Friday, December 14, 2012

Cape Town South Africa’s Beautiful Metropolis

Cape Town is known as the mother city of South Africa and also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches and the impressive picturesque mountain table that dominate the unique metropolis. You may wander through the splendid scenery, relax on the seashore of the beach or extensively celebrate the vibrant nightlife of Cape Town. Cape Town offers every visitor the opportunity to enjoy their unforgettable stay. The great cultural background is reflected in the entire city and makes it completely unique and distinctive. Their culture, cuisine, architecture and music provide an insight into their diversity of this rainbow nation.

 In the southwest of the Republic of South Africa, Cape Town is located at the Table Bay of the Atlantic Ocean. Its name Cape Town comes from the name Cape of Good Hope, which is located 45 kilometers south. Cape Town is the third largest city in South Africa, capital of the Western Cape Province and the seat of the South African parliament. There are about 3.5 million people and of 2455 square kilometers. About 41% percent speaks Afrikaans and 29% percent speaks Xhosa and remaining English.

 Evidently Table Mountain (1086 meter high) is the popular attraction of Cape Town and it is declared as the national monument. The table mountain surrounds the city and some suburbs, giving you unique pleasant striking scenery. Extremely diversive paths offer while walking not only its breathtaking views. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, This Victorian part of the harbor is one of the best entertainments and offers numerous restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and a varied selection. Downtown is the center of some historic buildings and museums are located. Among other things, it houses the oldest building in South Africa, the Castle, which was built back in 1666 following the example of baroque fortresses. Also worth seeing are the City Hall in 1905, the St. Georges Cathedral and the National Gallery and the National Museum.

Long Street is one of the busiest streets of Cape Town, which, with its bars, clubs and restaurants is a particularly popular nightlife district. The world heritage site Robben Iceland is the prison island, which was once imprisoned Nelson Mandela and which was used by the apartheid government as a camp for political prisoners. 1999 Robben Iceland was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Camps Bay and Clifton are the suburbs particularly popular in the summer months because of its beautiful beaches. For water sports enthusiasts, you might head to the Boulbergstrand north of the city. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden at the southern foot of Table Mountain, this garden, which is the unique flora of the area, is under protection and a must seen for all nature lovers.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

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One more thing is that you just don’t restrict yourself with only Mediterranean places; these cruise companies provide more destinations for you to choose from and plan your trip. Some services extend to places like Romania, Portugal, Turkey and the list goes on which covers almost all the places in the world map.

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 3. Spa and fitness centers to ensure your health and energy are a must now on nearly every cruise.

 4. International cuisine restaurants that guarantee you a fine dine experience.

 The above cited reasons are only some o the extraordinary features that make people go on med cruise holidays. There are much more features waiting for you and especially so many things to see on a Mediterranean cruise along a way.

 Get yourself engulfed in a paradise travel by choosing this special option when going to Mediterranean.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


     Varadero is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and is one of the famous resorts in the world. It is surrounded by white sandy beach with turquoise and emerald waters; it is of twenty two kilometers wide. It is one of the most valuable assets of Cuba. Not only the beach the natural attractions such as caves and escarpments, the string of islands pristine which are easily accessible accomplish it. The wealth of this territory is the well protected natural landscape and the cultural and historical places, worth mention is the cities Matanzas and Cardenas.

     There are some important places to visit. The first and foremost one is Ambrosio Cave; this is an Aboriginal ceremonial site which have 72 odd paints of those days. Another one is Saturn cave which leads to the road access to Havana and the other important cave is Bellamar caves which is the wonders of Cuban geography.

      In and around there are so many places worth visit of them Matanzas is a worth for a stay. This is the main town of the province and is just thirty two kilometers from Varadero and 102 kilometers from Havana islands. Mantanzas was the one of the richest well organized city of those days.

 How to get there: The international airport Juan Gualberto Gomez is just 12 kilometers from Varadero.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vipre Antivirus (2)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

All Inclusive Holidays

Most of us go on holiday hopeful to come up for air from daily life. Whether you would like to merely slouch in the sun sopping up some waves, or else experience just the once in a life ventures, you will not long to fret on tasks such as discovering various cafés or superstore shopping. Extraordinary all inclusive holidays mean that these qualms can be lingering.

All inclusive signifies you will be take pleasure in opportune holidays on tremendous prices: the entire of the expenses you would usually correlate through a holiday from your air travel, to your inn, to food, drink as well as every so often activities along with amusement are the entire paid for earlier thus you won’t have to worry about a thing. To pay a distinct price intended for the whole thing is ideal for family holidays, however everybody can gain from the expediency of an all inclusive holiday.

