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Cappadocia; The Land of Beautiful Horses


Cappadocia Must See Destination:

Millions of years ago volcanic explosion covered this region with a blanket of thick ash, which converted into a soft rock known as tuff. Wind and water went to work on this plateau, leaving only the harder particles back to form a legendry landscape of cones, pillars, pinnacles, mushrooms, and chimneys.

But human skills performed equally great works here. The rocky land is surrounded with a series of human-created caves, living houses;places for prayers, stables, and storeroom were all converted into the soft stone. In fact, tunnel beneath the ground created a whole town with as many as eight different stories hidden underground.

Cappadocia is one of the rare places that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. It is a must to see destination.

When to Visit Cappadocia:

Cappadocia is situated on a high, dry plateau somewhere in the middle of Turkey. The region is sometimes hot, dry, cold, sometimes snowy and winter. According to the weather one can plan their visit.

How to visit Cappadocia:

Those who wish to explore this place on their own; they can go on their own by renting bikes, scooters, or even cars.

Things to Experience at Turkey

FAIRY CHIMNEY: These are rock cones that surround the castles. They come in different range of shapes and sizes, most of them are tall and Phallic shaped with a cap of harder stone that protects the softer rock underneath from erosion. But when it blows the wind and the rain starts to whittle away the cone until eventually it too collapses.

GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM: It has more than 30 carved rocks–cut churches with beautiful wall paintings and chapels. It is a monastic settlement that housed monks. It is the first sight to be visited by any traveller. This museum has been listed in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE since 1984.

HOT AIR BALLOON: It is known world-wide as one of the best places to fly hot air balloons. You can just glide above the orchards between the famous fairy chimneys, rock formations and up and over the rippled ravines.

DEVRENT VALLEY: It is also known as Imaginary Valley. It resembles the moonscape. There are rock pillars that resemble a Camel, Penguin, Seals and Dolphin. There is also a rock that resembles Virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ.

VISIT A POTTERY WORKSHOP IN AVANOS: This town has been a centre for pottery and craft. The reddish brown clay is found inKizilirmakRiver or RedRiver. One can try your hand at the pottery wheel and also see the master artist at work.Vases, jugs, ashtrays, figurines and plates are the items available.

HAVE A POT CLAY MEAL: It is one of the traditional meals here.This food cooked in the pot itself gives in turn a lovely sumptuous meal.

HORSE RIDING: The best way to explore this unique landscape is taking a ride on a horse back.

TURKISH NIGHT: It marks the perfect end to a day of sightseeing in Cappadocia. Most of the show takes place in the caves, it highlights the dancetradition of turkey with traditional costumes and of course the scintillating belly dancers. This will be one of the memorable experiences of your trip.

JETBOAT AND GONDOLA: If you are interested in having fun on the river. This is the crazy ride all the way up the river and back at the top speed with 360degreespins and water spraying everywhere.

HIKING: Those who are lover of simple nature this place offers endless trails for the hiker. You will find endless caves and rock climbing. Those who know to ride a bicycle or a motor bike can tour this place on them.

Best hotels to live in are the Village Cave Hotel, Hezen Cave Hotel, Holiday cave hotel, TravellerCave Pension and Kelebek Hotel.

Cappadocia is the jewel in its crown. Come and live your very own Cappadocian dream.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Best Things to Do in Maui


A Brief view of Maui Island:

Maui is known as footstep in the sand. It is known as the world’s best romantic islands, with lush green hills, waterfalls and also home too many beaches. Maui is the second most visited island in Hawaii. There is no place on earth like this handful of sun drenched mid pacific islands. Here in Maui you will find Palm Fringes blue lagoon, Lush rainforests hidden gardens, cascading waterfalls, wild rivers running through rugged canyons soaring volcanoes and also the possibility of adventure and relaxation.

Mostly this place has wealthy beaches with luxury resorts, friendly B&B gourmet cuisine, Fantastic Luau and world class windsurfing, whale watching snorkelling diving and hiking.

