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Flat Roofing Calgary

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victoria hotels

One can enhance their vacation by lodging at one of Victoria’s best downtown locations, in the vicinity of the beautiful Inner Harbour,  surrounded by the city’s most amazing sites like the Beacon Hill Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Parliament Buildings, the Conference Center to name a few.    There are various choices on rooms at Victoria hotels which include penthouse apartments, one bedroom suites and deluxe guest studios, giving the tourist a feeling of being at home away from home.  Their rooms are adequately equipped with a fridge, microwave and if intending a longer stay, beautiful kitchen studios for their convenience. They also offer good specials and packages which are good savers together with a wonderful stay at the hotel.

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Transportation Antigua and Barbuda


From Antigua to join the French West Indies, you will be of interest to companies LIAT (with flights from Guadeloupe and St. Martin) and Winair (St. Martin). LIAT is generally cheaper for a good 20%.

Winair is the only service to Barbuda, with two daily flights, one in the morning, late afternoon (to allow for history day trip). The flight takes just fifteen minutes. The rich will charteriser a chopper Caribbean Helicopters and be deposited directly on the beach in Barbuda ...


Barbuda Express, a kind of fast catamaran motor connects to Antigua's sister-in-1: 30 pm or so. Buses run every day except Wednesday and Sunday, 9 am 15 am 15 Antigua and Barbuda 45. So a little short for a day on the island, although the company offers an all inclusive tour with visit to 159 USD. Better, in our opinion, sleep there to enjoy it really. Or come by plane, since the prices are just higher.

Departures from Jolly Harbour and Bryson's Wharf (there buys the tickets). At Codrington (Barbuda), they are sold in Nedd's Grocery.


All public transport are by minibus. They travel the highways of the island at the start of the two terminals of St. John's (West and East). The first is located next to the market, the other east of downtown, near the Botanical Gardens.

Still, all areas are not served, the minibuses that are primarily designed to bring workers to their jobs in the morning and taken back the home at night. So they run mainly between dawn and dusk. The frequencies vary from place to place: every five minutes on average from Dickenson Bay and St John's example, much less often to get to the northeast of the island to Devil's Bridge.

Do not rely too much on the desk of resorts to learn: they will tell you that there is no bus for you to borrow taxis affiliated to the hotel ... Attention, no bus only runs on Sundays.

Rental car

A local temporary driver's license is required for any car rental in Antigua. It will cost $ 20.

Most large international companies are represented at the airport, gathered in the small building that faces the bottom terminal. You can get directly to your local permit (fee and mandatory).

The roads are just correct and quite common barriers holes, potholes, work, chickens and stray dogs, drivers white-hot night of the weekend, vehicles parked on the road, surprise stops time for a conversation between friends ... This list is not exhaustive!


Most resorts have their own taxi stand and we are also docks and Heritage Redcliff in the descent from cruise ships. Remains a rental car is much cheaper.


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Sports & Recreation Antigua and Barbuda

Beach side

The iconic milky turquoise waters and powdery white sand beaches of Antigua are both fame and beauty of the island. The legend and the tourist office say there are 365. No attempt was made to count.

In Barbuda, even better: there, the beaches are largely deserted and roses! On the southwest coast, they extend continuously over 17 km. In Antigua, in many places, the carpet of sand sticking out of the sea currents are absent, making swimming safe for even children. This is especially true on the West Coast, as in Dickenson Bay, one of the main tourist areas of the island. The water is warm, a real picnic (between 24 ° C in winter and 27 ° C in summer).

Remains that the authorities would do well to worry about the problem of waste water treatment: we have seen lead pipes on the beach of Sandals, the largest all inclusive resort (all inclusive beach resort) on the island ... For a selection of our favorite beaches, see "Suggested routes." On the beaches of hotels, you will have Stagecoach (or not), and turn deafening jet-ski. You can also rent small boats generally, optimistic type, to slide on the pristine waters.

