, respiratory and digestive tracts. When you find the right cadence, legs, back and abdomen will get real strength training.

The aroma solution for legs ultralight

Essential oils have the characteristic of crossing the skin to reach the circulation and act venolymphatic the heart of the movement.

These are very powerful assets produced by aromatic plants. For example, it takes 100 kilos of fresh flowers mastic to make 15 g oil essential. This shows how these extracts are concentrated and loaded asset!

The "cocktail" ideal

Essential oils are light legs champions the mastic, decongestant great venous and lymphatic, Cypress, both venous tonic, lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammatory and dsinfiltrant, or the Everlasting, that relieves the pain of failure venous and enhances the quality of blood vessels. Other essential oils effectively complete their work, such as Juniper, or citrus.

A massage with the concentrate of freshness in power ultradécongestionnant relaxes immediately and you will leave with a light foot.

The Board of Isabelle Pacchioni

Author of "Aromatherapy 150 true / false on essential oils" (Editions du Rocher), Isabelle suggests:

To help reduce and relieve your legs if they are heavy this summer, choose the best oils. Lemon, Cistus, Geranium, Helichrysum, mastic ... are among the most effective decongest, tone and stimulate circulation. This is an opportunity to try the ready-made formulas, as sprays (pharmacy). In a few mists, feet, ankles and legs are instantly relieved of any discomfort.

A flash effect gradually freeing assets for long-term action with proven effectiveness. To do before, during and after your walks. In foot bath, it also works for a toning and anti-fatigue: 6 sprays directly into a large bowl with 5 liters of fresh water. To do so for one quarter of an hour in the morning to invigorate or relax for the evening.

Can you bring your feet anywhere ...

These little tips that support us all day long, and can have anywhere drice us their personality and we can spoil the most beautiful journey. So take care of our little personal mode of locomotion!

Did you know ...

At birth, the feet are perfect in 99% of cases. Reached adulthood, the condition of your feet deteriorate. Whose fault? Many experts believe that wearing shoes is largely responsible for some miseries such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, etc.. Remember it takes 10 years for bone growth occurs in the foot and nearly 20 years as the heel is finished.

If, for example, you are a man of 75 kilos and if your occupation is moderately strenuous walk you to your feet about 12 miles a day and hammering you deal with a total weight of over 1000 tons. If you are a small woman inside a little active, it's 15 km walk and some 1500 tonnes of shock as you make them suffer. So do not be surprised if your poor feet sometimes rebel and yell "Help!". It is their way of protesting against continuous pressure.

A tip: do not turn mostly amateur surgeon or pediatrician; avoid remedies "good woman". Hell, they say, is full of good intentions and you will discover some facets if you're not careful. By following the tips outlined in this article, you will give your feet comfort and well-being. While some pain persists, consult a professional.

I know that ...

Always cut toenails right for cutting rounded promotes ingrown toenails.
Wearing shoes too small or too narrow, and high heels that are dragging the foot forward aggravate the onions; A bunion is that chronic inflammation of the bursa that covers the joint protector and this inflammation is caused by the friction of the shoe

Why do you have 5 toes ...

The five toes of your feet are used as support points. During the march, they constitute a kind of springboard: the body weight is supported by the heel when it hits the ground. He then moves quickly along the outer edge of the foot toward the heel inside then moves to the big toe, which serves as a propellant.

By plane ...

Feet tend to swell. Choose shoes a little loose which will allow your feet to grow without pain;
In a relatively short trip, do not remove your shoes;
Make exercise your feet from time to time, a simple rotation of the ankle ten times in the direction of the clockwise and ten times in the opposite direction.

After a walk ...

If you have time, you can soak your feet in warm water 15 to 20 minutes. It should then dry your feet well, especially between the toes. Then coat them with a baby powder, readily available if you have forgotten at home. It has the advantage of being highly absorbent. For better relaxation, you can prepare your "foot bath" a little warmer and infuse for 5 minutes two tea bags. Not unless you want more stain!

Walking barefoot ... Danger!