Some of the romantic beaches are Ulua Beach, Makena Beach, Red Sand Beach, Kamaole Beach Park II and III, Kapalua Beach, Ho’okipa Beach Park, Keawakapu Beach and Wailea Beach.

Apart from all these enjoyment there are many other adventures also to experience.

Other Activities and Sightseeing in Maui:

Haleakala Crater:It is the largest domant volcano in Maui. It is truly and amazing to experience a sunrise. The top of the area allowed great views of the valley below. For this view you must move out early in the morning before the sunrise.

Scuba and Snorkelling: There are many different trips where one can enjoy the Maui snorkel charters ,Pacific whale Foundation ,Blue water Rafting, Hawaii Ocean rafting, Banyan Tree Divers, Sea fire Snorkel adventures and Queens Treasure, Maui Ocean centre, Dolphin And Whale Watching.

Zipline and Aerial Adventure parks: Zip through the sky on a heart-racing Hawaii Zip line adventure. It is a thrilling experience. For more excitement there are longer, higher and fasterzip lines to get your adrenaline pumping. There is also easier and gentle zip line option for the new comers.

Ocean Vodka Organic farm and Distillery: It is a nice tour they show you the procedure of how vodka and rum is made and then at the end you are given to taste them.

Pipiwai Trail: It is a great hike through the bamboo forest with beautiful scenery. It is one of those hikes that deliver spectacular views with every turn. There are two beautiful waterfalls, sweeping ocean vistas and Hawaiian cultural experience.

Atlantis Submarine Maui Adventure: It is the biggest attraction below the ocean. It takes you into a spectacular aquatic world. During the underwater Maui submarine ride, you come across the coral reefs and the marine creatures.

Experiencing a Maui Festival is a unique and exciting way to appreciate diverse cultural heritage. The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival, The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival, Maui Film Festival, Maui Onion Festival, Olukai Hoolaulea, East Maui Festival and kapaluawine and food festival are celebrated on a large scale.

One can capture the exquisite beauty and mystique of this island with the help of the Maui Helicopter tour. Fly high up in the sky and experience the serenity of this place, also witness the crater from Haleakala National park.View the breath-taking coastline, hidden valleys, scenic waterfalls and sharp blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Experience the journey of a lifetime.

It is a most popular resort destination. Maui resort areas offer a good time to their guests strumming to beat of pounding surf typically accompanying an evening in Maui.

The best 5 hotels in Maui are Four seasons, The Ritz-CarltonKapalua, GrandWailea,A Waldorf Astoria Resort, The Fairmont kea lani Maui and the Travaasa Hana Maui where one can enjoytheir stay in a luxury way.

Maui is a wonderful place to explore and experience new sights and adventures in Hawaii.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Packing Tips and Trick for a Perfect Travel

Packing Tips
Image Credit:Pony Express Moving Services

Everyone wants to pack light during their trip. Some of them are successful, but other cannot be the same they bring everything so much even the kitchen sink. When going on our holidays most of us have certain ways of packing our things from folding to coding your pants. Packing light is a process not a goal. These are a few tips to lighten your baggage.

Some travellers zero down their luggage by carrying few things, some focus on clothing, others on Toiletries.
Never buy a suitcase that is bigger than carry on size. If you have a small suitcase then you will never think of over packing.

If travelling by air, pack a day pack inside the full-size bag. So at the airport you can take out the second bag and carry them both, this way you will not lose your bag and baggage handling fees is also saved.

Leave those bulky jackets and boots and go in for merinowool which is super lightweight, it play a role for both the hot weather and cold weather. You can wear the warm clothes for days together and still won’t smell. This way your suitcase will be light. Make place to keep for the souvenirs.

Always go in for synthetic material for undergarment instead of cotton because they are lighter in weight and don’t take a lot of space. They also dry quicker.

