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Ten Things to Do in Paris–The City Of Lights

Image Credit: hostels-paris-france.blogspot.
Paris –The City Of Lights

Paris is a universal city. If there is less in flow of tourist, still the city is busy with the local people. It is also known to be very colourful in the nights. Paris is such a place with different tourist attractions. There are lot of sightseeing, museum, adventures and churches.

There are more than 10 million people staying here. Mountain and hill occupy almost two third of France. The weather here is pleasant, only near the mountain region it is colder, sometime it rains and snows. January and February is the coldest month of the year. France plays a very important role in art and culture. Sports are also very popular. Apart from these there are other things to do; by visiting

1.THE MUSEUM: THE LOUVRE: It was first a Palace which is now converted into a Museum. It includes paintings done by great painters like Leonardo da vici, Monalisa etc. This place is guarded by security because of the chances of paintings being stolen. Different types of Antiquities are also displayed. LatelyThe Louvre was renovated and was named as Grand Louvre, with a beautiful Pyramid structure situated in the courtyard.

2. FALAISE D AVAL: Don’t miss out on the rock formation it is a natural arche that has taken a shape of an elephant dipping its trunk in the sea and next to it is the Aiguille at a height of 70m high white as a chalk rising from the surface of the waves. These arches are developed on its own by an underground river parallel to the coastline you can walk through the arch at low tide. The sunset view is awesome. There is a small chapel on falaise d Amont and a beautiful monument in the shape of a WISHBONE in remembrance of two Frenchaviators.

3.EIFFEL TOWER: A world architectural wonder is the EIFFEL TOWER and attracts a lot of visitors who come on official or tourist visit to Paris. It has been built by the metal expert Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel keeping in mind all the parameters of its structural strength, as well as an antenna was built for has also attracted broadcasting and helped as a radio station. This statue is also known as an iron lady. Something so beautiful is that at the beginning of every hour it sparkles for five minutes.

This tower can sway 6 to 7 cm in the wind. You can even have a delicious meal at a restaurant situated on the first floor and the second floor of the tower.

4.CATACOMB TOUR: It is an adventure to experience this tour. Especially the grave of the dead and it is an underground tunnel that is situated under the city streets. The remains of the dead like the bones and the skull are stacked on each other.

5. DISNEY LAND: Disney Park is situated in Marne-la –Vallee just half an hour from Paris. The Kids will be in their glory after visiting this park. It has nearly 52 attractions. But there are also 3 fantastic parks where one will take three days to roam in these parks, they are DISNEYLAND PARK, WALT DISNEY STUDIOS PARK AND THE DISNEY VILLAGE. THE DISNEYLAND PARK IN PARIS is a place where one can meet all their favourite characters of Disney. In THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS PARK one can enjoy the adventurous ride in the cinema, where one can watch their favourite Disney movies.

6. BATEAUX PARISIENS RIVER CRUISE: It tours the river Seine and from there one can get a wonderful glimpse of The Eiffel Tower, Notre dame cathedral and Orsay museum. Even catch the sight of house boats and floating restaurants. The boats cuts through the waters under many bridges silently, while the people eat their delicious meals, they are smartly dressed for the occasion.

7. PALACE OF VERSAILLES: This Palace was a complex that housed many government officials, mostly from the royal family, which made it very easy for the French Duke to see his officials at a short notice. It became a permanent residence for them with a population of more than 60,000 people making this one of the largest areas in France. The Palace with its artistic paintings and art work also has beautiful gardens which attracts people with its sweet aroma in the air.

8. JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG: It is a beautiful park for children with many activities like pony ride puppet show and indoor games. There is also a rose garden, around the park there is also a palace called Palais du Luxembourg. There is a Medici fountain built in the year 1600 but was renovated in 1800. The kids also can enjoy a boat-ride in the pond.

9.NORMANDY D DAY TOUR AND BEACHES DAY TOUR: Normandy was a battlefield where many American lost their lives during the war. They were buried on that ground. The 9000 white crosses is the remembrance of the people buried. From the battlefield Omaha beach can be seen clearly. The American soldiers used to land on this beach. Normandy is famous for its Diary products.

10 PARIS COOKING CLASS: Those who want to try their hand on French menus can go for cooking classes. You will be shopping with your professional chef for the ingredients, spending time on preparing food with different techniques and not forgetting to taste cheese and wine. They have short terms courses where while touring one can learn the different cuisine of Paris.

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10 Things You Must Experience in Barcelona

Phoenicians and Carthaginians set up the city of Barcelona. It stands second largest city of Spain. The scenery is outstanding. Autumn season is the best time to visit this city.

There are many things to do. You can spend your time in various events, sight-seeing and shopping. Few of them are as follows.

1.Visiting the Royal Basilica of Montserrat: it is one of the most important pilgrimage sites with Romanesque carving of Virgin Moreneta known as “THE BLACK VIRGIN”. The Virgin of Montserrat statue is placed in the Monastery’s Royal Basilica. Marvels were done by The Virgin and this place became a pilgrimage centre.

2.Barcelona football stadium and museum: Camp Nou football is the third largest stadium in the world. Here many famous footballers Ronaldinho,Maradona and Gary linker etc. has played in this stadium. This stadium was founded by Hans Gamper in 1899 and FC Barcelona became a symbol of football and social cultural identity. One can have a look at the stadium by visiting the changing room, chapel, press room, by walking on the pitch, sitting in the participant’s benches and celeb’s lounge. Olympic Games in theyear 1992 were held here.

