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Maps Reveal You to Travel by Train from European Cities in a Day

The travel route in Europe is extremely well planned and implemented, and a genuine alternative to traveling in planes are trains. Europe has a well connected, high speed network of trains which has been interestingly revealed by fascinating maps by a US based train enthusiast. This US train enthusiast is Peter Kerpedjiev, who did significant research and collected data from Swiss Transport Authority. The research and work of this Harvard Medical fellow amazed the world with the fascinating results. The research conducted by him also proved that Western countries have a better planned and implemented network, and the Eastern countries have to do a lot of catching up.

Peter used statistics from Swiss Public Transport system 

The maps produced by the US train enthusiast revealed that it’s Berlin, Madrid, Paris and London offers the best train connection. Similarly, it also showed that train networks in Sofia, Riga and Podgorica offers fewer trains. In fact, the rail network from Paris is incredibly well planned and travelers can reach Ireland, Southern Italy and Scotland within 24 hours.

The Harvard Medical School fellow, Peter extracted information and statistics from Swiss Public Transport System. In an interview, Peter explained that he wanted to know the destinations which were easily accessible by train. The results amazed Peter, and he was stunned by the incredible rail connectivity available all over Europe. In another interview he also stated that approximately half of France was accessible within four hours by a single train from Paris. He was stunned by this incredible infrastructure which was built and id being maintained.

Road maps and travel maps 

He considered himself lucky, that he was able to access timetables of various Pan European journeys, that too from a single server. This also shows the coordination between the various railway systems. Kerpedjiev, created these beautiful isochorme maps to illustrate the incredible railway network connecting different points around Europe.

These maps also illustrate road maps to showcase the time taken to travel to different points in car. He also created maps showcasing the public rail networks to state the time taken for walking to platforms and stations. With the assistance of Swiss Public Transport API he was able to showcase the travel times for various cities.

In an interview Peter stated that he got his motivation and inspiration from an isochrome travel map of Vienna dating 1881. He was impressed by this map, and wanted to update the concept. After he decided to plot travel maps by train, he realized that contour lines would be ideal for presenting the information. He considers Europe to be the best in terms of the numerous travel options it offers and the train connectivity system which he considers implausible.

 He stated that in Europe the best connection are offered by trains from Berlin, Paris, Madrid and London. Trains are the most important travelling means in Europe, while some trains travel around leisurely by night or day, there are other high speed train traveling across continent. With the help of the schedules used in these beautiful maps travelers could also easily plan journey in and across Europe.

Perfect Packing

If you want to travel the world in high adventure, nothing can slow you down like bringing too much luggage. What luggage you have with you on a trip may dictate your schedule, your transportation choices and even your safety. The wisest travel tip is simply to travel light. It will keep your flexible and fast. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Try to stick to one bag

There are many reasons to only bring one bag. For example, most airlines are charging for luggage these days. Fit everything into one bag and you skip that fee. If you don’t check bags, you can just use the carry on space within the plane cabin. This means that the airlines can’t lose your bags. If you want to switch flights, because of a delay or change of plans, then you won’t get separated from your bags. Just be sure to choose a bag that fits the airline requirements for size.

Carefully plan out your clothing. Pick out clothing to bring for a trip that generally all goes together, so you can mix and match for more outfit combinations.

If you are traveling to a cold climate and must bring boots, wear them on the plane, to save space in your bag. Or you can strap a coat and boots to the outside of your bag, to reduce bulk inside the bag. Bungee cords or carabiners work well to strap items to a bag.

Use Space Bags

Space Bags are a name brand of compressible travel and storage bags. At home, you could use them, for example, to store a foot thick of blankets in a 2 inch deep space. They are like giant ziplock bags that you can use for packing that let you squeeze out the air. You can use them to pack shirts, pants or other items in a much smaller space. An added benefit is that you can prevent clothing wrinkles.

Multiple small zipper bags

Pack small items into smaller bags within your main bag. For example you could use a small zipper or drawstring bag to hold small electronic items, such as batteries and power cords together. Compartmentalizing your bag in this manner will let you know right where to grab for often used items, without having to dump out your bag.

Use a hard case for eyeglasses and cameras. 

Use a hard case within your main bag for breakable items. For example, you can get hard eyeglass cases with name brand glasses, such as those from Ray-Ban or Oakley. Cameras can be protected by hard or foam padded cases. Store breakable items near the top of your bag or in an outer pocket, to protect them from being smashed.