Only pack clothes for 7 days, even if you are travelling for a long time. It is easy to find a laundromat once a week rather than carrying extra weight with you the entire trip.

Check your packing list or lay out everything you plan to take .and finally select whether the item is required or not by this your packing will be very light.

Once you Layer your clothes.Choose a colour combination and pack only pieces that match so that you can mix and match and layer to create different looks. By this there is no need to carry separate outfits.

Don’t carry toiletries. You can buy for cheap rates anywhere. But if you are visiting a village then buy your toiletries from your destination.

Take only two pairs of shoes one you can wear during your travel and use it for everything from hiking to happy hours. And a light pair of loafers for more dressy travel occasions.

Usually wherever you go you can almost buy anything so it is better to pack half of what you think you’ll need so that your baggage turns lighter.

Forgo towels because most of the hotels provide you with it.

Many don’t want to use their mobile internet abroad .For this save all your important maps and routes to your phone or print them on the paper or Download guide book on your phone so that it will carry less weight.

To keep your clothes smelling fresh add in the baggage a scentedlavender bag.

So keep in mind these few tips and tricks for packing. So that you can go light and enjoy your holidays.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Valencia, The vibrant city


Valencia: Vibrant Expat City

Valencia comes in as Spain’s third largest city. Valencia has a strong cultural tradition. It is well known amongst holidaymakers and expats.this city has a mix of old and new buildings right from medieval castles and towers to modernist generation,of course a glut of shopping centers and plenty of places to eat and drink too. It is one of the most vibrant, forward thinking and cosmopolitan cities.

Valencia is centered in the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline surrounded by the beautiful golden beach.Spain is a big place. There is so much to see and do in this vast and diverse country. Most of your time you will spending in the old town El Carmen.There are important buildings including the cathedral, the art deco food market and the ceramic museum. However, floods and war have been cruel to Valencia, forcing Valencianos to tear down buildings that today would be architectural treasures.

Unspoiled Beaches around Valencia

A holiday in the sun is incomplete without a visit to the beach, but thanks to nature the city has many beaches along it's coastline, most of which are unspoilt and undeveloped .Try the most popular beach, Malvarrosa, El, El Cabanyal (Las Arenas Beach), Pinedo Pueblo Beach, L’Arbre del Gos Beach, El Saler Beach, La Garrofera Beach, La Devesa Beach and Recati Beach.

Since Bars and Restaurants are very few around the beaches, so it is better one carry his packed lunch from home.

Main Tourist Attractions of Valencia:

Oceangraphic Aquarium:
The area surrounding the Oceangraphic aquarium is unbelievable. The aquarium is very unique. The entire zoo is dedicated to the creatures of water. They also have the dolphin show, workshop where you can learn more about various animals, exhibitions and whole range of activities.

 This place displays a range of flora and fauna. There is something very different in this park of bringing the visitor totally into the habitat of the animals. It has no cages, allowing you to feel very close to the animals.

Cathedral and the Holy Grail:
This city is called Holy Grail where Jesus drank from the actual cup at the last supper. The cathedral is lovely old place and worth visiting.

Valencia’s Central Market:
When most tourists come to the city of Valencia, one of the places they are always directed to be the historic central market, where you can purchase items from fish to the grocery items it is a very big market under one head.

Many people visit this place only for shopping .It is flooded with malls,shops,boutiques and department stores to suit all taste and budgets right from clothes,shoes and supermarkets.

Essential Valencia Sport:
Biking, Golfclubs, Jetskiing, Tennis, watersports, yatchcharters are some of the sports practiced here.

Where should I go for a night out in Valencia?

Where you go at night in Valencia depends on when you visit. Valencia is famous for its nightlife and for its bohemian bars.The most prestigious orchestras in the world, as well as directors and soloists, appear here, between September and October.

