Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Coast of the Sun

The temperature on the Costa del Sol is truly delicious. The Costa del Sol has the most sunshine in Europe. In the summer it is an average temperature of almost 30 ˚ C sunny and warm, but also in the winter, the temperature about 16 ˚ C. Just 10 minutes drive from our cottage lays the peaceful beach of La Cala del Moral, with only three beach bars where you can eat delicious fish. You have to travel through a path along the rocks to get to Rincon de la Victoria. A long boulevard and wide sandy beaches make it quiet on the beach. You will not encounter high rise buildings but a lot of nice restaurants where especially the delicious seafood. Torrox is a little further. This village consists of two parts Torrox Costa and Torrox Pueblo. Torrox Costa has a lovely sandy beach and a nice boulevard. Slightly further inland lays the village of Torrox Pueblo with white houses and winding alleys.

The seaside town of Nerja, situated on an attractive plateau above the sea, has the look of an authentic Spanish village retained. Nerja has a fairly large center, a number of narrow streets and in the authentic core two squares where the terraces and restaurants. Definitely worth a visit is the famous Balcon de Europa, which offers a magnificent view over the coast. You can be a beautiful walk along the coast which runs along the cliffs and beaches are beautiful. Just outside Nerja are the famous caves of Nerja Cuevas de Nerja ". On the other side of Malaga, just 30 minutes drive is the seaside resorts of Torremolinos. Torremolinos, the name refers to the many windmills (Torremolinos) previously stood in this village. In this active resort provides ample shopping. The promenade of Torremolinos is via a path along the rocks on the beach in Carihuela, this avenue to get a lot of Netherlands traditional bars and restaurants. This boulevard is back on the promenade of Benalmadena.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tenerife, an island of contrasts

On Tenerife everyone has fun, whether you are a real sun worshiper or a fearless adventurer. You will from sunny beaches to snow-capped volcanoes.
The sunny island of Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands and has the presence of Mount Pico del Teide a varied climate and a rich fauna and flora. These are all types of holiday taste. We give some suggestions for the sun worshiper, nature lover, shopaholic, culture lover and adventurer.

Tenerife has many beautiful beach resorts. Especially the beaches in the southwest are popular as a winter destination. Thanks to its subtropical climate. Playa de las Americas, probably the largest and most famous seaside resort of Tenerife, You can partying until the wee hours. In Los Cristianos, just south of Playa de las Americas, you can find many entertainment opportunities. The sportsmen will then feel at the El Medano surfing paradise.

The beautiful Parque National del Teide is a must for every nature lover. Here is the Pico del Teide, with its 3718 meters, moreover, the highest mountain in Spain. From the snowy summit of this dormant volcano located centrally, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the island. So Get ready for a five-hour climb or explore your convenience to bring out the cable car 'Teleférico del Teide.

Shopaholics can get their heart more than in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, capital of Tenerife and the shopping city par excellence. Calle Castillo is the place to be. In this narrow pedestrian street you can buy everything from designer clothes to Canarian folk art.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Romantic Getaways that are sure to please Your Vacation

Looking for a romantic vacation spot to escape the bustle of everyday life and enjoy alone time with your special someone? There are many destinations to choose from and choosing one really depends on what your idea is novel, but it is usually a picturesque place with lots of peace and quiet.

Barbados is a romantic getaway that is in no doubt to thrill. Its location in the Eastern Caribbean is a short flight for those who live on the east coast and is known for its coastal scenery and beaches. Barbados offers privacy and solitude, but also plenty of restaurants, nightlife and shops.

Another place to warm temperatures is a romantic vacation in Tahiti, situated in the Pacific Ocean. Not only full of attractive beaches of Tahiti, but it also offers a blend of customs because it is part of French Polynesia. The equatorial location provides beautiful the island year round weather. Many plants are in couples seeking romance and their conveniences are geared to couples looking for quiet time.

Also located in the Pacific Ocean, are the Hawaiian Islands. The six islands are each unique and something to offer for everyone. Most are isolated Kauai (nicknamed the "Garden Isle) and the Big Island of Hawaii. If you want a combination of isolation and nightlife then Maui offers a nice selection of resorts and amusement. Not only Hawaii a tropical paradise, but the people are known for their easy going attitude hence the slogan "Aloha State.

Beach destinations are not for everyone, you will not like the heat or the high price tag. On the east coast of the Pocono Mountains offers fresh air and plenty of places to spend time with your sweetheart. Similarly, Big Sur in the west offer fresh sea air and beautiful views of the seashore.
Stay away from the stresses of everyday life and travel to vacation where you can have time with your special person.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pitti Palace - Florence - Italy

The Pitti Palace is a huge Renaissance palace. It was erected in Oltrarno (west bank of the Arno River), near the Ponte Vecchio.

