Monday, March 30, 2015

The Top 4 Hill Stations in India


A hill station Yelagiri which is famous in Tamil Naidu and is surrounded by orchards andGreenery,it is a perfect place for people who enjoy the weather at a hill station and ready to explore the surrounding nature.The best place preferred by all families and couples is Yelagiri hills for the excellent climate and scenery’s.Thishill station is preferred for its nature parks,trekking and rowing activities,which also makes it a perfect picnic spot for the young and the old.


The hill station is situated in Uttarkhand.If anyone requires a good holiday should think of going to Nanital because of the scenic beauty and a very pleasant climate because it is surrounded by mountains on all sides,and is located at a very high level above sea level.It is also known as a lake district as there are many lakes which are situated in the surroundings.Nani Lake is the famous land mark in Nainital; you can enjoy boat rides and yachting facilities.Horse riding is also one of the activities for the tourists. Tourists mainly flock to Nanital during the summer heat as it is a place for spending your honeymoon holidays as the climate is very pleasant.Naina Devi temple is a famous religious place for worship.If anyone would like to witness the ice cold and snowy weather are definitely not going to be disappointed with what they experience.Whoever visits this hill station will definitely not want to miss the flavours of Nanital cuisine.


It is a hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh and it is situated at a very good heightabove sea level.It has beautiful churches, temples.The most amazing fact is that this place is a less populated area. There are many Oak trees and Pine trees planted in this area. Dalhousie is surrounded by five different hills. This place is exactly like a Mini-Switzerland. It is situated at the foot hills of Himalaya’s. The local people in this area are very Kind hearted and Soft-Spoken. Dalhousie is also known for its Great Valleys and Mountain Ranges. Dalhousie is surrounded by Snow-capped-peaks. Tourists can treck to Daikund Peak as it is the highest mountain in Dalhousie, even visit Chamera Lake where a major hydro-electricity project is situated and something very amazing is that there is a ‘Bald Hill’ also known as ‘Ganji Pahari’ which as no vegetation and no trees.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is situated in Rajasthan. It is built around a lake and surrounded by hills. Guru Shikhar is a highest peak situated on this mountain. The Jain and the Hindu temples at Mount Abu attract tourists on a large scale as it is a pilgrimage centre. The Dilwara Temple is one of the famous Temple in /mount Abu. There is also a Wild Life Sanctuary which as a variety of Flora and Fauna. Honeymoon couples are also seen a lot at Andra point in Mount Abu. The sunset in this place is very romantic. The best time to visit Mount Abu is in summer. Rajasthan enjoys the summer festival which is on a large scale.

A boarding school for children which is very expensive is also situated here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Alaska, A Land Of Midnight Sun

On March 30 1867, the US agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars

The name Alaska was taken from Aleut word “alaxsxaq” that refers to the object to which sea is directed. This is translated as “GREAT LAND”. With beautiful scenic beauty, enormous ice-age glacier and abundant wildlife, there is nothing like this beautiful place Alaska on this earth.

The capital of Alaska is Juneau. In Alaska there is a famous reservoir named as ‘THE PRUDHOE BAY’ where a large oil and gas reservoir was found on the Arctic coast. From the commercial point of view there are many industries like Fisheries, Wood products and also Fur. The ‘‘Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes’’ which is an area of an active volcanoes is situated at ‘The Katmai National Park’. In Alaska there are different types of community’s such as Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts. Majority of the Eskimos community belongs to Alaska.

Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. The sun never dips below the horizon. The sun is visible at midnight. Most of the parts of Alaska has day light for 24 hrs that is something which is incredible.

There are lot of activities like adventure whether you prefer to hike ice age glacier, skim the wilderness in the bush plain or take sled ride which you have always dreamt of. Alaska is the prime year round destination for visitors seeking connection with nature.

Alaska cruises are very popular. They have various pre and post cruise tour packages. Mostly Ocean day Cruises go to the famous destination like Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords. While on cruise tourists’ get to see many Scenery, Glaciers, Different types of fishes and also Wild Life. Whenever people go on cruise, they have a special dress code like the men wear tuxedo’s and women wear cocktail dresses

Some of the famous cruise liners in Alaska are Norwegian Pearl Cruise, Holland America Cruise.

If you wish to go sight-seeing once you are in Alaska you can travel to your destination by car, train, bus, or boat.

Alaska is famous for Woven birch baskets, hand-made dolls, and many more items, even soaps are made from herbs, spices etc. the silky soil is also used in skincare products such as mask and mineral soap which makes the skin very soft and smooth.

If ever any one goes to visit Alaska don’t forget to purchase an Ulu knife which has a traditional design. There is also a cheap and affordable souvenir that is the metal coin.

