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Monday, December 31, 2018

Fernando de Noronha of Brazil

Fernando de Noronha of Brazil
With its idyllic scenery abode flour white sand and turquoise sea, Fernando de Noronha is Brazil’s ultimate paradise destination because of its crystal clear waters, exotic scenery and abundant marine life. There are four beaches in Brazil with a coveted five-star rating and three belong to Fernando do Noronha. The place is an awesome venue for enjoying both land-based sightseeing, horseback riding, hiking and water based snorkelling, boat tour and diving activities.

Some of the best things to do at Fernando de Noronha are: 

Take a boat ride: one of the best ways to see Fernando de Noronha and visit some of its pristine beaches is by taking a boat trip around the island. The views are phenomenal long stretched of white silver beaches framed by towering cliffs covered in wild green vegetation. The boat tour includes key attractions such as the Lion cave, Praia dos Sanchos, the two brother’s islands and Ponto de Sapato and stops at calm points to snorkel in the surrounding sea.

Watch an unforgettable sunset at Boldro Beach. It is one of the most breathtaking scenes at Fernando de Noronha. Make the most of Pico a small hill next to the beach to get an elevated viewpoint of the sun as it goes down across the sea. It is easily accessible. You can either travel by dune buggy or walking.

Dolphin watching: be amazed by a large group of spinning dolphins that breed at Bala dos Golfinjos. These smart and playful mammals can leap high out of the water and spin up in the air. This is one of the actual colonies for breeding dolphins.

Fernando de Noronha

Wildlife: Fernando de Noronha has a huge resident of population of spinner dolphins which can be observed daily. It also serves as the breeding and nestling ground for marine turtles. Watching these animals being born and making their first entrance to the sea is an enriching experience. In addition a large number of migratory birds such as the white tern, black noddy and frigate bird beside various reptiles can also be seen.

Epic hikes: The Atalaia Hike has two options a self guided shorter hike or a four hour trek with a guide that take you through thick vegetation and along Noronha’s breathtaking coastline. There are endless ocean views, dramatic cliff landscapes and plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Fernando de Noronha has numerous trails to choose for trekking. But they come with certain limitations. The National Marine Reserve trails allow visitors with authorization and accompanied by an accredited guide. Other trails offer free access inside the Environment Preservation area.

Nightlife in Fernando de Noronha: Brazilian and Party the perfect combination. Mid week happy hours, a carnival parade, family night out or dancing into the small hours, finding the perfect option on the beach is some of the entertainment.

Fernando de Noronha offers many restaurants. You can sample anything from simple local cooking to the more sophisticated international cuisine at Pizzerias and other dining places. The cuisine is mostly seafood, but you can find mouth watering beef and chicken dishes. There are bars around the area to chill out. For a romantic dinner for two or a peaceful treat for a solo traveller, head to Mergulhao, one of Noronha’s best restaurants. With as rustic terrace overlooking the sea, the tricks is to get there for a late lunch before settling down with a bottle of wine and waiting for the sun to set just across the bay.

Diving and snorkelling: A variety of Marine plants including algae, sponges, coral and plethora of fish species and other marine animals ranging from some shark types, lobsters and octopus make a colourful and varied diving experience. A number of shipwrecks that surrounds the island make an exciting dive trips as well.

Best time to visit: Dry season is from September up to March and rainy season is from April up to August.

Fernando de Noronha is referred to as one of Brazil’s top ecological tour spot. These are the reasons why Fernando de Noronha is a trip of a life time.

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