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11 Absolutely Free Things to Do in Branson, Missouri in 2018

Branson is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in the middle of United States in Missouri. Since it is one of the Midwest Premiere tourist destinations and one of the world’s live entertainment places, this tourist town host millions of visitors each year.

There is entertainment for all ages. It creates special memories for your family and friends to cherish for a lifetime. You might be surprised to find out it’s also an ideal place for couples to getaway. The rolling hills and lush valleys of the Ozark Mountains set the perfect romantic vibes. Branson is best known for its live performances with more than 100 different shows in Venues.

This small town is packed to the gills with things to see and do.

Silver Dollar City is an integral part of Branson right from roller coasters to showboats, to broom makers to musician. Silver dollar city is one of the Americas great theme parks containing both thrilling rides and entertainment. You name it and you’re likely to find it, water rides, train rides, horse rides, camping in the woods, haunted mansions and creepy caves and then there’s the music and crafts.

There’s usually a special festivals or events occurring that incorporates music and crafts making each visit to Silver Dollar City different from the last visit. Experience the newest, fastest and tallest spinning roller coaster that will be opening in spring 2018. The 10 story time traveller ride will feature a 90 degree vertical drop and have a top speed of 50 miles per hour. It also spins. Along with its rides and shopping, Silver Dollar City is known for their show which ranges from bluegrass pickers and storytellers to gospel performers and musicals.

Lindwedel Wine garden: This winery is located in the Ozark Mountains high on a hill overlooking beautiful Branson. Guest is invited to tour the winery, sample the wines and relax on the veranda while absorbing the terrific scenic views.

The world largest toy museum complex in Branson contain more than one million toy attractions across multiples collections and six museums, the eclectic toy collection includes toys ranging from the nineteenth century to the present day. Both kids and adults will enjoy seeing the toys, several of which are considered as Branson antiques. Children can explore Super Heroes, space toys, trains, NASCAR, cast iron toys, Disney, Barbie, A Christmas carol, Roy Rogers and the tin toys. Visitors looking for toy gift shop don’t need to look further than the world’s largest Toy Museum. The visitor’s can buy the toys from here to take home with them from the museums well stocked gift shop.

Titanic Museum: It is located in Country Boulevard. Titanic Museum is a two story museum and it is anchored in water. The museum was built to be half the size of the original ship .Visitors enters the museum through an artificial iceberg. They are given tickets on which appears the name of an actual Titanic Passenger. Kids get to shovel coal into a boiler, send an S.O.S and touch a real iceberg. Among the displays are 400 original artefacts’, such as deck chairs and life jackets. The First class dining room features and exhibit from the 1997 block buster movie, Titanic, including wardrobe items from Kate Winslet and Kathy Baker.

Adventure Zip lines of Branson: families with little ones as young as 3 can zip through Branson at adventure Zip lines. This zip line is located in the heart of the city close to hotels and other attractions. Enjoy beautiful views during a two hours tour from 70 feet above the ground level.

Triple G ATV Ride is the most exciting two hours ride. This is great for the older ones in the family. No one under four is allowed and only those 16 and above can drive, otherwise you will be splashing through the streams, careening down hillsides and bouncing through some spectacular forest.

Branson Landing is the premiere shopping destination and overall public gathering place for visitors to the southern Ozarks community; here you’ll find largest selection of restaurants clothing and speciality shops in this region. There is always some entertainment in the public spaces of the Landing, but the best is the spectacular Fountain show every hour beginning at noon. Watch the water and free dance in rhythm along with the music as a crowd gathers in awe. It is especially impressive at night when the star spangled Banner is playing.

Branson is a home to a wide range of wildlife. There are various tour operators who take you around the sanctuary, but if you are looking for a longer adventure you can enjoy an all day VIP tour along with the sanctuary director.

It’s all smiles in Branson. And with so much to see and do there’s no wonder why families keep coming back year after year.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

10 Must-Visit Places in Batangas, Philippines

Batangas is one of the well-liked tourist destinations in the country with many attractions, exciting activities and amazing thing to do. Families, friends and adventure junkies will surely enjoy this place. This province has many beaches and is famous for excellent diving spots. Experience the adrenaline pumping water sports.