Serious boaters probably already know Antigua Sailing Week, which brings the end of April between 100 and 200 boats Français Harbour Regatta for frenzied around the island. This is the third and final round of the Caribbean Big Boat Series, marked by memorable fiestas, night after night. The competition is preceded by the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, where some of the most beautiful yachts in the world are exhibited in a competition of elegance stylish ... If you come off season, you still find everything a boater can dream Français Harbour (Nelson's Dockyard) and Falmouth Harbour. The atmosphere is less British, but the facilities are also quality to Jolly Harbour.

Those who do not know what a winch or a guy entrust their fate to one of the many skippers offering boat trips around the island. There's something for everyone: long, short, and festive (with crowd on board), the romantic, too, a la carte, with snorkeling and lunch prepared on board ... In this market, carries the Miramar Sailing palm.

Big game fishing is popular, but probably not as much as kitesurfing. Lovers find themselves Jabberwock Beach on the northeast coast. Although regular trade winds parallel to the coast, from December to May and July-August, nice jumps in perspective and a more flat area for those who prefer speed.

With any luck, you'll come across Andre Phillip, the local expert in the discipline - once extolled by Kiteboarder Magazine before he slams the door of compet 'drunk in the top positions and demands of sponsors If you ... prefer the classic board, the same spot you should very well.

Information from Kitesurf Antigua.Diving

Stressing the coral reef island to the south offer the best diving opportunity. Among the classic spots include Cades Reef, suitable for both beginners and more experienced, where you can cross the stingrays (stingrays), nurse sharks, turtles and even whale sharks.

The divers really appreciate the Pillars of Hercules (by 45 m deep) for its beautiful corals and sponges and marine life intense. The visibility reached a good 30 m. Carpenter's Rock is not bad either, especially for novices, with its "tank" teeming with sergeant-majors (as mini-zebras) to less than 7 m deep. Night dives possible with some operators.

Those who prefer to wade surface will dabble with the stingrays in Stingray City, a mile northeast of the island, shallow water (we walk) at low tide, sandy bottom, accommodating critters looking for a snack, in short, everything you need to make good memories. Price: 60 USD. 

Information from Dockyard Divers, the Jolly Dive Center, Indigo Divers and Stingray City 

This is an excellent approach to the mangroves of north-east of Antigua and islands of North Sound Marine Park. The boats are not racing kayaks, but the crossings are not very long and we go at least as much time on the beach, explore the islands or paddle mask over the nose. Raise it as the nose from time to time, you will probably frigates, egrets, White-tail and pelicans.If you have cottage cheese in the arms, just a boat trip to Bird Island - an island very robinsonesque eight hectares. The cost is usually in the 90-120 USD the day.

Information from Antigua Paddles.

On Fig Tree Drive, southwest of the island, Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour offers a ride in booster (breadcrumb) on top of a gorge and through the canopy to a pond and a fall water. A child's journey was arranged.

Golfers will find two courses not essential to the island: the Cedar Valley, a 18-hole more "pro" and that of Jolly Harbour, whose condition ranges from poor to OK depending on the season ...

Health and Safety Antigua and Barbuda

No vaccinations are required, but it is always wise to be up to date with reminders of DT-polio and hepatitis A (or B), and being in possession of a repatriation insurance - some requiring hospital payment before providing care.

There for some time a resurgence of dengue in the Caribbean in general and in the Caribbean. Not that you can do much, except to protect you from mosquitoes ... Impossible, however, to guard the no see 'ums ("invisible"), the tiny sand fleas that thrive in summer on the beach. Give up the pleasure of walking barefoot in the sand after the rain and dark. And, above all, do not scratch at the risk to prompt you want to tear the skin!

On a daily basis, watch out for sunburn and protect yourself with sunscreen with a high. White sand, reverberant, and the shallow waters and Antigua are betrayers of this view.
At sea, sharks are not really safe for swimmers simple, but the coral can inflict wounds that heal poorly. Do not touch: it's bad for him as for you. Also look out for sea urchins, jellyfish and currents sometimes violent.