The common diets of the Alaskan people, especially the Eskimos Community mostly eat fish and birds. In this place of Alaska there is not much of plant food available. Something very rare known as Eskimos ice cream which is also known as “Akutaq” is made by whipping the fat from the hunted Reindeers, Seals or Bears and also by adding the snow and wild berries which is really amazing.

Alaska is a snow bound region, since it is in the Arctic Ocean. Here the Polar Bears, wolves, snowy owls are famous artic wildlife. There is something amazing about the birds. The Fur and Feather of the birds turns white during the snow period. If you want to experience the wild life nature there are lots of National park for instance The Denali National Park, Kenai fjords National Park where mountains, ice and oceans meet, and Glacier Bay National Park.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forts in Maharashtra: Murud Janjira

Murud _Janjira
There are many forts in Maharashtra. These Forts were mainly ruled by Shivaji Maharaj. There are Forts located around the sea also on the hill tops. Here is one of the fort described below.


It is one of the marine forts situated in the middle of the Arabian Sea. In Arabic the word Janjira means Jazira for island. It is situated on the oval rock near the port town of Murud. Murud is a small village in Raigad District and Janjira is some few kilometre away from Murud. To go to visit Janjira we have to take a sailboat from Rajapuri jetty. Janjira fort was ruled by the Abyssinian Sidis in the city of Bombay. This fort was mainly built by the Koli community to protect them from the pirates.The sidis were permanent settlements in Murud Janjira where they controlled the full fort by being an excellent seaman and warrior. Many people like the British, thePortuguese,not forgetting Shivaji Maharaj tried to conquer the fort, but all in vain. It remained unconquered.

This entrance of this fort faces the Rajapuri jetty,but can be visible only we go close to it. There is a stone carving on at the main entrance which shows how the sidis were brave by depicts six elephants who was trapped by a single tiger. Once we go inside the fort compound there are 19 rounded bastions. There are many canons rusting on this bastion,like the kalal bangdi,landakasam and bhavani which were made from five metals. Those days inside the fort they had officer’s quarters,fresh water tank but now it is all ruined. The walls of the forts are made up of several layers so that it can withstand rough seas.

Apart from the introduction of Murud Janjira,there are other attractions where we can spend our time by visiting Datta mandir.It is a place for pilgrims. It is built on the top of the hill. The idol of Shri Dutta is a three headed idol resembling Maheshwar,Brahmaand Vishu. The temple has a red domed shape.There is another attractive place that is the Nawab Palace which was built in the year 1885. This palace was built in Gothic and Mughal architectural style.

In Murud there is also a beach where you can spend your full day enjoying in the water. It is also a perfect spot for relaxation. It is also an adventure trip. The fort is right inside the sea. You can really experience the feeling of the waves. There are private beach resorts for accommodation to make you comfortable. There are hotels suitable for both the rich and the middleclass people.

There are also cottages built on the beach where you feel you are in a village where it is edged with swaying betel palms,coconut fronds. Fishing also takes place on a large scale, since the Kolis were the inhabitants of this place.

Janjira can be easily accessible by different forms of transport. Like AIR, RAIL and ROAD. The nearest airport is Mumbai, Roha on the Konkan railway and by road it takes four to five hours to reach from Bombay. There is also a route from gateway Mumbai to Murud by ferry boat.

To visit Murud Janjira one must make sure to plan his trip during the month of October to March because it is very pleasant during this time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Blue Hills of Assam

Assam is a state located in the northeast part of India.Another name ofAssam is also asama which means peerless. It also falls on the Eastern Himalayas.It is known as a home of lordBrahma. If seen on the map Assam state is in the shape of a Y laid on its side or we can say it is a land consisting of valleys, plains and rivers. Something very interesting is that Brahmaputra River is the only male river in India.Assam is an epicentre for earthquake and terror affected state. Earthquakes and floods are very common in Assam. This state is divided into 27 districts. The main capital of Assam is Dispur. The main capital of Assam is Dispur.

Assam is one of the most enriched stateespecially in tea plantation and flourishing industry of wood, muga silk and petroleum resources.Known as the “Agricultural State” it is one of the most fertile areas in India. This place is rich in flora and fauna and with beautiful blue hills situated in this state.The main revenue income of this state is from tea estates where most of the people working in this estate are from Assam. It also stands third largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in the country.

Assam is said to be having beautiful scenery. That is why it is said to be a tourist attraction. It is a famous place for wildlife tourism. It consists of five national parks and fifteen wildlife sanctuaries, here rhino with one horned is very famous which is found in Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park is famous for tigers and a world heritage site.A part from wild life there are different types of adventure,few of them are like boat racing adventure,mountain biking and cycling adventure,trekking adventure and many more.

