Saturday, July 30, 2011

The energy of Porteños

Why so many Europeans they so easily succumb to the charms of Buenos Aires? Perhaps, paradoxically, because the scenery does not feel it. Walking through the streets of the Argentine capital, the traveler finds, with surprise, a town resembling a European metropolis retro sixties. The illusion is perfect if it remains in the center. It disappears when you discover the slums on the outskirts of the city. We remember when you are in Latin America.

Despite its size and car traffic worthy of a major city in South America, Buenos Aires is a charming city, multi-faceted. Here and there the smell of asados ​​fleet, the famous Argentine barbecue. The bife chorizo ​​and appreciate churipan on the terraces with friends and family. Squares, drinking mate, an infusion of herbs of Indian origin, sucked through a straw made of metal, which is happening with friends celebrating life.

The temperament of Buenos Aires is probably less than that of openly gay Rio de Janeiro, another mythical city of the subcontinent. It is said that in Argentina found the highest density of psychoanalysts in the world. Nevertheless, one of the most addictive charms of the city lies in its people, the Porteños, these "people of the port," at once so bruised by history and so enterprising. The many political and economic crises that rocked Argentina in recent decades, however, have left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds. Every Thursday on the Plaza de Mayo, the women come from nearly thirty years, mourn their loved ones during the dark years of dictatorship.

Other evidence of a deep social malaise inherited from the collapse of the economy in 2001: the cartoneros, that collect waste from rich districts and bring them to the recycling center for a few pesos, but the doors of banks tagged. And yet, Buenos Aires is reinventing itself again and again. Proof of the irresistible and insatiable energy of its inhabitants.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camping in Croatia’s Popular Holiday Destination Istria

If you are looking for an affordable holiday and the South Seas absolute feeling that Croatia is in good hands. Croatia is becoming increasingly popular. What once was for Barcelona youth is now increasingly Istria. The area offers a wonderful summer, which extends over white sandy shores. The sea is clear and peaceful, the area filled with clay and Mediterranean flair.

Vineyards lie on slopes and crickets chirp in the song their summer dusk. Istria is rustic, yet romantic, and offers not only the kidnapping of everyday life, but offers low prices. Therefore, more and younger people come here to camp in camps near the beach and spend a nice time together.

Who is actually a bit younger now, I recommend a group trip to this area. Many vendors have now focused on Istria, the area is not only beautiful but also very hospitable. If you decide for a group trip, it usually goes in the bus with other participants in the desired area. The advantage here lies in there that you will quickly find contact with peers and the holiday is not quite the spontaneous Drogue in the proverbial sand runs ... :)
But Istria is also for any other older, what campers. You just have to Bock's tents have! Here you can find additional information!

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Beach holiday in Great Britain

The next beach holiday is planned, but where to go from here? In Europe there is a safe one spontaneously. What would we have still to choose from, apart from the Canary Islands? I say once you would never think of the UK when it comes to beach holidays. Indeed, there is next to the shopping metropolis of London and beautiful coastal scenery and beaches to explore. The island has adopted in addition to the typical bad weather now and then best suit those wish to be idle. If it still be cool even for a day at the beach, offers the south of England as plenty of opportunities to spend the day.

The most popular, although a bit expensive holiday region, Cornwall is or wholly in the south-west to Falmouth, Land's End, St. Ives, or the south coast of Jersey - the St. Brelade's Bay. Just because it's not the typical targets for the summer vacation, here you can recover well and does not need - such as Ibiza or similar islands - close to lie close to the beach. It may be in the land of Queen Elizabeth in the summer not as hot as in southern Europe, but especially in the south of England has its own advantages and charm.

Check the offers as either a flight or taking the ferry for the crossing, which has strong appeal. In any case, is worth a trip south of England and who knows - might find on the list for beach holiday near the top.

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Enjoying Your Holiday in New Zealand

New Zealand - that sounds like paradise and attracts attention by its isolation and biodiversity more travelers. For most tourists the long flight time is daunting, because New Zealand is in the truest sense of the word at the other end of the world. Decided no matter which airline you are even, one is between 25 - 34 hours to discover the road to paradise. It has the ability to fly via Dubai, for example, and insert a stopover in Singapore and Australia, which makes the slightly tiring long haul flight bearable. Once arrived in Auckland grabs you almost by force of the typical jet-lag, because the time difference makes ten to twelve hours, probably noticeable to most people.