Batangas has a magnificent underwater gardens that have amazing and exotic coral reefs, beautiful and colourful fish and anemones. There are also many century old ancestral homes and churches that attracts tourist and visitors.

Taal Volcano is one of the most popular tourist spots in Batangas. It is 311 meters above the sea level and it is considered as the smallest active volcano in the Philippines located within a lake. Inside the volcano there is another lake known as Taal Crater Lake. This lake has a picturesque view. To reach the foot of the volcano tourist can travel by boat and from there one can either trek or ride a horse to reach the top of the mountain. It is not advisable to swim in the Taal Crater Lake.

Laiya, San Juan: it is a long and wide coast of Brgy. Laiya Aplaya is covered with white powdery sand. It is also known as Laiya, it is a major beach destination in Batangas. Resorts and hotel are plenty on the beach, making it one of the go to destinations for weekend escapades and even corporate events.

Kapusod Tree house: Travellers are given a unique experience in its famous and literal Tree house accommodation, overlooking the vast Taal Lake protected landscape. You may opt for a hobbit-like stay and book their Earth Dome, a round igloo like earthen structure that comfortably housed two adults and kids below 12.The Kubokas on the other hand are open cabanas, with simple canvas draped on the sides for when you want more privacy or shelter from the elements. Don’t miss out on swimming in their natural swimming pool, touring the Taal Lake Protected Landscape with trained guides and watching the fireflies at night.

Fortune Island is one of the beautiful islands in Batangas. It is famous for its crumbling pillars called the Acropolis. It was once a private luxury island resort, but it is now abandoned due to lack of freshwater source and also prone to typhoons. It is not meant for family outings, but for group friends who loves camping, snorkelling and diving. This can be your ideal destination.

Batangas is best known for its beaches. It is one of the longest coastlines in southern Luzon. Batangas havess many lovely beaches, islands, islets and dive spots that are favourite among city dweller and weekend warriors.

A pilgrimage tour is a must when visiting Batangas. There are many old churches, seminaries and pilgrimage sites in Batangas. This includes the basilica of St. Martin de Tours in Taal, San Sebastian cathedral in Lipa, our lady of Caysasay shrine in Taal, basilica of our lady of the Immaculate conception in Batangas city etc.

Enjoy water sports like banana boat ride, kayaking, Jet Ski, speed boat, flying fish, wake boarding and many more. If you love the adrelin pumping water activities there are many resorts in Batangas that offers these exciting water sports.

Every town has their own fiesta or festival. A best time to visit Batangas is during a fiesta when the town comes alive with many activities. Parada Ng Lechon Festival in Balayan is a popular festival held every June 24 in celebration of the feast day of St. John the Baptist.

Be sure to buy some souvenirs and food items that you could bring back home for your family, friends and loved ones.

There are so many things that you can do and enjoy in Batangas. So relax and unwind and make your trip a memorable one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Shipwreck and Blue Caves Tour: The Best Beaches in Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beaches in Zakynthos
ZAKYNTHOS the Ionian Islands are splendid, cinematic paradise. The island boasts probably the best and most picturesque beaches in Greece and its famous landmark. The waters are bluest blue, the sands are shining silky and smooth. Everything looks photo shopped, but it is just Mother Nature. The coast of Zakynthos is exceptionally picturesque and it’s surprisingly cheap to get around.

It is as fruitful as it is beautiful, boasting a bounty of crops like olives and grapes. Music is a huge part of local culture you can attend a concert or festival during weekend. It is world famous for the crystal beaches and the intense nightlife, which makes it a frequent destination for the youth.

Zakynthos Town is the main town on the island with interesting museum and Venetian castle on top of the hill .Above nice mountains, villages also dot the countryside as well as old monasteries.

Let’s go deeper into these famous tourist spots:

Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour 

The shipwreck beach also called as Navagio on the Greek island. The beach is indeed the most beautiful in the world, granted that it’s viewed from the edge of the cliff that surrounds it.

