Monday, November 12, 2018

Ultra Luxurious Private Islands

Luxurious Private Islands
These most expensive Private Islands in the world will not only satisfy your fancy of experiencing a luxurious holiday but also proved to be very expensive, be it your honeymoon, a romantic getaway or a long due family vacation. When you really want to unwind, sip the crowds, the queues and the loud talking guests- the answer is to indulge in your private respite. Try to be the only exclusive guest leaving footprints in the sand or swimming in the sea, while still having access to swarms of the world’s most attentive staff, as well as world-class dining and spa services.

Private Islands are going to be the star attraction of the year 2019. Yes you heard it right, these ultra luxurious getaways with turquoise waters lapping at crisp white sand and tropical palms swaying in the breeze. These islands are favourite among the rich famous and fabulous and something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Here are some super exciting luxury I Private Island destinations you would want to go in 2019.

North Island Seychelles is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and also one of the most exclusive island hideaways in the world. Located in the Seychelles there are only 11 opulent handcrafted villas overlooking the fabulous turquoise waters and the pristine white powder sands? We could go on and on and talk about its sensational beauty. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their honeymoon on the Private Islands.

Laucala Islands located in the Fiji are in a league of their own. The islands have been described as extraordinary and unlike any they have visited before by those who have stayed at this luxurious island resort. There are countless attractions but the best among them are the pristine rainforest, white sandy beaches, extraordinary private luxury island and mouth watering food. Laucala Islands also has got palm lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons on almost all 300 islands. It boasts of its stunning and super comfortable private island resorts with views so beautiful that it will sweep you off your feet right away you walk in and you actually wouldn’t even mind spending for a night to live in one of its spectacular hilltop residence.

Things to do: Rainforest walking tours, golf, farm visits, jet skiing, horseback, riding, fishing windsurfing, kite surfing, kayak, jet skiing are some of the things to do in Fiji.

Cocoa Maldives Island has a lagoon that couldn’t be bluer and silky white sand underfoot that will make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud. The facilities include shimmering swimming pools, beautifully manicured gardens and on site spa water sports center, a yoga pavilion and a restaurant offering lip smacking good Thai food.

Mnerba Indian Ocean is set on a private island off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar. Mnemba offers guests a chance to get away from the skyscrapers and city mania and enjoy yourself on the private island. With 10 romantic beachside and lodges every vista looks like a shot straight out of a honeymoon brochure. The island was voted one of the top three most romantic islands in the world and ranked as one of the most visually stunning remote islands in the world too.

Thanda island, Tanzania: this award winning island located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Tanzania is one of the most exclusive and sought after private island destination in the entire world. There are plenty of reasons to make this island irresistible to tourists but the most attractive is the natural beauty. This island is surrounded by a vibrant coral reef attracting marine turtles and whale sharks.

Society islands French Polynesia is located in the south Pacific Ocean .It is famous among honeymooners .What makes Society Island stand apart from the rest in the list is the French influence over everything right from food to Luxury islands. As an added bonus tourist can head over to famous Bora Bora islands nearby for luxury with a dash of Glamour.

Fulfil your dreams to place your importance on these luxury islands.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Most Enchanting Fairytale Castles around the World

Fairytale Castles
May be it’s the captivating history or their splendour or their stunning architecture, castles still remains one of the greatest tourist destinations throughout the world.

These are some of the world’s most incredible castles that seem straight out of a fairy tale.

Blue forest fairy tale Castle is situated in an enchanted Tree house Hideaway. This enchanted tree house hideaway may look like elves or princess might emerge at any moment, but it was actually built for human inhabitants to enjoy. Designed by Blue forest the elevated home is located at a secret location in U.K that looks a lot like a fairy tale forest. Blue forest designs all kinds of unique tree houses customized to meet their client’s wildest dreams.

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany: the fantasy castle about which other fantasy castle are fantasies, this elaborate slice of Romanesque Revival perches on a hilltop above the village of Hohenschwangau in Southern Germany. Neuschwanstein has become the blueprint for such wildly flamboyant structures. It was the inspiration for the Sleeping beauty Castles which lights up Disney land in California.

Alcazar is one of Spain’s most famous castles, rising out of a rocky crag of the rivers Eresma and Clamores. The Alcazar was originally built as an Arab fort but has served as a royal palace, a prison, a Royal Artillery college and a military academy.

Chateau Chambord, Loir-et-cher is one of France’s renaissance architecture. The chateau Chambord was constructed in 16th century and has remained relatively unchanged. Walt Disney used it as an inspiration for the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast.

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal: this colourful palace is a prime example of 19th century. Romanticism in architecture features Moorish influences. Pena was built by King Ferdinand the II who wanted the palace to be visible from the beautiful park.

Lacko Castle Lidkoping Sweden: on the shores of Sweden’s largest lake –Lake Vanern-Lacko castle was built in the Baroque style. Visitors should check for concerts and exhibitions that are held there throughout the year.

