Thursday, December 22, 2016

Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune

The price of Hotel rooms changes daily, often times hourly, based on demand. So the first thing you should research is the location. For instance if you are visiting New York City You probably want to stay in Manhattan. Before you can look for hotels you need to know which neighbourhoods you’re willing to consider and how you’ll get from those neighbourhoods to the place you’re going to visit.

If you find a hotel you like, check the hotel website before calling to see if you can find an even better deal directly from the hotel. Call up during the business hours to see if the hotel will match or beat rates you’ve found on line. Ask if the hotel is running any promotions or packages .See if any of the following special rates might apply. Like senior citizen, weekend, hotel membership, government discount, conventions shareholders or cooperate.

Some hotel charges a resort fee that may not be included in an online quote. Sometime there are hidden costs like Wi-Fi, breakfast or use of the gym. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always ask about which fees are included and how much they’ll cost you.

There are many hotels that are not registered on the site because of the site commissions. It is better to visit these hotels directly to make reservations.

If travelling with a family or planning a longer stay, look out for a rented apartment or house. Many of these lodgings charge a cleaning fee, so keep that in mind when you’re calculating total costs with a kitchen you may save on food because you can cook some meals.

Be careful with advanced payments. If you book a room and services in advance read all the fine print and make sure you know the cancellation cost.

Check daily deal sites who offer the best deal, but make sure you act quickly to snag one.

Always go with a package if you are travelling to just one destination. Look for a deal that includes hotel, airfare and car rental. This may be cheaper than buying these components individually.

Use travel rewards points .Many credit cards offer points equivalent to several night hotel stay just for signing up plus you can earn points when you use your new credit cards.Using hotel points for free stays is the best deals in the travel industry.

Visit at less popular times the places you like. Weekdays in the resort areas and weekends at the convention areas.

Once you’ve booked your hotel don’t just rest back. Call back or check online in another month or so and whether rates have gone down. If they have cancel led you’re bookings then rebook your stay at the lower rate. But read the hotel cancellation policy carefully before doing so to make sure you won’t have to pay any penalties.


Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Plan Road Trip across Countries

Before you jump in the car and hit the road, you’ll need to do a little planning and preparation first, especially a road trip planner with stops.

To do so; first thing you have to decide what is important the distance, destination or budget. Then you can begin researching and building out the rest of your plans. Make a list of your travel companions. Decide how you both will share the expenses, who will take over driving, how often you will stop and what sights interest you. Choose your travel partner wisely.

Make sure your route is broken down into double driving segments both to and from your final destinations. List out places of attraction you want to see along the way. The more you have on the list the better, be prepare to skip a few. Be always flexible.

Here are few guidelines for a wonderful road trip: 


Once you know where you are going you’ll need to decide where to stay. Cross country trips are tiring and you’ll be waiting to hit the bed every night. So don’t forget to make a lodging reservation well before you leave home. Hotels, motels and even campgrounds fill up fast in popular tourist areas, especially during vacation season and the areas get booked much well in advance. so before you leave home , call each place where you’ll be staying to confirm your reservation .


On your road trip you’re going to see some breath-taking sights and make some incredible memories, so documentation will be a key. If you’re into visuals snapping pics on your phone is a must.

With your route set, select the stopovers .Stop at every state and at least see a famous attraction or eat at a popular restaurants offering local cuisine.

Make sure you have a budget for your road trip. Don’t ruin your trip by stressing over money or running out of it. Try to work on your budget by knowing how much the lodging cost as well as admission fees for attractions you plan to see. Calculate the driving distance by going through the internet mapping site so that you can come to an exact figure of your gas bill. Also don’t forget to include the cost of any toll ways you know you’ll pass through.

Food costs can be a little trickier to figure. Decide ahead of time which meals you’ll be eating in restaurants, then set a price limits or give yourself a total daily food budget.

Keep a little extra money for emergency and souvenirs.

When travelling by car why break your head for packing. In fact you don’t need a lot of clothes because you will be on the road travelling half the time. Wash and wear your clothes once you reach in a hotel, so therefore make reservations where they have Laundromat facilities.

A cooler is essential travel gear for any road trip. Stop at grocery stores to replenish your snacks. STACK the cooler.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Learn Foreign Language Quickly

Learn Foreign Language
Always remember that different languages will take different amount of time. Language is something that needs to be processed not memorized. Staring and memorizing a word in a book or with flashcards 100 times does not stick the same way that being forced to use a word in conversation a mere two or three times does.

To learn language always begin with sounds and spelling system then learn simple words by using pictures .Use those words to learn the grammatical systems of your language. Finally by watching T.V, speaking with native speakers, reading books and writing are also other means of learning.

Spend your first 1 to 3 weeks focusing exclusively on spelling and sound so that the foreign spellings and sound of targeted language are no longer foreign to you. You have to go through the process like.




There are also 625 basic words very commonly used in every language and can be learnt by using pictures rather than translations. Words like dog, ball, to eat, red, to jump.

Learning a foreign language is a fluid process. You have to put in a lot of different skills that blends in each other. The more vocabulary you learn the easier it will be to speak about a wide variety of topics. Language learning should be fun. You remember the things when you’re enjoying yourself.

Language requires a lot of repetition, a lot of reference experiences and a consistent commitment and investment. Always use a new word, try to use it a few times right away. Make it a point to use it in the next two or three sentences then again use it later in the day.

Always carry a pocket dictionary. Having on your phone is really great because it takes two seconds to look something up in the middle of conversation. And because you’re using it in conversation you’re that much more likely to recall it later.

Be aware of some words you already know. Do this for a few hours and then set up an exchange with a native speaker someone who has spoken that language their whole life. Learn a little for your first conversation but if you use it immediately you’ll see what’s missing and can add on from there.

Many languages also have words that share a common root which can be spelled slightly differently. To find common words with the language you are learning, simply search for cognates or English loan words.

Going for classes is a waste of time and money. The class does not address each student personal attention. Have fun while learning a new language, find people you enjoy talking to. Go to events where you can practice while doing somethingfun. Talk about personal topics which you care about. Unenjoyable process will likely end up in you forgetting everything you have learnt.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Travel Essentials That Make Great Holiday Gifts

I always manage to plan my holidays no matter how hectic is my schedule. Travelling helps me to restore my peace of mind, which gets almost bruised amid mundane surroundings. I manage to plan an outing almost four to five times a year. The mantra for happy travelling is to have accurate essentials to carry with which makes the best gifts for all times.

  1.  Running Shoes  – I always faced this dilemma what kind of shoes I should carry that will be both fashionable and lightweight as I always disliked carrying the same old gym shoes that always captured a lot of place in my bag. Finally, one of my friends suggested me about Nike shoes and I was really happy with the solution.
  2. Skin Renewal Sleeping Mask  – Sometimes the places I choose takes a one complete night via flight to reach there which tends to retard the glow of my skin because of improper sleep. This is the best remedy for your skin when you are out of sleep that makes you ready for all times. 
  3.  Camera Bags  – I always loved clicking pictures and travelling gives me another reason to cherish this passion of mine. This bag is the best in terms of flexibility, style and that, which is very trendy. 
  4.  Cuffed Pants – No matter wherever you are, you need to do yoga daily as that allows you to remain charged up. Cuffed pants from Lucy are the best in this regard, as the pants are absolutely cool and comfortable to go around with. 
  5.   Ultralight Down Jacket – This jacket is absolutely weightless and handy. It is at the same time very fashionable. I just loved it. 
  6.  Tees  – Tees are must for travelling as there are days when you just want to relax while staying in your room. Everlane tees are the ones which are apt for both relaxing and hanging around. They are very comfortable and the same time matches your style statement. 
  7.  Yoga Paws – Instead of stuffing your bag with padded gloves and booties for practicing yoga you can just carry Yoga Paws that is very lightweight and compact and ensures you to practice yoga without any hurdles. 
  8.  Yoga Mat – It is not very fluffy but definitely covers the ground and provides enough space practicing different yoga postures. When you are out for travelling it is difficult to locate gyms nearby. With this product you can practice yoga wherever you want. 
  9.  Smart Luggage  – It fits in your entire luggage and simultaneously provides a lot of space and easily glides without any effort on four wheels. 
  10.  Wide Angle Lens – Sometimes I don’t feel like carrying my DSLR everywhere and want to click pictures on my iPhone as I can easily share them on social media. But, iPhone too has some limitations and to overcome them you just need to attach them to your phone and click pictures without any discrepancy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Get Acquainted With Native on the Other Land