Tourist also get attracted towards Arts and crafts of Assam like things made of cane and bamboo, headgear known as “Japi”, terracottapottery and metal works of brass. There is a famous market like a roadside market known as Bhutiya where you can shop for good clothes at a lower price. The tourist goes to these markets for shopping. There are also malls where you get branded clothes.

Assamese is the main language spoken in this state apart from Bengali, Bodo,Karbi English and Hindi.

Assamese have great belief in faith and religious activities. It is known as a land of fairs and festivals. They all come together and celebrate all the festivals especially the Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu, Magh Bihu and the third Bihu festival. They also celebrate festivals like Durga puja,Janmastami, Eid’s and Fakuwa. Talking about Assamese food it is not at all spicy. Assamese are mostly non vegetarian. Rice is the staple food along with dal, fish curry or meat curry or vegetables. Don’t miss out the sweet dish PITHA made from sweet coconut paste.Also don’t miss out on tasting the flavoured tea when visiting Assam.

The costume of the Assamese is mainly made fromMuga which is the wild silk or the golden silk fibre. Here silk is grown on a large scale.

The best part to travel is by road, railor by air.

Air is the fastest means oftransport. Guwahati is themain airport.

By Road it takes a longer time to travel especially from Mumbai, Chennai and other far off places.

By Rail it is little faster than road. Rajdhani Express is the best train between Delhi and Guwahati.

So come and experience the BLUE HILLS and the flavoured TEA in Assam.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cab Services – Chennai

Chennai has been popularly known as the gateway to South India and is the capital of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and has several amazing sites to explore.  To get around and explore this amazing destination, the services of chennai cab service would be essential wherein the person intending to take an expedition could utilise the best cab service in chennai which are available with various options to suit the requirement of the travellers. There are a good number of rental services that provide good cab rental services which could be appropriate for travellers, package tours, business, airport, railway, hotels as well as taxi for city use.  For all types of travel requirements in Chennai, travellers could make their choice from the various car rental options that are made available for the benefit of the customers. Moreover some recommended deals are also available with attractive offers with flat Rs50 off on car booking for half a day, or Rs100 off on car booking for full day or better still Rs300 off for outstation booking. With a large inventory of brand new cabs in Chennai, the individual is provided with excellent services along with qualified drivers to tour the passengers to their desired destination.

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  • Easy Call Taxi is one of the famous service providers in cab service with a range of cabs and taxis to cater to the needs of their clients. They are equipped with chauffeurs who are very much knowledgeable on the routes with their focus on the importance of time and life and are rational with regards to their driving. Their focus lies in providing the best services to their customers according to their requirements with multiple activities ensuring to make their travel an easy with the latest options on taxis, pickup and drop facilities all at reasonable charges.
These are a few worth mentioning on cab services besides an endless list of services available at the site. A tour at the site could provide additional information and details which could suit any requirement of the individual intending to visit Chennai.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gangtok A Hill Top


Gangtok is the Capital of Sikkim .This city is located on the hills of Shivalik at a height of 5600 feet. It is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Himalayas.

This was the main starting point for traders who used to communicate between Tibet and India for their business. Because of the trade between these two countries business has increased and many different types of religions have come together. This place is bordered by china which is occupied by Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and the Indian state West Bengal. The people are mainly addressed as Nepalese,Bhutia,Tibetan or Lepcha. The main language of the people living here is Nepali. They also speak Hindi and English. Different types of religions are found here like the Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims. Though the people belong to different religions, there is a strong bonding and unity among the people. The people here are very helpful and down to earth.

The winter sets in the month of November and ends in February. Here all the lakes are frozen during these months. If anyone wants to experience the snow fall can come in this season. The other seasons are very pleasant.

Gangtok is also a TOURIST destination. If you want to enjoy the view of the town and the valley from the height, cable zig back ropeway is available which is very thrilling. There is a beautiful point called the GANESH TOK, from there we can see Mt.Khang-chen-Dzon and Mt.Siniolchu which is just over the horizon and the snow peak is a beauty. The mountain Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain of the world. Then comes the HANUMAN TOK which is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman situated right on top of the hill. Many tourists pay a visit to this temple. The construction of Enchey Monastery in 1894 became the famous Buddhist pilgrimage. The Chorten Monastery and Enchey Monastery is a renowned Monastery. Tashi view point is also another beautiful tourist spot.