Otherwise, know that Antigua is located in an area affected by ciguatera - the "scratch" intoxication due to algae, which can be transmitted by large carnivorous fish such as grouper, barracuda or kingfish. In contrast, tuna, pelagic, rarely forwards. Symptoms: itching of the palms and soles of the feet, tingling, tingling of the lips and nose, heavy legs, headaches, nausea ... In short, a great variety! Not to mention the symbolic burning sensation on contact with cold water. Some cases even fatal.There is no treatment. Healing is spontaneous and can be quick or long depending on the degree of intoxication. In retrospect, it is necessary to prevent marine product and any alcohol for at least three weeks.

Also, be careful mancenilliers (manchineels), these shrubs, in a seemingly innocuous, can be extremely dangerous. They secrete a toxin sap comparable in strength to the hydrochloric acid is found even in their fruits (like mini apples). Do not touch and do not even take shelter under when it rains ... The drops that slide along the leaves are in charge of poison and burn the skin. Tap water is all drinkable.


As the United States, it is 911 for fire and medical services. Otherwise, for hospital emergency Holberton St John's: 462-02-51.

Hazards and annoy

The atmosphere is just as harmful as one leaves the big hotels. Thefts from cars and episodic attacks do not grow too far in places marked. Police officers have, for example, recommended to climb on foot to Fort Barrington, which guards the entrance to the bay of St. John's from the south. Too bad for some solitary beaches, too discouraged ... Avoid driving at night: the lack of signage and rather poor condition of roads (twisty-prone) do not encourage. Potholes and other impromptu holes are so many traps that may leave marks on the body, especially as there is always a little less alert while driving on the left.

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Accommodation in Antigua and Barbuda

Unlike most Caribbean islands, Antigua does not have many guest houses. There are more small hotels and rentals (see below). Moreover, even accommodation bearing the name of guest house rooms tend to offer fairly standardized, not necessarily cheaper. They are often less well placed against (further from the sea) ...
In Barbuda, apart from two ultra-chic resorts, there are a few guest houses - the cheapest (Island Guest House $ 50), above a pharmacy, the lovely Barbuda Cottages.

If you plan to stay at least a week, that's where you make the best deal in terms of value. Many islands offer rentals of studios and apartments with one or two rooms in small buildings of 2 or 3 floors, usually quite recent and equipped with the basics - bathroom, kitchen (or kitchenette), TV (cable) often a balcony, sometimes a garden. The bungalows and cottages are the most enjoyable. See for example the Dutchman's Bay Cottages, on the beach. 90 to 140 € per night depending on size and season, but it must be conveyed to come so far.
Those who can afford it may consider renting a whole villa, but here, the prices take off! We find a lot on the side of Falmouth Harbour and Français.

Hotels and beach resorts
There are a number of small hotels along the coast, more or less close to the beach (prices vary depending on the logical proximity). The level of comfort is generally good, the rooms benefiting the most with air conditioning, satellite TV and Internet, sometimes with a kitchenette (on request). It is not uncommon, either, to find a pool. The most luxurious have nothing to envy to those of the Seychelles or the Maldives, with prices to match (more than during the 1000 USD per night) ...

Resorts (seaside resorts) live in isolation and have everything you may need: restaurant (s), beach bar (s), sports equipment free or for rent, swimming pool (s), etc.. Still, the level of attention and comfort varies quite widely from one brand to another. The quality of meals is also quite variable in the case of all-inclusive packages (all inclusive).

Despite its name, this is not AJ, but a small hotel: Waterfront Hostel, Falmouth, offers one of the best value for money in category modest at $ 65 for a double room with a view Wed This is simple but the colors sea green and turquoise bring a little gaiety.