Walking barefoot can cause athlete's foot especially in the bathrooms and above the poolside
you bring slippers that will serve you much for the bathroom that you get to the hotel pool, the whirlpool or sauna

Foot-and Seawater

There are pros and cons - look at the advantages: a good walk on the seaside, feet in water provide a wonderful well-being because the feet are massaged by the waves die on the sand;

By cons, some people develop an allergy to seawater and their feet swell. In the latter case, lie on your back, no pillow, and raise the legs from the knees, above the head, using pillows. Stay in this position for 15 min. or a nap. You can even prevent some problems in maintaining this position for the night.

Feet and sun

The top of the foot is very sensitive - if you make long exposures to sunlight, enter your toes in the cool sand to protect them when they begin to feel ashamed. This is particularly evident in Peru and Uruguay while the sun shines at an angle to the ground direct and powerful. If, despite precautions, you have a sunburn, use the miracle cure people of the islands: a tomato slice maintained for 5 minutes. Extraordinary!

After feet, shoes

Whether you're cruising, hiking, tour, cottage or the beach, before you close your suitcase, be sure your feet are your primary concern. Remember they have their own requirements and they will let you know their moods if your choice was poorly reasoned. Through the day or evening in inappropriate shoes can make you miserable and ruin any vacation.

The choice of shoes ... about the destination and raw!

Check World Passport or your travel agent, what kind of shoes go. I give you, as examples, some clues:

* In Peru, Uruguay, the sun is very strong with a heel strike on top of the foot. Choose a shoe cover;

* In Lisbon, Portugal, you're in a city built on seven hills with sidewalks and uneven cobblestone streets. Choose a shoe flat rubber sole;

* In Cozumel, Mexico, the soil is red clay - avoid shoes with white or pale least seek a dye!

* In countries with sand, choose a shoe tightly closed, laced, avoid sandals, shoes with patterned holes because the sand seeps and irritating;

* In the jungle, a favorite type "boot" that goes up to the ankle to keep out weeds, snakes and other inconveniences;

For city tours on foot, long walks, opt for sneakers with cotton socks, foot powder well;

The sandals made of plastic, vinyl, are excellent at the seaside, near the pool but for walking, it must first powdering the feet well before putting them on, the plastic in contact with skin and Heat creates clammy skin that turns very often blisters.

Buying Tips

Always buy the afternoon your shoes because the foot has grown. When you try a pair in the morning, it might seem close to the end of the day.
For you gentlemen

Choose a regular jogging shoes for long walks

Opt for a "loafer", which can be worn with a casual dress, a blazer or a suit chic. It has the advantage of being made wider and without pressure on top of the foot. If the foot swells by plane or by fatigue, your foot will be less stress. Not closed above, not laced, it also allows the foot to breathe, preventing perspiration ... and bulbs.

Bring leather slippers that fold and take up little space for the bathroom, pool, or even fit in your hand luggage if you are on a long airplane trip and you do not travel first class.

After feet, shoes ... low!

Choose absorbent socks made of cotton and not synthetic;
The tennis socks are good because they are cotton, padded - to avoid friction under the foot - and absorbent
Remember ... when the foot goes, everything goes!

I still remember that, although floor, I walked in the mountains in Peru. I left the group and decided to walk back to the hotel, leaving those who lag behind to take the bus. I made the trip in 90 minutes, raised by a feeling of intense well-being. As I walked, I realized admirable capacity of the human body. Since I have never forgotten that feeling and offered myself the joy of a walk whenever I had the chance.

Felix Leclerc to borrow the words of her song

"I have traveled extensively my shoes ..."
They lead me to wonder today as yesterday :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advice to "Winter sports"

If I'm not talking about winter now, I never will! My gut tells me that you will probably not be long before you fly to the snow. Allow me to go to my tips "winter sports".

Get fit

If you do not play sports during the year, you might be you "train" a little. I'm not talking about intense training at the Rocky Balboa, but walking or even climbing stairs can help you prepare. Even if you do not ski, it will always be better than nothing, especially since you will also need to adapt to the altitude. Talk about being in shape!

Normally, below 2000 meters, that's fine. But beyond that, you might feel a bit "in the polish" (headache, fatigue, poor appetite). During the first few days, avoid too large differences in altitude. Go easy, do not make intensive efforts during the first 48 hours. Take your mark, take a walk or start with easy runs, taking breaks, and everything will be on skis!