Apart from tourist destination different ADVENTURES such as trekking, hand gliding, mountain biking and white water rafting is enjoyed here. There are also colourful gardens and wild life sanctuaries. Something here is very rare that is the Yak ride. Especially around the Tsomgo Lake. This ride is not available in any of the city. The Yaks are looked after by the Sherpa’s.

There are many CASINOS in this place which are open throughout the night especially for the tourist who wants to enjoy the night life and also be entertained with lots of games.

Don’t miss out on the SHOPPING. Different types of articles which are unique are sold out here like the Sikkim stamp, woollen carpets, wooden carved tables and wall hangings. Traditional items like the thangkas or religious scrolls and choksees are also available.

For some mouth watering dishes. Momo’s a kind of dumplings stuffed with chicken or pork is available here. Noodles especially Thukpa which is served as a soup is quiet famous here. The Titanic Park on the MG Marg is quite famous for having its annual food festival and culture festival, which is organised by the Sikkim Tourism Department in the month of December every year. During this time they enjoy by having various types of music and dance performance to entertain the visitors.

The main FESTIVALS at Gangtok are Diwali, Christmas, Dusshera and Holi, Sankranti and Ram Navami are some of the Nepali festivals.

To get there, Rail, Road and Airways are well connected.

Jaipaiguri is the nearest railway station.

Bagdogra is the nearest airport.

To go by road the state transport buses are available from Silliguri to Gangtok.

If you want to spend your leisure time by relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty then come and experience the calm and quiet hill station at Gangtok.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Jammu and Kashmir- The Jewelled Crown Of India

Do you know who is called the jewelled crown of India? It is JAMMU AND KASHMIR surrounded by beautiful hills of Himalayas, clear lakes and greenery. Jammu and Kashmir is divided into three regions that are the foothill plains of Jammu, valleys of Kashmir and Ladakh. Ladakh is also known as Little Tibet because Buddhist culture is still followed. Jammu and Kashmir is located in the northern state of India.

Kashmir has four seasons. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. If anyone wants to enjoy the cold, one can witness the snow covered landscapes. It looks like the mountain is covered with a white blanket. Here June is the hottest month.

Cricket bats are famous in Kashmir because of its good quality of wood known as Kashmir willows Saffron which is also known as Kesar is grown here .Because of its export foreign currency sets in. Apples are also grown on a large scale because of the pleasant climate. So exports of apples are also done on the large scale where the economy of the country increases.

Farming and animal husbandry is the main occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Wheat and maize is the main crops grown here which in turn increases the economy of the country.

The main language in Kashmir is Urdu because of the Muslim population and local language is Kashmiri. Jammu and Kashmir is also known for its cultural heritage.

Kashmir is a famous place for its shikara which in other words is called the boat house where all the facility is like a hotel. Traditional houses in Kashmir is made up of wood .

Kashmir is not only beautiful for its scenery and beautiful landscape but also for beautiful arts and crafts like embroidery, which is liked by all the people who visit this place. The handmade items are not expensive it is made available to everyone at a reasonable price. Leather items are also famous. Animals like wolf, fox, jackal and black bear which are hunted in the Himalayas by the hunters, from their fur many items like jackets, bags etc. are made. Raghunath market is famous especially for the tourist/pilgrims in Jammu where all types of articles are available.

Jammu’s numerous shrines attract ten thousands of pilgrims every year. The famous shrine of Vaishno Devi and Amaranth are visited by thousands of Hindu pilgrims in Jammu and kashmir.Because of this the economy rises in this state.The main tourist places for sightseeing in Srinagar is Dal lake, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and chasme shahi, Sonamarg, Gulmarg (Meadow of flowers), Pahalgam which is known as (valley of shepherds) and Sinthan Top . Jammu is famous for its Temples where Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, Raghunath Temple which is devoted to lord Rama, the dargah of Peer Budhan Ali shah and the temples of Maha kali are situated. Gardens and lakes are surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Jammu and Kashmir can easily be travelled by Air,Rail or Road.

Jammu, Srinagar international airport and Leh are the airports

Udhampur railway station is the last stop and from they travelling is done by different types of vehicles.

If travelling by land the route is via Jammu to Srinagar or via Manali to Leh.

So come and enjoy the Paradise on Earth.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vijaydurg Fort

Vijaydurg Fort is one of the famous historic sites situated in Sindhudurg District. Sindhudurg District isin the Konkan District. This fort is almost 800 years old. This fort is in the middle of the sea surrounded by water from all sides. So this fort was called Gheria.

This Fort was built during the Maratha period. Another name for this Fort was Victory Fort. It is one of the strongest and the oldest forts on the west coast of India. In the beginning this fort was ruled by Yadav’s and the Vijaynagar Kings. Later Shivaji Maharaj won this fort from Adilshah of Bijapur in 1653.This was one of the forts where Shivaji hoisted the saffron flag and at the Torna fort .

