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Places to Visit in Montana (U.S.A)

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Montana is a state located in Western USA. It has many cities like Dillon, Livingston, Laurel, Miles city and Sidney. There are many mountain ranges in this state. So obviously the meaning of Montana is mountain. Helena is the capital of Montana and the nickname of this state is TREASURE STATE.

Though this country is not an over populated country; still too there are millions of tourists visiting this place every year. The following are worth mention places for sight-seeing.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK: This Park is famous for hiking, wild spotting and sparkling lakes. It is also ideal for boating and fishing. While going through the Glacier National park one can drive on the Going –to- the- sun road and can see some best sights in North West Montana. Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg lake trail and highline trail are some more sights on the way to Glacier National Park. One can enjoy white water adventure, guided fly fishing trips and rafting.

BOZEMAN: This town is surrounded by rolling green hills, pine forest and snow-capped peaks. It has a lot of entertainment for tourist. You can visit THE BOZEMAN ANGLER where you are introduced to the fishing coaching classes.

BOZEMAN HOT SPRINGS: where one can get cured from the aches and pains while you are in a pool, sauna and steam room.

BOOJUM EXPEDITION: offers horse Riding, Mountain biking, fishing and trekking trips. One of the tourist attractions is the MUSEUM OF THE ROCKIES where there is a huge collection of dinosaur remains. It gives details on physical and cultural history of the people, animals and the Rocky Mountains.

GRIZZLY AND WOLF DISCOVERY CENTRE: This centre is located in West Yellowstone. It is a wild park in Montana and provides educational facility. The visitors are allowed to experience the world of grizzly bears and grey wolves.

QUAKE LAKE: Once an earthquake took place in this lake which created a landslide that brought down the mountains and hills and tons of stone came crashing down into the lake. The visitors enjoy the water from the shoreline. Thus this lake was named as Quake Lake. Fishing is done in this lake.

BERKELY PIT: It is an open pit copper mine in Butte. Now it is getting filled with contaminated water where it is dangerous if it overflows causing killing of the fish and seepage in the ground water.

RYAN DAM: It is a hydroelectric plant on the Missouri river. There is a park in the Middle of the Missouri river which is called the Ryan Island Park suitable for picnics. The Ryan dam also has a club house equipped with all the facilities.

GIANT SPRINGS: It is a fresh water spring which attracts number of tourist to this place. This site is also known as a Roe River. It is a shortest river in the world. This river connects the giant’s springs to the Missouri river. Thisriver is listed in the Guinness book of world record as the shortest river.

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF MONTANA: Here the children have something for themselves. This museum has innovative, interactive exhibits especially on science, maths and culture and hands on activities where the children can actually feel,touch, examine the objects and explore many things. This brings a big smile across the children’s face.

OUR LADY OF THE ROCKIES: It is a huge statue of Virgin Mary built by David Adickes who was a sculptor in Butte. He planned to build this statue as a vow taken because his wife was cured from cancer. This statue is 90 feet tall. This statue could be seen from all the corners of the city. It takes half a day to reach this statue.

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Dubai Scenic Tour

Among the seven United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the largest among them. This country attracts millions of tourist from all over the world each year. Most of the population staying in this country is from U.K. or India, since most of them work there. Dubai is duty free port with no taxation, so mostly people make it a point to visit this country during the shopping festival during the month of January. You will find the world’s tallest building, the largest man-made island, massive malls and beautiful hotels and many more. Some of them are as follows:

BURJ KHALIFA: It is the tallest building in the world. It is a 162 floor building. This building contains offices, retail space, residential units, Giorgio Armani hotel, podium structure and two storey pools with world largest shopping mall. Along with all these there is also an aquarium, ice rink, Sega theme park and cinemas. You can go to the observation deck on the 124th floor and see the beautiful Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab and much more.