Addition to cold!

Even if the sun is sometimes very present in the mountains, there is still cold. There would be no snow, if so ... Dress accordingly. The ski suits are designed to make you feel good because they maintain a constant body temperature (do not ask me how!). The heat inside and cold outside!

If you ski, you may fall, unless you're a pro at the Alberto Tomba (which itself never falls, as its name does not indicate). Avoid cotton clothing because they stay wet ...
To avoid dehydration due to stress and cold, drink water regularly and abundantly.

And the sun

On snow, the reflection of sunlight is considerable, do not forget. The altitude also increases the UV radiation, even if the sun is not visible. It is therefore essential to protect itself, particularly the face. Ideally, you should apply a sunscreen for your skin type and renew every two hours.

Your skin protected, you must now think of your beautiful eyes ... Your pair of sunglasses will be your best friend. Take it anywhere with you because ultraviolet rays are not there to laugh, especially at altitude.

Prevent accidents

On the slopes, signs will be very useful. They will shed light on the difficulty of trails and their condition. Carefully choose your track:

* Green Track: For beginners. This is where you'll find me ...
* Track Blue: Medium
* Red: for skiers
* Black Track: For very good skiers. This is where you'll find Alberto Tomba.

And above all, watch out for other skiers and ... the firs. Control your speed and anticipate your tracks if you can ...

We repeat constantly, the backcountry is strictly discouraged, especially if you intend to do it alone (e). Listen to the advice of instructors, mountain guides and others who will inform you about the dangerous nature of off-piste (avalanches, accidents, yetis, etc..).
Not sure where your next destination "snow"?

Some tracks (ski):

* France: Chamonix and Three Valleys, Val d'Izere
* Switzerland: Jungfrau, Verbier, Zermatt
* Italy: Cortina d'Ampezzo
* Austria: Innsbruck, 5 Glacier in Tirol, Arlberg, Kitzbühel
* Canada: Mont-Tremblant (Quebec), the Rockies
* United States: Aspen (Colorado), Stowe (Vermont)

Do not ruin your vacation because of a cold, sunburn, bloating ... or a little kick in the wing!

When we think of travel, we imagine ourselves on a beach trying to relax under the hot sun. Unfortunately, for some people, the trip can be ruined because of an illness such as a cold displacement causing a terrible fatigue or lightheadedness. Here are some strategies to adopt to keep you fit during your next trip.

Prevent travelers diarrhea

Traveler's diarrhea is one of the most common diseases during travel. It is caused by consuming food or drinks contaminated with the bacterium E. enterotoxigenic E. coli. There is rarely a problem in a 5 star hotel because it generally uses purified water and hygiene standards are higher there and, conversely, the risk is higher in lower-rated hotels in the developing countries. To reduce your risk, take probiotic supplements before and during your trip, avoid buying food from vendors on the street, drink only water and juice bottled or canned soft drinks, avoid ice cubes as well as meat and uncooked foods.

Immune support

Germs can spread easily and quickly when people are crowded into trains, boats and especially in aircraft. Also, before going on vacation, many people try to complete all their work on time, which can cause a great source of stress and fatigue, thereby weakening the immune system response to daily attacks which we face. To protect itself, a simple and effective way to reinforce its defenses before you travel can be integrated into their lifestyle and diet supplement for immune support as daily FX Immunity.

Help for giddiness

A slight abuse of cocktails combined with much sun causes dehydration and can therefore bring this unwanted light-headedness. How to avoid it? Drink lots of water (or sports drinks) when you drink alcoholic drinks before bedtime and enjoy a drink extra water. You can also take a supplement containing extracts of guava leaves - the elements contained in guava helps your body process the alcohol in your system more efficiently. Use Tylenol sparingly, because although they are useful to treat headaches, a large quantity can be hard on your liver, like alcohol. If you feel a little nauseous the next day, avoid alcohol and drink tea with ginger or lemon.

Exaggerated consumption of servings

Bloating, gas, heartburn, or weight gain. To avoid these unpleasant sensations, eat reasonable portions (avoid buffets), choose your food wisely, you can also take a product to help digestion and drink a cup of tea to aid digestion and support your metabolism.