It is a real challenge when you move out of a state or a country. You are a stranger in another land, does make it difficult to make acquaintance of the natives. Getting acquainted in a new town can be a challenge. Feeling of disorientation, insecurity and anxiety one may feel unfamiliar in surroundings. Values, behaviour and social customs we routinely take for granted may no longer serve us in our new environment. There are some ways out where you can meet some of the local people. Here ae some of them.

Localnewspaper is a good source of local information .You can get all information on local politics, sports and recreation and any upcoming events you might be interested in attending.

Join a homestayorganization .They arrange for members to stay for free in the homes of people worldwide. Hosts are motivated by their enjoyment in meeting and talking with foreigners.

Discover and explore new parts of town and visit new places. Go to some local parks or visit the local museum. Visit some coffee shops and popular hangout spots. Go beyond the tourist areas. Explore residential neighbourhood, small towns and rural communities. With a slower pace than a large city people will be more likely to take time to talk with you.

One of the easiest ways to meet new people is to ask for direction or information. If the conversation stretches for long make sure he has time for you and can find out what is popular and which restaurant to go and dine.

Learn as much of the language as you can. Many around the world speak English but the better your language skill the better your chances of meeting the people. This also increases your communication skills and it helps you to integrate with the local community.

Visit a local tourist office to ask if there is any programme that the travellers can interact with the local citizens.

Interacting people with same hobbies is the best way to meet new people. If you like basketballs check out a local gym or a park. If you like baseball search for a league to join. So whatever your hobbies are find out people with similar interest.

Shop in the local stores especially smaller shops. Drop in the central market. Visit the neighbourhood grocery stores.

Use all the information the library has to offer. You can look maps of your new towns to get their lay of the land or check out some books about the town’s history. There is no entrance fee for joining the library. It is a useful resource when it comes to finding more about your new city.

Forgo with large hotels instead of smaller guest houses and pensions.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The 10 Most Popular Travel Destinations for Christmas

Christmas is the festival of merry-making. All over the world, it is celebrated with much enthusiasm. People are in high-spirits and the only thing that they focus on is to have a gala time with their friends and relatives. For over a month, everyone remains in a mood of festivity.

The 10 Most Popular Holiday Destination Are: 

  1.  New York – Winter is the exact time for visiting this place. Since, Christmas comes during this time so it is the best time to investigate this spot as the city gets chilly accompanied by several activities of like ice-skating, perusing holiday markets. Many hotels also grant free packages and perks to the travelers. 
  2.  Cancum – Christmas time is the best time to seek for this top beach destination when people are ready to trade with the snow. The turquoise waters, beautiful stretches of sand and night-long parties are the main extractions. The archaeological sites of this place are also worth visiting. 
  3.  Dominican Republic – The beautiful landscapes, soothing weather, huge discounts on flights and hotels makes this place one of the popular places for Christmas vacation. 
  4.  Jamaica – Those who want to feed themselves by planning a vacation down to the Caribbean then Jamaica should be your top island pick. It has a traditional appeal. You can also enjoy along the beautiful beaches with rum, street dance, and the delicious fresh fruitcake, which is the specialty of this place. 
  5.  Hawaai – For experiencing world’s most beautiful beaches, natural wonders, well-organized tourism infrastructure you surely need to plan your Christmas vacation in Hawaai. The island of this place also arranges for a famous Christmastime spot, which is worth viewing. 
  6.  Las Vegas – Though Las Vegas is known as the Sin City. But, it is the most popular holiday destination to visit during the time of chilly Christmas eve. The whole city seems to be going through a festive mood. Everywhere you can have the smell of gay and charm. 
  7.  Barbados – Barbados is the most frequently visited Caribbean island. You will be mesmerized by the coral reefs and the white and pink beaches of this place. During the Christmas time you can avail huge discounts on flight tickets and hotels. It is the apt time for experiencing such a different spot. 
  8.  Miami – For spending Christmas vacation till the New Year’s eve Miami is a great spot. Anyone visiting Florida should for once embrace the beauty of this place. Top-notch clubs, famous art galleries and excellent cuisine will force you to visit this heavenly resort again and again. 
  9.  Los Cabos – Christmas is the time for partying and Los Cabos located on the southern tip of Mexicos Baja Peninsula is the most suited place for party seekers clubbed with culture, elegance and natural heritage. 
  10.  Puerto Vallarta – It is a panoramic beach spot with ancient buildings and rugged mountains. The place is surrounded with ocean and hence it supports a wide variety of water sports all the year round.

Monday, November 28, 2016

How to Pack Lightly for a Long Trip!

back bag

First of all don’t buy a backpack or a suitcase that is bigger than carry on size. The best packing tip is to pack a day pack inside your full size bag and at the airport you can take the second bag out and have two bags small enough to carry both of them.

Only pack clothes for only seven days, even if you are travelling many days. It is easier to find a laundromat anywhere than rather carry the entire extra weights around with you the entire trip.

If carrying a warmer clothes MERINO clothing made from Merino wool is super-light which keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and it can be worn for days together still it won’t stink.

When selecting your clothes for a trip, have a look at each fabric and consider the following factors like Quality, thickness, weight, wrinkles, transparency and texture. Your ideal travel clothing should be durable, takes up minimum space and weight, should be wrinkle free and opaque and matches with the rest of your clothing in style and fit.

For undergarments synthetic material is the best since it is light weight and don’t take up a lot of volume. They also dry quicker.

Place all your clothes in the bag vertically where it looks like a filing cabinet. By this you can see all the clothes you have without lifting up or remove the ones on the top. With this you will be able to match your outfits better.

The other way is to use Rubber bands to tie each piece of clothing so that you will be able to fit in more into a smaller bag. Ball up your socks and underwear and stick them inside your shoes, this will save space in the rest of your bag.

Don’t bring toiletries you can buy from any place for cheap like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sunscreen. Unless you are travelling to a remote village with out electricity or running water.

Don’t take more than two pairs of shoes. For men especially shoes can take up a lot of room so take nice pair of sneakers that can be used for everything from hiking to happy hours as well as a light pair for more dressy travel occasions.

Where ever you go things are available anywhere in the world, so it is safe to pack half of what you think you’ll need.

Try avoiding carrying bottle liquid instead carry pouches.

Technology is so advanced that there is no need to carry certain objects. You can replace them with apps on your phone. For example camera, travel guide book, maps, magazines etc.

Wearing is not carrying. Stuff your pockets, wear your jackets, wear your hiking boots and pack your sandals.

Size up your carry on: You’ll Run the risk of paying a hefty sum if your bag exceeds your carrier’s size requirement for carry-on luggage. Before you consider which particular suitcase to take, check your airlines carry-on baggage restrictions to avoid extra fees.