The construction of this building, serious and severe, was commissioned in 1458 by Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker, adherent and associate of Cosimo de Medici. The early history of the Palazzo Pitti is a mixture of facts and myths. It is said that Pitt and had instructed that the windows are wider than the door through which one entered the Palazzo Medici. The art historian Giorgio Vasari in the sixteenth century assumed that Brunelleschi, assisted by his pupil Luca Fancelli, was the architect of the palace, but today it is considered that Fancelli was the real architect.

While it is extraordinary, the original palace cannot compete with the Florentine Medici residences, neither height or in content. Whatever may have been the architect of the Palazzo Pitti, it goes against current trends. The rustic stone work gives the palace an austere and powerful impression reinforced by the three sets of seven arched openings, reminiscent of a Roman aqueduct. The Florentines of the time, fans of a new style all'antica are delighted by this architecture inspired by ancient Rome. This original design has withstood the test of time, repetition of the facades are included with each new addition adjoining the palace and found their influence in several times or imitations of sixteenth-nineteenth century.

The 140 rooms open to the public are part of an interior, designed mostly later than the original part of the building, and created in two stages, the first and second in the seventeenth to the early eighteenth century. In 2005, the discovery by chance, bathrooms of eighteenth century reveal remarkable examples of plumbing whose style is quite similar to those in the bathrooms of the twenty-first century. The Pitti Palace is the residence of the Holy Roman Empire and later
Napoleon used the palace during his control of Italy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The resorts of Rome Sperlonga

The sun can be merciless in Rome in summer.And since everyone wants to go spread her towel, it is sometimes difficult to find a nice beach. But after much research, you come to Sperlonga.

Sperlonga is fifty minutes drive south of Rome and the city is easily reachable. After taking the shuttle from the station of Sperlonga. You could found yourself in a pretty village. The first thing you will notice is that Sperlonga looks like Greece. Sperlonga’s narrow streets and houses next to each other lightened by the sun and balconies overlooking the sea shore.

After a few minutes’ walk to the village, you will hear the waves calling you. Once you are on the sand, you will notice at the price of rent umbrellas and chairs. The city of Sperlonga has few public beaches but you better rented an umbrella. Indeed, the sun can be hot and dangerous. Sperlonga beach is fantastic, and everyone knows it: so expect to pay an average of 16 Euros for two sun beds and an umbrella (the price depending on the location of the umbrella from the periphery of the water).
The sea is beautiful; the water is clean and transparent. From the coast you can admire a beautiful view, no matter which direction you look, the white cities on the hills or the sparkling sea. However, I have a few recommendations to make, especially for your wallet. The city is beautiful but very small, which means expensive. I advise you to buy something to eat before leaving Rome, and keep your money to buy a cool drink on the beach.

You cannot miss Sperlonga, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the view that awaits you at the top of the hill. If you need a place to cool off and relax, do not hesitate to go to Sperlonga!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Most Beautiful Moscow Metro

For most tourists visiting the capital of Russia, the Moscow metro is certainly the most beautiful in the world. Some of its stations are in fact real art galleries, an underground palace.

The Moscow Metro was put into operation in 1935 and today, after Tokyo, the largest in the world for the amount of passengers with its 165 stations and 12 lines borrowing some 293 km of tunnels.

It surpasses them all by the incredible beauty of its stations, a beauty that would rather encourage travelers to miss the first train to continue to admire the scenery.

The first lines are the best because it was during the ancient time architecture that efforts have been made. The famous resort Novoslabodskaya particular, built between 1949 and 1954, features 32 stained glass windows painted from sketches by the painter Korin.

At the resort Kiyevskaya we discover a representation that symbolizes the reunification of Russia with Ukraine, the friendship between the two.

Through the station Belorruskaya it feels like to walk between the columns of a palace. We see the mosaics dedicated to the people of Belarus and Oprishko painted statues supporting the arms of the former Soviet republic. Komsomolskaya station is also very impressive with its finely decorated arches and 72 columns. The scenes represent the Russian people's struggle for freedom. There will also discover 9 huge chandeliers and mosaic panels. Station Park of Culture, near Gorky Square, famous Soviet youth through sports.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Six Romantic Travel destinations

An excellent opportunity to bring your beloved to a place where romance reigns supreme.
Where to get your feelings into words better than a very special place? Journey to the High North and declare your love at the sight of the magical Northern Lights. Or search the Caribbean sun and treat each other with romance on a paradise beach.