Among the best value for money, also mention the Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts, whose rates can fall to less than 60 € per night if booked through discount stores on the Internet. Many English families. Classic comfort, pool, entertainment (sometimes a bit noisy) and lovely beach. Side home is already more random ...

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Geography and climate Antigua and Barbuda

Located north of the West Indies, the country consists of two main islands: the island of Antigua (280 km ²) and Barbuda (161 km ²), which must be added the tiny Redonda (1.6 km ² ), 50 km southwest of Antigua. The island of Antigua is a hilly island, relatively low compared to most Caribbean islands volcanic. It just rises to 402 m at Boggy Peak. The ribs are cut, alternating rocky headlands, bays and inlets lined with its famous white sand beaches. Northeast, float many uninhabited islets. The interior is not of great interest: bleak landscape of scrub grazed by herds of goats everywhere. Only the area around Fig Tree Drive, on the southern coast, are really more green, with small plantations (mostly family farms) and some sections of rainforest.

The island is administratively divided into six parishes

The island of Barbuda is anchored northeast of Antigua. The island, still flatter, it also invaded the heart of brushwood, is highlighted on the west by the great Codrington Lagoon - beneath which tightens the only town, Codrington. Small population (1,500 inhabitants), Barbuda is one of the last islands (almost) pristine Caribbean tourism. Its white sand beaches and pink are nevertheless exceptional.

Bare rock, almost round (as the name suggests), Redonda is studded with cliffs and difficult to access. Despite this, the island has been exploited in the late nineteenth century for its guano deposits. Abandoned during the First World War, it is now completely deserted.


Bass Islands, Antigua and Barbuda experiencing significantly drier climate than most other Caribbean islands - even during the wet season, which stretches from June to November. This period, known as winter, is also the one who sees the hurricanes. Temperatures range between 23 ° C in winter and 31 ° C in summer.
Information from the National Hurricane Center, the U.S. service dedicated to tracking hurricanes in real time.

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Food & Drink of Antigua and Barbuda

Kitchen of Antigua

Traditionally simple, the kitchen of Antigua at the same time appeal to local products (lots of fish and tropical fruits), and now the new ready-made foods imported from North America.

The origin is irrelevant, provided the meal is consistent, with a big dish of meat or fish with rice, pasta, fungi (polenta) or plantains. Add to that a small salad (macaroni perhaps) and a nice cold Wadadli. For a quick snack, the islanders rely on readily Snackette of pizzas. It's not gourmet, but it's not very expensive.

At the other end of the spectrum (and portfolio), the gastro restaurants of major hotels, largely disconnected from local realities, offering fine cuisine, more or less morning local touches. Given the often exorbitant prices, those traveling to the economy will often do their shopping at the supermarket. We find a large, First Choice Foods, midway of the road from St John's Dickenson Bay (3 km).

Local Specialties

In appetizers, conch fritters often we meet (conch fritters) and stuffed crab (spicy). Enjoyed the morning (especially on Sundays, when the time), or main dish, saltfish buljol is a recipe for Trinidadian desalted cod stew with onions, tomatoes and peppers. Cod is also often accompanied by Duncan, of sweet potato fritters statements of nutmeg and cinnamon, boiled in banana leaves (or tin foil ...).

Popular in restaurants, fish depends on the catch of the day: perhaps the group (grouper), perhaps the red snapper (red snapper) or tuna. The shells are not as fritters, they are also very well in curry (coconut), served with a sauce you can grow wings of fire-breathing dragon ... Other classic lobster (from Barbuda), shrimp in the coconut, the pepper pot from Guyana. The latter is a kind of stew beef, pork or lamb (or chicken) bathed in a sauce Cassareep (made from cassava), chili and cinnamon. The warmth of the tropics!

It is served with the fungi, a kind of polenta that some even eat grilled sliced ​​... They are so inseparable that day gave the expression "every Fungie Have pepper pot" - in other words, each pot's lid! Given the number of goats that graze across the island, it is not surprising, either, often found on his plate a curry goat stew or a goat (stew) of his store. The more adventurous can try the bull feet soup ...