Packing involves deeply personal decisions. Everyone has their own ideas of comfort and style. By following certain tips you can shed size and weight. It will not only save your trip but also will save your spine and your sanity.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Plan a Delightfully Romantic Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon

Planning a memorable honeymoon starts with choosing an exciting destination that matches your dreamy expectations of an ideal getaway. But coming to a settlement of deciding on a place is not easy. So if you are still trying to figure where you should be, you must go through the Honeymoon Tour Packages. Many Online sources has displayed a handy list of the best honeymoon destinations from around the world, where your partner and you can enjoy your trip.

The honeymoon is definitely a process of bonding a newly-wed couple, where the trip should be absolutely stress free. So here are some useful tips for planning your honeymoon.


Discuss what kind of holiday you would like to go.Should it be romantic or adventurous, peaceful or exciting, road-trip or luxury cruise, culture or nature? Taking a call on these really help narrow down the destinations you can plan.

If you are planning your first romantic vacation then we have a load of honeymoon packages on offer.

Once decided on the theme, list your best five destinations. There will be some crossing off some destination, going back and forth. Ultimately you will narrow down to the most two best destinations. See which out of the two the best place is and select the place you want to go. For all this the right hotel, holiday package,
Distance and budget can help you choose your destinations.


Set a budget-Once you have a budget in mind it becomes much easier to narrow down the holiday, hotel and destination you want to go to. Budgeting gives you an idea as to how much you’d be spending on this holiday, so that you can plan and save for the trip. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Holiday package – It is cheaper to book a holiday, with flights, hotels and some sightseeing tours included in a package, rather than booking them all separately.

Honeymoon special package- If you’re booking online, check out the special honeymoon packages, which are designed especially for newlywed couples, understanding their holiday needs and expectations from this special holiday.


Do your research: before going for this special holiday go through all your accommodations option and pick one which suits you best. Read customer reviews and travel blogs about hotels in the area, speak to people who might have visited the place and go through the hotel ratings on reliable websites.

Inform the hotel about the Honeymoon – Letting the hotel know about the honeymoon will most likely result in good service along with some special treatment. Most hotels also offer a honeymoon packages, which has many complimentary services, like a complementary dinner, a room with a good view.

Book in advance – Advance planning will help you to have better trip, so get the room and rates of your choice by booking well in advance.

Seven Weird Things People Leave With The Hotel Concierge

Credit:James Moniz
The concierge performs one of the most vital jobs in a hotel because it is their responsibility to liaise with the customers for tasks such as booking reservations, arranging spa treatments and organising trips to local restaurants. It is important that the concierge is able to perform several tasks at once without making any mistakes, so a calm demeanour is absolutely vital.

It is the concierge’s job to contact guests who may have left their belongings behind. Once the guests have been contacted, the belongings can be safely returned with a minimum amount of stress.

Some guests leave some strange items behind when they leave their Broome accommodation, so the concierge needs to be able to deal with this without getting a shock. Read on in order to find out more.


Many people travel with their pets when they are going on holiday. This is because some guests cannot bear to be without their special companion whilst they travel. Whilst people dote on their animals, sometimes they can forget to take their animals home with them after they have finished their holiday. Some concierges have walked into hotel rooms to find dogs, cats and birds on the loose after they have been forgotten by their owners. In this case, it is extremely important that the pets are reunited with their owners because this can be extremely distressing for everyone involved. Choose a quality hotel in Broome which will return lost pets.

Artificial Limbs

Some guests will need the aid of artificial limbs in order to walk properly. Whilst most people won’t forget to take their prosthetics home with them, some people carry spares in their luggage just in case their primary limbs get damaged or lost. However, the hotel chain Travelodge claimed to have found more than seventy pairs of artificial limbs left behind in rooms between 2003-2004.

Urn Containing Ashes

People travel from far and wide to have their relatives cremated, which often means that they have to stay in a hotel on their way back home. It might seem extremely strange, but there are dozens of reports where a hotel concierge has found an urn containing the ashes of a guest’s relatives. This makes it seem like some people have other priorities when they are packing their bags in order to leave the hotel. Again, it is very important that the concierge acts quickly to return the ashes, because the guests may be extremely upset by their forgetful mistake.

False Teeth

People of a certain age often need false teeth so that they can speak clearly and chew food comfortably. It may seem obvious that these fake teeth should be the first thing that guests remember to take with them when they leave. However, there are many cases of forgetful pensioners leaving their precious false teeth behind.

Cardboard Celebrity Cutouts

Some people travel with cardboard cutouts of celebrities which are mysteriously left behind.

Set Of X-Rays

Some guests who have visited the hospital sometimes leave their x-rays behind.

Wedding Dress

Some newly-wed brides sometimes leave their dresses behind.

Hopefully, this guide has highlighted some of the strange items which are left for the concierge to find.

Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Survive On Air with an Infant

For all of us flying is a nerve-wrecking. But flying with a baby is a hundred times harder than flying alone. There are many question put up like will she sleep? Will he cry? Will your seat mates understand or give you a dirty look? So flying with kids is never easy but a little preparation before the flight can go a long way.

Always book an early flight since the baby is in a good mood during early in the day.

First thing is KEEP BOTTLES, PACIFIERS AND TOYS HANDY. So that while sucking and swallowing it will help relieve the pressure during take-off and landing. Since the babies don’t know enough to pop their ears.

Always BE PATIENT WITH YOUR BABY AND YOURSELF since they are too small to understand anything.

Do reserve the bulk head seat and a Bassinet for a long hour flight. This will give you a place to attend to your baby comfortably.

Pay for extra legroom: It makes holding a lap child much more comfortable plus there is more room on the ground for your bulky diaper bag.

Bring both toys and treats like lollipops so they get busy while take-off or landing.

Pack the carry bag wisely. Ensure that there are plenty of nappies, wipes,cloths, bottles of formula, and change of clothes.

Always request for an aisle seat so that it is easier to move out along with the baby and don’t stumble on other passenger. But sometimes it is not good to sit since you are in the way of the flight attendant and creates many other distractions where the baby will get disturbed.

Have a bottle of water handy. Flying and breast-feeding are both dehydrating the mother. The mothers can drink sit themselves in order to stay hydrated enough to nurse the child.

Do carry little extra of familiar food ,milk and diapers because sometime the plane gets delayed for hours together and your child doesn’t have anything for outsides so at least what you have carried comes handy.

Don’t ever try to give your baby any medication especially any drowsy medicines so that baby will sleep well on the plane.

There is a saying that A HUNGRY BABY IS USUALLY A GRUMPY BABY. So feeding is one way to keep baby happy on the boards.

Choosing a family friendly or baby friendly airline can make life easier. Bring in a stroller as it can also be a bed or a high chair.

Usually some passengers are not used to the baby crying and yelling .They will shout and yell at you but be calm.

Dress yourself and the infant properly for the trip. As one knows how well the airflow on the plane is you can get extremely cold or extremely hot.