Banquets on all inclusive holidays are provided on standard gaps all the way through the day, permitting you to organize your holiday just about them with no trouble as well as want the most excellent time of the meal to suit you. Whether you conjure somewhat sizzling and wholesome, or else frosty and slaking, your desires will be convene as the majority all inclusive packages supplied to the entire tastes. Vegan’s will be delighted to heed that the greater part of all inclusive holiday resorts supply preferences that don’t include meat as well as those by added dietetic necessities require merely point out these while sign on to make sure their requests are met.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Galapagos Cruise

A journey to the Galapagos Island will be the voyage of your lifetime. Situated 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian mainland, the archipelago consists of 13 chief islands, of that 5 are occupied. Discover further on the subject of the eminent Islands through reading this blog!

The Island's fascinating volcanic geology and its affluent bionetwork have been well-liked and deliberate through plentiful travelers, scientist, as well as nature lovers. Scientists are still by an obscurity how such a huge multiplicity of genus could extend in a far-flung locality like the Galapagos Islands.

Very recently I came across an online site at that is in particular meant for the Galapagos Cruise. While passage the equator on one of their Galapagos Cruises, we will take pleasure in one of the most inspiring plus comforting journeys of our life. Quiescent 600 miles off Ecuador's shore, the Galapagos Islands are an unparalleled escapade destination. Moreover, itinerant on the M/V Galapagos Explorer II, the prototypical Galapagos cruise ship in service in the archipelago, we can wallow in unrivaled the entire suite opulence.

They present a perfect blend of sustainable tourism, exciting activity as well as a deluxe vessel to relax and replicate on following a day of innovation. They take their promise to flora and fauna and environmental conservation sincerely.

From their comprehensive programs, we can prefer to duck our self in a flock of extraordinary birds. Or else perhaps you'd reminiscent of to the bathe in the company of the dolphins. The largest part of the tourists moreover loves to trip the Giant Tortoise or else buckle down and do a horde of dazzling flamingos or Galapagos Penguins. To cut a long story short, they put forward the best diversity of flora and fauna and marine activities. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holidays in Dubrovnik

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Suwit Muay thai camp in Thailand

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Cheap holidays to Turkey

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Cheap Flights

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Cheap holidays to Turkey

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

United States of America

Hello friends! Do anyone of you are having plans to go for a trip to usa? Then, I guess this article can guide you to know more about the most fantastic things about United States. Firstly, I would like to tell you that there are a lot of travel companies that are greatly offering the wonderful discount deals on usa flights. They are to the highest degree offers the prevalent choice of economical flight deals.

Costa del sol

Do you know which place is called as the Sunny Coast or the coast of the sun? Yes, it is the costa del sol! It is the region in the southern Spain, in the independent area of Andalusia including the coastal civics as well as areas by the side of the Mediterranean shores of the county of Malaga. If you are looking for the cheap holidays to Costa del sol, then please go through this article. I hope this may help you to know more about this wonderful place and the foremost things you should keep in your minds while traveling to costa del sol.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sports and leisure Cuba

A sporting nation

Cuba is one of the great sporting nations of the world. The results are there, the number of medals collected in international competitions proves it. The Athens Olympics in 2004, Cubans have won nine gold medals, including five in boxing, and the title in baseball. Cuba is the first Latin American country sports and even third world, and owes its success to the sports policy of the Revolution. What was Cuba in sport before January 1959? Only in Eleventh Pan American Games 1959. The only gold medal at the Olympics before the Revolution dates back to 1904.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Health and Safety of Cuba

Health insurance

Since 1 May 2010, it is mandatory for travelers to take out insurance to cover possible medical expenses. If you have not taken out insurance before you leave, you'll have to do upon arrival in Cuba. A supporting document will be required.