WILD WADI DUBAI: It is a water park located in Jumeirah. You can enjoy end number of rides in the water park like Jumeirah Sceirah: it is a capsule which is situated right on top, where the person goes inside that and then slides down at amazing speed,Burj Surj:It is a water slide, TANTRUM Alley, Juha’s Dhow ,Lagoon, flood river, wipe out and riptide. WildWadi is themed on the tale of Juha a known character from Arabian Folklore. This park is situated right in front of Burj Al Arab.

PALM ISLAND: Nahkeel is the main brain behind this Palm Island. This is a man-made island. This island is developed by dredging sand from the floor and spraying it to form shaped land masses, forming into a palm shape. This island is already packed with villas and hotels. David Beckham and sharukh khan owns a plot on this island. At the tip of the tree is the Atlantis hotel.

THE DUBAI FOUNTAIN: This is the world largest musical fountain situated at Burj Khalifa Lake. This fountain shoots water as high as 500 ft which is equivalent to 50 storey building. This fountain dances according to the classical, Arabic and world music along with super lights.

SKI DUBAI: It is situated in the Mall of the Emirates. It is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, playing with the snow penguins. It also allows us to swim with the penguins.
DUBAI DOLPHINARIUM: It is an indoor DOLPHINARIUM. They have dolphin shows where the fishes don’t let you feel bored with all the high jumps, fin sailing, aquabatics and balancing tricks. It is a nice way to spend your evening in Dubai.

DUBAI ZOO: It is the oldest zoo. It is the first Arabian zoo to breed the rare chimpanzee and Arabian wild cat. It is a popular attraction for families. There are different types of animals, birds, reptiles and an underground fish aquarium.

BURJ AL ARAB: It is a sail shaped hotel resembling the sail of a dhow a type of Arabian vessel with luxurious suites overlooking the Dubai coastline. It is a most expensive hotel. They have a Penthouse, swimming pools, rotating beds; bullet proof glass and gold leaf entrance. It is the world only seven star hotels. There is a tennis court at the top of the hotel. This hotel is connected the mainland by private curving bridge.

DUBAI AUTODROME: It is a multipurpose motorsport complex where they have a race, thrilling experience, music concert, go karting and drive centre. So if anyone who wants to experience the different races, then one must visit this place.

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In Japan Hell Is Due North

Valley of Hell/Isle’s Sulphurous/Belching/Bubbling Jigoku-Dani

The northernmost island of Japan,Hokkaido, is known for few things like beer in Sapporo, skiing in Niseko, ubiquitous uni or sea urchin and beef. Valley of Hell or the isle’s sulphurous, belching and bubbling Jigoku-Dani is not known to many, which is a 24 acre geothermal crater formed from the eruption of Mount Kuttara around 20,000 years back. Situated within Hokkaido’s Shikotsu-Toya National Park, where stirring lava pits together with simmering black sulphur calderas tend to lie in wait beneath a thick blanket of snow, it could sound like a vision of hell to some.

However, Jigoku-Dani, around 112 km south of Sapporo seems to also be an idea of heaven to others. It has a dozens of onsen or natural hot water baths which could vary from simple steamy streams where travellers could dip their cold toes to modern hot basalt baths where one could mediate over snow fall on bonsai trees.

Whenever snow monkey tend to bathe at the famous Jigoku-Dani on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Hokkaido’s Jigoku-Dani has an altogether another flavour. Jigoku-Dani’s baths unlike Japan’s traditionally serene onsen that tends to look calm scenes of cherry blossoms or scarlet maples has rugged ancient backdrops of bubbling geysers as well as steamy caves. These are prized especially for their variety.

Nine Forms of Thermal Water

There are nine various forms of thermal water found in Jigoku-Dani’s onsen town of Norboribetsu which comprises of acidic iron, alkaline, salt, radium and melanterite springs. Some of these have been suggested that it heals various medical conditions which include neuralgia, bronchitis and eczema, by balneologist. At Norboribetsu is an 18m tall red roadside demon or yukijin guarding over the approach road having an angry look and is fanged and horned with a pointed spiked club at oncoming drivers.