Hang out with beautiful people by dipping into Valencia’s exciting restaurant .Visit Av.Boilvar to Bambu where sea food can be enjoyed on an attractive wooden deck where later towards the night people rock to the music.Casa Valencia offer juicy steak in an old hanciends-style grill house.

Valencia is a beautiful city with plenty of accommodation at reasonable prices.

So please plan your trip and make the most of your time in this gem of a city.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic


Dubrovnik, a unique fusion of historical sights:

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city .It is a well-known town in Dalmatia located at the end of Croatian territories. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. Wider area of the towns includes Lapad Peninsula where most of the hotels and beaches are located.

Dubrovnik Old Town is one of the world’s finest and most perfectly medieval cities in the world. This city is included in the world heritage list from UNESCO.Though it is a world favourite tourist destination visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. But also it is visited by many celebrities from the world of show business.

Activities in Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik summer festival usually held  during July and August every year.

The festival includes theater plays, and classical and folk music and dance. They have open-air stage shows within the old town. It is one of the most important festivals in Croatia. One can visit this place any time of the year because of the pleasant climate .Valentine day is very special for romantic people, with pleasant temperature, hotel holiday specials and gentle lap of the sea.

Sight-Seeing in Dubrovnik:

City Walls: The visit will be incomplete without a walk around the specular city walls. The city walls are the finest in the world. The city walls are built with intricate and complex system of forts, bastions, casemates, towers and detached forts. The city wall is a world renowned iconic symbol of white stone beauty. So it is known as the PEARL OF THE ADRIATIC. The city wall runs uninterrupted encircling the city.

Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, Fort Lovrijenac, DubrovnikCathedral, Treasury, Stradun of Dubrovnik, the City gates, the square of the Loggia, the Big fountain, St Saviour church and Dominican and Franciscan Monasteries are some more places where one can visit.

Watersports lover can choose from fun banana rides, white water rafting, scuba diving, water-skiing but also catamaran sailing, sea kayaking and fishing around beautiful Dubrovnik islands.

Those who like sandy beaches there are two places you should not miss. If you want to be at one with nature, Dubrovnik also has a few nude/naturist beaches to choose from such as Plat, Cava Beach and Lokrum Beach and two magnificent islands that are Kolocep and Lopud which are a part of the group of islands called the Elaphit Islands.

Take a cable car up Mount Srd. is one of the places where you can take breath-taking snaps of the Old town. You could hike up the mountain on foot and go before dusk to watch the sunset.

Cultural Events and Nightlife in Dubrovnik:

See a show: They perform traditional dances and songs in an outdoor theatre near BanjeBeach. Many night clubs and discos with top DJ across the world come and meet the demands of all travellers looking for night time entertainment.

A Boat tour can take you a few different places. Like the Lokrum Island. You can tour the nearby Elaphit Island. You can party on a pirate ship and watch fishes on a glass bottomed boat.

Wine Tasting: 

The Pelijesac Peninsula is a good grape growing country and as a result you can get some surprising Good Croatian wine in Dubrovnik. One can taste the wine at some bars or you can stop right at the vineyards on your way to or from Korcula.

For A Relaxing Stay: Hotel Kazbek, Hotel Excelsior, Bellevue Hotel, Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik, Radisson BLU Resort and Spa, Dubrovnik Palace, Royal Princess Hotel and Villa Orsula are some of the famous Hotels.


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Majorca, the Island Of Beaches


Majorca, King of Balearics:

Majorca is a famous Spain’s Mediterranean Islands. Majorca is also called as Mallorca in Spanish. It is the largest of the Balearic Island and Palma is the capital in the south. This place attracts visitors from all over the world. The cost of living in Spain is very affordable therefore Tourist prefer visiting this place. The economy totally depends on Tourism. Holidays in Majorca offer more than lazing on the beach and night parties. This Island is an explorer’s paradise in its exterior.

There are many reasons to visit this island because of its beaches and coves, countryside golf, culture; water sports this Island and many other entertainments. There are surprises found at every corner of.