Bring an extra daypack

Sometimes we come home from trips with more than when we left. Pack a lightweight simple backpack inside your main bag. You can use it on daytrips for carrying a jacket, extra shoes, snacks etc. When you are on your way home, you can use it to bring home newly bought treasures and souvenirs.
Follow these tips and you will soon be traveling like a pro.

How to Survive When You Lose Your Passport

Whenever you are on vacation to some other country the one thing that every expat needs is a passport. This sound very simple, but what if your passport gets lost or stolen while on holiday. Have no fear; there are many possibilities where one can survive when they lose their passport.

Losing passport is like a CATASTROPHIC LOSS. If you find yourself in this situation STAY CALM, KEEP COOL, DON’T PANIC is the main thing one should keep in mind and start the procedure patiently how to get your passport. Following are some points where one can follow.

FILE A POLICE COMPLAINT for your travel insurance or you will not be able to claim anything. This is one thing that the embassy really likes to see, so that you can apply for a temporary passport at the embassy or consulate.Then call up the embassy of your home country and find out what all documents they require. Once you go to the embassy they will advise you how to get home, where you can seek legal representation, where you should go to get money, or local organisation, charities that may be able to help you. You can also purchase an emergency passport with the help of the embassy.

Always have a police report with you while travelling till you get a passport ,this will acts as a temporary identification .Carry other ID’s or copies of your passport along with you.

FIND A FREE INTERNET where you can use their computers or if you register with them and have your laptop you can use your Wi-Fi. Go to McDonald they have free Wi-Fi in most of their outlets and they usually don’t notice if you just come in and use it without buying anything. If you need to go somewhere where you have to pay for Wi-Fi all you must do is just show them your police report they will definitely help you.

Always have A BACKUP PLAN to prevent much Hassel as possible.Have 2 forms of photographic ID either passport or driving license. Have hard copies stored elsewhere in your luggage and a scanned copy of your passport saved to your email or carry with you on a pen drive.

Last but not the least HOLD on to your passport: You can get only one replacement passport. It is very simple to replace a passport but if replaced more than once they you are questioned. Suspicions arise that you might be intentionally losing it to help non-residents get into the country. If it happens the second time then it’s more complicated and they will keep a strict vigil on you.

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7 Most Popular Destinations in Germany

The travel mongers are always on their way to figure out the best travel destinations of the world that is sure to leave a lasting impression on their mind and soul. Venturing out for different dimensions of the world definitely harbingers a lot of fun and excitement and simultaneously is a process enrapt with a lot of learning experience and when you are puzzled in terms of selecting your holiday resort, Germany can be the most enticing holiday destination that will surely mesmerize you with their enriched heritage of European culture, tradition and history.

The 7 most watched out places in Germany are: 

  1. The Cologne Cathedral –  This castle was once heralded as the magnificent building of the world and is now the tallest twin-spired church. If you visit Germany, your journey remains incomplete if you do not figure out this cathedral which is a perfect blend of serenity and charm. UNESCO has also acclaimed it to be the World Heritage site. 
  2. Lake Constance –  It is one of the famous travel destinations in Germany. The picturesque view of the landscape around the Lake accompanied by a gentle breeze is a thumbs up for all the holiday lovers which is capable of providing a relaxing session for all the visitors. Besides, the lake also features several water based activities, hiking and biking trails, routes for skating and many more. There are many nearby resorts and hotels where you can have a nice and comfortable stay while enjoying the constant view of the landscapes. 
  3. Neuschwanstein Castle – This castle is sure to remind you of the fairy tales that you came across in your childhood. The grandeur of the castle will leave you awe-stricken. Neuschwanstein Castle build in a medieval style is also one of the aspiring places of Germany. The castle gives you a feel of dreamland. 
  4. Europa-Park Rust –  It is known as the theme park of Germany. After Disneyland of Paris, this is the most famous holiday resorts. It is one of the top-notch places for entertainment because of its many kinds of roller coasters, a 4D cinema and a lot more of attractions. 
  5. Heidelberg Castle And Old Town –  The place is classified as the most romantic spot of Germany. The city on the bank of river Neckar will leave you in a trance. This is the best place to spend some quality time with your romantic partner. The ruins of the castle turn out to be so attractive to the tourists that every year it is visited by a mass number of people. 
  6. ULM Minister – It is a Gothic Lutheran church and is also the longest church of the world. The church is a master piece of art and architecture that defines Germany at its best. 
  7. MiniaturWunderland Hamburg – It is the biggest model of railroad system in the world which draws many visitors. You cannot miss to experience this art loaded with so much of technicalities.