Monday, November 14, 2016

First trip to Europe? What to expect


Europe is a country of miraculous sights and stupendous splendours. And your first trip to the continent is always filled with apprehension and anticipation and a definite desire to see it all. But if you wish to see it all at once, chances are you would not be able to see anything at all. Hence you would find most travel gurus advising you to take it slow and soak it all in. It is an extensive continent and probably the most instagrammable on the planet. So if this is your first time travelling to your Europe, here are some key things that you ought to expect:

  1.  No matter how hard you try, you would not be able to see everything at all. So it is definitely better to take it slow. Unless you do that, chances are you would spend more time in trains or buses than actual destinations. If you are in Paris, and you think you have to visit everywhere, chances are you would end up missing one or two key things in a significant place that you could have otherwise enjoyed. 
  2.  Language is not really a bar in the European nations as many people get away with speaking English, as most people understand this language, well enough to not create a problem for tourists. 
  3.  Europe is generally considered to be quite safe, but if your father is not Liam Neeson then you might want to steer clear of anything remotely dangerous just in case. Many hotels ask for passports as it is a European union regulation to scan and understand your complete database for their safeguard. However, make sure to keep your passport handy at all other times. 
  4.  If you are planning your first trip to Europe, check calendar dates thoroughly. If you can squeeze in festivals amidst your travels, then it would only enhance the beauty of your tour. So check for festivals like Oktoberfest or la tomatina or Glastonbury, and breathe in the flavours of Europe like a local. 
  5.  One key thing to remember before heading off to Europe is it is a place, which has everything. So you do not need to pack in your entire house when you go travelling. So it is always agreeable to pack light and pack smart. If you think you are going to be doing a fair bit of shopping then you might as well pack a lightweight duffle bag to hold everything in. 
  6.  No matter where you go to eat, Europe always demands service taxes. So tipping does become a bit of a tricky affair. Many locals leave a bit of coins on the table, but whether you are obliged to tip heavily, there is no surety. 
  7.  It is highly feasible for first time travellers to pay in local currency. If you are keen on taking money out of ATM, then be prepared to pay all kinds of fees, because most foreign ATMs charge a variety of fees. So make sure to have sufficient information from your own bank before travelling.

Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Travel Well On a Budget

When you ask someone what they wish to do more in life they say touring the world, but in a low tone they say money is important for travelling. Travelling on a budget is good in away that you are forced to spend your money on the things that you need only. It also makes you realise how one must be careful about luxuries where you really can’t live without it.

Keeping budget plan in your head you can travel more often withoutbreaking thebank. Travelling on a tight budget can be done easily .Everything really matters is your needs and wants. One can also travel on a budget with whatever money he has saved for a very long time, but one thing remember go to the right place where you will save a lot of money. If the budget is tight go to a cheaper country. In case of a stay in expensive countries cut on your cost.

Here are some tips how one can have a good holiday while keeping budget in mind. 

Planning In Advance: 

Always decide your destination early and start finding out different packages or deals. Everythinggets more expensive the longer you wait. E.g. Air ticket andHotel reservation. Try booking a connecting flight where a chunk of money can be saved.

Avoid Travelling During Peak Period: 

Going out on OFF-PEAK times can seriously cut cost. Peak times can wary depending on your destination, but try not to go during a major holiday, spring and summer breaks.

Travel Light: 

Remember not to use oversized bags whenever possible. Try to keep one bag per person, otherwise you will charged for the extra luggage.

Plan Your Meals: 

Figure out where you will be and eat before you go out. This will help you to find economical restaurants that taste great.


A big part of your budget goes to accommodation cost and your money will go a long way if yousave a lot on your lodging. When you travel you spend a lot of your time in sightseeing the full day. The only times you need to spend in your hostel is when you eat, sleep and shower. Hostels arevery popular especially for the back packers since they offer dormitory rooms for an affordable price. The other way is to rent an apartment which is cheaper than a room in a hotel.

Work Abroad: 

If you really can’t afford to travel the best way is to work aboard. Be it the cruise liners or be a nanny or a teaching job.

Skip The Souvenirs: 

If you want to bring something back for friends and family, get something simple like a coaster from a bar or a shell off a beach. If you want to remember locations snap a picture with your phone.

Save Money On Transportation: 

An overnight train ride or a bus ride saves the cost of one night’s accommodation.

Mini Tours: 

There are tours that take you for days which become very try to find out mini tours where they take you around for a short time, which in turn will be a bit cheap.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How Do I Choose My Destination and Prepare for Each Trip

Planning a long trip can be a hectic task; especially how to start with, what are the different steps to be taken.

Think always what interest you have got in life and this will help you to choose your travel destination. Therefore traveling must have a purpose, without a purpose travelling can be very boring therefore it is good to choose a destination where you can achieve a goal or do what you like but don’t waste time choosing a destination just for the sake of seeing a country.

No one knows what can happen on the road. Stepping out of your door into the unknown place makes you’re travelling exciting so one should be ready for both the good and the bad. You may end up enjoying yourselves in one place and on the other hand end up getting robbed in another place. You may spend an amazing days on the beaches of Thailand or end up with a food poisoning in another place. So one should be prepared for the worst and should be able to face whatever happens on the road.

There are certain tips how must we prepare ourselves for the trip. 

Take Multipurpose Gear: 

Take limited clothes where it can be used for multipurpose, which will save you from carrying heavy luggage.

Carry A Small First Aid Kit: 

Always carry a few essential items to be safe. Such as Stomach illness medicines, Band-Aid, Dettol, scissors, bandages and antibiotics.

Pack A Small Flash Light: 

Many people don’t carry the torch but it does come handy when you decide to enter a cave, or when the electricity goes out unexpected.

Learn Basic Phrases: 

Remember to always learn a few phrases before travelling to a new place. You will be able to communicate easily for basic needs.

Decide The Length Of Your Trip And Research Your Costs: 

Once you know how long you are going you can research on your cost in your destination at the style of travel you want. Whether you want to backpack or stay in a luxury hotels. Knowing all these information it will allow you estimate how much money you’ll need for your trip.

Start To Save Money: 

Time to start saving. Note down all your current expense and think how one can curtail the expense, check for last minute deals.

Keep Emergency Cash With You: 

Now days there are ATM all over the world but you never know when emergency cash might come in handy. Sometimes the ATM is not working at the airport then you are stuck without any money.

Make Extra Copies: 

Always keep an extra copy of your document. If you get robbed or lose your passport, having copies makes it easier to find your documents.

Carry A List Of Emergency Contacts: 

If something happens on the way, so having a list of emergency numbers will help medical professional know who to contact.

Keep A Check On The Weather: 

It is very important to check out the weather so that you are prepared to carry woollen clothes or warm clothes or a rainy wear and umbrellas.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Trogir the Historical Island

Trau is another name for Trogir.It is one of the most Enchanting towns on the Adriatic Coast. It is located between the island of Ciovo and the mainland. It is one of the biggest historical heritages in the world. This city has finely carved facades, elegant churches, palaces, renaissance gates and medieval streets which reflect Dalmatian art and architecture at its best. It was once a cultural centre of Dalmatia.

If you visit Trogir then youshould combine sightseeing in the old town with beach days on Ciovo or you can take a boat to the unspoiled offshore islands of DRVENIK MALI AND DRVENIL VELI.


Trogir is a lovely Mediterranean town with various adventures and a lot of fun. Tourist can visit and explore the Trogir and Dalmatia for adventurous activity. One can take the bike ride across the bridge to the island of Ciovo.One can admire the fishing places, pine woods and crystal clear sea. There are many bay with amazing beaches on your way to Slatine.There is also a beautiful beach Kava. For  more adventure and fun Okrug Gornji is a place to be where they have water sports and many other fun loving games.


Trogir’s historic center is the source of the area’s greatest treasures. At night a place called Riva comes alive with vendors selling everything right from candy to lavender oil. They have street entertainment in the forms of fire baton, twilers, mimes and various singing groups. On the main land the city markets are open till midnight so that the visitors get to do some shopping even at the last moment before they leave. The nautical port is a favourite destination.


Enjoy the view of the cathedral, town clock and palace along with a cup of coffee in the main town square.One can climb up to the church bell of St Lawrence cathedral and enjoy the unique panoramic view of the surroundings. The town turn magical at night time, the stone walls become alive under the street lights and Dalmatian songs can be heard from every corner.