Tänndalen, Sweden

Take your loved one to the far North and experience collectively the beauty and magic of the Swedish wilderness untouched. Pull on skiing in the mountains or explore the vast natural winter by snowmobile or dogsled. Behold the nocturnal northern lights and then find tranquility in a stylish cozy cabin where the fire crackles.

London, England

Go sniff royal romance in London. The British capital is still one of the hottest weekend destinations with numerous historic landmarks, charming neighborhoods, trendy hotels and intimate restaurants. Are you looking for a special place with spectacular views over the city, then take your love along to the stunning Kensington Roof Gardens or take a spin round the London Eye.

New York, USA

The exciting New York is home to many romantic places. Take the elevator to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building and live together romantic scenes from the movie "Sleepless in Seattle". Make the evening a unique cruise around Manhattan and take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with its spectacular skyline views of the "city that never sleeps."

Marrakech, Morocco

Experience together the tale of a thousand and one nights. Go stroll through the narrow alleyways of the Medina and visit the Djemaa el Fna square with its fire eaters, snake charmers and storytellers. Pull on an adventure to the magnificent Atlas Mountains, relax in a traditional ham am and spend the night in a tastefully decorated riad.

Ibiza and Formentera, Spain

Leave the tourist spots for what they are and discover the hidden gems in Ibiza. Share and enjoy the sun on idyllic beaches like Cala del jonc and go wandering through the narrow streets of authentic whitewashed villages. Would you do merge, then make the crossing to the unspoiled Formentera. Explore the island by bicycle or scooter and finish the day in beauty with a beautiful sunset in Cala Saona.

Antigua, Caribbean

Travel to the Caribbean and find a piece of paradise on earth. The white sandy beaches and secluded coves of Antigua are a wonderful backdrop for romance. Go snorkeling or diving and admire the colorful underwater world, or go together lazing in a cozy hammock. Stroll along the beach and enjoy a spectacular sunset and a starry sky.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Health Coverage Abroad

In today's globalized world, we can all be called to become globetrotters. The trip over the border is almost a truism. Everyone is in a routine manner whatsoever for work, business, tourism or even studies. Accustomed as we are to our social security in concrete, we often ask ourselves how we covered during our travels. The French state has thought of his countrymen in all eventualities. French Social Security offers health coverage to the minimum by foreign countries that visit and purpose of travel (tourism, study or work).

Health Coverage in Europe

If you are traveling in a country of the EU Economic Area European or even in Switzerland, no worries. Your health problems will be supported by local health departments if you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The application of this map is at least 15 days before your departure from your Health Insurance Fund. This card is valid for one year. If you were unable to apply on time, your body will give you a temporary certificate valid for three months.

The management of medical expenses is one of two ways:

* (i) You advance medical expenses and are reimbursed on the spot by the local social security agency (under the laws of the country where you are);

* (ii) You do not have to pay in advance and all expenses are borne by health services.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A forum on best practices and technical support

"The Partnership will provide a lively forum where the countries involved in sustainable tourism can educate themselves from victorious initiatives of other members and to obtain technical assistance. The Partnership will hold up the continuing exchange of ideas, exchange of experiences, and verdict solutions to general problems in the sector of tourism, "said Gina Guillen Grillo, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica.

The knowledge gained through the Partnership in Africa may be applied in Latin America, Asia, Europe or North America, and vice versa.

The Partnership has identified seven thematic areas:

1. policy frameworks,
2. Climate Change
3. environment and biodiversity,
4. the fight against poverty,
5. cultural heritage and natural
6. sustainable tourism practices in the private sector,
7. finance and investment.

Many partners already involved

The transition towards more sustainable tourism will be even faster than the successful experiences will be duplicated by a large number of partners.

To date, the Global Partnership is composed of 18 national governments, 5 UN agencies, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 17 international organizations, companies and 16 non-governmental organizations, as many actors who will demonstrate their commitment to integrating sustainable development in the tourism sector.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The challenge of global sustainable tourism

Tourism can be the best and worst things.

The best when it allows people to know themselves better (1.6 billion international tourists expected in 2020!) And gives them work (5% of global GDP).

The worst when it exerts tremendous pressure on the natural environment and increases the pollution (transport, concrete, waste).

Hence the question: a global sustainable tourism is possible?

A Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

Yes, say the signatories of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, which brings together all stakeholders in the sector to influence policies, develop projects and give birth to a global communication platform.

Partnership was made standardized at the first annual general meeting in Costa Rica, organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Costa Rica and supported by the French and Norwegian, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The secretariat of the Global Partnership will be installed innovative UNEP DTIE in Paris, with the key objective of tourism on the road to sustainable development worldwide.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Enjoy London, whatever the season!