The fort has a secret underground tunnel from the fort to the Palatial home of the Dhulup in the village which is now blocked but if they open this to the public it would a tourist attraction for architectural purpose. This fort is also known as Gibraltar of Asia just as the replica of Gibraltar in Europe. This fort is spread in an area of six hectares.

During Shivaji’s period the fort was constructed by having three layer protection and under water dam like wall constructed to avoid the entry of the foreign ships in the passage of Waghotan creek. Many enemy ships met their watery grave after colliding on this wall as this wall cannot be seen above sea is really amazing to know how the huge walls were built in the sea.

This fort is built by using laterite stones.There is also a temple known as Rameshwar temple inside Vijaydurg Fort.When you enter the fort,you can see many canon balls on the outer wall, which shows that after being attacked the fort was not destroyed. Even today you can see all empty canon balls lying in front of the secret meeting room. There was a big water pool running dry.

In short the fort was a complete fort in every aspect like it had huge meeting rooms,courts stables,soldier quarters and a naval dock used to build and repair Maratha warships. This fort looks pretty small but it takes three hours to tour the full fort. The main purpose of building this fort was to defend the shoreline of Arabian Sea.Apart from the historic site it is also a place for scenic beauty and making every moment memorable on the beaches. The beaches are surrounded by thick green forest with coconut trees and palms.

You can get the smell of juicy alphonso mangoes whenever you go there don’t forget to taste the local flavour of Malvan curry and solkadhi . Fish food is another delicacy in this area.

The proper time to visit this place is in the month of December since it is very cool. It is not advisable to go in summer as it is very hot and in the rainy season the showers are quiet heavy specially in the Konkan region. Make it a point not tomiss the sunset point as it is very attractive.

Travelling to Vijaydurg is convenient by all means of transport. That is by air where Panaji airport is the closet. By rail the stations are Kudal and Rajapur. By road it is accessible by all cities likeMumbai,Pune. Many state transport buses and private buses ply to this place.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mauritius a Land Of Sun Kissed Beaches



  • Mauritius is the best holiday destination. It is sparkling crystal in the turquois water of the Indian Ocean. It is also a mountainous island in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. It is not a very large island. The main language spoken on that island is Creole. Other languages also include Bhojpuri, French and English. The main religion is Hinduism and few are Roman Catholic and Muslim.Mauritius was named after Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau. The combined contrast of colours, culture and taste makes the island so charming that you will never forget such a beautiful holiday.Mauritius is said to have its own beauty.

    Mauritius is also known as land of paradise. This island is loaded with different types of historic,cultural,and geographical sectors other than beaches and pool. Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius.


  • Mauritius has a mild climate. The best time to visit Mauritius is between the month of April and June and Between September and December.


  • There are many tourist attractions which are as follows:

    Island is surrounded by huge reef sheltering the shallow lagoons. Tamarin waterfalls is the best place to visit. Black River Gorges is Mauritius sole national park,Mauritius Botanical Garden, lle aux Cerfs Island, Port Louis Blue Bay Marine Park, Trou aux Beaches, Filc en Facare some of the tourist places.

    Mauritius is another Indian Ocean surf paradise. So those who are lover for surf sports will definitely enjoy there. The best months for surfing are between April and September. 
Mauritius is famous for Honeymoon couples but apart from that there are lots of activities one of them is adventure sport. There is also something which is really romantic about watching,that is the rising of the sun. It is even more magical in Mauritian paradise. If you are looking for a ideal family holiday,especially for children of all ages there are best resort-run kids club in the world.


  • People in Mauritius treat you in a very polite manner. Food and drink are always offered to even the unexpected guest.Even though the people are from different communities they all mix around with each other very well. They are very much westernised. But in religious places there has to be some respect in your dressings up. They should not show too much of their body and should carry a sarong to double up as a skirt or headscarf when needed.

    The sugar mill,the rum distillery,the spices garden,the miniature train and the horse drawn carriages will take you on a wonderful trip during your travel in Mauritius.The tropical forest that surrounds the Domaine des Pailes. Can be travelled along on foot,in a land rover or even on horseback. Many excursions are possible from half a day to a full day.


  • The tropical island of Mauritius once a haunt for pirates is now best known for luxury hotels on white sand beaches with volcanic mountain backdrops. Luxury here is very affordable.The hotel -industry in Mauritius is a very well organised industry .It always upgrades the quality of accommodation and caters to the needs of the international traveller. There are many hotels and resorts which have latest technology and large variety of services like sauna,massages,private Jacuzzi, well designed gardens.