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The Best Cuisine From Around the World

People love to travel across the world and taste different cuisine. There are few places where one can enjoy the authentic taste of the food of a particular place. If you are a foodie lover these delectable mouth-watering foods from various countries keep your taste buds tickled and help in spicing up your food life.

CHINESE CUISINE: It is a popular cuisine among foodie lovers .The Chinese staple food comprises of noodles, rice, sauces, vegetables and seasonings. Dim Sum and pecking duck are a few renowned delectable Chinese dishes that tickle your tastebuds. Some of the best tasting and least expensive food in china is sold at street stalls. The dumplings are a symbol of home and family. Thesavoury pancake is sold on Beijing’s streets ad is a perfect traditional breakfast to begin your day. Food safety is a very real concern in china. Chinese cuisine can be simple or it can be sophisticated but above all it relies on the freshest o localingredients combined to create a balance of flavours.

ITALIAN CUISINE: It is one of the oldest cuisines dating back to the 4th century. Wine and cheese is quite famous in the Italian cuisine. Coffee particularly espresso is famous in Italiancuisine. Pasta named as maccheroni, penne, linguine, spaghetti, lasagne, fusilli, Tortellini and ravioli are some of the major ingredients found in it.

SPANISH CUISINE: People who want to eat light and leafy they should opt for Spanish food. They are famous for fish, meat and leafy vegetables. Spain is also famous for wine especially SANGRIA which is served or well blended with every kind of food. In short we can say this country has a Meditterrian diet.

THAI CUISINE: Thai food has mainly originated from china. Some of the famous Thai dishes are fried rice, noodles, rice porridge, steamed buns ,fermented bean paste, tofu, soya sauce are some of the ingredients used in the Thai food. This cuisine is one of the few in the world that balances all four main taste senses including sweet, sour, bitter and salty. These dishes are less spicy.

INDIAN DISHES: It can be divided into four main parts: Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern. Most of the Indian dishes are introduced by Vedic, Jain and Buddhist Belief. Some are introduced by foreign invaders, rulers and merchants. Cultural and religious option characterizes the Indian foods. The north Indianfoods are prepared with mustard and peanut oil. The south Indian food is prepared with coconut oil and flavoured with curry leaves.Idly dosa,Chapattis, Rice, BajraandJowar are the staple food in Indian culture.

FRENCH CUISINE: it is renowned for its affluent Flavours. Lavender, Olive Oil, Honey, garlic is some of the major ingredients used in the French foods. Hot Chocolate Pasta, Yoghurt finds a Prominent Place in the French Cuisine. The flavour of French Food cannot be described in words. The amazing Bonbons, fish, and the Beef stews should not be missed out when visiting France.

How to Plan a Stress Free Vacations

Image Credit:Pixabay
To escape the stress of the normal routine job one must go on a vacation to destress yourself and recharge. In short A VACATION SHOULD BE RELAXING for instance like going out of town. Therefore one must follow certain tips to keep your vacation not only memorable, but also importantly stress free. The reality is stress free family vacations don’t just happen. It takes a lot of planning and some work to take the stress out of vacation. Family vacation planning is more tiresome than packing a suitcase and watering the plants.

First thing before you decide and chalk down the plans with your travel agent or make reservations, talk to your family first, confirm schedules, who will be going, what type of family vacation should it be, whether it should be adventure, beach, theme park, ski and whatever,when is the right time to travel, which is the best place and also keeping in mind your budget.

You need to work 9 months in advance for a family vacation like booking your tickets, making hotel reservation, the cruise liners makes you reserve up to two years in advance. This is especially when family would like to travel during busy travel week like December holidays or Spring break.

Leave work worries at the office.don't take the tension of your job while on vacation. They think by working on vacation they will relieve their stress when they return back. But the truth is vacation time and relaxation makes workers far more productive when they return to their jobs. So leave the stress behind and enjoy your family time.

Ease your vacation stress with the purchase of travel insurance .The cost is usually 5 to 7 percent of the total cost of your vacation. It is a fair price to pay for your peace of mind.

