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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Places you should not miss in Corsica


Corsica a sun drenched island is a fantastic European holiday destination. It is nestled between Italy and France. This mountainous land is covered with beautiful forests, vineyards and surrounded by sandy beaches. Corsica is an idyllic island in the popular Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is as glittering jewel in the sun for an island influenced by several countries. It’s maintained an unrivalled individual quality that can’t be matched. Corsica is a wonderful blend of old and new, luxury, rustic, high craggy peaks and smooth sand shores.

The month of July-September is in fact the best times to plan your Corsica holidays. Go hiking in its lofty mountains- Monte Cinto, Lac De Melu among other. Every nook and corner Corsica oozes its charm and it is sure to entice you. Holiday in Corsica can easily be spent lazing on the beach or hopping from a romantic restaurant to local bar, but for all round experience of this island make sure you consider these things not to miss in Corsica.

Romantic escape to Corsica: Corsica absolutely deserves the slogan “Isle of Beauty”. Enjoy your holiday in a romantic idyllic setting. You will be accommodated in a hotel with superior category with sea view. Stroll along quaint mountain villages, medieval citadels and picturesque port cities, moreover indulge in sweets. Doing nothing on white sandy dream beaches with turquoise waters is impossible.

The town of Bonifacio is a remarkable destination. Bonifacio is perched on its impressive limestone cliffs. Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful cities. You’ll see during your trip to Corsica. Most of it’s charm comes from its citadel and it’s winding shady alleys.

Calvi is a dream destination for those who love Sea Mountains and a citadel all in one go. Calvi is a town brimming with charm. It’s lined with stunning houses and buildings yet maintain a village feel. Its narrow lanes and selection of boutiques makes the town pleasant. The sea meets mountain scenery is also another big attraction. Calvi has its own airport. Flying over Calvi and its surround is a sheer delight. It’s superb out of the ordinary way to discover the area and admire its magical landscape.

Rondinara Beach is elected repeatedly most beautiful beach of France or Europe. The beach of Rondinara disappoints nobody. Fine sand, turquoise waters sloping gently is surrounded beautifully by preserved scrubland and decorated with reddish rocks.

The interior of the region of Corte is a home to Corsica’s most rugged landscapes, from dense pine forest to glacier moulded gorges. The area has become something of an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiast and is one of the best places to go rafting and canyoning the Mediterranean.

Those who want to get active in the water, there are a number of water sports opportunities available across the island, whether it’s sea kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing or diving. Corsica is ready for you to take a splash.

A walk through the mountains: the mountainous landscape of Corsica is a haven for those who have packed their hiking boots. Walking through the mountains is the best ways to absorb the island’s stunning scenery with several routes.

Conquer Mountains on Two wheels: Swap you two feet for two wheels and explore Corsica mountains by bicycle. The island has cycling routes offering leg burning climbs for those looking to get really active.

Corsican Cuisine is influenced by French and Italian menus with unique dishes and ingredients. Despite their location seafood isn’t a major concern. A sweet treat should not be missed on a holiday to Corsica.

Take advantage of the stunning scenery and dine at al fresco perched on a rocky outcrop in the north. Everything is done outdoor at this unique bar. Beautifully lit at night the menu here is mouth watering.

Ensure you get the most out of this island during your trip by visiting some of its most stunning attractions and famous location.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Corsica Island of France

Corsica Island of France
Corsica Island is a French Island located in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is surrounded by the border of Italy and France. Sardinia Island is located at the north side of Corsica Island. Generally, most of the land is occupied by the mountains. There are 27 regions of France and Corsica is one of them. Interestingly, the French emperor Napolean Bonaparte was born in the capital city of the Corsica Island. Corsica Island is also known as “Island of Beauty”. This is because of the diversified nature and preservation of natural locations from the aggressive development. This natural island is considered as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mostly summer season is the perfect time to come to this island. August month is the busiest month in terms of tourism. So plan in advance if you are thinking to come to the Corsica Island in summer. If you are coming from France, NGV or High Speed Boat is the best medium to reach the Corsica Island. The boat route is preferred as you can enjoy the beautiful seashore and many islands on the way. Though there are four airports available on this island. Only, Bastia airport has a bus service at every one hour interval to reach the main city.