    Though Mauritius is a small place,travelling here takes time,especially from the hotel to the tourist places. Air Mauritius is the famous airlines which fly’s from all over the world.

    Mainly European, French and British are regular visitors of Mauritius.


    Friday, March 6, 2015

    Jaipur, The Pink City of India

    Jaipur is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan and it is located in Northern India. It is founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, and this city was named after him. The construction of this city was started in the year 1727. It took around four years to complete this city. The whole city was painted pink in order to welcome Edward, Prince of Wales. After few years several hospitals, industries of metals and marbles, school of arts. The city had three colleges, including a Sanskrit college and also a girl’s school. The community consists of native bankers, the Marwari’s and the Rawana Rajput. This city has the population of 3.1 million.
    Jaipur has a semiarid climate. It rains between the months of June and September. During the monsoon off-n-on heavy rains and thunderstorms, but flooding in that city is not at all common. The temperature remains high throughout the year. The summer in this city is from the month of April to early July. The season starts from the month of November to February.
    There are many means of transportation they are as follows
    • By road
    • By rail
    • By air
    Also there are many city buses and Jaipur metro. Jaipur also has an International airport which is well connected to middle-east destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabhi, Sharjah and Muscat. Many people go for a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina from Sanganer airport.
    Jaipur is a major tourist destination in India. Jaipur is the 7th best place to visit in Asia. The presidential suit at Raj Palace Hotel was listed in the second place on CNN’s worlds 15th most expensive hotel suits in 2012. There are various places that attract tourist visitors which include the Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Sri Kali Temple, Sanganeri Gate and the Jaipur zoo.

    Jaipur has a variety of traditional shops to buy antiques, jewellery, handicrafts, gems, bangles, pottery, carpets, leather works, etc.

    They brought several skilled artisans, artist and craftsmen from India and Abroad. As a result Jaipur is a major hub for arts and crafts.
    Jaipur has many important cultural sites like Jawahar Kala Kendra and Ravindra Manch, Albert Hall Museum which has several arts and antiquies. There is a government museum at Hawa Mahal and an art gallery at Viratnagar. The old Vidhan Sabha Bhawan which is known as the Town Hall is now converted into a museum. There are different types of statues depicting Rajasthani culture around the city.

    The typical dishes in Jaipur include Dal Bati Churma, Missi Roti. Sweet dishes include Ghevar, Fenni, Gajak, Chauguni ke laddu and Moong Thal.
    Sawai Mansingh stadium is the main cricket stadium in the city which has sitting capacity of 30,000. It has many national and international cricket matches. Jaipur is represented by Jaipur Pink Panther which one the inaugural edition of the game.

    Jaipur contains many universities of Management like National Institutes of Agricultural Management, Institutes of Information Technology, Institutes of Ayurveda, and Institutes of Manipal University.

    The well-known school of Jaipur are ArmyPublic School, Ryan International School, Cambridge Court, High School, etc.

    The Newspaper circulated in Jaipur are:-
    • Rajasthan Patrika
    • Dainik Bhaskar
    • Dainik Navajyoti
    • The Times of India.
    This city has a community FM channel.

    Therefore, Jaipur is an extremely popular tourist’s destination in Rajasthan and India.

    Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    Borobudur Temple, Central Java

    Credit:Marcel Malherbe, laif/Redux
    Borobudur Temple – World’s Largest Buddhist Monument

    One of the world’s largest Buddhist monuments on a remote hilltop in Central Java has drawn pilgrims from around Southeast Asia which is surrounded by lush green vegetation and fringed by volcanoes one of which is still active.

    This famous temple which dates back to the 8th and the 9th centuries is built in three tiers – a pyramidal base having five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and a monumental stupa at the top. The balustrades and the walls seems to be decorated with fine low reliefs which cover a total area of a surface of 2,500 sq. m while around the circular platform, one will find some 72 open work stupas each of which contain a statue of Buddha.

    The monument was restored in the 1970s with the help of UNESCO. The temple was utilised as a Buddhist temple from the time of its construction till somewhere between the tenth and the fifteen century when it was abandoned by the inhabitants. It was only after its re-discovery during the 19th century and its restoration in the 20th century that it was brought back into Buddhist archaeological site.

    Greatest Assemblage of Buddhist Sculptures

    It is said that around 1,200 years ago, builders had carted two million stones from the areas of local rivers and streams to fit them tightly together without the use of mortar to develop a 95 foot high step pyramid. Over 500 Buddha statues were seen erected around the temple and its lower terraces comprised of balustrade which blocked out views of the outside world and replaced with 3,000 bas-relief sculptures that illustrated the life as well as the teachings of Buddha.