Of all the great capitals, London is one that attracts the largest number of tourists. Given the hundreds of attractions you can visit, it is not always easy to choose a program of visits that is achievable in the allotted time. In preparing for your trip depending on the season, you can make the most of your stay.

In Spring

If you plan to visit London in the spring, Hampton Court Palace is a perfect destination for those sunny days, still a little chilly. The palace built on the banks of the Thames has an impressive pace, was the home of the famous English King Henry VIII. If the life of Marie Antoinette is at the heart of French history, the history books of England reserve a position equivalent to the tribulations of King Henry VIII, famous for his bad temper and his six wives. At Hampton Court, actors in period costume will bring to life their lives every day to the Court, if the sumptuous tapestries and magnificent works of art exhibited at Hampton Court fail to impress you, you could probably resist by 24 acres of gardens surrounding the palace, with their famous labyrinth and a centuries-old vines.

In Summer

Embark on a shuttle boat to sail on the Thames - it's the best way to experience London at any time of year, but in summer you can sit comfortably on the bridge swept away by a breeze and scroll through a different aspect of the city that stretches along the banks, it is truly magical. Steps are being taken to several piers to allow you to sightsee on your own Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern.

In autumn

Once they donned their shimmering colors of autumn, the London parks are beautiful and the ideal place for a walk, as in Regent's Park. North of the park, you have the famous London Zoo, who promises a visit full of surprises during which you will not get bored! Autumn is the season for visiting the many exhibitions, either outdoors or indoors, stopping a moment for the meal penguins, exploring the "rainforest" or travel the circuit " nightlife. More than 12,000 animals await you, you can meet, hear and experience - is an ideal excursion for the whole family. If you have a London Pass, the entrance is free (normal price of entry: £ 18).

In Winter

As in any city in Europe, it's not warm in winter in London to visit the various attractions in the program, but once well covered, you will forget the climate. The London Bridge Experience is sure to add a little spice to the visit, with its ghosts of all kinds: it takes you on a historical journey through the interactive capital, where you'll meet in passing various characters of the Middle Ages, without forgetting some Celtic Druids, Romans, inhabitants of the Victorian era and the Vikings. The second part of the attraction - "The London Tombs (tombs of London) - impressed by his remarkable digital special effects, but a question immediately arises: do you have the courage to attempt a visit ?

Monday, October 4, 2010

The 10 most amazing sites in the world

It is always amuse to find the most unusual places, most amazing of course there planet. It is in thousands and not always at the end of the world. If you want the absolute change of scene, be the first to discover a place, or simply see no one except a dream environment, these 10 places are for you.

1. The lava fields of Kilauea Volcano:

Hawaii Kilauea is one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. On site you can walk in the rainforest, explore a lava tube and admire the extraordinary formations volcaniques.

Hotels recommended: Holua Resort at The Mauna Loa Village, Kailua-Kona Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu, Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows.

2. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA:

First National Park in the world, inscribed on the World Heritage List, Yellowstone is known for its rich wildlife, but also for its high geothermal activity: the Old Faithful Geyser is one of the most famous attractions of the park.

Hotels recommended: Dunraven Lodge & Hotels, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins, Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

3. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States:

The most visited and most photographed canyons in the southern United States. Admire the incredible palette of colors stones.

Hotels recommended: Hotels Debbie's Hide a Way Days Inn & Suites.

4. Meteora, Thessaly, Greece:

This strange but fascinating place has been shaped over millennia by water and wind. At the top of the rocky peak, monasteries rise to heaven in the shadow of the mountains, close to Kalambaka. Hotels recommended: Hotels Koka Roka.

5. Golden Circle Route, Reykjavik, Iceland:

The road to the Golden Circle tourist route means the most famous of Iceland (300 km). The three must-see attractions are the geysers, the "Golden Falls" and the Plains of parliament.

Hotels recommended: Hotels Castle House Luxury Apartments, Hotel Reykjavik Centrum Reykjavik Nordica Hilton.

6. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China to rank among the wonders of the world: a place that brings together blue lakes, waterfalls, verdant forests, mountain peaks and folklore of the peoples of Tibet and Qiang.

Hotels recommended: InterContinental Hotels Jiuzhai Paradise Resort Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort Holiday Inn.

7. Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia One of the most spectacular roads in the world. It runs south-west Victoria and can pass the 12 Apostles (limestone needles dumped).

Hotels recommended: Hotels Langham, Melbourne Samadhi Spa & Wellness Retreat.

8. Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni:

Bolivia's largest salt desert in the world. The different minerals from runoff from the mountains surrounding the lakes give an astonishing variety of fluorescent colors.

