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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Off Season Travel Means Money Saving Experience

Off Season Travel
The most effective travel hack to keep your expenses to a minimum is to travel during off seasons. Every destination in the world has three tourism season- peaks, normal and off season based on the weather and volume of tourist arrivals. Peak season means the best months to visit a country both weather wise as well as from the point of view of festival and events. Off season consist of months that have most unfavourable weather conditions like nearby hot summers, nonstop rains or bitterly cold winters. Off season is the time where least amount of tourist activity takes place in a destination usually due to weather conditions.

These are some tips for saving during your travelling. 

Choose a destination where more people won’t be travelling to at that point of time. In short, an off season destination. Pick a place where the off season is on and the season is just about to start. For instance Darjeeling and Gangtok are great place to go in September because the season starts in October. The weather is just fine with occasional rain and the tourist places are not crowded.

Eat well and spend less: when you are travelling its better if you avoid having your regular favourites. Dishes like butter chicken and Kadhai paneer are available everywhere. Choose to eat the local cuisine. Don’t go to the restaurant, ask for the local for advice and then head to the local joints and dhabas. You will be able to eat plenty of delicious food and that too by not spending a lot on it.

Hotels are easily available with options. Demand for hotels tends to be lesser during off season and hence hotel and other form of accommodation are widely available with lots of option. You can even afford to reach your destination without any prior hotel booking. Popular hotel chains also offer attractive rates and packages during the off season and lower cost of accommodation means you can splurge on Luxurious rooms and stay in wonderful resorts.

Brave the desert in the summer: Traveller to Dubai in the summer could save up to 55% on vacation costs while snagging room upgrades. The Dubai summer is scorching hot. But there’s plenty to enjoy out in the sun. These include Ski Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Water Parks, over 96 malls and climate controlled pools at many hotels. Evening spent at the desert or the Souq after the sun goes down is a great.

Travel light: one thing you need to swear even before considering budget travel is that you need to pack only what you would need instead of stuffing your bags with unnecessary items. If you are travelling by flights this would be useful to reduce the baggage charge. Carrying your backpack wherever you go wouldn’t seem tiresome either.

Travel on Tuesdays: most flight tickets are at their cheapest on Tuesday as people rarely choose this odd weekday for travel.

Activities and experiences are cheaper and different. Off season travel makes it a very interesting time to enjoy the popular activities and experience of a destination. Want to explore the famous Louvre Museum of Paris without the distraction of weary travellers then visit the city during the winter months. You will also get cheaper entry fees for popular museums and tourist attraction. Restaurant and cafes also offer generous discounts in food and beverages during off season.

Travelling during off season often also means shopping would be reasonable like lower prices for souvenirs, handicrafts and Knick Knacks. Less number of tourist leads to heavy discount and price reductions in local markets.

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