Corsica Island is divided into two regions – Upper Corsica and South Corsica. Ajaccio city is the capital of this beautiful island. The important cities of the Corsica Island are Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, Corte and few more. Corsican Island is famous for their trails. The world famous GR 20is one of the most difficult trails among Grande Randonnee trails. This is the most adventurous activity you can do on the Corsica Island. If you try to go by traditional waypoints, then it will take around 17 days to complete the trail.

The most dangerous thing about this trail is the intense summer storms with lightning. There are other trails also, which are less dangerous than GR 20. There are two Mare e Mare which means Sea to Sea trails. This trail crosses the island. Since the mainland is mostly covered with Mountains, trails between sea and mountain is also present here. The beaches of the Corsica Island offer sunbathing, swimming and snorkel facility. You will find restaurant and bars near beaches which you can enjoy after sunset. Sightseeing is also a good thing to do. Scuba diving is also available but only in selected beaches with proper facility.

Cuisine of the Corsica Island is influenced by French and Italian taste. Despite the influence, you will find many unique dishes such as the chestnut. Chestnut is the Corsican’s main food from which many meals and desserts are prepared. Seafood and fish dishes are common on this island.Though it is very difficult to find a restaurant which offers true Corsican dishes. There are many varieties of beer and wine available. ‘Colomba’, ‘Pietra or ‘Biere Torre’’ beer is the most recommended beer to try whenever you visit the Corsica Island.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holidays in Corsica

Corsica is a land of contrasts with mountains with bushes and forests and beaches. Corsica is a unique island bordered by azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and it has not usurped the title of Island Beauty. Veritable "sea mountain", Corsica has thus a unique topography in the Mediterranean with 120 peaks above 2000 m (the highest point is Monte Cinto and her 2 710m) and over 1 000 km of coastline steep. With a Regional Natural Park which covers two thirds of its surface, Corsica offers a surprisingly rich and unspoilt nature. Pine forests in mountain lakes Lariccio emerald, through the fragrant maquis, the refreshing mountain pastures, the vineyards of its land or rushing streams and other sources refreshing, a true island green awaits.

As it is in the heart of Mediterranean, the cradle of humanity’s cultural heritage Corsica have its own history. Because of its real strategic position, Corsica has always fueled the greed of the power mongers in the Mediterranean. But still Corsica has preserved its traditions and ancient cultures. Thanks to the people of Corsica. The local products such as chest nut cured meats and cheeses and the wines of the hills are popular around the world. The houses were built with stone and slate and also they are the part of the historical heritage worth mention is the Piana and Coves. Some of the villages are nestled on the peaks of the Alta Rocca and Castagniccia and others are spread over the valleys.

Finally, the Corsican village, with houses of stone and slate, are also part of that heritage is the pride of the island and are often in remarkable places such as Piana and coves. Some are nestled on the peaks of the Alta Rocca, or lurk in the heart of Castagniccia, other valleys to the decline of marine Cap Corse or spread in the plains, between sea and mountains.

In addition to the discovery of its rich heritage, Corsica offers a wide range of activities to its visitors. Mountainside is a hiker's paradise with the famous GR 20 which crosses the island from north to south. But it's a long course (14 days) and demanding, reserved for hikers in good physical condition. If it is known for its difficulty, the GR 20 is mainly for the beauty of landscapes and diversity of fauna and flora encountered: it is common to see random paths boar, fox, dormouse or peregrine falcon. But only the luckiest and most patients will see the two icons of the Corsican mountains: the sheep and the bearded vulture.

Seaward, creeks and seemingly endless beaches are paradise. Words fail to describe the beauty of the places where the water is turquoise unique. With over 1,000 km of coastline and an un spoilt coastline, Corsica is the ideal setting to practice all water sports: swimming, yak sea, fun, sports sailing or living standards, water skiing, scuba diving, surfing or jet skiing. Enchantment and continues under the water where the coral seabed illuminate an array of colors.

So if you want to spend a beautiful vacation, pack your bags for Corsica. Especially with small price Travel Leisure, rest is assured.