Enjoy the Picturesque islands Fumija and Kraljevac or magnificent laguna Keknjasi.If you can ride the boat then you can easily reach the most beautiful island Hvar which is one of the most beautiful ports in the world. While entering the port of Trogir the town walls, kamerlengo Tower and many church bells will leave you breathless.


You can find anything in Trogir you will find different shops jewellery stores and souvenir shops.Konzum is a supermarket with its wide offer of products which is located at the entrance to the town.
Tavern Capo is the famous place where you can try the local cuisine and restaurant DonDino helps you to choose the specialities and quality wines from their rich menu.

Disco bar Padre or Disco bar Manaco across the bridge on the island of Ciovo are famous for modern music so make sure you enjoy your night out.

Trogir isvery easy to travel and stress free. You can travel either by car or public transport.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to Make Friends While Traveling Abroad

make friends
When anyone travels abroad OR any place within their surroundings they tend to come across many different types of people, be it different religion, hence here you are exposed to their culture, experience and stories. Making friends abroad is very difficult because we come from another country.


Before going to a new place find out from your friends, relative and ex-colleague whether they know anybody living at that place. If at all they know then get in touch with them, meet up for a coffee or a drink and have a chat.

Making new friends when you move is a bit like dating. You have to go out of your way try and form a connection with new people.

You have already something in common with other travellers. The fact that you’re travelling it is obvious the question asked by the opposite party iswhere have you been? Where are you from?

Introduce yourself to your neighbour see who has the similar lifestyle, kids of similar age, similar professional background. Find out about the local habits from your neighbours.

Remember one thing by sitting in your house and finding friends is not possible. You have to go out of your way by getting information about local cultural activities, websites, magazines distributed at metro stations etc. Go for different events. Check also for wider expat communities, their public networking events, fairs, parties etc. Everybody makes it a point to attend these types of events of getting to know one another and there is no need to rack your brains as how to start your conversation.

If living in a place doesn’t use the language what you are speaking then it becomes difficult so, enrol your name for some language course which is used in that place.
You can find friend on online now. MEET UP is the great site that you can join to find out about social events in your area and meet new people.

If sports areyour hobby then it is a great way to make friends who have the similar interest what you have. Many sport and hobby clubs encourage new members from all backgrounds. Voluntary work is another way of keeping yourself involved in charitable work and also making friends.

Making new friends takes efforts and sometimes without realising people aren’t so open to havesomeone new come into their lives.

Popular hangouts can be found in destination throughout the world and hitting the bars can be an ideal way to meet people. Attending organized activities such as quizzes, karaoke nights and racing can also offer you an opportunity to mix with fellow expats and make new friends with them.

It can be hard to make new friends wherever you are in the world. But actually expat community are very welcoming provided you make an effort to get out and meet people. You will find that these tips have really worked by making a lot of friends.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tips for Going as a Solo or an Independent Traveller

We all have bucket lists of PLACES we want to travel in our lifetime. But we hold ourselves back because we have no one to go with. Everyone has different schedules, budgets and travelling interest, so waiting for the right time and right person to join you is just a waste. So just start planning your trip and enjoy.

Travelling alone can seem to be scary from the comfort of home. For instance what if you get stranded somewhere? Can you go out at night alone? Won’t I feel weird eating alone in the restaurants? All these worries come into the solo travellers mind.

Experienced Gained While Travelling: 

Traveling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully and also an amazing experience but it can also be demanding. Everything from your itinerary to how much fun you have is all up to you. Travelling alone has some weak points like one must be aware of the safety, loneliness and the dreaded single supplement. But if you are well prepared in your mind of going solo then you can save money and also go through the rough spots. One can rest whenever he or she wants.

Travelling solo gives you the opportunity to do what you want, and when you want. But see that you don’t fall into the comfort trap. Know your strength go at your own pace but challenge yourself, no matter if its talking to strangers or switching off that GPS for a day.

Travelling alone makes you a better observer of people and places around you. By being a Solo traveller it increases the curiosity about the surroundings and gives you a chance learn a lot rather being with a travel companion.

Beware Of Safety: 

Travelling solo can be both safe and rewarding but always be careful of safety concerns as you would be travelling in a group .Take care in large cities at night, watch your drinks, beware of any local scams and keep a close eye on your valuables.

Always be respectful no matter where you are going in the world, make sure you’re down with the local customs and dos and don’ts.

Having Knowledge Of Language Of A Place Your Are Going To Travel: 

Make an effort to learn few words and phrases before you go travelling. Learn how to introduce yourself, start a basic conversation and learn numbers from 1 to 10. This is how you will be able to interact with the people around you.

Being alone also make you remove some time to reflect on your travels. If you want to spend some time in the afternoon for photographing, you can do it. You are the boss yourself.

In fact there’s so much you can do when you travel alone and then you’ll wonder how you managed to travel with someone else in the past.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Group Travel Myths Debunked

Group Travel
A beautiful quote goes “The only impossible journey is the one you don’t begin!” and it is worth mentioning that if you avoid travelling as a tourist to the place you’ve always wanted to see and your friend isn’t coming, you might be missing a terribly nice opportunity! A few guided programs work very well for the tourists but many end up being a disappointing rip-off. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose your holiday planner well and debunking popular myths you’ve always heard from your friends about their unsatisfying trips.

Why you shouldn’t avoid a guided tour for the wrong reasons: 

Believe it or not, today’s guided programs are carefully curated to specifically capture the local flavour and the culture of the place you’re touring. If your friends aren’t able to join you in your trip, worry less because you can always make friends with your tour companions.

However, pat yourself on your back if you hear any of the following ‘myths’ about group travel and know they’re biased :

  • It’s for old people who want to stick with just seeing around the city’s landmarks! 
  • It isn’t flexible the way you want it. This one-size-fits-all concept doesn’t fit me!
When you’re visiting some of the glorious places on the earth, remember that you are not going to be one among the few who’s visiting that museum/church. What the guided tours offer in this case is to gain you, the tourist, valuable priority access to the place where you’d have otherwise spent hours just standing in the queues. With an insider’s view of the place, it’s always warm to listen to the stories from the guide and other locals with whom you’ll have lunch/dinner. Some hand-picked experiences that you’d have never get otherwise are on the cards if you have found a perfect guided-tour agency.

A fixed clock means you cannot have any plans on your own-

If you’re flying schedule is prepared long before you leave, it’s true you cannot change plans on the fly. However, some agencies provide you the complete itinerary around which you can plan for things to do on your own if you’re game for it. There are agencies that work in their free time just to provide an immersive experience for the tourists to explore more on their own if they want to. A South African agency Trafalgar’s M.D. says, “If the group is small, it’s easier to give them the flexibility they want but regardless, we always aim to give the guests some time to do what they feel like independent of the group. We work to get them the most out of their travel.”

No time to get to know the life of the locals-

Some tourists believe that guided tours rob them of the chance to get to meet the locals on their tours and spend time talking to them about their way of life, culture and their heritage. It’s a false opinion they carry. Guided tours are flexible enough now to let you mingle with the locals, make friends, have a casual chat over coffee. In some places, the group camps over for two nights at a spot and this can be the time to get out, walk into a bar and start some conversation with the local bartender.

Monday, October 24, 2016

6 Popular Visa Free Destinations for South Africans

Come March next year, and we can expect a set of reforms for the South-African tourists visiting Europe. New Zealand, however, has the exact opposite plan. From Nov 22nd, tourists from SA cannot go to New Zealand directly without a visiting visa, that would take up to 6 weeks for processing and NZ $650 for the same. This is said to be the result of increasing number of tourists were stranded outside the borders of New Zealand when they were refused entry. According to a few travel agencies and tour operators, this would be one of the main red signs for visitors to the island country.