Parent should beflexible with your children while on holiday. Give them to eat what they want. Don’tsay no you can’t eat this or that. Be negotiable and don’t stress over little things.

If something does not go exactly as planned just let it go. Don’t brood over it and let one small thing ruin the entire vacation. This creates added stress.

Always pack light don’t overload your suitcase. There are plenty of resources wherever you are travelling to pick up necessities that you may have forgotten.

Sometimes vacations are stressful just because you have to make a ton of decisions and coordinate with other people. There are lots of travels planning apps that can simplify your plans. You can plan a trip itinerary using your own Google map.

Always opt for a 10 day vacation .You have enough time to travel where you’re going, maybe multiple stops and since you are away for a long time you’re forced to off-load your duties at work.

Ultimately when it comes to keeping stress levels down with a family vacations these tips sounds quite sensible. So take a deep breath and plan a stress free family vacation. In the end you’ll be glad that you did.

From All Cash to No Cash!

Demonetization hit our country really hard. A country where every single transaction was done through cash is on its way where even a rickshaw walabhaiya uses his own e-wallet. Everyone is going cashless. With all this going on, the most favored in all this are the e-wallets. To be in competition all banks have started there digital money wallet. Some of the wallets started by some banks are:

HDFC Bank, PayZapp: One such bank is HDFC Bank. Their digital money wallet is PayZapp. HDFC Bank PayZapp, is a full payment solution, helping you to pay in just one click!

With PayZapp, you can also shop on your mobile at partner apps, buy movie tickets, music and groceries, compare and book flight tickets and hotels, shop online and get great offers at SmartBuy, send money to anyone in your contact list, pay bills and recharge your mobile, DTH and data card.So link it now with your Debit and Credit Card to PayZapp and enjoy the most suitable and secure way of payment.

PayZapp is one of the most convenient wallets as you just have to link your debit or credit card with your PayZapp wallet and pay. No need to waste time on recharging your wallet as money will automatically be deducted from your account. It is also one of the fastest e-wallets, as payment happens in just one click. Keeping up with their goodwill, HDFC Bank’s wallet PayZapp is also secured. So don’t worry! 
Bas cards link karoekbaar, pay karobaarbaar!

ICICI Bank, Pockets: Pockets by ICICI Bank, is the e-wallet initiated by ICICI Bank. Coping up with the cash crunch Pockets is also one of the most reliable e-wallet in India. You can link your Pockets account with any of your ICICI Bank, account and the amount will be deducted on your from your account. One can pay for anything through this e-wallet. You can shop, pay bills, buy groceries and do everything. You can also send money via Pockets to your friends, making settling of accounts although more easy and cashless.

‘Pay with mVisa’ on Pockets is a payment key enabled by Visa, that will let you make payments to merchants using Pockets just by scanning the merchant’s QR (Quick Response) code or by entering the merchant’s mVisa ID.On login to Pockets, the customer’s existing linked ICICI Bank Visa Debit card or Pockets Prepaid Card will be accessible to securely pay using Pockets. In case the customer has multiple Debit Cards, they can choose either of the ICICI Bank Visa Debit Cards to pay the merchant.

SBI Bank, SBI Buddy: State Bank Buddy is an app that you can download on your mobile phone. It operates just like any other, mobile wallet with the difference being that this mobile wallet is only for those who have account with State Bank of India. However, you can use this wallet to transfer money to other banks as well. It is a semi closed wallet that works on prepaid balance. You will have to have balance in your SBI Buddy, in order to transfer money to other accounts.

SBI Buddy can be used to transfer money. You can transfer easily through choosing from your contact book or from you Facebook friend list provided they have an account in the same anytime anywhere. You can also ask for your payments through this app. You can easily just ask for your scheduled payment from your contacts. From paying you bills to buying movie tickets, everything is available via this app.

You can also book your flight and hotel tickets and get discounts. This app also allows you to update your KYC and increase you daily transaction limit of Rs. 50,000/-. It permits you to transfer up to Rs. 1 lakh per month. One touch beneficiary: up to 20 people can be added as your emergency contacts on your list. These people can be made your beneficiary right away and you can send and receive money from there with just a touch on your Smartphone.