The landing at Auckland - the first reaction, finally out of the plane and the feet on solid ground. After this marathon flight, there is hardly anyone not funny all shrink-wrapped food in the Bio control leave, and be presented each entering the country. The locals - also known as Kiwis - take it very precisely at the entry control. Once that's done, you can either take a taxi or use the bus to get to the center of town. It is advisable to first talk to the bus driver and ask him the best possible out of the station permit, which was booked as accommodation. It proves to be better planning, if you look at a hostel or hotel already booked from your native.

The arrival in the metropolis of Auckland has without doubt its charm and offers many possibilities, but not necessarily give one the impression of idyllic beach with New Zealand and green pastures. Hence many tourists just quickly move away from the city to the other side. Yet to clarify the question, how do you travel through the country? It is of course a matter of how long or short the stay. As a backpacker, it has proven to buy a car on the spot - most opt for a van, as is often the same as a place to sleep. I have however opted for a bus ticket, which can be used up to 50 hours at any time to stop or get off and can explore New Zealand.

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green printing

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Their strategy to uphold an agenda that deal with ecological concern is commercially notorious and they obtain their accountability to the environment extremely grim and on this source, their transfer to Carbon Neutrality with Pacific Carbon Trust comes subsequent to widespread exploration.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Trip to Cologne on the Rhine

A city break to Cologne is worthwhile not only for revelers at Carnival time. The metropolis on the Rhine trumps not only with attractions like the Cathedral or the Old Town, but also entertaining musicals and other cultural offerings. Cologne is the oldest city in Germany and looks back over 2000 years of history. Whether the Romans, the French or Prussians, all rulers have left their mark on Cologne, which are still present everywhere and want to be explored at a city break in Cologne.

To be on the trail of the past and walk to experience the culture and traditions of the present day city tours offer different number of occasions. Besides "classical" Guided tours along the main tourist attractions like the Cologne Cathedral, there are also thematic guided tours, where even experts can discover previously unknown Cologne-side of the city. So you can learn, for example, at a brewery tour of the brewery to brewery more about the history and current meaning of the "national drink" Kolsch.
To meet with a city break in Cologne and the surrounding areas I can only recommend a boat trip on the Rhine. Because nowhere is the landscape more beautiful than the Rhine between Cologne and Mainz. The beautiful and picturesque villages line the river in the hills. Thanks to numerous training and job opportunities, those who do not bring in their cities as much travel time, reduce the shipping also.

After an active day in the evening attract diverse cultural activities. Be it opera or musical, nightclub or restaurant; Cologne has something for every taste and every age. What exactly is going on in Cologne? There is no other way to Cologne; whether a cheap flight in Cologne, a trip by bus or by train, the Rhine metropolis is easily accessible from anywhere.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Investment Real Estate

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cambodia - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Kingdom of Cambodia is situated directly on the Gulf of Thailand between the countries Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. One of the most famous sights is the building of Angkor Wat, one member appointed by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mighty Mekong River, which is among the ten longest rivers in the world, crosses the country to the east. Further inland is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, the Tonle Sap. The landscape of Cambodia is dominated by a central level, nestled in the majestic mountains in part.

The country's capital Phnom Penh is a rapid increase in population subjected to, due to an increasing rural exodus. Since most of the streets parallel to each other, the orientation in the city is very easy. Phnom Penh is developing steadily into one of the typical Asian capitals, where they could but until now retained its provincial charm. Particularly fascinating are the many markets where you can buy typical food products. Who dares to try, once deep fried crickets, spiders or beetles and larvae. Angkor Wat is definitely the most important tourist haven in Cambodia. It is the largest temple of a temple area, which has been built between 850 and 1200. In addition, the temple is the world's largest religious building, which consists of a pyramid with five towers. The temple was built by the Khmern in honor of the god Vishnu.

Cambodia is dominated by a tropical monsoonal climate. The rainy season is between May and October and sometimes brings a very large amount of running water. During this season, receives up to 80 percent of annual rainfall. Meanwhile, the maximum temperatures are rarely above 30 degrees.