Control of sunburn

When you take a sun bath, be sure to wear a hat and put sunscreen offers protection equal to or greater than 30 FPS. Do not forget the lips and ears. Even a sunscreen, water resistant must be applied regularly. Bring aloe gel and use it so unfortunately you catch a sunburn. If your skin is sensitive to the products in sunscreens, opt for a cream that contains zinc.

Travel to Malta

Archipel Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean blends its natural wealth for its 7000 years old history. Malta is also a unique cultural heritage combined with the warm hospitality of its people who have a real sense of celebration. But did you know that Malta attracts many divers as well as youth and adults to fill some gaps in the language of Shakespeare?

The turquoise waters, transparent and underwater scenery around the Maltese Islands are diving one of the flagship events of the archipelago. The three islands offer diving experiences underwater unique and exquisite and make Malta a dream destination for underwater photography. The best spots are on Gozo and Comino. Visibility is excellent, even more than 30m deep. Night diving is an unforgettable experience; colors appear bright fluorescent light torches. More than 30 sites are listed as caves, mazes, reefs, and wrecks of the Second World War.

The Maltese Islands were under the British for 164 years until 1964. It is one of the few bilingual countries. Indeed, English and Maltese are both official languages ​​which provide education qualification. Since its integration into the EU in 2004, more and more young people and adults come to Malta to attend English classes. For young people, Malta offers the opportunity to improve English in a relaxed atmosphere during the school holidays, while discovering the island's resources. For adults, Malta offers throughout the year training tailored to individual needs... The warmth of the Mediterranean hospitality enhanced by a hint of British culture will be the ideal combination.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Museum of the Marquis of Pombal

Pombal, city in central Portugal, will be forever marked by a major figure in the eighteenth century, the Marquis of Pombal... Pombal wanted to honor its famous citizen, with a museum that traces the milestones of his life, and presents a portrait of life in the eighteenth century.
The museum is located on the Place du Marquis de Pombal, which was a former Prison. The museum occupies a landmark of the city, the former prison, located on the Place du Marquis de Pombal, in the historic center. The museum was inaugurated May 8, 1982, from the gift of antique Manuel Gameiro, a native of Pombal. The mayor chose in 2004 to showcase as it should be a treasure so important in affecting the former prison, which had lost its primary function, this new use. The new space is now much more suited to the presentation of collections, but also to the visit, a real contrast with the old space, the former convent that now serves as City Hall.

The collections are presented in five themed rooms. The largest collection in the museum consists of the old books, the oldest dating from 1717. We find books criticizing or praising the work of the Marquis, after they were opponents or supporters of the leader. We also found many pieces of legislation, but also poignant documents, like those written by the hand of the Marquis.
The museum is very neat.

Though it is a small museum it is well worth a visit. You learn more about this pivotal time in Portugal, a time when the country wanted to modernize the country as the north, but was still prey to the most conservative factions of immobility. The disgrace of the Marquis was, to my understanding, the disgrace of Portugal, a rejection of modernity and development. But that is another story, which will be addressed one day more comprehensive as it should.

Royal cloister of the Monastery of Batalha

In the small town of Batalha is one of the nicest, if not the most beautiful Gothic monuments of Portuguese, the Monastery of Batalha. This monastery, a symbol of Portugal's independence vis-à-vis Castilian, was built around the Royal Cloister, the cloister of Dom Joao I, John I of Portugal. In this new article on the monastery, we therefore present this court, attended by monks until the nineteenth century, where Art is Manueline all its glory.

The Monastery of Batalha is built around the Royal Cloister, with the church on one side, the other buildings sharing the other side of this court each 50m square. Surrounded by pointed arches arranged on one floor, the first architect of the cloister is Afonso Domingues, the creator of the architectural task of the monastery. From him, we keep the site began in 1386 and the first two galleries of the cloister.

The work will then be completed by Master David Huguet, who introduced the country in the Flamboyant Gothic, then by Martim Vasques, and finalized in 1515 in Art by Mateus Fernandes Manueline, during the reign of King Dom Manuel I, which corresponds at the height of the Portuguese Empire.