    With this combination it makes up the greatest assemblage of Buddhist sculptures in the world. According to the tenets of Mahayana Buddhism, the pilgrimage climb to Borobudur itself is meant to be a physical as well as a spiritual experience and the pilgrimages ascend upwards from one level to another, they are guided by the wisdom and stories of the bas-reliefs from one symbolic plane of consciousness to the other higher level on their enlightenment journey.

    Excavation in Early 19th Century – Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

    This site has drawn pilgrims for several years and one will find Chinese coins together with ceramic which indicate that the practice prevailed till the 15th century. When Borobudur was abandoned mysteriously during the 1500s, the centre of Javan life moved to the East and Islam arrived in the 13th and 14th centuries on the island. With passage of time lush vegetation of Java and eruptions deposited volcanic ash took root on the largely forgotten and abandoned site.

    Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, British governor of Java who heard of the site took an interest in its excavation in early 19th century and during the process of excavation, it revealed the treasures of Borobudur which triggered decay due to the exposure to the elements. The stones were liberated for the purpose of building and collectors took Buddha head along with other treasures for private and public collection across the world. The outcome is that this amazing site remains the same what it was around 1,200 years back and is a unique treasure in Southeast Asia.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2015

    Some Great Cricket Destinations

    Eden Garden
    The Cricket World Cup Scenario – Changed 

    Cricket is one kind of a sport which can get one involved in it with great enthusiasm and thrill and for most of the cricket fans they tend to keep themselves updated on all the news, views, events and the forthcoming schedules. Cricket lovers tend to adjust all their schedules to fit in the time for the game greatly loved by them.

    The players on their part put in tons of hard work with their planning, scheduling, practices et all in giving their best shot in their performance which ultimately credits them with laurels for themselves as for their country besides the fame and fortune that comes in with it. Cricket has already made a home in the hearts of millions of the people across the globe and the passion of cricket continues to grow and swell in the heart of most of the people,The Cricket World Cup scenario has changed drastically from the year of its inception i.e. in the year 1975.

    Great Holiday Destination – Cricket 

    Initially the first three Cricket World Cup Tournaments were held in England. Subsequently, the tournaments are being held in various countries across the globe. The tournaments are being held in some of the picturesque grounds in various beautiful cities such as Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean Islands and South Africa. As such the Cricket World Cup tournament cannot be considered as just a sporting event but also great cricket holiday destinations.

    These destinations include cities like Cape Town in South Africa, Hobart in Tasmania, Sydney in New South Wales (Australia), Adelaide in South Australia, Melbourne in Victoria (Australia), Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago in Caribbean, Auckland in New Zealand, Harare in Zimbabwe and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Cricket lovers do not visit these cities just to watch cricket but also to enjoy their holidays in these beautiful cities. Some of the cricket destinations are port cities with beautiful beaches and ancient cathedrals.

    Travel to New Destinations - Awesome Experience 

    One Day International Cricket Tournament is always a thrilling event. With participation of many countries, the event becomes more exciting as the game progresses with many old records shattered and new records created by the players. For the spectators, the event becomes more memorable when they travel to the new destination as the tournament progresses. Some of the destinations are very rich in culture. The tourists get to know more about the culture and traditions on exploring the destinations they visit. As the tournament progresses, the players are transferred from one venue to another.

    They are followed by the cricket fans and thus this event becomes a travel combined with the game of cricket which is an awesome experience. Visiting Melbourne is one of the greatest holiday destinations since the first ever cricket test match was played between England and Australia in 1877. This cricket match was won by Australia by 45 runs.

    After 100 years, the centenary test was played between England and Australia in Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1977. This test match was also won by Australia by the same margin of 45 runs. It is worth mentioning that Melbourne Cricket Ground is the World’s largest cricket stadium.

    Luxury Hotels in Chennai Providing a Heavenly Stay

    Holidays – A Break from Daily Schedule

    Holidays means a getaway from the monotoic way of life which could take a toll on each ones’ life with the daily routines and Once in a while, taking a break is highly recommened. Usually it can be undertaken with family or friends, or couples on the look-out for some peace and serenity to relax and unwindthemselves. This break has an amazing effect on the mind and the overall health of an individual. Chennai is one of those amazing destinations and some of the luxury hotels in chennai cater to excellent services to their travellers. Viewers could visit.