Burg Eltz Germany: it is tucked into a lush valley. Burg Eltz is one of the greatest fairy tale castles in the whole world. Burg Eltz is only one of 3 castles in the Rhine River from Medieval times that hasn’t been destroyed or re built over time. Hiking lets you truly feel the seclusions of this fairytale castle and helps make your first glance a pure medieval fantasy.

Mont St Michel the sacred castle in the sea is considered one of the wonders of the Western World. Mont St Michel is a medieval fortress in France, sitting on top of a rocky island in the ocean, floating like a mirage on the horizon this sacred monastery is truly a beautiful site. The centrepiece of Mont St Michel is its church which is essentially a medieval skyscraper which was inspired by a dream. Mont-Saint-Michel is a granite Island in the center of a huge bay connected by a cause to the mainland. During high tide the castle is surrounded by water. The water rushes at an incredible speed and rises up to 45 feet high during high tide.

Glamis Castle Scotland is a living, breathing monument to Scottish heritage hospitality and enjoyment for all. It is a family home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Glamis Castle is the legendry setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and the birthplace of Princess Margaret. The garden surrounding Glamis Castle is beautiful all year round. At Glamis you have the opportunity to see a wide variety of flora and fauna.

So enchanting is the beauty of the castle that once you visit, it’ll overwhelm you and tempt you into seeing more.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Places you should not miss in Corsica


Corsica a sun drenched island is a fantastic European holiday destination. It is nestled between Italy and France. This mountainous land is covered with beautiful forests, vineyards and surrounded by sandy beaches. Corsica is an idyllic island in the popular Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is as glittering jewel in the sun for an island influenced by several countries. It’s maintained an unrivalled individual quality that can’t be matched. Corsica is a wonderful blend of old and new, luxury, rustic, high craggy peaks and smooth sand shores.

The month of July-September is in fact the best times to plan your Corsica holidays. Go hiking in its lofty mountains- Monte Cinto, Lac De Melu among other. Every nook and corner Corsica oozes its charm and it is sure to entice you. Holiday in Corsica can easily be spent lazing on the beach or hopping from a romantic restaurant to local bar, but for all round experience of this island make sure you consider these things not to miss in Corsica.

Romantic escape to Corsica: Corsica absolutely deserves the slogan “Isle of Beauty”. Enjoy your holiday in a romantic idyllic setting. You will be accommodated in a hotel with superior category with sea view. Stroll along quaint mountain villages, medieval citadels and picturesque port cities, moreover indulge in sweets. Doing nothing on white sandy dream beaches with turquoise waters is impossible.

The town of Bonifacio is a remarkable destination. Bonifacio is perched on its impressive limestone cliffs. Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful cities. You’ll see during your trip to Corsica. Most of it’s charm comes from its citadel and it’s winding shady alleys.

Calvi is a dream destination for those who love Sea Mountains and a citadel all in one go. Calvi is a town brimming with charm. It’s lined with stunning houses and buildings yet maintain a village feel. Its narrow lanes and selection of boutiques makes the town pleasant. The sea meets mountain scenery is also another big attraction. Calvi has its own airport. Flying over Calvi and its surround is a sheer delight. It’s superb out of the ordinary way to discover the area and admire its magical landscape.

Rondinara Beach is elected repeatedly most beautiful beach of France or Europe. The beach of Rondinara disappoints nobody. Fine sand, turquoise waters sloping gently is surrounded beautifully by preserved scrubland and decorated with reddish rocks.

The interior of the region of Corte is a home to Corsica’s most rugged landscapes, from dense pine forest to glacier moulded gorges. The area has become something of an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiast and is one of the best places to go rafting and canyoning the Mediterranean.

Those who want to get active in the water, there are a number of water sports opportunities available across the island, whether it’s sea kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing or diving. Corsica is ready for you to take a splash.

A walk through the mountains: the mountainous landscape of Corsica is a haven for those who have packed their hiking boots. Walking through the mountains is the best ways to absorb the island’s stunning scenery with several routes.

Conquer Mountains on Two wheels: Swap you two feet for two wheels and explore Corsica mountains by bicycle. The island has cycling routes offering leg burning climbs for those looking to get really active.

Corsican Cuisine is influenced by French and Italian menus with unique dishes and ingredients. Despite their location seafood isn’t a major concern. A sweet treat should not be missed on a holiday to Corsica.

Take advantage of the stunning scenery and dine at al fresco perched on a rocky outcrop in the north. Everything is done outdoor at this unique bar. Beautifully lit at night the menu here is mouth watering.

Ensure you get the most out of this island during your trip by visiting some of its most stunning attractions and famous location.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Guide to Planning a Group Road Trip


A road trip has the potential to be either the best trip of your life or the worst, depending on the way you plan it. Some of the best experiences people have on road trips depend on the group they choose to travel with. A good road trip will involve several things, from sharing stories, inside jokes, and creating some amazing memories together and, all of these have the potential to turn a group trip to one of the most life-changing experiences ever.