The Cuban health system

Public health is one of the great achievements of Cuban socialism, accessible and completely free. And the results are admired by many specialists. It's crazy the number of hospitals found in this country!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wat chalong temple

Hi! Last week I had gone for a vacation with my family to Phuket. It is really a wonderful place that one should visit in his life time. And today I am going to share with you all about my experience and ideas of the few important places that I believe it can definitely help you when you visit the place. First of all, I must tell you about a Wat Chalong Temple in Phuket: Learning About Buddhism Philosophies that I visited over there. Wats are nothing but the Buddhist temples that are amongst the most imperative icons of Thailand, fairly for the reason that the greater part of Thais are Buddhist and to a certain extent because they are so good looking.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Accommodation in Cuba


What Cubans call campismo has nothing to do with our conception of the campsite. For them, a campground is a tourist complex with bungalows more or less hardy, more rarely with tents equipped. Moreover, they are mostly reserved for Cubans. In fact, almost no one with a tent camp in Cuba: Wild camping is not allowed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Geography, climate and weather Cuba


Cuba is the largest Caribbean island with its 109 980 sq. km and a surface area equivalent to three and a half times that of Belgium. All in length, this "crocodile" as more or less 1250 km from the head to tail, but only about 200 km at its widest point. Note that Cuba, this is not just an island but ... islands.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuban Culture


Cuba marked the twentieth century by its extraordinary range of music and dance: rumba, punto, tonada, danzón, sound, Batanga, bolero, changüí, guajira, mambo, cha-cha-cha, pachanga, Songo, salsa, etc..

Originally made of songs and drums, rumba has three styles, the columbia, and the guaguanco yambu, each with their dance. The first is for men, physical and acrobatic.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food and Drink Cuba

Cuba is far from being a dining destination, although in tourist centers (except in Santiago!) The quality of the food is much improved. We often eat the same thing: chicken, rice ... and pork. This is the basis of cooking known as "Creole" (Creole). There are also beef (res) of poor quality. The greens are notably absent. Fold yourself on salads: lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Money, banks, exchange in Cuba

Since late 2004, there are two currencies circulating in Cuba: the Cuban peso (the Moneda Nacional) and Convertible Cuban peso (CUC). After being banned until 1993, and then worshiped as the golden calf for 11 years, the U.S. dollar is no longer a new currency with which to pay in Cuba. It is heavily taxed by the change. Therefore arrive on the island with euros, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs ... but certainly not with U.S. dollars. The exchange is done in arriving at the airport against convertible pesos.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Important official addresses of Cuba

In France

- Cuba Tourist Office: 280, boulevard Raspail, 75014 Paris. M.: Denfert-Rochereau RER or B. Tel. : 01-45-38-90-10. Open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 14 to 17.30.
- Consulate General of Cuba: 14-16, rue de Presles, 75015 Paris. M. Dupleix. Tel. : 01-45-67-55-35. Email: Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A brief things about Cuba

- Area: 109,980 sq km.
- Population: 11.5 million inhabitants.
- Density: 102 inhabitants / km ².
- Capital: Havana (3 million with suburbs).
- Major cities: Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Holguín.
- Official language: Spanish.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. Its thousands of kilometers of beaches are the color of the pearl, its music captivates you. Spain and Africa have succeeded here a fabulous blend. Add to that a half-Spanish mid-colonial architecture.

But Cuba is also a great misery. Hay que luchar! ("There has to fight!"). This exclamation is found throughout the Cuban philosophy. This lucha is the only means of survival.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - V

Lankester Gardens in Paraiso

Inseparable from the visit Poás Volcano, all tour operators and guides will offer joint visit Lankester Gardens. This is a beautiful site that is worth trying. Located between Cartago and Paraiso, these gardens were created by the British in 1950 Charles Lankester. They are now managed by the University of Costa Rica. They are known for their orchid collection (about 800 different species). On almost 11 acres, you can also enjoy beautiful bromeliads (pineapple family), aroids, cacti, etc.. and numerous trees and bamboos narcotics.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cartago and its Basilica

Going down to Cartago, the ancient capital of Costa Rica, make a small detour to the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Calle 16, Ave. 2/4). This holy place every year receives thousands of worshipers on a pilgrimage to give thanks to La Negrita (or Our Lady of the Angels), patron saint of Costa Rica, personified by a statue housed in a chapel in the basilica.