During the months of December and January, the humidity and the temperatures are relatively low. Moreover, at this time with little rain expected, so that this time offers for travel. In early February the temperatures begin to rise again in April and reached its peak at about 40 degrees. In the months of May and June, the monsoon brings with it much rain and the humidity reached almost unbearable proportions, which can be for tourists from Europe.During the rainy season is in full splendor of the jungle, but the roads should be avoided in the northeastern regions, because they are flooded due to heavy rain.

Beautiful Beaches Of Sardinia

Sardinia's most beautiful beaches are truly unique. Some of them are hidden in romantic bays, while others are long and wide and invite sunbathers to take a leisurely sunbathing. The 1,800 kilometer long coastline offers still rather unknown and hidden beaches and lying regions that have already achieved a great reputation. The Costa Esmeralda is characterized by the typical granite stones, which are located in small coves. In the southern Mediterranean island's beaches, however, Sardinia's most beautiful beaches are longer and wider.

In the western and eastern regions of Sardinia's beaches are more natural. In addition, there are many cliffs. In the north of the island itself is fine silica sand, which remains stuck to the body unnecessarily. However, what is the same at all the beaches of Sardinia, is the turquoise crystal clear water.

To explore the island and its beaches, it is advisable to take a car to complete. The autonomous region of Italy has to offer that is still rather hot. So you should not miss a visit to Cagliari. There you will find many attractions including the Cathedral and the San Remy Bastion.

From June to October in Sardinia one of the most sun-starved people, so there may already be one or another onslaught on the beach. However, the long coastline offers many opportunities without much hubbub accompanying the sun on the belly to. In a pinch you can still retire to the hotel beach.

There's nothing like a relaxing day at the beach where you can just let your mind wander. For a holiday on the island can enjoy a day at the beach is best in peace and quiet with a small towel, a private beach umbrella and a picnic lunch.

Among the most beautiful beaches of the island includes Porto Istana, Cala Goloritze and Costa Rei, The most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean island. The beach of Porto Istana charmed by high limestone cliffs, which are located in front of a gently sloping into the sea, white sand. That taught in various shades of blue shimmering sea of pure Caribbean feel. During the high season the beach is very busy, so he is more for pre-or post-season should be visited.

Cala Goloritze is without doubt one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, to offer a fantastic addition to the water pure nature. Who is from Cala Gonone Arbatax or by boat to reach the beach not suitable for children, however, because the water depth increases rapidly. Instead of luxury, sun loungers and beach bars where you can find crystal clear water and magnificent rock formations.

Most attractive tourist spot in Kenya

Kenya is found in japanese Africa stretching along the coastline of Indian Ocean. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital town that is additionally a well-liked destination among travelers for its natural beauty and safaris. Visit Kenya, Nairobi and revel in the serenity of the place together with your family and friends.

There is a mix of coastal beaches, lush greens, mountains and deserts in Kenya. create it to Kenya for an incredible vacation and revel in the various ambiance within the country. the most attractions are the beautiful beaches and also the wildlife reserves. return to Kenya to fancy every day at the beach together with your youngsters, whereas they play, have interaction in some water sports or work on your tan beneath the shimmering sun. If not the beach, continue an journey or for a wildlife safari within the varied game reserves. arrange a visit and tour around Kenya t have a good time to the height.

The coastline along Mombasa could be a nice destination for beach holidays.

Visit Kenya to watch and mix in with the varied multicultural nature of the locals. Swahili and Maasai cultures are the popular attractions among tourists particularly their costumes and higher body jewelry.

Cricket, football, soccer, rugby and boxing are favorite sports played and cheered for in Kenya. Rugby is that the preferred among locals as everybody look forwards to the Safari Sevens tournament. Golf is additionally turning into a favourite golf destination among travelers and also the wealthy and famous. The golf courses are stunning and in abundance. thus if you’ve got golf craze or a sports fan, visit Kenya to urge the sportive essence of the country.

Kenya encompasses a favorable climate throughout the year hence enjoying plenty of sunshine.

The tropical climate makes it an ideal venue for safaris and beach outings. thus return to Kenya to fancy the safari rally that is claimed to be one in every of the toughest rallies within the world. otherwise you may be there to observe the migration of the wildebeest throughout June and September. thus arrange a visit and create it throughout the migration months to visualize a stampede and herds of wildebeests and if you’re lucky, you’ll be ready to be a part of a shoot as this is often a well-liked event among filmmakers.