In order to get the best view of the shipwreck beach you must see it from the top of the limestone cliffs surrounding it. It’s not possible to climb from the sea level. The only way to get there is by land. The best way is to step on the pebbles and swim in the turquoise blue waters, there is only one way by sea .There are also tour companies that offer a boat trip to this beach.

Shipwreck beach is the most commercial place on the island; you have to be quick during a visit on this beach. You take a tour go there to take a swim, click a few photos and in 20 minutes you must leave because the next ship is full of tourist waiting there.

Blue Caves are quite popular phenomena that can be found not only in Greece, it is also found in Malta, Montenegro, Albania, and Brazil. But those in Zakynthos were absolutely spectacular with limestone arches, turquoise water that seemed glowing from the bottom of the sea and abundance of colourful fish. One can also enjoy a bit of swimming and snorkelling. The blue caves have also interesting arches created by erosion along thousands of years, which allow you to go through these caves and get actually surrounded by this surreal environment. However there is one way of being a part of that marvellous scenery apart from getting surrounded by the caves arches. The blue caves are obviously the soft spot for those who like diving.

For those who are not fond of diving, this trip is a good excuse to sail as well as to get away from the town and enjoy this peaceful place with such stunning views.

Nightlife of Zakynthos is shared in two parts, depending on people’s preferences. For those who wish to pass a quiet evening, Zakynthos centre and Vassilikos villages are the ideal locations. You can enjoy a dinner under the sounds of Zakynthian cantara in one of the restaurants that exist. These regions are full of restaurants, taverns and cafeterias for those who prefer a relaxing night. For the other category of visitors who are fun of crazy entertainment, the southern part of the island Argasi, Tsilivi, laganas, alykes and Kalamaki are famous. These are tourist centres and during summer are full of crowd. Here there are many bars clubs and discos and the party begins in the early in the evening and continues till sunrise. Zakynthos nightlife is crazy and exciting.

Getting into these waters in order to experience and investigate the greatness of the blue caves really makes this trip a once-in-life unforgettable experience.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Canary Islands Holidays 2018

Canary Islands
Canary Islands are having beautiful Island scenery, gorgeous beaches and picturesque colonial town. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations for a holiday in relation with sun, sand and sea. These islands are known as Europe’s sun-trap for their mild temperatures and natural environment. Canary Island is divided into small islands further where each island is quite different with its own sparkling personality. The beaches are the most outstanding attractions and are perfect for relaxing. Enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving. There is beautiful and amazing landscape which is ideal for hiking, cycle touring, climbing and even caving. The Canary Islands offers a range of cultural options. The famous monumental site at San Cristobel de la Laguna has been awarded as the world heritage by the UNESCO. If you’re intending to visit this island in February then you will be able to enjoy the spectacular carnival in santacruz de Tenerife.

So well let’s decide which suits your own preferences best, it’s worth knowing what those differences between each of the Canary Islands are.

For a little bit of everything Tenerife island: The largest of the canaries is also the most popular with tourists. When you head north you’ll find a lively carnival that takes over the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife for three weeks in February. Push Island and pine forest soon gives way to the Jaw dropping Teide national Park, home to the eponymous volcano. You can also swirl in superb seafood and excellent wines in picturesque towns like Garachico and la Orotava. There are very beautiful breathtaking views of the arranco Del infierno, fly over the Grand Roque del condor island softly on playa de las Americas at the end of the afternoon with plenty of bars and clubs open until dawn. These panoramic views can only be appreciated in this way.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Island): The island of Gran Canary is a place of stunning natural scenery and nearly half of the island is protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The north of the island is a landscape of dramatic cliff and the south is lined with beautiful beaches. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a seaside town with excellent beaches and a superb natural environment. Las Canteras Beach and La Playa Jinamar is the two beaches associated with it. Another must see nature site on Gran Canaria Island is the Jardin Botanic Viera Y Clavijo (Canary Gardens).

Fuerteventura: The Island and its waters are a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. Here you can forget the world. You will find sandy beaches where you can relax and swim, both in the north at Corralejo Natural Park and in the south at Playas de Jandiass. You can take a boat trip to Lobos Island natural park a small island paradise located about 2 km north of Fuerteventura. Experience a truly unique moments by attending one of the sea turtle releases that take place on Co fete Beach.