Considered to be a welcome demon, the locals are of the belief that it protects the hot springs, warding off evil spirits and pray for the good fortune of human beings. In the month of June, men tend to dress as demons with a display of fireworks, dancing to the bass heavy Japanese taiko or drums as a part of the Norboribetsu’s Demon Fireworks festival. There are nine various demon statues that are scattered all over the town, some of which are newly constructed for the benefit of tourist attractions.

Plethora of Hot Spring – Healing Centre For Wounded Soldiers

However, the yukijin at the town’s Enma Do Shinto Shrine that is found in an altar on a set of tree shrouded steps could be traced to the Edo period – 1603-1868. As per the belief of Shinto, Enma, the King of Hell, standing at the entrance of hell to decide which of the six paths a dead person will take. While some tend to go straight to hell or are reborn in the world of war, other are reincarnated as animals or tend to go straight to heaven.

The plethora of hot springs of Noboribetsu were earlier used as healing centre for the wounded soldiers in the Russo-Japanese War – 1904-05 resulting in the town’s architecture retaining a dark Brutalist feeling with several cold concrete hospital towers that had been transformed into onsen resorts. The onsens were well maintained and seemed to be a quiet area to soak prior to dinner.

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Dortmund, Germany


Dortmund – 8th Largest City in Germany

Dortmund, a city in Germany is located in the Bundesland of North Rhine- Westphalia having a population of around 575,944 – 2013, making it the 8th largest city in Germany. It is considered to be the largest city with regards to area and population in the Ruhr Area which is an urban area with 5.1 million inhabitants (2011), the largest urban group in Germany.

 Moreover, it is also a part of the larger Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area of over 12 million inhabitants. The Ruhr River flows south of the city while the small river Emscher flows through the municipal area. The Dortmund-Ems Canal terminates in the Dortmund Port, the largest European canal port which links Dortmund to the North Sea.

Dortmund is also known as Westphalia’s `green metropolis and nearly half of the municipal territory comprises of woodland, waterways, agriculture as well as green space together with huge parks like Westfalenpark and Rombergpark.

 Being the largest city in the Ruhrgebiet, it has built its prosperity on steel, coal and beer. Presently the mines are shut down, the steel mines quiet with more Zeitgeist compatible high tech industries taking their place while the breweries are quite strong churning our large quantities of appealing beer and ale, most of which is exported.

Part of Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr – VRR

The biggest city in the Ruhr Valley also has a wide range of possibilities in the sporting and cultural sector combined with a high quality of life. Football – soccer is a major passion in Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund, the city’s Bundesliga – Germany’s first league team, has been the national champion – eight times inclusive of the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.

Dortmund has perceived several changes in recent years where the former steel city developed into a modern as well as cosmopolitan metropolis, gaining fame all across Europe as an innovative destination for technological expansion. Traveller visiting for business purpose to Dortmund would find everything they require for successful and effective work.

 In the midst of the heaviest European motorway networks together with several airports, with hourly ICE, IC and EC trains, along with exceptional public transport, it is at the centre of fast connection. Dortmund is part of Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr – VRR, which is a collaboration of the regional transportation companies providing easy access for public transport in the entire Ruhr District in S-Bahn, regional trains, buses and subways. It central station, Dortmund Hauptbahnhof, is the connection of the national railroad system with the city subway system as well as the regional train system.

Historically – An Industrial Area

One can obtain transport with ease in the centre or any suburb through subway and bus. Moreover it is also easy to go to the neighbouring cities such as Bochum, Dusseldorf, Essen, Munster, Koln – Cologne, Wuppertal together with the rest of Northrhine-Westphalia and Germany through various regional or national train lines.

 Historically, Dortmund has been an industrial area which various companies headquartered there comprising of Signal Iduna, Thyssenkrupp Uhde Gmbh and Wilo. It is a home to various medium sized information technology companies most of which are linked to the local university TechnologieZentrumDortmund program.

Dortmund, a city of various cultural history tone are set by churches in the city centre where the towers characterise the skyline of Dortmund while the Reinoldikirche and the Marienkirche are considered to be gems of medieval architecture.