Manipal Institute of Technology - An Overview

Manipal Institute of Technology
Manipal Institute of Technology that is commonly known as MIT, Manipal is an associated institution of the Manipal University that deals in the fields of engineering and technology. It consists of 16 academic departments that award undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

The motto of Manipal Institute of Technology is “Pragyanam Brahanam” which means “Knowledge is power”. The institute was made in 1957 as one of the first self-financing Engineering Colleges in the country, and initially it offered, only 3 engineering branches namely: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical but now it offers a Bachelor degree in, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Industrial Production, Instrumentation and control, Printing, Electronics, Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science, and Information Technology.


Manipal Institute of Technology has a lush green suburban campus of about 188 acres. The food department is handled by the MIT Food Court, MIT Cafeteria, and other messes located on the campus. The campus has a 24*7 water and power supply. The wireless network in the campus can support up to 14000 users and more. The Technology school also has various grocery shops, eating points, a basketball court, football court, cricket ground, swimming pool, gym and a renounced library, innovation center as well as auditorium. The campus is very lively and scenic. It is known for various extracurricular activities that take place every year in clubs such as Leo Club, Music and Fine Arts Club, Dramatics clubs etc. Students also get to know their technical subjects beyond the classroom from the technical clubs such as IEEE, AISTE, ICHE, Formula Manipal, etc.


The Central Library of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) is located in the heart of the university and is, therefore, accessible to all the students. The library is three-storied and fully air- conditioned. It occupies a total area of about 70,000 square feet and can have 800 users at a time.

Manipal University has some best libraries of Asia and they are as follows:

  •  Health Sciences Library, Manipal 
  •  Health Sciences Library, Mangalore 
  •  MIT Library 
  •  SOC Library 
  •  WGSHA Library 
  • SOM Library 

These libraries are accessible to all students of Manipal University. Besides these libraries, each constituent institute associated with Manipal University has its own library. There are also department level libraries in all of the institutes, with the latest collection of books, journals, online sources etc. for course work and research work as well.


The fests in Manipal Institute of Technology include Techtatva and Revels. Techtatva is an annual technical festival which is held to encourage students to showcase their technical abilities. Revel is the annual four-day cultural festival. This fest comprises of several competitions where students can showcase their talents in the visual and performing arts.

Research and Placement

MIT indulges the idea of research among its students by giving provisions and allocations for the same. They have also supported and given funds for many students so that they can start-up something. The institute has a separate Business incubation center for this known as MUTBI.

The institute has sponsored many research programs through funding agencies such as CSIR, AICTE and the Ministry of Environmental Sciences. It has collaborative research programs in association with premier research laboratories and institutes of India and abroad. Some of the top companies that come for campus recruitment every year are as follows:

  • ABB 
  • Amazon 
  • BPL Medical DST 
  • Century Link 
  • Cerner Healthcare 
  • CISCO (Engg, TAC, Services) 
  • Daimler 
  • Deloitte Consulting 
  • EMC Corp 
  • GE Healthcare 
  • Goldman Sachs 

Undergraduate students are given four-year allotment in one of MIT's twenty-one hostel buildings. Hostel arrangements are made on the basis of the preferences of the students themselves at the beginning of every academic year. Priority in allotment is decided by seniority and then GPA of the student in next semesters. The security is strict about students using motorized vehicles or any other vehicle.

MIT hostel rooms are well furnished and make for a good home away for students. Girls and boys have separate buildings and each building has a fixed capacity for students. For first-year students, there is the double or triple common dorm-type accommodation which gives them the comfort of the company as they settle into their college. It also gives the students opportunity to make friends and get known with the campus and its facilities. In this kind of accommodation, they have access to TV room and other activities within the hostel premises.

Notable Alumni

MIT has produced some of the best Engineers and Scientists in the past years. Some of the most notable alumni include:

  • Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) 
  • Rajeev Suri (CEO, Nokia) 
  • Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, President-CEO of Juniper capital) 
  • Banmali Agrawala (CEO and president, GE South Asia) 

MIT Manipal is one of the top ranked institute in the State of Karnataka and has been ranked 4th among the Private Engineering Colleges in India. It is considered an excellent college for an overall development of the students as students from all parts of the world can be found here.


The Institute offers leveled teaching & learning system with experienced & knowledgeable teachers. The Institute of Technology has one of the best faculties in Karnataka and has always focused on getting available best faculty to its students. Faculties of all departments keep themselves active and updated for their students. This helps the student to fight and win in the global competitive era.


MIT has the target of encouraging meritorious students for that several scholarships are offered for worthy candidates. The quantity of scholarship and also the variety of scholarships vary from time to time.