Pay a visit to the Lake Nakuru National Park that encompasses a vibrant birdlife species of over four hundred and be amazed at the flocks of flamingoes found in Kenya as they're the biggest flock found within the world.

For some journey, climb the Mount Kenya that is that the highest peak within the country. have interaction in trekking, camping, hiking, mountaineering and bungee jumping around Mount Kenya.

Some of the simplest eateries and fine dining restaurants are in Kenya in Africa, delicious dishes of Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and German and French may be found scattered across town. thus return to style a number of the simplest dishes in opulent restaurants or opt for quick|a quick} food snack at the many fast food chains. for a few style of native delicacies, attempt Steers and Nandos that are South Africa food chains. fancy a Tusker Lager at the side of these mouthwatering dishes.

 Guest Post By: Rose Anderson

Rose Anderson is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. She has written different good article on tourist spot of Asia,Africa, Usa Tour, Europe Tour, Europe Tour Package.

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Kia Ora -Bay of Plenty The most beautiful place on earth

I was glad to discover New Zealand with all the beauties of the landscape in my own way and leave my city behind me. Before arrival I've use a guide put together a customized itinerary that I wanted to take the bus across the country leave. - Short-anticipated, this plan was changed at least five times and added to other places on my list. - Since I had bought a bus ticket with 50 hours, it had to be carefully considered what I wanted to look at everything. The plan was only time to travel a bit to see where you can linger and then go to work on.

It went from Auckland to Coromandel with the ferry, which was to follow the Bay of Plenty (North Coast of the North Island). This area is for me personally the most beautiful in New Zealand. Now l had been reached and I somehow found myself in the middle of nowhere. That's totally contrary to my native situation. I see walking on course in Coromandel and hardly a soul, so completely different than in the metropolis. One learns quickly that have the Kiwis (people from New Zealand) is a completely different attitude to time, because here everything seems to run off more relaxed - is perhaps the most shining sun.

Finding a suitable accommodation was simple, because after arriving in New Zealand I have a BBH card - says Backpacker Card (you get discounts on many things) and bought a booklet given to all registered accommodations such as hostels do so. It is usually sufficient if a day earlier at the backpackers among the most free telephone numbers to call and reserve a bed in the desired neighborhood.

In the summer time one should always call in advance, as well as families like to use the accommodation can be booked under the circumstances. Since I had arrived there in the spring, I had no problems but you can go directly on good luck to backpackers. After 2 days I tried out the bus company (also free hotline) call, called my customer number and said where I would like to climb. This all works quite smoothly.

Then it went on to Whitianga, where I climbed the Shakespeare Cliff, visited Cathedral Cove and enjoyed the scenery. I travelled from there to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. It is the epitome of the ideal location that combines the beauty of incredible scenery and the beach together. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite place in the world. Probably you can understand this only if you were once in New Zealand because it is hard to put into words.What I know at the time still could not - this country would change my life completely.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holidays in San Sebastian

It is summer and high time to finally get out. For example, back to the Basque Country, the Spanish port city of San Sebastian. With its baroque old building, beautiful beaches, which are particularly suitable for surfing and nearly bursting diary full of interesting and cultural events, it is a perfect holiday destination.

Lufthansa and Air Berlin offer fly to Bilbao, which is 100 km from San Sebastian. Ryan Air offers cheaper tickets for the flight from Frankfurt / Hahn-Biarritz. From there it is only 50 km from San Sebastian. From both cities you can travel by bus to the center of San Sebastian. There are also a few guest houses, where you can stay.

In no case it is worth the major international fast-food chains to visit. For in San Sebastian you can in the middle is the stronghold of Basque cuisine, which is the largest star-density cooking show worldwide! Nowhere is there more than top executives in the Basque capital. Three courses with wine and water are already available for 10 to 15 €. In addition, San Sebastian is a film-crazy city: One of the most outstanding events is the annual film festival to take place.

Beautiful old buildings for a first glance, it's really nice to look at the morning sunrise, the three steel sculptures "Peine de los Vientos" at the port and then to walk barefoot along the beach in peace. From here there is a good view of the island located near Santa Clara. To conclude with a cool iced coffee - "cortado con hielo" - drink on the terrace of the Cafe de la Concha, or one of the many cafes that are located in the center of the bay.

Gota Canal – A Perfect River Cruise

To discover the beauty of Sweden, there are endless possibilities. A bike ride along the seemingly endless roads of the country, a bus trip with various stops, canoeing, river cruises on the waterways are only a small selection of what are the options available to visitors.