For the tourists who only want to be accepted wherever they go, we are compiling a list of destinations you can always go to and feel at home.

A travel agency in South Africa, Trafalgar, has disclosed that they had received a huge number of tour requests for Ireland in 2016 and hopes that the case this year won’t be different. When they had simply promoted Ireland as the visa-free destination, response from the public was very positive as they didn’t have to spend time or money haggling in the visa paperwork process. Apart from all this, the Irish offer a free extend of the stay of a visitor up to 3 months and this divulges a warm image of the nation. South African tourists can relate incredibly well to Ireland as a place with all they love – Music, Fun, Pubs, Guiness, Sport etc.

Reunion Island

Being a part of the European Union, Reunion Island will give off the real French flair along with some exotic tropical laid-back experience. An island full of French citizens and the currency being Euro tells us that this is nothing but miniature France. If you fly by Air Austral to the place, it’ll give you a nice preview with a super-friendly French crew. A good plus is that you don’t have to apply and obtain a Schengen visa if you’re a South African citizen.


The 7th most common tourists to this island are South Africans, according to a survey taken in 2016. Increased number of flights would make sure that the trend continues this year around. Seychelles has tourism as one of the key factors of its economy and its sun-filled, exotic holidays are no match for any other place that requires you to pay for visas and wait till you get them. Visa-free travel is indeed a huge incentive for potential travellers of the island.


One of the top getaways for the SA tourists around December is Mozambique, to which Fly Blue Crane airline is planning affordable flights in the near-future. This will pique the travel interest further, and trips from and to Johannesburg will become more popular and not to mention, more common.


Even for tourists with some volatile Rand in their wallets, Thailand would remain a cost-effective destination. With many options for spending the vacation, Thailand offers great experiences with great islands and its relaxed beaches. Being visa-free, it avoids all the hassles with paperwork and makes for a peaceful and quick escape.


The breath-taking island in vicinity for the South African people is Mauritius, a small island with beautiful sights for honeymooners, solo-travellers as well as family vacationers. Since there aren’t any visa requirements, the tourism has picked up recently with different packages for various needs and budgets.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Explore the Picturesque Street of This Historic Island Town Lindau

The main history of LINDAU started on an island on the lake Constance. It is known as the historical island of unrivalled charm and beauty. This place is situated in the remotest South Western corner of Bavaria. It is one of the leading TOURIST centres. There are many ways to discover this island by roaming through the old town center, visit the harbour entrance, take a boat or go sailing, admire the far off places and also for a unique experience go up in the air with a balloon.

Since Lindau is surrounded by Lake Constance there are many water sports. You can swim dive surf or go sailing .This lake is shared by Germany, Austria and Switzerland; therefore 3 countries can be visited just in one day.

Sightseeing Along With Shopping: 

The night is so beautiful that it starts to glow and turns out to be very romantic. The harbour is like a fairy tale where the lights illuminate.

The view of snow-capped mountains of Switzerland is really worth seeing. A walk along the harbour with the backdrop of Switzerland Mountains is really stunning.

To get an Ariel view of Lindau and Lake Constance one can go up in the COLOURFUL BALLOON.
SPA performances concert are held on the Lake side promenade on sultry summer evenings.

MANGTURM is another place with lovely old tower along the waterfront is one of the landmarks of Lindau. It is a very photogenic with many cafes and railway station around it. This tower resemblesRapunzel’s brad hanging from the Mangturm.

If you wish to do some shopping KAS ECKE is famous for cheese and wine lovers delight.GALERIE BUDDHA palace is famous for its statue. MOJO is a small souvenir shop on one of the streets of the old town on the island where different types of souvenir, jewellery and textile items are sold.

BAYERISCHE SPIEKBANK Lindau is a large park for such a smallish island. It features lush flowerbeds with exotic tropical plant producing a range of variety of colours. It is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the boating pleasures. Summer is the best time to visit this town.

The LIGHT HOUSE and the LION GATE are the gate keepers to the harbour and make a pleasant aiming point for a walk. It is a gorgeous spot and a great location for photography. The water fronts are bustling with street performer’s cafes and shops.




Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bintan Island the Treasure bay


As we look forward to visiting new islands, Bintan Island is one such island that is fast becoming very popular with travellers. It is one of the most scenic and idle location in Indonesia. This place enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. Bintan is the biggest province of Riau Island.

The economy of Bintan is centred on tourism. In some of these areas one will find good resorts with its natural beauty and traditional handicrafts as souvenirs. Being a well-developed island, one will find beautiful tropical forests with different types of birds and reptiles making it a gorgeous island of Indonesia.The island attracts plenty of tourists because of its natural beauty as represented by its forests and beaches.

On the Bintan Island there is a fabulous gateway for international tourists with a stretch of beaches and clear waters offering a variety of water sports and optional accommodation of deluxe class hotels and luxury villas. Traditional villages are also plenty offering visitors a glimpse into the locals culture. A 45-minute ferry ride transports you to a world of white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, great Indonesian cuisine and plenty of outdoor activities.

Places of Interest In Bintan: 

The Best Place for Bargaining: 

Tanjung Pinang 

It is a small and friendly town. Here you can find different types of local food, pick up souvenirs. One can afford doing shopping as the wares are made locally and handmade. The street peddlers provide the best bargains with colourful display of Javanese batik cloths, local artefacts, handcrafted toys and gems. Lagoi Bay is the famous mall catering to fashions, Indonesian gifts and convenience stores.

Sunbathe And Dip At: 

Trikora Beach / Pantai Trikora 

These are a perfect spot for sunbathing or dipping in the sea. These boasts of three different hues of blue on a clear sunny day. Though camera shies these people are quiet friendly and greets the tourist with a smile. It can be difficult to get there, so taxi or bus is the best route from Tanjung Pinang. Even if the beach is isolated there are accommodations here. The sand over here is white and the water is clean, a great place for relaxation after the hot and busy streets of Tanjung Pinang. A fishing village and a small ship building factory are some of the tourist attraction.
Santa Maria Cave : 

It was built in 18th century by a Dutch Pastor. This is a home to Mother Mary statue atop a half globe. It is just opposite Trikora beach. On every Sunday devotees come and sings songs of praises while enjoying a get-together with everyone. Till date the place is still very well preserved and maintained. You should not miss out this place when you visit Bintan.

Pasar Oleh-Oleh: 

It is a cluster of Indonesian-style huts.One can taste variety of food right from local Indonesian delicacies like prawn or fish crackers, belinjo crackers, packets of dried seafood such as ikan bilis, scallops and shrimps.Kueh lapis a spongy and sweet square-shaped Indonesian cake baked to a layered perfection should be tasted.

Affordable and Fresh Sea Food At: 

Sebung Village 

If you're a seafood lover then Sebung Village is the best place. You can taste the freshness of Bintan seafood in the Kelong style restaurant with a very reasonable price too.

Bintan Elephant Park: 

Eight Sumatran elephants run the show here. These elephants are trained to perform tricks like 360 degree turns on their hind legs and then jive to some disco. This park also lets you interact with the gentle giant. One can ride on their backs and take a tour through the forest.

Outdoor Activities: 

Being an island destinations there are lots of water sports activities at the water sports centres. November to March are famous for boogie boarding, wind surfing and long boarding’s as the north easterly winds swells the water that is a surfer’s delight. April to October the calm waters makes it idle for jet skiing, water skiing, diving and snorkelling.

On land you can enjoy ATV rides, mountain biking and adventure treks. Bintan Lagoon Resort offers ATV and Segway rides.