No big surprises in the dessert: ice obvious, bananas flambé with rum, tropical fruit pies like coconut pie - sometimes spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, as in Hemingway's Hide at St John's. Manquet not in season, mango pie. The islanders themselves, love the Jello.

Market, or along the road, stop to buy a small packet of sugar already peeled. What would make full chin!

Finally, here are two places we like. At the gates of St John's, Russell's Bar & Restaurant is perched prettily on the outer fortifications of Fort James, which guards the harbor entrance. Nice for a cocktail.

Chic in the genre, there is the terrace of the Admiral's Inn, Nelson Dockyards, ideal for a drink while watching the bananaquits (pretty little yellow and black birds) foraging feeders. Nearby, there is the old dock colonnade of the eighteenth century.


The simple try out the fresh fruit juices (passion, mango, tamarind ...), the other will control one of many cocktails, more or less steeped in rum.

To cool off, two preferred options: a coconut or a Wadadli, lager aroma of corn and lemon, which is drunk all the more easily it is cold (not really great otherwise). There is also the mauby, recalling the American root beer (for those who know), from the bark of a species of wild coffee. Many people prepare at home from concentrate. But beware ... sometimes mentioned laxative rum distilled on site by brand Français Harbour is probably safer!

Money of Antigua and Barbuda

The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC $ or XCD) divided into 100 cents.
Its course against the dollar is fixed: 1 USD = $ 2.67 EC. The Caribbean dollar has over seven other English-speaking Caribbean islands: Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and St. Lucia.

- There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50 and EC $ 100 and coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 cents and 1 dollar. The Queen comes across the Sir Francis Drake galleon, the Golden Hind, famous for his circumnavigation made in 1577-80.


- Go with the U.S. dollar and / or remove fluid in vending at the finish. It is found at the airport and in any bank in the center of St John's, near Redcliff and Heritage Quays.

- The U.S. dollar exchange rate / dollar Caribbean takes place in banks on the basis of 1 USD = 2.67 EC $ (EC $ 2.68 for traveler's checks). Many merchants accept U.S. dollars (hotels, car rental companies ...), but the exchange rate may be less favorable (1 USD = 2.50 or EC $ 2.60) and the currency will be generally Caribbean dollars made.


Visa and MasterCard are fairly well accepted, American Express is the only major hotels and car rental companies. They have insurance that covers you during your stay, including in some cases for car rental (CDW).


Compared to other Caribbean islands, living in Antigua is more expensive to equal quality. Accommodation, restaurants and even fish, fruit and vegetable market, everything costs (too) expensive. Often even more than in France. One wonders how people can get away with given the low salaries (2 € per hour).


Prices vary quite widely depending on the season. While each has its own criteria, the lowest rates are broadly available from mid-May through November (summer).

- Cheap: there are rentals of studios and apartments from single 150-250 USD a week. The guest rooms display the cheapest rates in the 50-60 USD per night for two, rarely less.

- Average prices: any small hotel with air conditioning and cable TV will cost you at least 80-120 USD or more with a kitchenette. For that price, you will generally be entitled to a pool. Those who buy a package in a resort with a tour operator will pay may not be as much of the night. You also interested in rooms on the Internet discounters, rates are often interesting.

- More stylish: the most exclusive resorts are not shy side rates. Many are between 250 and $ 500 the room, some climbing to 1000 USD!


- Inexpensive: less than EC $ 15, you will survive by eating the stands, in Snackette pizzerias and other operetta.

- Average prices: a burger or fish & chips in a pub for boaters Français Harbour will cost EC $ 25-30 a meal and a good restaurant in St John's, near the docks for cruise ships, 50-70 EC $.

- More chic in the big hotels, the prices go up more.