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5 do’s and don’ts in Travel photography

Travel photography
People love to take photographs while travelling so that they can keep it as a remembrance for the future. But there are some do and don’t step to be followed while removing a beautiful snap.


Firstly always ask permission before taking any photography of any public places especially the markets stalls. It is really easy to get caught up in the beauty and excitement of being somewhere new and seeing new things. So it is best to practise to ask someone before taking a picture. If they are saying no don’t worry just say thanks and move on.

People usually love to wake up late in the morning when on vacations. But they forget that sunrise and sunset gives the best light no matter what your style of photography is, you need light.

When the sky is cloudy tourist tend to feel very upset because of the bad weather. But remember in broad daylight it filters out harsh sunlight and give you much better photos.

Always keep safety in mind. Don’t pressure yourself to get the best and the most daring photos. Travel Photography is stunning in sometimes the simplest forms, so no need to hang off the edge of a cliff.

If you are travelling to somewhere completely new do some research first to make sure you are aware of the don’ts for that specific location .Follow the rules carefully because of your safety.

Go to a popular location at unpopular times such as early morning before the crowd rolls in, where you can really enjoy your sightseeing with minimum amounts of tourist.

Do be aware that a selfie stick can also act as a weapon .Use it carefully and responsibly.

Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot. It takes the fun of adventure away. There will always be another sunset and sunrise and another new street around the corner.

Don’t ignore the signs in Museum or sacred places stating photography is forbidden. Respect the request.

Always be considerate and courteous. It is easy to block paths, create pedestrian jams and get in the way. Therefore operate with efficiency and purpose to get the shot you want without disrupting anyone else.

Do brush up on local customs and traditions before you get snapping .So that you are aware of the cultural differences.

Don’t put yourself and others at risk to achieve a Stellershot. Always be aware of your surroundings and put safety first before you.

Finally make sure you spend at least half the time at those pictures taken by you. Also take a look at the scenery around you without looking through a screen. Capturing memories is important but so is enjoying the moment.

With everything in life taking photos while travelling should always remain fun and exciting. Never take yourself too seriously and keep snapping.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to Enjoy Vacations with Kids

Any parents who wish to travel with kids should plan it in a logistic way. Now days without us telling the organiser about our plans they know what we require and provide it.

The wish list of the parents includes many things: To keep the children occupied, a plentiful and available supply of kid friendly food, sleeping arrangement and even to ensure that Mom and Dad get a break too. Children too enjoy vacations not because they get to see the world’s best place or so on, but because of a much richer treasure. Usually parents are more relaxed, morefun and more emotionally available. The parents give full attention only to the kids during vacations and these sweet pleasures are the golden experiences that shape rich childhood memories.

To enjoy the best place is the resort where these establishments often feature fantastic pools, water sports and supervised kiddie clubs for the young ones. Taking advantages of these resorts, the parents spend less time thinking about where to eat and what kids will do and more time relaxing. There are extra important thing where one can also follow.

Take lots of snacks, drinks, long plane rides everywhere you go. Let the kids eat whatever they want so no need of restricting them.

Plan no more than one event per day because too many events with stress your kids and make them cranky. So plan less you’ll all enjoy it more.

Pacing also means allowing extra time in the day for some down time. Kids need rest periods and they also need to run around and let off some steam.

Offer snacks and drinks before kids get too hungry or thirsty. Take a break before they're overtired.

Be flexible can make your holiday an enjoyable one. Be open to the kids and all the possibilities that come your way.

Plan no more than one event per day because too many events with stress your kids and make them cranky. So plan less you’ll all enjoy it more.

Snuggle with your child every morning before getting out of bed. Bring some books from home where you can read some stories out to them.

Make sure you lie down with your child at the end of the day. Ask them about their favourite and the worst thing of that day and what are they looking forward tomorrow.

There should be some soothing activities for the little ones like the sand play, waterplay, bubbles, and clay.
If going with an extended family but still the kids would like to spend time you. This is the perfect opportunity to turn off your cell phone and sees what an inspired parent you are when you have a chance to relax and revel in just being alive.

Don’t try to work on vacation this is a family time. Forgo organized evenings in favour of family boards and keep your focus on connecting fun rather than sightseeing or structured activities.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Three Days Vacation on the Paradise Island: Mauritius

Usually this place is well known for honeymoon couples. But apart from them many other tourists also visit these places because of the gorgeous beaches in the world with powdery whitesand and warm azure waters. It is not only confined to beaches but there are many other activities like historicsights and lushforest there one can spend their beautiful holidays.