Monday, October 17, 2016

7 Least Known Travel Attractions of Incredible India

India is a country which is proud of its unity in diversity. From the northern Himalayas to the southern tip of Kanyakumari, it is the only nation to proudly host every natural diversity there is. From snow capped peaks to scenic beaches to arid lands to the majestic Thar deserts to the jungles of Sunderbans, India is a country which truly has everything. Here are some of the yet undiscovered travelling treasures that this country has yet to offer:
  1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh: it is a much lesser known about and explored beautiful region in the north eastern part of the country. The green fields and those patches of greenery with its intermittent playfields of the clouds and mist, this is a place where your camera wouldn’t be bored for a change. 
  2. Mawlynnong village: this village in the north eastern fringe of the country is a tiny village in the state of Shillong. It has been deemed the cleanliest village in Asia due to the ample amount of hard work its inhabitants has invested in it to make it so celestial and surreal. It is often referred to as god’s own creation and during the monsoons when the rains emerge; it takes on a whole new beautiful avatar that is often left to be viewed rather than to be described. 
  3. Tarkarli beach in Maharashtra: a truly non commercialised and undiscovered gem of this nation is this beach replete with a divine serenity and peace that is transcendental and celestial. Its pristine waters with it long, narrow beaches with their rows of shuru trees all make for quite a compelling picture. 
  4. Lepchajagat, west Bengal: if you are bored with the commercialization, urbanization and over-crowded claustrophobia of Darjeeling then this place is spot on for you. It also provides breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga but at the same time it also provides the quiet and calm that is missing from the queen of hills. You could also indulge in long walks through the narrow winding roads filled with pine, firs and rhododendrons and enjoy a scenic sunrise from the ghoom rock. 
  5. Manas national park, Assam: if you love being in the bosom of nature but you are bored with the same old, same old then take a trip to Manas National Park in Assam which is a tiger reserve as well as an elephant and a biodiversity reserve. Visit from October to April and indulge in a peaceful holiday here. 
  6. Nohkalikai Falls: if you are in shilling then take the road less taken and be in for the most beautiful view of your life. Nestled amidst lush greenery the Nohkalikai Waterfalls hold the crown for being the waterfall with the tallest plunge in our country. It cascades from an altitude of 340 metres. 
  7. Drass: even the rapid tourist influx in Ladakh has left many avid travellers in a flux. However Drass near the Zoji La pass in the Kargil district is also known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’ and is known to be the second coldest inhabited place in the world. 

 So pack your bags and get out for a vacation that you would always remember.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fright Festivals and Other Chilling Reasons to Travel

Fright Festivals
Image Credit:Nytimes
Travelling with your friends and family can be made more interesting if you plan your vacation at the correct time and place. All that every traveler expects from its holidays are lots and lots of fun that would enforce you to create ravishing memories which you will cherish all thorough out your life. Its all about experiencing some quality time with your near and dear ones. One of such reasons that will illumine your holiday with lot of fun, thriller, excitement and many more is

Fright Festivals

This festival is about Halloween stuffs that will remind you of your childhood days. It has always been a lot of fun and excitement as it is a festival of fear and terror all over the territory enfolded with a lot of happy surprises. It’s like a fancy dress competition that seems to be going on in the entire locality. Everyone dresses like ghosts and zombies and move about in the streets.

All the schools, colleges and offices are given holidays during this festival. Everyone may that be a kid, a teen-ager or an adult are dressed in their most weird attires and that’s the most interesting part of this festival. All the ghosts from the hell seem to be walking freely on the streets. Its sheer awe-strucking moment when you just cannot miss out looking even at a single person. There are many zombie competition and cultural programs organized during this time which is worth watching.

One of the most interesting of them is the zombie walk. The best dress is awarded a price and since it is a festival related to creativity, the ones with the best creative skills are also awarded. Since this festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm, you can expect to get discounts in hotel fairs and restaurants as well. So, traveling during the fright festival is both a new experience clubbed with lot of enjoyments and fun that will make your vacation a memorable one fitting in your budget.

Several Other Occasions Are: 

Shoulder Season – It is the time between early September and October. During this time the rush at the holiday destinations are much reduced. Hence, to attract travelers discounts are given on ticket bookings, hotel fairs and also on many tourist attractive places. So, you can plan your trip at your favorable spot without experiencing much stress on your expenses.

Religious Festivals – You can also plan your festival to the places when it is the time for their most enticing religious festival, due to this you can get the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and heritage of many places and add them to your wardrobe of memories and can feel the essence later. Besides, you can also experience discounts in all fields related to your trip. The festivals can actually turn out to be the best periods to go for holidaying at the respective places that you had wished for with your friends and family.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Top Travel Destinations for Kids

Who doesn’t love to travel? But when you have children, you begin contemplating a thousand things before you can start travelling. Would the place be child friendly? Would it be safe? Would your child enjoy it? The things to take into consideration increase a manifold when you are a parent. So if you are looking to plan your next vacation as a family, here are the best travel destinations in India:

  1. Puri, odisha: Puri is a centre of devotion. It houses the temple of Jagannath and is known to attract devotees from across the world. It is also a scenic beach on the eastern side of the nation. Bengali parents generally commence their touring as a family from this place. It not only teaches the child about our rich history but the beach is quite clean for you to take a dip in.
  2. Darjeeling: the queen of Bengal, Darjeeling is beauty personified. There are families which go back to Darjeeling time and again being mesmerised by its compelling beauty. So make sure you take your child to breathe in the fresh mountain air and soak in the beauty of Kanchenjungha.
  3. Andaman: Andaman and Nicobar islands might be union territories within the Indian constituency and Nicobar might be out of bounds, but visit Andaman at least once in your lifetime. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in India but it is also a place that needs to be visited to understand the sacrifice that our freedom fighters went through to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Also there are a number of beach activities that you can indulge in with your child.
  4. Himachal Pradesh: there is a reason why Himachal Pradesh is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. The Delhi-Manali route is absolutely breathtaking, and everything from the hills to the peaks to the temples to the air- is outstandingly beautiful. The snow clad peaks and the celestial Rhotang pass is a must visit with your family if you want to have snow fights and bring back ample memories.
  5. Kerala: where better to take your child for a vacation than god’s own country Kerala? Visit Munnar and enjoy relaxing boat rides at Muttupetty Lake. Look out for the Nilgiri Thar when you visit the Rajamalai national park. Visit Wayanad and visit the Eddekal Lake or the Pokot Lake or the refreshing bath under the Soochippara waterfalls. Go up to Kochin and enjoy the backwater boat rides and a relaxing ambience with your child.
  6. Corbett national park: if you are die hard nature lover and you wish to initiate your children too, the Corbett national park in Uttarakand is an ideal place to visit as a family. Take an early morning safari and soak in all the beauty Mother Nature can bestow on you.
  7. Aurangabad, Maharashtra: it is the place which houses the famous Ajanta caves and other indigenous buildings from the 12th century BC. It also has Ellora caves and other places to visit from which you and your child can bring back a host of memories

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hidden Treasures at Flea and Antique Market Around The World

Flea market
During the holiday seasons everyone is keen on buying something unique and memorable gifts. Hence treasure hunting at flea markets might be the best place for you to find the best things.

Flea markets are those where people prefer buying old and used goods in good condition. Some of the best flea markets are:

Marche Aux Puces: Paris

It is the biggest of all the flea markets, in other words it is the MOTHER of all flea markets. There are 12 markets spread all over with wares from antiques toquirky, Kitsch style junk. It is one of the free Parisattractions that travellers taking care of their budget should definitely add to their itinery.