Miracles are attributed to this statue and to the holy water of a small stream which flows in fountains below the basilica. To see your wishes fulfilled, you will travel the entire length of the nave and kneeling in prayer! The miracles leave there every year hundreds of votive offerings representing parts of the anatomy cured that can be observed behind the nave.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - IV

Around the Central Valley
  •     Irazu Volcano National Park
  •     Lankester Gardens
  •     Cartago and its Basilica
  •     Poas Volcano National Park
  •     La Paz Gardens
  •     Irazu Volcano
From Turrialba, it is easy to get to the Irazu volcano. By car, taxi ride from Cartago (31 km), or by bus from San José.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - III

Turrialba region
  •     Pre-Columbian archaeological site of Guayabo
  •     Kayak and rafting on the rivers Pacuare practiced and Reventazon
  •     Hiking on the volcano Turrialba
From Puerto Viejo, on the way to the beautiful mountainous region of Turrialba in the Central Valley. After joining, overwhelmed and Limón bypassed (this port city is uninteresting and not very safe), after laboriously rolled between the trucks of the crazy American, you finally arrive at Siquirres. It is from this small town that you sink in the center of the country and gradually take the altitude through the peaceful landscapes of banana and coffee plantations.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - II

  •     Tour the canals of the jungle in a motorboat
  •     Visit the village of Tortuguero
  •     Observation of morning birds
  •     Nocturnal viewing turtles on their nesting sites in the breeding season (July to September)
Tortuguero, the Spanish word tortuga (turtle) is named after its muddy beaches where turtles lay green. Swimming is not recommended because of strong currents and sharks.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - I

Difficult to suggest an itinerary in Costa Rica. This country that seems so small on the map is so rich that you have to choose ... and then give up. Do not opt ​​for a particular visit to the charge that would give you the impression of any fly, but do not take advantage of this great country. Carefully consider your interests and choose three or four sampling points up to make the most of each one.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A little history Costa Rica

The origins

The country is inhabited since 5000 BC, but the Indians of Costa Rica were few compared to the great pre-Columbian civilizations. Costa Rica has a single archaeological feature: mysterious stone balls that appear smooth near cemeteries or along the tracks aborigines (especially in the park Corcovado). Even today, their origin and the petroglyphs that adorn them remain a mystery.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brief things about costa rica

There are two international airports in Costa Rica: Aeropuerto Internacional Aeropuerto Juan Santamaría and Daniel Oduber. The Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría is the main airport. It lies about 17 km from the capital and receives flights from major international airlines. You'll find everything you need: currency exchange, car rental, duty free, etc..

Friday, July 6, 2012

Transportation Costa Rica

Road network

The road network in Costa Rica is well developed, although there is little highway. The country is crossed from north to south by the Inter-American Highway (Carretera Interamericana), also known as Pan American, which is widely used and generally well maintained, which does not exclude some potholes! The roads are generally composed of two relatively narrow channels, which often choke when crossing a stream or a difficult passage.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Costa Rican traditions

Festivals and Holidays

In Costa Rica, parties are numerous, since the civil holidays, Costa Ricans add many religious festivals. In addition, there are certain festivals celebrated with a regional only in parts of the country.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Costa Rica Sports and Leisure

The possibilities are almost unlimited in the country. In its forests, beside the sea or rivers, lakes, or even in the ocean there is always fun to do.

The beaches

The beaches of Costa Rica is the perfect place to sunbathe, read, play sports, walk or sit. The color of the sand, waves and vegetation vary from one region to another.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Costa Rica Health and Safety

The health status of Costa Rica is quite correct. No specific vaccination is mandatory to enter Costa Rica. Though tap water is generally safe, you'll want as much as possible mineral water and it is very easy to find. Similarly, raw fruits and vegetables are eaten cooked or pre-rinsed. Insects are obviously many, especially in the jungle. It is therefore essential to provide the usual protection: anti-mosquito (day and night) and mosquito nets.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Accommodation in Costa Rica

Hotels, clubs and cabinas

 Adventuring in Costa Rica is not a problem. In most places for tourism, you will find where to stay in hotels or cabinas.

The word "cabina" can mean a detached house (it goes from small cottage to the villa fully equipped) than in a traditional hotel room. It is therefore sometimes that of a room, possibly with a private bathroom. There is rarely a kitchenette and a lounge. The word "habitación" is also used for this purpose.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Geography, climate and weather Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of seven countries of Central America. All in length, the country is bordered by Nicaragua, south by Panama, east by the Caribbean Sea, and west by the Pacific Ocean. The capital, the center of the country, is San Jose.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Costa Rica Culture

In San Jose

- The Museo del Oro Precolombino (Pre-Columbian Gold Museum): It has everything you could do with this precious metal to pre-Columbian times and after the Spanish Conquest and including a large collection of jewelry and amulets representing all kinds of small animals: hummingbirds, eagles, crocodiles, frogs, butterflies, etc. ...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gastronomy of Costa Rica

To whet your appetite, you can order Bocas (snacks), and in particular of chicharrones (fried pork rind).

