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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Travel to Iran

Travelling through Iran is so unique. Iran is a huge country with essential sights for everyone to see, right from stunning architectural delights and diverse natural landscape to historical places. There is always some or the other activities to do in Iran. It can take months exploring all the different parts of Iran. Between nature, history and culture there’s no shortage of wonderful places to explore in Iran. If you’re putting together an itinerary you may have a hard time deciding just which places to include.

But to get you started and give some inspiration here are ten things to do in Iran that you shouldn’t miss.

See some incredible tiles: Iran is a home to some of the most beautiful tile work in the world. Every Mosque palace and shrine is covered with stunning patterns of blue tiles. The favourite places for tiles were Golestan palace in Tehran, the Pink Mosque in Shiraz and in the main square in Esfahan.
Witness the colour change in the Pink Mosque: head to the Nasr-al-Molk Mosque early in the morning and stay for a few hours to catch an aurora of colours as the sunlight moves through the stained glass windows.

Tehran Grand bazaar: Iran is said to be the heart of Persian Culture and commerce and the Grand bazaar in Tehran is no exception. You will find anything and everything you could possibly want here, from carpets and fabrics to everyday home wares and jewellery. If you are looking for souvenirs to take back home to friends and family then the bazaar is great for finding bargains on Iranian made handicraft.

Horse riding: A 10 day riding adventure through the central nomadic lands on Dareshori Persians horse take in mountains and lush forest and paddy fields. Camping is in flat arable grassland.

The Dasht-e Lut desert is one of the Earth’s hottest and driest places. It is a trekker’s dream to hike up the trail with incredible rock formation, sand dunes, salt plains and the valley of Meteorites.

Mt Damavand is the highest volcano in Asia and known as the ‘Roof of Iran’ .It takes four days to reach the summit of the country’s highest mountain. Being only two hours from Tehran Mt. Damavand one of the most accessible mountains over 5000 metres in the world. This seven days trip includes two days recovery in Larijan’s thermal spring and Teheran.

Valley of stars: Qeshm offers pristine nature and a world of mystery, but if there’s one attraction not to miss. It’s the valley of the stars. Marl and sandstone make up the other worldly rock formation and with little imagination you can see animals, faces and hands among other things.

Iran is a vast country with varying landscapes, culture and languages. One of the best ways to discover its hidden corners are by travelling by cars. Why not discover the best road trips to take in order to uncover Iran’s Highlights.

Qeshm Island is one of the most pristine and naturally beautiful places in Iran and driving around this 576 sq mile island might just be the most memorable part of your trip. Visit the dolphin of Hengam Island and other natural sites such as salt cave, mangroves forest and carved sandstone valleys. In between, soak up with the island’s unique culture particularly in the villages of Laft and Guran where lenj (wooden boats) are still crafted by hand.

Chalus Road is the main route from Tehran leading to the Caspian coast. Narrow roads snaking down the mountain side along the tunnels is chiselled into solid rock making this one of the most scenic, sometimes heart stopping roads in Iran. Stop for some roadside kebabs and keep your eyes out for the yogurt drink, doogh, while relaxing under the spring water flowing from the cliff.

Lake Maharloo is known in Persian as Daryache-e-Namak, Lake Maharloo is an essential salt lake near Shiraz. The best time to visit is in midsummer, when due to height evaporation rates and salt concentration the lake turns a magical pink colour.

One of the greatest pleasures of travelling is trying the local cosines. Aside from the national dishes of Iran, each city has a unique speciality that you won’t want to miss. Reyhoon is most famous for its delicious chole kebab in Tehran, look no further than Reyhoon. Dizi Sara restaurant is famous for its pickled vegetable, yogurt, salad, fresh bread and a pitcher of doogh.Gilaneh signature item of the north is kabak , beef marinated in pomegranate –walnut sauce. Berkeh Traditional restaurant is famous for its fish kebabs and Dizi stew served over a flame.

Religious and cultural events abound in Iran reflecting the country’s diverse peoples and historic influences. Festivals like Gol-O-Golab (Rose and Rosewater) in kashan in May to the Chak Chak fire temple festival in Yazd in June are celebrated.

If you love adventures then this spectacularly diverse and culturally rich country should be next on your list of places to head.

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