One of the most beautiful waterways in the world of the Gota Canal, which takes travelers through the middle of Sweden in Stockholm and Gothenburg in the west and east of the country's links with each other. The desire to connect the North and Baltic Sea, left the country once take a superhuman effort. Initiator of the development was the architect Baltzar Graf von Platen (1766-1829), who pushed through by his stubbornness, the construction of the canal. His opening he could not even see the end, but he created the basis for a unique journey through Sweden. Even if the motivation of Graf von Platen-economic nature Baltzar remembers, was the pioneer of many travelers.

The most fascinating kind on the Gota Canal is by using one of the historic cruise ships. The "MS Juno" (1874), the "MS Wilhelm Tham" (1912) and the "MS Diana" (1931) have been restored and now sail regularly on the waterway. Although almost every modern luxury cruise ship goes missing, the travelers enjoy every minute on the ship. If then it should again prevail due to the weather dysphoria, a meal is enough response, prepared by chefs in a magical way to get back to spread a good mood.

Only the stations that can happen during a trip on the Gota Canal, are also highly recommended. The two large lakes, Vattern and Varnernsee, cities like Tatorp, Linkoping, Norrkoping and Karlsborg are waiting for the visitors. Even trips to some remote Vimmerby, the home of Pippi Longstocking, are definitely worthwhile.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rosengård, a quiet neighborhood became a thorn in the Swedish media

In Sweden, the clichés about violence and insecurity stick to the skin Rosengård, a district of the city of Malmö. Fantasies widely disseminated by the media, and who served the extreme right, very popular in this part of the country.

Of the 300,000 inhabitants of Malmö, nearly 25% are from immigrant families. (Photo Maud De Carpentier)

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. Located on the North Sea, and close to Copenhagen, it is a popular destination for summer tourists. Its small port, a green area, pedestrian streets ... Malmö attracted by its calm and quality of life. Yet for many Swedes, the city also symbolizes a failure to integrate immigrants.

Of the 300 000 inhabitants, almost 25% are from immigrant families. Most of them live in the city of Rosengård, one of the ten districts of the city. An area which, in the collective imagination of the Swedes, is facing a daily urban violence. Various incidents in 2003 and 2008, gave the "Rose Garden" (French translation of Rosengård) looks like a Scandinavian Bronx.

"Media coverage has helped the extreme right to win votes. "

The original building burned in 2003, after the owner refused to rent to the Muslim community. What the media have chosen: a dispute over a mosque. Optical illusion, objects Listerborn Carina, a researcher at Malmö University: "I interviewed the young. The religious question is not an issue, they just wanted to fight with the police. "

Since then, the far-right party the Sweden Democrats (SD) used the bad reputation of the neighborhood to thrive.

A well-established right-wing

"It is clear that media coverage has helped the SD to win votes, says political scientist Anders Hellström. Rosengård is a symbol of multiculturalism and immigration and reports that deal with violence in this neighborhood tend to link the two. "

The Sweden Democrats are now well established in the city of Malmö, with over 11% of the seats in municipal council.

The most cosmopolitan city of Sweden then drags a terrible image. From Stockholm to Gothenburg, Sweden all know that name. And the vast majority of passers-by are hard and black a picture, where the words "immigrant" and "violence" coexist. As if they were intrinsically linked.

Olivier Truc, the correspondent of the World to Scandinavia, the explanation lies in two factors: the low level of tolerance for "deviant" in Sweden, and the media. They have played a major role in this fantasy of violence that sticks to the skin Rosengård.

A rather quiet city

By 2003, a report by Fox News goes around the world. Images of burning buildings, of young people who throw Molotov cocktails, with words like "civil war" and "chaos" ... The reporter Steve Harrigan leaves no chance to the little town.

However, several years ago that happens much more in the city. "But, laments Anna Lundberg, the press never writes about what's positive here." This teacher of 29 years has taught last year in one of four schools in the district. "This is a wonderful place for so many different reasons, she insists. The atmosphere, multiculturalism, children ... I loved working there. "

And after five days wandering through the neighborhood much-maligned, the images that remain are those of a quiet corner. Children running in the aisles, moms who watch their kids, a shopping center, bicycles ... People also have more than enough of the media treatment reserved for them.

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