The city centre still holds the outline of the medieval city. A ring road marks the former city wall and the Western-Ostenhellweg, part of a medieval salt trading route continues to be the major pedestrian street dividing the city centre.

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Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a part of Netherland. Here the people are very loving to each other and go out of their way to help others. The people from different fields, children and families enjoy the company of each other. This city is also famous for tourism. Thereare some places of interest where one would like to visit.

ANNE FRANK HOUSE: Anne frank was residing in this city. She and her family were hiding for more than two years during the World War II. She spent her two years writing a diary on her life during the period of world war. This diary tells the story of the wartime persecution of the Jews,contemporary fascism, racism and anti-Semitism. This diary is now on display at this house which is turned into a museum.

VAN GOGH MUSEUM: Vincent Van Gogh was a painter during the 20thcentury. His painting was not that famous when he was alive. But now this museum has become a tourist attraction. This is the only museum in the world that has many paintings, written documents, under one roof. Some of the famous portrait is Van Gogh’s self-portraits, the sunflower sand The Potato eaters.

THE ROYAL PALACE: It is called the eighth wonder of the world. The ROYAL PALACE is situated on the Dam square. This palace is still used by the Royal Family for state visit, New Year’s reception and awards.Paintings,sculpture,huge chandeliers etc. are admired by the tourist. They also have exhibition for the public.

DUTCH TULIP AND FLOWERS: The trip to the Tulip field is a must during spring. Tulip bulbs are seen growing with striking colours. Like red, pink, white, purple and yellow. It looks like a carpet of flowers. They are also display of flowers during Amsterdam Tulip festivals.

CANAL CRUISE: This is one of the most popular attractions. If one is interested in sightseeing then just hop on hop off is the service offered by canal bus .Different types of festivals are celebrated on the boat. The boat passes along the coastline of the beautiful city. There are different theme cruise while sailing. That is the beer cruise, burger cruise, candlelight cruise, Dinner cruise, and pizza cruise.

MUSEUM OF BAGS: It is a unique Museum with collections right from Middle age till the present. These bags have different variety of functions, form, material and decoration used through centuries. They also have exhibition and sale of these bags.

ARTIS ZOO: The surroundings are built according to the species. For a minute you feel that you are in African Savannah with the wild animals, zebras and gazelles and the next moment you are in the aquarium surrounded by coral reef and sharks.Artis is an entertainment place for kids. Kids can pet the animals. Art is is more than a zoo with aquarium, botanical garden, zoological museum, geological museum and planetarium.

VONDELPARK: This is the largest park in Amsterdam city. There are many ponds,lawns; gardens and winding footpaths .There is snacks counter. There are bikes, skateboards, cycle available to roam in the park. The garden is also filled with beautiful flowers. From May to September the Vondelpark open air theatre is packed with festivals, dance, cabaret, jazz and children’s theatre.

BIKE TOUR: You can tour the city on wheels. You can enjoy the ride and also stop at any place as and when required. You can visit the windmills and Breweries.

BLOKARTING: It is a sport played on the beach.It is very popular. It is also called as land based sailing sport. All the beaches do not have a permit but IJMUIDEN AAN ZEE has a special permit. Blokarting can be done on sand and in water too.

Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol – Second Largest Urban Part in Cyprus

Unknown to several people, Limassol or Lemesos is the most underrated cities. It is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district. Besides this, it is also the second largest urban part in Cyprus having an urban population of around 160,000 – 176,700 and the municipality is most crowded in the country with inhabitants of around 101,000 till 2011.

The Port of Limassol is considered to be one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean transit trade being the largest port of Cyprus. It has now become one of the most significant tourism, trade as well as service providing centres and is well known for its extensive cultural traditions. It is also home to the Cyprus University of Technology.