The national dish is gallo pinto. This is a dish that is based invariable rice and beans; base to which are added either eggs or meat. It accompanies this dish of cakes made from flour corn: tortillas, bread of Latin America.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Money, banks, and exchange in Costa Rica

- The national currency is the Colon (CRC), divided into 100 centimos. It is pegged to the U.S. dollar.

In June 2012, € 1 = 625 1 000 CRC CRC = € 1.60.

- Make sure you have only U.S. dollars, in cash or travelers checks, it is impossible to exchange Euros in Costa Rica. The dollars are widely accepted given the significant number of North American tourists. Moreover, many prices are in dollars.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Important information to keep before leaving Costa Rica

Useful Addresses

In France

- Embassy of Costa Rica: 4, square Rapp, 75007 Paris. M.: Ecole Militaire. Tel. : 01-45-78-96-96. Email: Open Monday to Friday from 10h to 18h.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

About Costa Rica

- Area: 51,100 sq km.
- Population: 4,563,000 inhabitants (2010 estimate).
- Capital: San Jose.
- Density: 89 inhab. / Km ².
- Languages: Spanish is the official language but English is also used.
- Religion: Catholic overwhelming majority (nearly 90%).
- Literacy rate: 95%, one of the highest in the continent.
- Life expectancy: 74 years for men, 80 years for women.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Costa Rica

"¡Pura Vida! "This fetish expression of Costa Rica is the one that best describes this country overflowing with life in all its forms. The friendliness and warmth of the Ticos only equaled the extraordinary richness of nature. 

From Costa Rica, is first to offer a trip to play Indiana Jones in a true wilderness paradise! A paradise that offers you all at once dreamy beaches and dizzying heights, the thickest jungle and steppe lunar Seabed worthy of the finest aquariums and immense forests breathtaking; tangled mangroves and two sometimes impressive ocean waves ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Suggested routes to Colombia

Many travelers visit Colombia to extend a trip to Ecuador or Venezuela.

- The passage of the border with Ecuador is by Ipiales, from where you can take a bus to Popayan, the white city, colonial gem of the Andes which is reached in about 8 hours. If one has to Cali destination, we must provide 11 hours of bus and 23 hours to Bogotá. You can also reach the last two by air.

Transportation in Colombia

National Transportation - Airplane

Colombia has five international airports (Bogota, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena). Its network is one of the most developed in Latin America. 75% of traffic is managed by Alianza Suma, an association of the three main national companies: Avianca, Areo Republica and Intercontinental de Aviacion.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Colombia: Traditions

Traditional game

The Tejo is the traditional game of Colombia, so alley inherited from pre-Hispanic times. It is named after the metal disc to throw. Still practiced in the region of Boyaca, he is less and less in the rest of the country.

National Sports

In the heart of Colombian fans, football is king, even if the national team never got the results of its neighboring Brazil or Argentina. The passion of football is followed by that of Formula 1 since the advent of Juan Pablo Montoya and the cycling world with the performance of Santiago Botero.

Colombia: Sports and leisure

Archaeological sites

Colombia has much to delight fans of pre-Hispanic ruins with three major sites as spectacular - though less known - that the Macchu Pichu in Peru and Tiwanaku in Bolivia.

- La Ciudad Perdida, nestled in the jungles of the Sierra de Santa Marta is one of the largest pre-Columbian cities. Discovered in 1975, it was the capital of Indian tayrona the eleventh to the fourteenth century. We can get there in six days of walking through an organized tour from Santa Marta.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colombia: Health and safety

Health and Vaccinations

While no vaccination is required, several are strongly recommended. It should be up to date of its universal vaccination (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, hepatitis B). It is also advisable to be vaccinated against hepatitis A (which remains the most common illness of the traveler as it is spread through food), and possibly against meningococcal meningitis.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Online private tutoring

Online private tutoring is the procedure of teaching in an online, effective milieu or else complex environment in which instructors as well as students are alienated by means of time and space. It is like a manifestation of the multiplicity of the broader Internet, is adept with a lot of special approaches and is concentrate on to divergent sets of clients. An up to date study says that, the 60% of the people in US is seeking help with an online tutor to assist them in their academic teaching.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Accommodation in Colombia

Campsites are virtually nonexistent in Colombia, but it fits very easily and cheaply.

Economic institutions, often called "residencial" and "hospedaje" nearby bus stations and markets. You can negotiate volume discounts for multiple nights. The breakfast is rarely included. The comfort is basic, but acceptable with outside health. In warm areas, the rooms are generally equipped with fan.