So, here is a list of tips and tricks that can make the long-awaited trip with your bunch of friends or family one of the best experiences of your lives:

1.Book the proper mode of transport


The most important part of a road trip is perhaps what mode of transport you are using. If you are a group of more than 5 people, a camper or a minibus would be the best option. Of course, planning how to get your group from point A to point B will be one of your biggest challenges. So, research the different charter bus, tour bus, and school bus rental options available. There are options for all budgets, and your group will be able to relax and enjoy the sites while a professional driver fights traffic and struggles with directions if that’s the way you want to go. Or you can book your vehicle and choose to drive by yourselves.

2.Map your route beforehand


Another important thing to keep in mind before starting your journey is that you need to have a clear idea about exactly where you are going. You must research the routes you are going to take and have an updated map at hand before starting your journey.

You can go to google maps and save an offline map of your route just to be safe. This saves you the trouble of asking for directions at every point along the way. Always ask your vehicle rental company if they have a GPS device on their vehicles as it can obviously save you a lot of trouble.

3.Booking accommodations

This is where it gets tricky. Booking hotel rooms for groups can be a hassle as being confined to one room might make everyone uncomfortable.

For group trips, houses or apartments on rent are the best options to go. This will not only give you enough space to cook and rest but also make sure everyone gets all the privacy that they need. You can visit sites like Airbnb and search for the most comfortable options for your group.

4.Stay within your budget

Budget planning is perhaps the most important part of any trips and can decide how good a time you guys have. Always sort the nooks and crannies before starting your trip and decide on a budget per person that fits comfortably within the financial capability of everyone. This not only ensures that everyone has a good time without being too worried about money but also gives you enough flexibility to accommodate souvenirs.

So, book your accommodations and your travel after agreeing on how much each of you is willing to spend.

5.Have a Back-Up Plan Ready

Life is unpredictable and often unfair. You never know what can happen and when. So, it is best to be prepared beforehand. Instead of freaking out when you actually run into such incidents, make sure to have a backup plan ready at hand. Make sure everyone in the group has emergency numbers saved on their phones. Also, keep a list of hospitals and medicine stores along the way. Always keep at least one spare tyre in the vehicle and make sure to prepare for sudden weather changes. Keep a list of gas stations along the route handy too.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Off Season Travel Means Money Saving Experience

Off Season Travel
The most effective travel hack to keep your expenses to a minimum is to travel during off seasons. Every destination in the world has three tourism season- peaks, normal and off season based on the weather and volume of tourist arrivals. Peak season means the best months to visit a country both weather wise as well as from the point of view of festival and events. Off season consist of months that have most unfavourable weather conditions like nearby hot summers, nonstop rains or bitterly cold winters. Off season is the time where least amount of tourist activity takes place in a destination usually due to weather conditions.

These are some tips for saving during your travelling. 

Choose a destination where more people won’t be travelling to at that point of time. In short, an off season destination. Pick a place where the off season is on and the season is just about to start. For instance Darjeeling and Gangtok are great place to go in September because the season starts in October. The weather is just fine with occasional rain and the tourist places are not crowded.

Eat well and spend less: when you are travelling its better if you avoid having your regular favourites. Dishes like butter chicken and Kadhai paneer are available everywhere. Choose to eat the local cuisine. Don’t go to the restaurant, ask for the local for advice and then head to the local joints and dhabas. You will be able to eat plenty of delicious food and that too by not spending a lot on it.

Hotels are easily available with options. Demand for hotels tends to be lesser during off season and hence hotel and other form of accommodation are widely available with lots of option. You can even afford to reach your destination without any prior hotel booking. Popular hotel chains also offer attractive rates and packages during the off season and lower cost of accommodation means you can splurge on Luxurious rooms and stay in wonderful resorts.

Brave the desert in the summer: Traveller to Dubai in the summer could save up to 55% on vacation costs while snagging room upgrades. The Dubai summer is scorching hot. But there’s plenty to enjoy out in the sun. These include Ski Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Water Parks, over 96 malls and climate controlled pools at many hotels. Evening spent at the desert or the Souq after the sun goes down is a great.

Travel light: one thing you need to swear even before considering budget travel is that you need to pack only what you would need instead of stuffing your bags with unnecessary items. If you are travelling by flights this would be useful to reduce the baggage charge. Carrying your backpack wherever you go wouldn’t seem tiresome either.

Travel on Tuesdays: most flight tickets are at their cheapest on Tuesday as people rarely choose this odd weekday for travel.

Activities and experiences are cheaper and different. Off season travel makes it a very interesting time to enjoy the popular activities and experience of a destination. Want to explore the famous Louvre Museum of Paris without the distraction of weary travellers then visit the city during the winter months. You will also get cheaper entry fees for popular museums and tourist attraction. Restaurant and cafes also offer generous discounts in food and beverages during off season.

Travelling during off season often also means shopping would be reasonable like lower prices for souvenirs, handicrafts and Knick Knacks. Less number of tourist leads to heavy discount and price reductions in local markets.