Each gallery surrounding the cloister is composed of seven pointed arches, richly decorated with plant motifs and royal emblems of Dom Manuel: Cross of Christ and armillary spheres. On the north side lays the basin of the Dominicans, where the monks were washing their hands, decorated by Diogo Boitaca. There is no unity between the various galleries; each is a discovery in itself.

Before the Chapter House is situated on the ground, dates of death of the Dominican friars. Each stone is dated to a tomb, like the Bishop of Ceuta. The Royal Cloister is very different from the cloister Afonso V, which we already presented, it is more modest: it was a convent school, the more refined charm.


Discover Authentic Laos

Small country (less than 6 million people) without access to the sea, wedged between three giants (Vietnam, Thailand and China), Laos is a mountainous and rural poor and yet imbued with ancient traditions.

Apart from Tourism in Luang Prabang, the former royal capital, is still in its infancy and is conducive to the discovery of a discreet and very friendly people. But this country is as fragile because of its poverty still present, the appetites of neighbors and the opening to tourism, the quiet life and culture of a country's precarious balance can be threatened.

Laos is a beautiful country to discover. The city of Luang Prabang, rightly classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is by far the historical remains as the richest in remains from the past: ancient royal city, it is full of ornate temples in which monks and novices.

Wrapped in their robes saffron, they are a "choice menu" for tourists eager to beautiful pictures. One of the traditions in Luang Prabang is the procession of the morning all the monks leave their monastery at dawn, barefoot and silent, dressed in orange and begging bowl in hand. They parade in the light of dawn to collect their daily food as their faithful devotees distribute, lined the streets on their knees as a sign of respect, putting his hand a portion of each offering.

Unlike other countries, Laos seeks to encourage eco-tourism projects. Many rural areas, forestry for the most part, are now classified and protected to maintain the landscape, flora unique (multiple pockets of primary forest) and fauna. In recent years, alternative agencies have created and offer visitors tours sports (hiking, mountain biking, etc...) That allows discovery of these fabulous sites, meet the locals while limiting the impact on the environment and supporting development projects at local level.

Finally, this sort of tourism is a great opportunity for independent travelers to discover regions often visited and very little away from main tourist flows. Discover these agencies specialize in eco-tourism in Laos Green Discovery

Authenticity Guarantee and unforgettable encounters! You can stay in the village, cross the breathtaking scenery, participate in the games children learn to cook some delicious Lao cuisine specialties ... These experiences are suited to many types of travelers for 1 day, 2 days 3 days or more within their sports versions, levels of difficulty.

Laos is one of those countries that you change ... With a little patience, respect and sense of observation, you will come back with happy memories, memories of emotional events and a desire: to go back!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Manali, The Switzerland of India

Deep green valleys, lined with trees, surrounded by snowy peaks where numerous waterfalls trickle; Can you guess what the name of that paradise is? I talk about the paradise Manali in the Kullu valley, which is also called “the Switzerland of India “. The dense cedar forests of the Himalayas and the river fed by glaciers from the surrounding mountains provide an atmosphere full of freshness to the Kullu valley.

With breathtaking scenery, Manali is located on the main road to Spiti and Ladakh via Rohtang Pass (4000m). Manali is a small Indian town of less than 5000 inhabitants, situated in the State of Himachal Pradesh, which rises to over 2000 meters. Once famous for the quality of hashish, Manali has become a ski resort of fashion and an almost compulsory step before going into the adjoining valleys. Tourism there is much developed, but still has strong Manali attractions. Many walks are available and the sites of Old Manali, Vashisht constitute a very beautiful destination. The inhabitants of these remote valleys still spend their winters around the fire spinning wool and weaving the famous blankets, shawls and 'topi' (cap room) Manali.

You can make beautiful walks in the valley and discover rural villages like Malana, Kasol and Naggar, with traditional houses and temples. There are a multitude of activities to discover in this region; is an ideal spot for sports such as trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, rafting, canyoning, climbing it ... are many hot springs and is also a good place for aromatherapy. Life in the Kullu valley is mild and pleasant, but conditioned by the harsh mountain climates: an authentic experience to explore the Indian Himalayas.