At the restaurant, be sure to add a tip of 15%, as the United States.
Examples of prices

- A donut: EC $ 1 -
- A (small) chicken wing: EC $ 2.50.
- A bottle of water or Coke (600 ml): EC $ 3.
- A bag of sugar prepared: EC $ 5.
- One hour of Internet: EC $ 15.


- Air: the round trip to Barbuda with Winair will cost you 95 USD.

- Boat: the return to the Barbuda Barbuda Express is not much cheaper than plane - EC $ 220, or about 82 USD.

- Bus: EC $ 3 plan to reach the beaches of Dickenson Bay from St. John's.

- Taxi: a way Dickenson Bay - Saint John's back to 12 USD for just over 6 km ... From the airport, 11 USD. Dear all! Taxis can be rented by the hour at the official rate of 24 USD. For a round trip to Nelson's Dockyard from Heritage Quay, St. John's, more time to visit, count 72 USD!

- Rent a car: it is the best solution, both economic and practical, especially if you have too much time there. Companies, local and international, offer rates in the 40-50 USD per day, except insurance.

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About Antigua and Barbuda

- Area: 442.6 km ².

- Population: about 86,750 inhabitants (estimated in the summer of 2010).

- Capital: St John's.

- Independence: November 1, 1981. Antigua is the first British Caribbean island to have enjoyed complete autonomy in 1967.

- Language: Angaïs (official), Creole.

- Government: Parliamentary democracy, a member of the Commonwealth.

- Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor General Louise Lake-Tack, in office since summer 2007.

- Head of Government: Winston Baldwin Spencer in March 2004. Quite a pluralist, who is also Foreign Minister, Investment, Merchant Marine, Telecom, Energy, Religious Affairs and Business!

- Political parties: for nearly 50 years, Antigua has been ruled by the ever-present Antigua Labor Party (ALP) of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird (1910-1999) and his son Lester Bird. Lester finally succumbed in 2004 to the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP). Reelected in 2009, it now has 9 of the 17 seats in Parliament - not to mention the vest in Barbuda, won by his ally the BPM (Barbuda People's Movement for Change).


The economy of Antigua and Barbuda relies heavily on tourism, a new kind of monoculture that replaces the old cane, with 800,000 to 1 million annual visitors and 50% of jobs on the island - the Most in subordinate positions. Other sources of income come from the tax haven status of the country, the sale of flags of convenience and Internet gaming ... Everything is good to take! Agriculture, insignificant, represents little more than 3% of GDP.

The standard of living is artificially high, Antigua Caribbean finishing second after the Bahamas to Barbados. This however, rests on a massive debt, reaching approximately 130% of GDP at end 2010! The establishment of an income tax (which did not exist before) was not enough. Growth, which climbed to 12% in 2006 (6.9% average 2004-2008) thanks to foreign investment in tourism and a boom in construction in order to organize the World Cup Cricket is in free fall (- 6.7% in 2009). The poverty rate was 18.4% before the crisis.

Antigua and Barbuda

Neighboring Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda does not have much in common with her. Here is an island of English culture (cricket in the spotlight!) Rather flat, now without sugar. Idyllic beaches, among the finest in the Caribbean, are Antigua and Barbuda a great family destination. Powdery white as snow, beaches are lapped by turquoise waters milky, whose intensity is hard to believe - so tropical cocktail. 

On the south coast of Antigua and Barbuda, there Français Harbour, the main British naval base in the West Indies in the eighteenth century, a time under the authority of Admiral Nelson. A water sports it is installed, bathed in a lovely colonial feel very British. English Harbour has become a rallying point of reference for all yachts sailing in Caribbean waters. 

Natural side, Antigua and Barbuda, it is the uninhabited islets in the North Sound Marine Park and, especially, the extraordinary Barbuda, sister island. A paradise untouched by mass tourism, populated by 1,500 people, highlighted by reefs and endless beaches, lined with pink sand of crushed shells, as in dreams. North of the great Codrington Lagoon, mangrove, the colony of frigates of Man o War Island is the largest in the world outside the Galapagos.

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