One will find a wide spectrum of activities as well as a number of archaeological sites and museums to explore while visiting this amazing destination. Thus it draws a wide variety of tourist to this destination during summer season with accommodation available in a various hotels and apartments. A large marina is presently being developed in the vicinity of the old town.
Built Between Two Ancient Cites –Amathus/Kourion

Limassol has been built between two ancient cities – Amathus and Kourion (Curium). It was perhaps built after Amathus was ruined though the town of Limassol was inhabited ever since the ancient times. During the Byzantine rule, it was known as Neapolis – new town. Graves that are found here date back to 2000 BC while others date back to the 8th and 4th centuries BC.

Ancient writers make no mention about the foundation of the town. Towards 85 BC, the Armenian emperor, Tigranes the Great, had been to Cyprus to establish security as well as protection of local Greek allies against the Arabians and Rome which was followed by his conquest of Syria, Anatolia and Lebanon.

In 451, as per the Council of Chalcedon that took place, the local bishop and the bishops of Amathus and Arsinoe were involved in the foundation of the city. Bishop Leonitios of Neapolis was an important church writer during the 7th century and the records of the 7th Synod consider it as the bishop’s see. During the 10th century, the town was known as Lemesos.

Historical Centre – Around Medieval Limassol Castle/Old Port

Its historical centre is situated around its medieval Limassol Castle and the Old Port and presently the city extends along the Mediterranean coast and spreads farther than the castle and port where its suburbs stretch along the coast to Amathus.

Towards the west of the city lies the Akrotiri Area of the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia.Limassol is said to rank 87th worldwide in Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey in 2012, between Tallinn and Bratislava. Besides being a major tourist destination, Limassol is also a main hub for international business in Cyprus giving it a more international feel when compared to the other district centres.

With the recent renovation projection in the old town and old port areas, it will be more accessible as well as interesting for tourists visiting this destination. For tourists intending a holiday which takes in more than sun and sea, Lemesos is at the very heart of one of the island’s richest part to explore.

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Lisbon, the City of Seven Hills

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.It is built on the seven hills. This city is famous in all the fields of commerce, media, tourism, education, trading and entertainment. The main language is Portuguese. It is also a famous TOURIST destination. Some of the famous destinations are as follows:

LISBON OCEANARIUM: This is one of the largest aquariums.The aquarium looks like a high sea, with different large sea creatures. There are sting rays,sharks and many unknown unique creatures. One can experience deep sea diving. There are different tank with various ocean ecosystem like the Antarctica tank which contains Penguins, Pacific tank contain Otters. The huge tank is divided by an invisible Acrylic looks like allthe sea creatures are swimming in the same tank. You feel as if you are present around a sea.

LISBON ZOO: It is a 120 years old zoo. It is situated at Sete Rios, QUintas das Laranjeiras. It has over 200 animals, reptiles, and birds. The main attraction is the dolphin show, sea lion doing some acrobatics, pelican feeding, snakes and lizards show, birds show and many other interesting activities. They also have a farm house, an amusement t park and shops in the zoo. Anyone who wants to have a bird view can take a ride on the cable car that passes around the zoo. This zoo brings you really close to all the animals.

MONUMENTS TO THE DISCOVERIES: This monument is built on the banks of Tagus River. It is a unique monument in a shape of a Caravel. There are huge statues of important Portuguese explorer and merchants..This structure is dedicated to the people who helped to established Portugal. There is a small museum inside the monument telling about the history of Lisbon and also viewing platform at top of the structure.

MUSEU DE MARINA: it is a Maritime Museum or Navy Museum.It tells the full history of the sea.In this Museum Model ships, nautical instruments, uniform, Vasco do Gama portable wooden alter, U.K. built royal yacht AMELIA and also ornate royal barges are displayed.

VASCO DA GAMA TOWER: This tower is the tallest was named after the great explorer Vasco da Gama of Portugal who was the first to arrive in India by sail. This tower has a shape of a nautical sail. It was basically an observation deck. It provides a great view of city, the river and Vasco da GamaBridge. There is also a restaurant on top of tower.

ADVENTUROUSE ACTIVITY: Enjoyment on the beaches like surfing body boarding, sailing, windsurfing and all different water sports can be experienced. People can play golf in winter. Horse-riding is another sport where people love to experience it. Mountain biking, Scuba diving, trekking, sunset cruises are also some of the activities where one can experience it.