Things to See and Do in Majorca:

The 365 Calvary steps is a step leading to a chapel situated at the top of the hill known as Calvary. On Good Friday they have the enactment of the Station of the cross. This procession attracts large crowd of spectators each year.

santuari de sant salvador is an old monastery on top of the hill with attractive views. There is a monument of Jesus Christ and the Cross. Around the church there is a café and a small souvenir shop. On top of the hill you get superb view of the entire is a fabulous half day outing.

Caves of Drach: These caves are one of the island’s main tourist attractions. The caves contain large underground lake called as Lake Martel.It is also called as Dragon cave. One has to go down the step around 82 feet to explore the magnificent caves with stalactites and stalagmites along with the light shows and the musicians performing their musical concert sitting in the boat.

Jungle Park,Western Water Park, Kathmandu Park and Sol wave house are some exciting Amusement parks that one can experience.

Popular Beaches in Majorca:

Formentor Beach is a bit different because of the views which are more interesting than the sea. The coves are surrounded by mountains and landscapes. This beach is covered by pine forest so one can sit under the pine tree for shade.

Alcudia Beach is a fine white sandy beach with clear waters. Many sun hungry relaxation seekers come here mainly in summer for peace and entertainment. They have water sports like pedal boat, banana boats, kayak, Sups jet skis, fly boarding and Para sailing and speedboats.

Es Trenc Beach; This is the longest beach on this Island .There are no resorts on this beach therefore it is more wild and natural.

Cala Mondrago is a National park where you can tour the park but also you can find some beaches, so if you prefer both visiting the beach and national park together then you can have a great day trip.

Calo De Moro Beach; This Beach has clear blue water .It is not that big but it is romantic and different compared to other beaches.

PortalsVells is a luxurious beach. They have a fun park in the water with slides and obstacle courses.They also have bars on the beach.

SaCalobraBeach is in the middle of two very large boulders. To reach this beach you have to walk through some caves. The water is clear but you will find pebbles on the beach.

Horseriding and SunsetBarbecue is the best thing one should not miss out.After viewing the beautiful scenery you can have a lovely barbecue dinner.

Tourist also spend their Nightlife in the Pubs and Bars, They party in the evening. All the hotels entertain tourist from live music to various different shows.


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Crete Travel Guide


Crete Greece’s biggest island

It is the largest island in Greece. It lies at the southern Aegean Sea. The length of the island is 260 km. Crete is famous for its agriculture products throughout the year because of its good climate. Items grown on a large scale are like olives, grapes, horticulture products, potatoes and oranges. Wine is a traditional product of this place. The people speak a very distinctive dialect they often refer to themselves as Cretan, not Greeks. Summer season is very long over here. This island is connected with most of the airport in Greece, Cyprus and other European countries.

They are well versed in artistic production in traditional sectors such as pottery, embroidery, jewellery and the special Cretan Music .Crete has a flourishing commercial activity. There are many shops that cater to the taste and demand of both the locals and tourist that visit the island every year. The economy totally depends on the tourism sector. Almost 30, 00,000 visitors visit this place.

Where to go in Crete

Samaria Gorge is the longest canyon in Europe .One has to pass through cliffs, mountains and fragrant pine forest. The hike from one end of the gorge to the other is 11 km long and could take up to 7 hrs.

The archaeological site of Knossos is one of the famous ancient sites of Greece. Ruins here were uncovered in 1900 by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans and walking through the palaces many rooms can really visualise what ancient life must have been like here.

Dikti cave is the main attraction on Crete’s lasithi Plateau. It is one of the most important and famous of the 3000 caves in this place. The most interesting site is the lake at the lowest point surrounded by massive stalactites and stalagmites.

The aquariums are also beautiful. Aqua plus Water Park is also amazing and enjoyable.

The full spectrum of beaches in Crete

Elafonisos Beach is the best beach for family people because of the surroundings. It is famous for its pink and white sand. Its tiny island and its shimmering shallow lagoon separate this from the main shore.