    Luxury hotels in Chennai providing a heavenly stay are available where travellers could take this opportunity of spending quality time with their family and friends at some of these amazing hotels. This local search engine is a one stop destination to locate hotels of one’s choice which provides information like the phone numbers, addresses together with the direction and contact details of the 5 star hotels in Chennai, besides other hotels.Reviews and comments posted by other viewers also provides added information to the traveller intending to engage in the booking on some of the hotels listed at the site which helps many in some way or the other.

    Awesome Experience On a Holiday 

    It tends to get a lot easier when important and necessary information is readily available to proceed with the planning and booking once the destination has been decided upon and the procedure of locating upscale hotels in Chennai could be an easy task.Most of their luxury hotels are located in beautiful location and one can rest assured of an awesome experience while on a holiday at these hotels where the services are par excellence.

    With the information provided at the portal together with the reviews and comments that are available for the viewers, adequate information and details is provided to enable the traveller to embark on a holiday and have a wonderful experience at any of the hotels of one’s choice that are available for their proposed vacation at Chennai. A good opportunity for those intending to indulge in a relaxed stay in Chennai but with proper planning and booking to be done in advance to avoid any disappointments.

    Boston, United States

    Boston – Largest & Capital City in United States

    Boston is the largest and the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in United States and serves as a county seat of Suffolk County. Being the largest city in New England, the proper city’s space covers around 48 square miles with an estimated population of 645,966 in the year 2014, thus making it the 24th largest city in United States.

    It is the anchor of a larger metropolitan area known as Greater Boston which is home to 4.5 million inhabitants as well as the tenth largest metropolitan location in the country. As a commuting region, Greater Boston is home to 7.6 million people and the sixth largest Combined Statistical Area in United States. Being one of the oldest cities in United States it was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula by the Puritan settlers from England in 1630 and faced several key events of American Revolutions like the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Boston Tea Party and the Siege of Boston.

    During American Independence from Great Britain, the city continued to be an important port as well as a manufacturing hub together with a centre for education and culture. With the aid of land reclamation and municipal annexation, this city has spread beyond the original peninsula and its rich history has attracted several tourist to its destination, where the Faneuil Hall alone had over 20 million tourists.

    America’s Oldest City – Rich Economic/Social History

    In 1630, Boston was first incorporated as a town and in 1822 as a city and is one of America’s oldest cities having rich economic as well as social history. What started off as a homesteading community then evolved in a centre for political and social change and since then have become the cultural and the economic hub of New England. Being a home to over 617,000 people as the region’s hub, there are several institutions of higher educations some of which are the world’s finest inpatients hospitals together with various cultural and professional sports organisations.

    Many people tend to visit Boston to attend cultural or sporting events, to explore its historic neighbourhoods and for the purpose of business. Boston has a wealth of museums which range from the MFA to the Boston Fire Museums as well as galleries which feature contemporary art with inclusive art experience. Boston also has a variety of transport modes for tourist as well as the locals to move around the city.

    Some of the facts of Boston 

    Boston University Bridge on Commonwealth Avenue seems to be the only place in the world where boat can sail under a train passing under a car driving under an airplane. The famous CITGO sign in Kenmore Square would have five miles of neon tubing and in order to be more energy efficient, the use of LED lighting has been adopted. At 90 feet below the surface, the deepest tunnel in North America is the Red Williams Tunnel. The 60 story John Hancock Tower has 13 acres of glass.

    The Fleet Centre which is now known as TD Garden was built 9 inches from the Boston Garden and the classic structure had to be demolished brick by brick.The coloured light on the old Hancock building indicates the weather `Solid blue, clear view,’ `Flashing blue, clouds due’, `Solid red, rain ahead’ and `Flashing red, snow instead’ – flashing red means the Red Sox game is rained out during summer.

    Two Characteristics To Look For In A Resort

    When it's time for you to get in a great vacation, you want to ensure that you have the time of your life. With that idea in mind, it's important that you look for the following two characteristics when it's time for you to select a resort:

    1. Experience Within The Resort Industry.

    One of the most important things to look for when you're ready to go to a resort is how much experience the company has within the industry. Ideally, you want to book your vacation through a company that has years and years of experience. These types of companies typically know the industry thoroughly and their knowledge will help make your entire booking process and trip as excellent and expedient as possible. Consider the Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa when you start looking for an excellent resort company. This resort company is known for employing smart, savvy professionals who will offer you the customer-oriented care you deserve. Get details today .

    2. Amazing Customer Service.

    Another characteristic you should look for in a resort company is amazing customer service. When you're ready to plan your vacation, you want to work with professionals who will offer you the detail-oriented, results-driven services that make your trip fun and problem-free.


    When you're ready to plan your vacation, be sure that you're going through a resort company that operates in excellence and integrity. You can put this process in motion by looking for a resort company that possesses the two attributes listed above.