MARKET TOUR WITH COOKING CLASS: One can go touring the local market, buy whatever ingredient required and be trained by a chef. Portuguese cuisine is one of the main cuisines on the list. He also teaches fusion cooking of Mediterranean, African and south American dishes. So while you are on a holiday you can explore some new dishes of that particular country.

NIGHT LIFE AT LISBON: The night is still young .there are lots of bars and clubs entertaining people with dances , melancholy fado singing, dinner along the Tagus river, casino where people bet on games .

SANTUARIO NACIONAL DE CRISTO REI: it is a beautiful monument of Jesus. It is constructed in the district of Almada. Toreach to the top one has to go by the elevator. This statue can be seen from any corner of the city. The statue of Jesus is very beautiful. It has its hand spread out as if it is blessing this city. It is one of the Pilgrimage destinations. This statue was built to thank God for saving Portugal from entering World War II .The interior of the statue has a shop, two halls and a chapel. It is really amazing.

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Things to Do In Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is a crowded city. The people here are of a very friendly nature. The citizens are called Madrilenos. This city is situated along the sides of the Manzanares River and the mountain of Guadarrama. There are beautiful things to see. This city is a lively city. There are many places for sightseeing.

BEUN RETIRO PARK: It is a largest park known as The Park of the Pleasant retreat. There are beautiful sculpture, monuments, galleries and a lake where they have boating’s and events like concerts. This park contains Zoological gardens, Crystal palace which is made of a glass building famous for art exhibition. And not forgetting a garden of roses.

ROYAL PALACE OF MADRID: It is an official residence of king of Spain but he and the royal family doesn’t stay there. It is mainly used for state ceremonies and for some other celebrations. It is located on the Bailen Street on the western part of Madrid. The statue of the king and the queen is all over the square. This palace is open to public all-round the year. The throne room should be visited. It remains the same from the reign of Carlos III.

THE SOROLLA MUSEUM: This museum was opened in the name of Joaquin Sorolla who was anartist. His paintings wereof different styles. He used to paint on topics like Social criticism, family portrait, work depicting typical local customs and self-portraits. His paintings showed a very calm and quiet scene mostly of the sea, children and women. His paintings were mostly done by oil paint. Andalusian Style garden is also designed by this artist. Before dying he painted on a canvas which still remains intact till today.

NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM: It exhibits archaeology, ethnology, decorative coins and arts. All items like the Egyptian mummies, Mudejar stone work and ceramics are displayed. The Bust of lady of Elx an Iberian women is the main highlight of this museum found in south eastern Spain by a French archaeological which describes her hair, headgear. There are many more artifacts displayed in this museum. There are many wealth of religious articles removed from churches and monasteries displayed here also.

PLAZA DE CIBELES: There is a fountain situated in the middle of Cibeles Square depicts the goddess sitting in a chariot pulled by two lions. The Madrid is famous for many monuments. It has become a celebration place after winning the football match. There are three monuments that is Cibeles palace which at present is a City Hall, Banco de Espana and Linares Palace. These palaces are lit up very beautiful in the night.

CASAde CAMPO PARK: Also known as Country House Park.It is situated in the west on central city in Moncloa Aravaca district. There is a beautiful lake with flora and Fauna. They have Kayaking, fishing and swimming in this lake. It has an amusement park where all the rides are based on cartoon character. A zoo, an aquarium, Madrid Arena Stadium and a cable car also there to entertain the public. This place is ideal for family vacation tours.

MUSEO DelAIRE: It is an Aviation Museum situated in Cuatro Vientos Air Base out of the city limits. The children get very fascinated with the different collections of aircrafts. They have old and historic airplanes right from the beginning of aviation. One can tour around the hanger. There is a large display of wooden propellers of different shape and size, Gliders, rescue helicopter and passenger airlines.