Try to shop on Mondays by arriving in the morning where you can a better chance of dealers being open and also cleaning up after the weekend.

Folhmarket Im Mauerpark: Berlin

A visit to Berlin flea market should be during the weekend. You can literally bargain. There are different markets for different products. Right from vintage clothes, old plates and book chandeliers and porcelain. Many Flohmarkte or Trodelmarkte can be found in the different Bezirke .The best part is that it is also one of the most international markets. Some of the famous flea market is Hallenflohmarkt in der Arena, Nowkolln Flowmarkt is Maybachuferand Kreuzboerg Flow market is Moritzplatz.

El Rastro: Madrid

It is a largest open air market. It is held open from 9am to 3 pm in the historic centre of Madrid every Sunday and also on public holidays. Attracting as many local’s tourists and offering a variety of products both old and new. The market has a unique atmosphere for tourists and locals, who make the most of their visit by combining a little shopping followed by the customary drink and tapas. Shoppers can pick up antiques and a wide assortment of curiosities and discover themed streets like San Cayetano known as PAINTER STREET displaying numerous oil paintings, water colours and reproductions of great artworks.

Portobello Road: London 

It is one of the famous street markets in the world with Antiques market having over 1000 dealers selling every kind of Antiques and collections from all over the world. It is situated in the heart of Notting Hill, A trendy area of London made famous by the film. Thousands of people are seen around looking through second hand clothing stalls .This is a place where you can shop and eat and shop more again.

Brooklyn Flea Market: Newyork

It is a prominent place to score vintage furniture, décor, clothing and handmade goods. It has beautiful vast aisles where one can get lost .You might even forget where you are. Food is a major focal point of the Brooklyn flea, where you’ll find one of the best smatterings of tacos, cupcakes, lobster rolls, cannoli and Asian inspired hot dogs in the country.

Rose Bowl Flea Markets: California

This place is a true legend among flea market lovers in California. More than 20000 flea market enthusiasts gather each month at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. There are 2500 stalls filled with anything and everything their heart could desire or dare to dream of. All in one place, shoes, clothes, furniture, jewellery, sunglasses, crafts, keepsakes, art fabrics, bike costumes, music and every imaginable type of merchandise. This place is full of surprises.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Skiing in the Tatra Mountains

If anyone needed a complete change of holiday destination with a different experience, Jasna Slovakia is the right winter ski centre to spend quality time with your family and friends. No matter whether they are beginners or experts in skiing, they will fall in love with the various facilities and steepness of slopes which can also be witnessed from the ski lifts. For those who like to relax and spend time in sightseeing.

This place is good. It is Slovakia’s largest ski area and is situated in the Low Tatras mountain range. Tatras are very beautiful mountains with thickly forested slopes. It is 40 minutes’ drive from the nearest airport, PopradTatry. Heavy investment in the life system and on the slope facilities has seen Jasna rise to be one of the best resorts in Central Europe over the past few years.

There are some few places where one can visit that is JASNA NIZKE TATRY located in the Liptov region, close to Liptovsky Mikulas in Demanovska Dolina on the northern slope of the low Tatras. It has got longest ski slopes in Slovakia in 5 areas that is Zahradky, Jasna, Otupne, Srdiecko and Kosodrevina.

There is 36 km of slopes and many free ride zones. You can Ski in the evening on the illuminates slope at Biela Put. The winter starts from December to the end of April. The resort Jasna Nizke Tatry offers fresh clean air, relaxation and the opportunity to get plight several ways in the summer. It is a unique place with modern sports possibilities for everyone.

There are few option at the base of the mountains most of the other sport are practised I in the nearby town of Liptovsky Mikulas where they have bowling alley, a cinema and a go karting track. One can also enjoy playing an ice hockey match or lounging in the Tatral and iaaquapark.

The region of Chopok Mountain is linked with valley Demanovska Dolina by two regions of Slovakia: Liptov and Horehronie. Both belong to the most important tourist regions of Slovakia, with their natural beauties and a rich history. Chopok is the highest peak of the low Tatra Mountains, not only for skiing but also in summer you can enjoy. It is really worth making a short trip to the peak via cabin lifts or as a trekking challenge.

This place is a home to state of the art artificial snow making systems which guarantee continuous snow cover for at least 5 months of the year.

In summer there are many other sports activities like Maxi land Summer Park, Alpine Skiing, Dragon Demain Treasure, Hiking Mountain Karts from Mt Chopok, Boating in Jasna, Bungee Trampoline, Nordic Walking, Vrbicke pleso, bike world and the vonroll chairlift museum.

StanisovskaJaskyna cave is not so well known as Demanovska caves but the guide will bring interesting parts to your attention. Some parts of the caves are in darkness so you have to put your torch light on. Demanovska ice cave is a very interesting cave. It takes 45 minutes to visit the cave .Clothing should be proper because it is very cold especially in winter.

The only problem this place faces occasional high winds where the lifts are closed. Then there are changes in the timings of the tour visit.

There are plenty restaurant quite reasonable. There are many hotels where people can relax during the vacation specially the River side apartments situated directly at the entry to the Demanovska Ice cave surrounded by Tatra nature, located on the banks of the Demanovska River.

If you are a lover of skiing this would be the ideal place to enjoy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why Slovenia Should Be On Your European Bucket List



Slovenia –The most Interesting Holiday Destination In Europe

A place that can quench your desire to plan a vacation in Europe is Slovenia, located in Central Europe. The grandeur of this country is such that you get the feeling of travelling entire Europe from this location. Being at the centre, you feel to be in the heart of the continent without compromising with the leisure of travelling. Make your trip happening by flying on to this earthly paradise, having the opportunity to embrace the purity and bliss of nature to its fullest while flapping through the scenic beauty of the place.

The Tourist Herns Of Slovenia

The most imperative aspect that molds people to choose this location for holidaying is the wide range of tourist corners. The place is an amalgamation of picturesque view of the mountains and valleys along with the panoramic view of the oceans and lakes. Lake Bled which is a glacial lake is accompanied by hot springs. The place also has its historical sites with the medieval town of Bled that situates a top-notch church along with a Cliff side Castle that attempts to merge its visitors with the rich and prestigious heritage of Europe as a whole.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia also welcomes the guests whole heartedly by presenting them Baroque facades mixed with contemporary architecture of native Joze Plecnik and its classy Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) spreads out the famous Ljubljanica River. The place boasts for its vast meadows, clean rivers and forests that give a proper shape to this place from all ends.

The other geographic locations include four main European regions, the Alps, the Dinaric area, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean. The major tourist attractions are the famous caves with their decoration of stalactites and Stalagmites in Postojna. The impact of its rich culture is also present on the fooding habits of this country.

Accommodation in Slovenia

The other most influencing aspect of travelling is the comfort of dwelling. Everybody wants a peaceful stay at their vacation that remains undisputed by any kinds of stress giving them complete privacy in a pleasant ambience. There are certain places that give you a luxurious feel amongst the vicinity of nature. Like Lushna Eco Villas and several other resorts makes your living extremely desirable. The infrastructure is entirely natural that gives you a fresh feel all throughout your stay. All that you had always expected from your holiday resort can be made available here.

Why Slovenia?

With its rich cultural and historical touch in everything, it marks the place distinct from all other countries of Europe. The reason why it should be in the hit list of your travel destination of Europe is very subtly it leaves a lasting impression on your mind and soul. The memories that you create here with your loved ones will force you to land up to this place again and again.

Slovenia is both exciting and exhilarating with its diverse options of tourist sites. You not only get the option to experience various things of utmost fancy but can also cherish a mesmerizing stay at the holiday resorts in all comfort and privacy.