Lanzarote Island: it is said that Lanzarote is the most volcanic looking of the Canary Islands. The constant warm weather means you can enjoy the beauty and contrasts of its coast at any time of the year. There are beaches with black or golden sand in the towns. If you are a lover of sports then here you will find a host of possibilities. You can enjoy golf amidst lava and cactus, go diving on this island beautiful sea bed, go deep sea fishing and surfing too. The snorkel tour is the best in Lanzarote.
You can discover underwater beauty. Adventure begins at the Techno Diving Lanzarote dive centre, where all necessary equipment (mask, tube, fins and suit) are provided. The waves are considered some of the best in Europe.

The Canary Islands attracts all sorts of travellers and because of this there is a great variety when it comes to nightlife, with something to suit everyone who visits these islands. Whether you like to hang out in local bars, indulge in a cocktail lounge, watch some live cabaret in a bar or hit the dance floor in a nightclub you are sure to enjoy the perfect evening out in the Canary Islands. Some of them are Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

These are the most popular destination that makes up the canaries to help you plan your next holiday.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Orlando Waltz Disney World

Waltz Disney World
Orlando Waltz Disney World is the only place in United States that celebrates childhood. It is just a notion that only young ones will enjoy this city’s charms, in reality Orlando has a little of this and a little of that to appeal to all ages. We are talking about Waltz Disney world.

There are certain crazy things in Disney that many don’t know about.

A giant turkey leg was first introduced at Disney world in the 90’s. It became so famous that they were introduced to the other parks. More than 1.6 million Turkey drumsticks are consumed on a large scale at the resort every year. You can buy all sorts of gear (t-shirts, hats etc) with a logo of turkey legs on them.

There’s a hotel suite replica of Cinderella’s castle, where you can sleep like a princess. It has a flat screen TV disguised as magic mirrors. Unfortunately you can’t just make a reservation. Overnight guest are winners that are chosen at random by the park each day.

Things to do in Orlando waltz Disney world: Excessive, exhausted and expensive and there’s more to do here than visit theme parks. This is no 1 tourist destination in the entire world with four theme parks, two water parks, two miniature golf courses, four championship golf courses, one night time and entertainment district, one sports complex and a plethora of resorts. Some tourists plan their stay in Walt Disney World Resort around the busy seasons, especially when there is some Disney’s special event.

Each park has special events that are popular like the Epcot International food and wine festival. The Epcot international flower and Garden festivals, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party .These event draws tourist in Disney.

Tours/ special dining events: Disney offers special events and tours for adults throughout the year. One can take part in EPCOT festival, have dinner in the hunter Mansion or Great Movie ride, tour the underground of the Magic Kingdom with all of its tunnels and secrets, or to go to the EPCOT food and Wine festival, and many more. Not only is the food here fantastic, but they danced while you eat.

Spa Day: No matter if you are an adult with three kids or a college student who has just finished finals. All could use a spa day. Disney resorts have some Kick- spas that are definitely worth hitting up for that day.

Disney’s Yatch and beach Club: You can take a boat or walk to both Epcot and Hollywood studios. Kids will love the pool which is filled up with the sand at the bottom. It looks like a real beach and features a life size replica shipwreck with a water slide. Everyone can stroll over to the neighbouring Disney’s Board, rent a surrey bike or watch the game at ESPN Zone. Adults can also take advantage of Boardwalk restaurants, duelling piano bar and night club.

At the Magic Kingdom: Start your day in a most magical way with breakfast and early access to select Magic kingdom attractions. Magic Kingdom is a signature Disney world experience. Kid Rides, Space Mountains, Big Thunder Mountain and splash Mountain that offers the biggest thrills can be enjoyed by the youngsters. While the new Seven Dwarfs Mini Train is probably your best bet for a starter Coaster.

Wild night-time tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park: It is a four hour tour. You discover a landscape shimmering with lights with life at night. Enjoy the icy peaks in an open air vehicle on the lust African savannah, go into the bioluminescent rainforest in a river boat and see a brilliant fusion of water, sound and light at a show that’s unlike anything you’ve experience before. After night fall pay a special attention to the Tree of Life at the centre of Disney’s animal Kingdom park. Flickering fireflies magically appear every 10 minutes. A theatre is housed inside the Tree of life root system.