WARNERS BROS PARK: It is a theme park. It is divided into five areas that are Hollywood Boulevard, Warner Bros, Studio, DC Superheroes world, Cartoon village. The rides are very unique.They have a Chinese theatre, looney tunes statue, Rio Bravo flume ride, inverted roller coaster, exploring the gold mine mountain; the children can drive in the Flint stone cars, batman ride, wooden roller coaster and river rapid ride. So enjoy the trip by visiting this park.

ENTERTAINMENT: Apart from visiting museums and other historical places there is something where you can enjoy yourself by watching flamenco, a bull fight, go in an open topped bus tour, eat at the world oldest restaurant , take a ride on the Madrid’s cable car, visit Madrid’s weekly flea market , sweeten your tooth by tasting Chocolate con churros.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Top 9 Things to Do In Budapest

BUDAPEST is situated in Europe. It is a capital of Hungary. It resembles the city of light “PARIS”. Many touristslove to visit this place. This place is divided into two parts BUDA and PEST along the river Danube. Where both have different tourist attraction .The area where Buda is located is mostly a hilly region with residential area and Pest is a plain land where mostly commercial and industrial areas are located. There are 3 islandsthe Csepel Island, the Margaret Island and the Obudai Island and the last is Szentendre Island. So let us explore some more information on this place.

CHAIN BRIDGE: It is one of the attractions. It is the first permanent suspension bridge between Buda and Pest. This bridge is made from stones and iron. They have summer festival during the weekend on the chain bridge where one can walk across the bridge during the festivals.There are two lion statues at both ends of the bridge.This bridge looks very beautiful when lit up in the night.

PARLIAMENT HOUSE: This is a largest parliament building in the world. The interiors are very unique. It is placed right next to Danube shore. One can take a look at this parliament from inside specially the sculptures rooms and paintings. The architecture if the building is also stunning. There is also a visitor’s centre where cafe and gift shop is present.

THE SHOES ON THE DANUBE RIVER: These are the metal shoes of the people who were told to remove the shoes before being shot dead and thrown into the river. Ladies children and men were shot by the facist Arrow Cross. This monument is located next to the Hungarian parliament. Some people come and pay respect to their beloved ones.

SZECHENYI SPA BATHS: It is the best and largest spa bath in Europe. It is situated in the city park. They have indoor baths and 3 outdoor pools. This pool contains thermal spring which is medicinal. It contains calcium, magnesium hydro carbonate sodium and sulphate .It cures diseases like joint pains, chronic pains and arthritis.

BUDAPEST ZOO AND BOTANICAL GARDEN: This is the largest zoo park of Hungary. In the zoo the baby animals are kept separate where the kids can enjoy being with them. The visit to this zoo also entertains people with live concerts .There is also a huge Aquarium where you can see the bears swimming inside. Children also get attracted towards the beautiful children park.

LIBEGO: It is a two chairlift system transporting passengers between Zugliget and Janos Hill.It is an adventurous activity having unique experience. You can travel also to Buda hills. Janoshegy is a tourist attraction where people go for a walk in the forest because it is very calm. The tower also is worth seeing. From the tower one can see the full city.

HAJOGYARI ISLAND: It is one of the biggest island .This islands is famous for whole night party.Once upon a time it was a shipyard island. Annual Szigeti festival is celebrated on this island. Now the intention of building a recreation complex and a hotel has begun.

BUDA CASTLE HILL: It is a world heritage site. There are many gothic arches, baroque and cobble stone streets. It also consists of natural caves made by thermal waters and underground passages made by man. Buda Castle Easter festival in celebrated with lots of cultural activities like games concerts and food. Apart from this there are many other festivals like chocolate festival, wine festival, beer festival, and renaissance and medieval festival.

INVISIBLE EXHIBITION: It is an interesting experience, to be in darkness for one hour. There is a forest, a museum with sculpture, a street with traffic, vegetable and fruit shops all situated in a big room. One has to act as if he is blind. He /she have to touch and feel the things. After going through all this, it is really amazing how the blind people can do all this. It is really a unique experience.