The streetfood in Mauritius is amongst the best in the world. It has a unique mix of Chinese, Indian,African and Creole dishes. It is full of different flavours like spices and variety of colours.

Instead of travelling in a car driven by a driver t is better to rent a car and drive yourselves.

When you drive on your own you discover a secret beach or stumble uponarestaurant and explore the hidden villages. Make sure you drive along Mauritius southerncoast .It got the best island to offer. Also you won’t forget the feeling of wind hitting your face as you drive through the winding roads to reach the southernmost tip of the island at Gris.

While driving you will be surrounded by teaplantation and enveloped with fog. If you are a tea enthusiast you could take guided must not forget to dine at the terrace restaurant. It offers stunning view of the island Mauritius and an extensive variety of teas on the menu.

Make sure you wander through a few sugarcane fields while you are in Mauritius. Sugarcane has a long history in this place.It is possible to sample a variety of sugars here.Don’t leave Mauritius without trying a glass of fresh sugarcane juice.

The people over here are warm, cheerful,welcoming and very helpful. The highlight of any trip is the people. If ever you lose your way then random strangers helps you with the directions.

The coloured earth at Chamarel is a little known village in South Mauritius which hold many surprises. Thecoloured earth with different colours like purple, yellow, oranges and red coalesce forms anduneven volcanic surfaces. The drive to Chamarel is punctuated by waterfalls and gorges. Don’t miss on visiting the view points for rugged panoramas of the mountainous areas of Mauritius.

Explore the beautiful beaches like BELLE MARE BEACH, LA CUVETTEBEACH AND LE MORNE. If you are a lover for kite surfing then Morne is the best place for you.

Mauritius is a secret rumparadise. Jamaica might be known for producing the best rum in the world, but Mauritius isn’t far behind.

There are various watersport activities such as snorkelling; deep-sea diving, deep-sea fishing, parasailing and scuba diving. You canalso experience under sea walk which is something very unique.

Skydiving for the first time is an unforgettable experience and when combined with the views over paradise on earth, a sky dive in this place will stay in your memory bank forever.

Therefore the only way to experience the true nature of the island and the people is to get out and mix around.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Step By Step Guide To Planning Your Ideal Holiday

holiday tour

Choosing a destination is very important while planning your holidays. This will give a definitegoal. Most of the people follow a group or family without even knowing which all destinations they are going to visit. Your holiday destination is of crucial importance to getting what you want out of your time off, be it relaxation, exploration, adventure or a mixture of all three.

Therefore deciding the destination should be your first mile stone which will help your planning much easier.

Estimate your expense once you decide on your holiday .Next step is to plan how many days you will be in that place. With this you can research the cost for your destinations, the style of travel you would like to have. Also have an estimate of the amount you want to spend on accommodation and other things. Planning everything in advance will help you to bring down the total expense of your holiday trip.

Start saving your money for the trip. Estimation will give you a rough idea of how much money you need to save or accumulate for your holiday trip. Saving money is really important during traveling as it can be quiet useful during the trip, so while travelling spend each penny wisely.

Hotel Booking: If you are on a budget holiday then something cheaper will be a deal for you. You will need to book early most especially when your holiday is scheduled for the peak seasons.

Usually planning in advances is always rewarding. Be sure you have not skipped yourself out of the last minute deals which can be quiet cost saving especially for flights and cruisebookings.

Booking flights are very important for your holiday trips. Since this expense also includes in your travel expense. If planning to go out for a holiday during long weekends and vacation time then the rates are very high so for this one must book well in advance where you can save a lot.

It is always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend because most people travel on the weekends and airlines hike their prices then. This doesn’t mean that one should avoid travelling during weekends. You can always be flexible about your budget.

Early morning or late night flights are cheaper because very few people would like to travel then. The difference of one day means hundreds of dollars in savings.

Plan your activities very carefully, don’t make it complicating .You are in a holiday with less time to waste. So planning will save sometime in your destination.

Limited luggage always gives you more comfort while travelling. It is not possible for some people to carry limited luggage especially while travelling with a family. Start packing days before or even weeks ahead of your scheduled date. This will give you to make a complete list or even purchase additional items you need for your vacation.

Last but not the least along with these guidelines make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.