At Disney Hollywood studios character experiences: visit Pixar place for an up- close encounter with race trainer Cruz Ramirez a new character from Cars 3.Meet Buzz light-year and woody. Get ready for your close up during a photo shoot with 2 toy story pals.

Share a warm hug and snap a few pictures with the happiest snowman in Arendellina.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Batumi, Mini Las Vegas of the Black Sea

Batumi attracts many tourists from the nearby regions. Turks, who come there for gambling in many of the city’s casinos .Unfortunately Batumi is hardly known in the rest of the world, the whole beauty is all about palm trees, the sea and the snow covered mountains of Cancasus. The original and beautiful modern architecture and the dolphinarium should not be missed out. The coast and beaches stretch for miles, so it becomes difficult to walk for a long distance. Therefore they have started a good idea to rent one of the city bikes. There are many stations available as well as a long cycle track along the coast.

Actually there are lot to do in Batumi and compared to other tourist destination. It is cheaper here. If you have some money to spend, starting from restaurants and hotels ending with numerous casinos and nightclubs, aqua park, diving club and Yatch club.

Entertainments in Batumi are as follow:

Las Vegas of the black sea

One of the first things you will notice when you travel to Batumi is that there are casinos everywhere. Therefore the city is sometimes called the las vegas of the Black sea.

The statue of love is two moving statue, a metal structure of man and women who meet and love each other. It is beautifully lit up at night. The figures move towards each other, merge into one piece and then move away from each other every 10 minutes. This statue of eternal love is an iconic landmark in Batumi. There are also dancing where in the evenings whole families come to relax watching the show.

Zoological corner and dolphinarium is a must to see attraction. The beautiful Nurigeli Lake is located in the middle of the park and offers an exciting place for relaxation. The dolphin show is one of the attractions in Georgia. There are exciting shows like dancing, singing, kissing and hugging. Excellent master of ceremony conducts the show in three languages: Georgian, Russian and English.

Piazza square features boutique hotels cafes and unique architecture. Many local visit this place for a drink or to eat something. The piazza perfectly mixes different styles and trends.

Batumi nightlife is crazy as Miami. Different nationalities and different kind of fun awaits here. After 23.00 pm Batumi Nightlife starts and continues until the first light of the sun. Batumi nightlife is more attractive and joyful than Europe nightlife. Batumi nightlife is enjoyed everyday instead on weekends only. If you want to pick a girl it’s very easy here. In Batumi most of the easy going ladies are sex workers.

Batumi being surrounded by mountains, skiing is a popular thing to do in Batumi especially at Mt Elnbrus. While landing after skiing you can see the beach, the city and the mountains in one shot. Skiing is becoming a popular reason to travel to Batumi.

Visit Sameba: The holy trinity church is the coolest landmark in Batumi on top of the hill. It is a little bit of a drive uphill but the views are amazing and so are the church itself. It is a great spot to see.

Batumi is a bustling city because of its beaches especially during summer. Kvariati is a good spot to go and considered one of the best beaches in Georgia. Gonio is a trendy spot where bars and clubs are plenty on the beach.

A Makhunseti waterfall is the biggest and a popular tourist attraction in Batumi.

Try Adjarian Cuisine: you can taste Adjarian Khachapuri and some other Adjarian dishes. The delicacies are (cheese melted in butter) known as Borano, (Breakfast with eggs and walnut) known as Chirbuli and sinori a dish with cottage curds and dough plates. Naklava and shakarlama (sugar pastry) are the local sweet pastry.

In the daytime you can enjoy sandy beaches, walking at Piazza square, theatre square, and Europe square, and Mtsvane kontskhi.

Where to stay in Batumi: 

Luxury Radisson Blue, Hilton Batumi

Mid range: sky tower hotel

Budget: Hostel

Sunset point at Liberte: at the end of the long boulevard there is a big sign saying Liberte. It is a great place to see the sun go down in the ocean. Surely this is one of the more romantic things to do in Batumi.