Matala beach is not for families, usually hippies are found in many numbers. It is a beach with many caves. One has to pass through the caves to go to this beach.

Palm Beach is a lovely golden sand beach backed by dense palm trees. The beach is lined with blue sun beds and straw umbrellas. There are also basic water sports facilities here.

The sand in the beaches is very fine and the water is like the colour of a tropical lagoon. There are gorgeous mountains that provide trail for hikes and peaks for climb.

The stunning rocky outcrop of Balos Lagoon is surrounded by white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. It is one of the best sites in Greece.

Old Venetian Harbour is a historic site is beautifully kept. It is situated in chania. Much of the Venetian era residences are still standing around the harbour area. Many have been converted into restaurants. The bastion is one of the few that still exist, it circles up to a flat area on top which give great vantage points across the downtown chania area.

Local Etiquette and Tips


Cretan Diet is not only aromatic and tasty but also very healthy. They use olive oil for their food. Stifado Salingarikosnail stew and Chirino Kritiko-pork Chops are the speciality of the Cretans. The Cretan Olive oil is one of the best in Greece.


It offers entertainment to suit all tastes and desires. Right from relaxing bars, lively nightclubs and discos with international music to café, bars, live bouzouki and Lyra music and Cretan dances.


Hand carved wood and weaving, knitting and hand-made jewellery is available in the shops.


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Sardinia: The Island of a Thousand Beautiful Beaches


Know More about Sardinia:

If you feel like taking a break from the busy world then Sardinia is a beautiful place to unwind yourself. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Though it is away from Italy but it lies much closer to Corsica in France. SARDO is the native language .People mostly earns their livelihood from the sea. This place is known as “ISLAND OF WINDS” or “WHERE THE WIND LIVES” because this place enjoys offshore breezes throughout each season, which reduces humidity and therefore they have many wind sports.The sea is beautiful with clean waters and different variety of colours with different shades of blue and green shimmering like precious stones.

Sardinia presents a huge range of activities for a family holiday. Many Northern Europeans flock to Sardinia in summer. There are many caves and grottoes. For the first time you will encounter the island night or day, a magnetic glow seems to illuminate Sardinia across the island lie the dark slopes of the Gannargentu which are covered with snowfall all year long.

Wonderful Attractions of Sardinia:

There are many sightseeing and adventure places where you get yourself involved in making your trip a successful one.

The Costa Smeralda is one of the most exciting natural environments. it consist crystal clear emerald green water, Innumerable gleaming white coves and bays, granite rock formations carved by the wind. Porto Cervo is the nerve centre of Coasta Smeralda, one can enjoy on the beaches camping,nightlife, largeparks, Elegant Boutiques golf and honeymoon couple can have a memorable and a peaceful holiday.

GrottadiIspinigoli is spectacular for caves. This Cave has the second largest column Joined stalagmite and stalactite. The Stalagmite is the largest in the world. There are 100 of steps down to the bottom of the cave. This is a dry cave and the growing of thisparticular structures created by nature.

MaddalenaArchipelago is close to Costa Smeralda. The cluster of rocky islands lies in the beautiful waters. There are fine sand beaches, some are romantically isolated and the islands are popular for boating, swimming and sunbathing holidays. The scenery here is a memorable, a striking land and seascape whereGranite outcrops enclose patches of turquoise sea as blue as the mantle of the Madonna.There are also Beaches,boat ride, hiking and parks to enjoy.

Santa Cristina Nuraghe and the holy well is one of Sardinia most atmospheric and diverse archaeological attraction, where one can see a remarkably preserved holy well and a Nuraghe tower where you can climb to its open wildflower strewn roof for view down onto the prehistoric stone village.

Adventure Games in Sardinia:

Sardinia is blessed with rugged coastline, sandy beaches and deeply rooted tradition. It is also a haven for adventure seekers.

