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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Milos, Untouched Greek Island

When it comes to beautiful islands, Greece has a lot to offer. You could spend a year just hopping from one island to the next.

Milos is a popular Greek island in the west of Santorini in Aegean Sea in the Cyclades Group. Plaka is a capital of Milos and popular for its magnificent rocky landscape and enchanting Emerald waters. You can enjoy number of activities while holidaying in Milos. One can enjoy a high end holiday at a reasonable price. Outstanding beaches, crystal clear water and gorgeous sunsets are just some of the reasons why milos should appear in your itineries.

Here are some suggestions for your visit: 

Stroll around the Hillock: Plaka is the island’s capital and one of the most scenic corners of the island. The typical Cycladic architectures set on a hillock 220 meters above sea level is the must see and must see spot in Milos. Magical views over the sea and the imposing Venetian Castle will amaze you. What make it an ideal place to experience the island’s beauty are the tiny little paths, scenic shortcuts between the traditionally built houses and the picturesque churches of Ypapanti of Christ and Panaghia Korfiatissa.

Take a boat tour around the island of Milos: A visit to the island is incomplete if you don’t do a boat tour around the island. It gives you the chance to swim in place only accessible by boat and see the island from a different angle. There are a lot of tours available. Departures of all the boat tours are from the village of Adamas. They take you across the shoreline of Milos stopping along the way. The highlight of the journey is Kleftiko. You can swim around the small caves and see the strange rock formations. This tour will take you to different tourist destination around Milos.

Enjoy windsurfing and Kite surfing: make sure you visit the amazing beach of Achivadolimni which is most famous for the thrilling water activities of kite surfing and windsurfing. May to September is the best span to enjoy windsurfing here.

Have a swim in Agios Sotis beach. It is small but yet impressive beach in the village of Provatas, named after the nearby chapel of Aghios Sotis. You can enjoy a relaxing swim in shallow blue waters. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing bite at the only cafe restaurant located at Agios Sotis.

Swim when in Pollonia: about 14 kms from Plaka you can find a charming fishing village popular as Pollonia. Pollonia is a great destination on this Greek island to enjoy the fun of swimming as well as nightlife .You can also go for fun boat tours to the cave of Papafragas and Glaronisia Beach which has couples of islets.

Stunning beaches: Milo offers over 70 beaches ideal for swimming. The island’s large number of beaches offers great variety. Some beaches are n the interiors while others are more out in the open. You can select beaches from sandy rocky or pebbled, fully serviced or without any amenities. If you are looking for family beaches ideal for children or spots more appropriate for couples, the island has it all. If you want to see as many of them as you can, board a giradiko or boat offering a trip around the entire island at the adamants quay.

Sarakiniko beach is located on the shore of the island. Sarakiniko beach is the most photographic island. The beach is full of hotel, rocks that remind you of lunar landscape. Sarakiniko is not only an enjoyable swimming destination but also a unique site from a geological point of view.

The sunset experience on the island is stunning. Rivalling or even surpassing the world famous sunset in Santorini. The Panagia tis Korfiatissas church in Plaka is the ultimate spot to experience the sunset. Utopia bar is also a good spot. One has to get there early to find a place to sit. The view from these points is sensational. As the sun goes down, look for the lighthouse located by the two islets, the Arkadies and at the gulf’s entrance. Once the lighthouse is lit up, it signals the beginning of another beautiful evening on the islands.

The food: like every island in Greece, Milo too has its own unique culinary fingerprint, one which you will have a great time exploring. Don’t forget to stock up Milos famous flower honey as well as the island’s flavour packed capers.

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