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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mactan Island- The Historical Resort City

Mactan Island
Wandering about what to do in Mactan Island? This island is to the south of metro. Cebu is a perfect place for a holiday on a tropical island. It has beautiful beaches, great diving spots and plenty of snorkelling and diving sites. Mactan Island is a part of Cebu province where the Spanish first arrived and colonized the Philippines.

Mactan located on Cebu Island acts as a getaway for travellers looking to explore Moalboal, Malapascua or other popular spots on Cebu Island. There are so many hidden gems on Mactan Island in the form of beaches, water activities, and marine sanctuaries and more. Mactan is a coral island which means that some of the best diving and snorkelling can be accessed just off the shore. Attractions tend to be less crowded and expensive due to the lack of competition on this island. Therefore Mactan Island can accommodate you at an instant.

Mactan Island is a home to half a million people surrounded by crystal clear tropical waters.

Ocean dreamer island tour: stay on Mactan for cheaper accommodation and use the island as a jumping off point for adventures. One of the most popular tours is the Three Island tours where you’ll spend the day exploring the Olango Group of islands off the coast of Mactan.

Scape sky deck: who doesn’t love a sky bar? Head to Scape Sky deck where you can sit in cushy chairs overlooking all of Mactan. Scape sky deck is perched atop one of the only tall building on the island. So you have no obstructed views. Instead you are looking down at all the neighbourhood as far as the eye can see and you get a clear view of the sunset. The decor is super chic, which makes this the best place to have evening cocktails, appetizers to treat yourself to a quality meal.

To make a holiday in Mactan Island more meaningful, shopping is involved as well as some souvenir hunting. Mactan Island is famous for its handmade guitar factories as well as many other wooden instruments. They come in many colour and styles and make a perfect gift for people who like Asian arts and crafts.

Mactan Island nightlife hosts a good range of cool venues. Many visitors usually just skip the island nightlife by going across the bridge to Cebu located just mile away, but some would say that they’re missing out by ignoring Mactan’s nightlife. At night Mactan can keep people busy. Being a small island it has some activities for everyone. They are lavish nightclubs and discos, luxurious massage and spa treatments and a 24 hour casino.

J Park Island Resort and water park is a 5 star resort in the Lapu –Lapu city side of Mactan Island. Accommodation here is quiet steep starting at 200 $ per night. They have day trips rates for visitors to make use of the amenities such as the private beach, swimming pool, water sports and of course the water park slides fountains and a small river ride. They also have several bars and restaurants serving local and international cuisine. J Park Island Resort is a common destination for families with children because of the many activities.

Casino: currently there is only one casino in Mactan and it offers a 24 hours international standard gaming. The place is busy as it is one of the best locations on the island. It is situated right in front of the airport, so it gets many of the transit customers.

Sightseeing by tricycle is definitely a must when visiting this island. Tricycle is basically a motorcycle with a sidecar attached. But the island named them tricycles and use them as everyday transportation compared to other vehicles.

Mactan massage: After exploring Mactan island or Island hopping give yourself a relaxing treat by professional massage therapists of Mactan Massage .They are among the best on the island. Swedish, Thai, foot and oil massage are some of the brand name for the massages.

Visiting Mactan Island will gain great memories and great new experience.

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