7 days journey through Istria’s best wine country where you get the full story about how the grapes grow and the making of wine takes place. Tasting of wine authentic gastronomically experience and immersion into culture and historical heritage makes this tour a lifetime experience.

Rock climbing, Sea Kayaking, Cycling, Trekking, KiteSurfing, ScubaDiving, Boatexcursion, Horseback Riding and Bird watching are more adventure where one can try this.

CalaGoloritze is best for hikers and climbers. The Aguglia a 148m high needle of rock that towers over the beach is a magnet for climbers.

Sardinia Beaches:

There are Top5 beaches where you should not miss out, they are

Su Giudeu Beach, Is Arutas Beach, La Pelosa Beach, Spiaggia Rosa-Pink Beach and Porto Giunco-Notteri Beach .All these beaches are different in their own ways. Do not miss out on visiting these beaches.

Throughout the years they celebrate different festivals where you come across traditional customs and local handicrafts, hear local music with singing and dancing. And also taste local and typical food. This place is also a land of ancient flavours and recipes handed down through generation.

There is one golden rule that you should avoid going in August .The best time is to go in May or June. So please come and discover the most beautiful landmark.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Chiang Mai, The Rose of the North

Chiang Mai
This Chiang Mai is nestled amongst the forested hills. Chiang Mai is located in a fertile valley some 300mts above sea level. It is the old city of the Lanna Kingdom. This city is the second largest city in Thailand. It has its distinct beauty that has its own cultural heritage. This place is called as “ROSE OF THE NORTH”. Many tourists get attracted to Chiang Mai because of its colourful city. Along with its numerous ancient temples and buildings, itis also famous for its handicrafts,their own dances and their own distinctive cuisine. Chiang Mai has derived its beauty from its natural majestic mountains, hill tribes and because of its beautiful scenery.

There are many attractions for the tourist like elephant camps, orchid’s garden, butterfly farms, trekking tours and river raft expeditions, Night safari and religious places

One can visit some of the Temples like the WhiteTemple where wishes are fulfilled .It looks marvellous because each and every stone carving is in white. Wat Phra Singh is known as the temple of the Lion Buddha,WatChediLuang where visitors can get more information from the monks about the Buddhism, life and the universe. WatChiangMan is the city’s oldest temple and famous for its two immense Buddha statues.

TigerTrailOutdoor Adventures is a two days trek and PoohEcoTrekking is also a two days trek. Anyone interested can contact the trekking committee.

Most of the elephantscamps are put up where the elephants show off their various skills like they dance, play musical instruments, paint a picture, play soccer and basketball and the most amazing thing is the elephant massages you with its foot. Elephant rides are also there where the tourists are allowed to ride for an hour or two through the jungle.

The NightSafari is an enjoyable trip for people of all ages. It is twice the size of Singapore and one of the specialty of Thailand. It is basically a Zoo set out like a theme park. There is a day time area called JaguarTrail zone consists of a walking trail around the lake. There are almost 400 animals to see here .

The nighttime is spilt into two zones the SavannahSafariZone and the PredatorProwlZone. One of the features of a trip to Night Safari is the nightly musical fountain and water screen laser light show.

Outdoor market bazaars on Chang Khlan road are busy during the evenings with lots of fast food sold on carts like mouth-wateringdishes like grilled chicken, pork shank braised with anise and rice noodles with curry.

The Thai people have been known for their preparation of healthy meals. There is a ThaiFarmcookingschool where they pick up tourist from their hotels and drop them back. They teach them right from shopping, touring the farm, collecting fresh ingredients and hands on learning how to cook 6 different Thai meals. Where; surely many of you can enjoy this experience.

Chiang Mai Flower festival is a three day festival occurring during the month of February. One can feel the fragrance and tropical flowers in full bloom.

So anyone wanting to enjoy a trip to this beautiful artistic city should go in the month of November to January since it is very cool and a very pleasant atmosphere.