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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Kazakhstan’s Natural Beauty

As the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan has plenty to explore. Most of the country is covered in vast steppe broken by mountains, forests, lakes and cities. The geographical size and diversity of the country is relatively well developed in infrastructure which means that tourism in Kazakhstan is growing and expanding. Any trip to Kazakhstan is an opportunity to explore this beautiful country and all it’s an unexpected destinations. There are so many things to do out in nature in Kazakhstan right from hiking through the mountains to spending a night in a yurt out in the broad steppes .Here are many awesome things to do and see from skating mountainous ice rinks to snapping extraordinary architecture.

Medeo High Mountain Skating Rink: there’s always something magical about ice skating outdoors, but ice skating on the mountain takes it to a whole new level. The Medeo High Mountain skating Rink is one of the highest in the world. The ice rink which is found near Kazakhstan’s former capital, Almaty used to be a training centre for soviet Union Olympics skaters and still holds some exciting winter sports events.

Almaty Kazakhstan’s biggest cultural hub: set in the foot hills of Trans-Ili Ala-Tau Mountains, Almaty is known for its gorgeous setting and picture postcard outdoor. A snow-capped mountain guards the city and makes the best backdrop ever. Moving on to the city attraction, the Central state Museum here holds special importance because of the rich cultural heritage. This city was capital of Kazakhstan but still remains hot favourite with top Kazakhstani tourist places. You can spend a day sipping on nature’s grandeurs or go around shopping at Zelyony Bazaar or Dostyk plaza. There are lots of art galleries around for those who are really into history and art.

The singing Dunes is a mountain of sand situated at Altyn Emel National Park. It is a stretch of desert and canyons across 4600 square kilometres. What makes it impressive is that they sing out a whistling sound when the wind skims across the sands. The sound can be loud as 105 decibels.

Shymbulak ski Resort is a short 30 minute drive from Almaty city centre making it ideal for a quick ski session. It’s the most advanced ski resort in Central Asia so you can expect mod-cons like wifi and cafes.

Kaindy Lake is a charming lake amidst Kazakhstan’s Tian Shan Mountains. Kaindy Lake’s a spectacularly unique lake known for its dead spruce tress jutting out from the water. An earthquake in 1922 triggered a landslide, effectively creating a lake and submerging the forest that existed in that portion. The sparking blue water of the lake together with the trees, conjures a surreal sight. You’ll find that the trees have still not decomposed being underwater, creating a magical underwater forest.
Baikonur is a truly unique experience. There are few places where the rockets are launched. Baikonur is the largest space launch centre in the world.

Taste the rich flavours of Beshbarmak: Kazakh men like it say that they are the second largest who consumes large amount meat in the world after wolves. So no vacation in Kazakhstan’s is complete without trying one of Kazakhstan most beloved dishes Beshbarmak. It is made from boiled meat (horse, beef and camel) with wide noodles. Beshbarmak is a beauty dish meant to fill you up after a long day out on the steppes. Top off a meat with some fresh Kumis made from fermented mare’s milk.

Nightlife in Kazakhstan: if you are a nightlife lover then of course you will fall in love with Almaty as you can find a plenty of options to have fun at night in Almaty. From amazing cocktails to music and best dancing numbers you have a lot to explore in the night clubs of Almaty. Some of the night clubs are China Cold, Tot Samyi Clubs, barcode, strips clubs, party in Limousines etc.

The best time to visit Kazakhstan is from the month of April to October.

From the openness of the steppes to the hustle of the big cites, Kazakhstan has plenty to explore. No matter what your interest are or your reasons for visiting Kazakhstan, you’ll be sure to find a tour to fit you and take you to new places beyond your imagination.

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