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Friday, December 28, 2018

Extraordinary Family Things to Do In Salalah

Planning a Middle East vacation then it’s time to travel to Salalah a beautiful city in Oman. Salalah being the 2nd largest city of Oman is a coastal city. It is a unique place in the Arabian Peninsulas. On the northern side, the city has mountain range with greenery spring and waterfalls. Salalah has pristine white sand beaches on the southern side. Salalah is the birthplace of Qaboos Bin Said, the current sultan of the country. In the past the city was one of the main maritime hubs. There are various historical museums, mosques, old cities and beaches in Salalah.

If you want to be a part of the world during the Salalah Tourism Festival then you can visit during the khareef (monsoon) season that extends from the end of July until the beginning of September.

Lose yourself at Mughsail beach: though a little windy the Khareef season, the Mughsail beach tops the best places to visit in Salalah. While the clean beach with its white sand and turquoise blue water doesn’t fail to disappoint. It is the blowhole that is the cynosure of the beach. On a stormy day, the blowhole jets out a geyser like fountain making it a delight to watch. Relish ice creams and snacks sold by vendors at the beach as you lose yourself amidst the delirious views of the mountains, beach and the lush greens.

Take a boat ride at Wadi Darbat: who wouldn’t like to picnic in dense greenery complete with fun outdoor activities like boating. Take special cognisance of this activity, more so if you are travelling in larger groups and during the Khareef season. This place Wadi Darbat is one of the most coveted places of Salalah especially amongst spring and mountain lovers. A day picnic at Wadi Darbat is well worth the time and efforts put in to reach here, for it has plenty of activities and scenic spots to indulge in. Besides there are numerous hotel and restaurants here making the whole experience enjoyable.

Beautiful Taqa Beach is one of the 10 wilayats in Dhofar Governorate and is famous for its historical Taqa castle. But Taqa also has beautiful white sandy beach. This beaches out beats any good tropical beach in the world. A small cliff on the other end of Taqa Beach makes the beautiful beach more photogenic. The view of the top of the cliff is stunning. The huts are photogenic and are of unique architectural style that provides a shady place to sit with family and make barbecue. There are also slides and rides that attract children’s attention. Parents can keep children within their sights by sitting on the benches.

Salalah Coconut Drink: one of the unique local shops in Salalah is famous for its fruit huts. They can be found almost everywhere on the roads and on the beaches. They serve natural fruit juices, but are most famous for their mouth-watering coconut drink which they serve in its shell with the surrounding natural beauty and fresh air. Salalah coconut drink is the perfect on the go refreshment that everybody needs.

Visit Beautiful Waterfalls in Salalah during Khareef: the best part of the Khareef in Salalah is the pleasant weather, drizzling, mountains turning green and the waterfalls. There are many beautiful waterfalls in Salalah during the khareef season. They are Ayn Tabrook, Ayn koor, Ayn Athum, waterfall at wadi Ayn.

Enjoying Salalah natural mind blowing beauty and it architectural wonders is never complete without tasting its authentic mouth-watering food.

Here are some of the top restaurants: Al Jood Restaurant, Dolphin Beach restaurant.

We request you to take some time out and explore this gorgeous city, which has an incredible combination of things to do.

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