Hotels recommended: Tayka Hotels - Hotel de Piedra Hotel Luna Salada, Hotel Cristal Samana.

9. Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia:

The surrounding jungle and trees clinging to the ruins are famous temples of Angkor. Hotels recommended: Hotels Boutique Villas, Sojourn Pavilion East Boutique Hotel, La Residence d'Angkor.

10. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA:

A giant natural amphitheater! In this multi-colored limestone, erosion has carved thousands of hands, arches, "hoodoos" and mazes.

Recommended hotels: Best Western Hotels, Bryce Canyon Grand.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

History of tourism

• 1830 - First regular train line

The line of railway from Liverpool to Manchester is open through the work of George Stephenson. The English engineer has managed to operate the rocket, the first locomotive to transport coal quickly as well as travelers. This is the starting point of the development of railways for passengers and, at the same time, for the tourism also. The line of railway from Liverpool to Manchester is open through the work of George Stephenson. The English engineer and managed to operate the rocket, the first locomotive to transport coal quickly as well as travelers.

• 1839 - Birth of the Baedeker travel guides

The German Karl Baedeker publishes a travel guide on the Rhine. His early works is a copy, translated into German, English guides but Murray quickly won a great success. Dealing with countries from Europe and the United States, they had appeared in French and in English in 1861. The quality of information, updated regularly, earned them worldwide fame.

• 1841 - Cook created the first travel agency

Thomas Cook is the initiator of the first organized group travel. It supports more than 500 people from Leicester to Loughborough. The aim of the approach is to fight against alcoholism. Following the tour, Cook decides to start a travel agency that bears his name. He subsequently organized many trips to Europe, has developed the first tour and invent the traveler's check. His son had taken over the agency in 1872 and continue his work.

• 1860 - Creation Station Deauville

Half-brother of Napoleon III, the Duke of Morny founded the resort of Deauville. He fell under the charm of Trouville-sur-Mer and its surroundings during a stay. Accompanied by Dr. Olliffe, the architect and the banker Breney Donon, he encounters no difficulty in starting the work. Thus until 1864, the city has taken shape, adorned with villas and a racetrack. Served by a railway, it is still attracting all the nobility and celebrities, developing summer tourism.

• 1875 - Creation of the first French tourist office

The "Committee of Walks" is born to Gerardmer in the Vosges and is the first tourist office in France. For years, the city hosts a crowd of summer visitors. Hotels and leisure have grown at a rapid pace, leading to the creation of the Office. The latter aimed to further increase the flow of tourists and to better organize their stay. Paths are therefore plotted in the heart of nature around the lakes.

• 1900 - Publication of the first Michelin guide

Michelin acquires an innovative promotional tool: a restaurant guide and useful addresses for motorists. The red guide is born. Andre Michelin said then: "This guide is born with the century, it will last as much as him, and it is in effect and this guide published the first year to 35,000 copies is a gradual fame. Free for 20 years, it will appear in 1926 "Star of good food. " Building up a strong experience in the guides (yellow and green), Michelin hoisted his book among the bestsellers for long. One hundred years later, he sold 800,000 copies of his guide in the year.

• 1919 - Inauguration of commercial flight between Paris and London

The first international scheduled commercial flight was born. Linking Paris to London, it can carry up to ten passengers. It provides a Farman Goliath this first link. Commercial flights will increase thereafter promote international tourism.

• 1924 - Initial operation of a motorway

The Italian Puricelli, founder of e Strade Cellar, built the first true freeway in the world. It connects Milan to Varese in Italy, 85 miles away. All other constructs dual carriageways remained until the prototype stage, particularly in Germany and the United States. Following the Italian example, Hitler instructed his government to build highways throughout Germany. At the end of the war in 1945, the country will feature some 3800 kilometers of highways.

• 1950 - Birth of the first Club Mediterranean

Gerard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano based Club Mediterranee by opening the first site to Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands. This association aims to offer various leisure tourists in a holiday village. The spirit of belonging to the same group is highly developed in clubs. The terms "Gentile Members" and "Gentile Organizers" will be used to describe players of the club. Each customer must pay a fee and may pay its consumption with various colored balls. The association will be a period of crisis in the 1990s. After a series of buyouts, it will eventually develop new strategies.

• 1976 - Birth of Smart Bison

The Department of Transport gives birth to little Indian responsible for improving road traffic during the holidays. The summer of last year, more than 60,000 cars were immobilized on nearly 600 km of traffic jam. Thus Bison Smart, a group composed of a dozen people, comes to inform and advise motorists to better organize traffic. Beginning in July, the result will be amazing and Bison Smart and win the esteem of the French.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

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