One can visit the museum and learn about the past history of the club.There is a distinctive area dedicated to Leo Messi to see his four balloons d’or and his three golden boots. There are shields, photos, sports equipment and players kits all exposed in the museum.

3.Port Aventura Park:It has an amusement park and water park. Adventure and excitement is experienced in this park. This park has breathtaking roller coaster ride and free fall water slide.

4.Girona, Figueres and Dali Museum: Girona is a medieval city one of the best preserved Jewish houses in Europe .These houses are built at the banks of the Onyar River. It is so huge one will get lost in its streets looking at the medieval walls, baroque buildings, Romanesque, and gothic landmarks. The city Figueres is a home town of Salvador Dali. He decided to open the Dali Theatre Museum. It is a largest sunrealistic object in the world which replaces the town’s former municipal theatre which was destroyed in the Spanish civil war. Painting, drawing, hologram, photography, sculpture, engraving etc. are displayed in the museum.

5.Hot air balloon over Catalonia: While floating in the air in a Hot air balloon the natural landscape of Catalonia’s, the panoramic view of the Pyrenees, Montserrat peak, Barcelona city and the Mediterranean Sea can be seen from above. It is very exciting adventures to travel in the Hot air balloon. To see the beautiful view one must leave early in the morning. The sun shadow can be seen on the mount. There are certain causes also where one can’t take a ride on the Hot air balloon.

6.Cruise sailing and water tour: There are private cruise on a classic yacht. You can experience the romantic sunset cruise by touring in the sailboat. There is group cruising and exploration with a private skipper. They have a training session of sailing. You can experience a 125 years of the past while touring in a boat.

7.Outdoor activities: Activities like rowing at the Parc de la Ciutadella, Skateboarding, Urban Safaris, Beaches, Climbing at Montjuic, Open Air cinema; Wind Surfing and Table Tennis do take place.

8.Climb up the Magical Montjuic: People who travel by sea get the first glimpse of this Montjuic. Forest and parks are popular with joggers, cyclist and strollers. It is also an entertainment place. It attracts the old and the young. The computerised water fountain dances to the mixture of sounds and lights. Visiting of the castle and other attraction at Montjuic is done via the cable car which crosses the port.

9.The best seafood: Don’t miss out on tasting the best sea food at 7 Portes, Can Majo, CASA Leopoldo, El Raco Del Mariner, Escribe, Els Pescadors and Pez vela located at the beach.

10.Barcelona zoo:It is ranked among the top zoos in Spain. There is an infant zoo where small children are exposed to the animals. They have an indoor aquarium. Dolphin shows attract many tourists. The White Gorilla is a tourist attraction in the zoo.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Brac Island– Nature’s Beauty

Diocletian's Palace
Croatia coastline has many islands, but some of the best islands are Hvar Island, Korcula Island, Mljet Island, Brac Island, Cres and Losinj Islands, Rab Island. I would like to emphasis more on Brac Island. It is one of the highest mountain peaks among the Adriatic Island. It is the largest island of the Central Dalmatian. In this island the houses are built mostly with limestone and dolomite. They are known for the beautiful carved stonework especially for temples, palaces and buildings. The WHITE HOUSE and the Diocletian's Palace are built with this stones. Most of the stone quarry is located in this place.

The climate here is very different if it is summer it is long, hot and dry summer and winter is mild and wet.It snows once in three years. Here rainfall is unpredictable. It rains any time of the year especially in rainy seasons. The best time to visit this place is from June to September.

Holm Oak tree plantation a well known tree was grown on a large scale and was exported to Spilt and Italy but because of cutting down of trees its plantation has become scare. Cattle breeding and production from various products of sheep, meat and milk is occupation in this island.

A FESTIVAL like St. Vid on Vidova Gora is celebrated. There are also Folk festivals and other cultural programmes.Bez regula which means no rules is theevents which take place during the end of July. It includes sports competition and various other competitions.

The FOOD here is very appetizing. Fish is the delicacy on this island, since the owners of the restaurants have their own fishing boats they keep on going regularly to the sea for the catch. These fish dishes are usually grilled and roasted on a particular type of wood. The vegetables are cooked with olive oil and different types of herbs. Cheese made from the sheep’s milk is also one of the items available here. Wine is also produced on a daily basis because of the vineyards. There are so many wineries that produce good quality of wines. For instance Winery Jako Wines which has top quality of wines like Posip, Vugava, Plavac Mali and Opole.

It is also a place for TOURIST attraction.There are lot of things to explore.Excursion to the island of Middle Dalmatia, diving into Supetar Blue, one can make their own souvenirs in the stone workshop, Sea Kayaking, Sport climbing, Windsurfing, Water sport activities, Mountain bike tour, fishingand Boat rides etc. So there is no way out of being bored.

There are also many BEACHES on this island. Few of them are as follows:

ZALTNI RAT BEACH or Golden Horn BEACH located in BOL is one of the beautiful beaches. The sand has taken such a shape it looks like a white tongue into the sea and the shape and position keeps on changing. There are also water sports and children’s amusements park on this island.

SANDY ISLAND BEACHES namely THE LOVRECINA where pine trees surround the beach giving a pleasant shade during summer.There are many more beaches to entertain people.

The hotel packages are also very reasonable according to the seasons, location and what type of accommodation. If the budget is low then the campsite is just ideal for staying. Split and Dubrovnik is the Local and International AIRPORT.

There are ferries, cars, jeeps where you can travel locally to all the islands.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Manali, the Tourist Destination


  • MANALI is a hill station situated in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at the northern end of KULLU VALLEY.It is surrounded by towering peaks at anarm’s length. It has a population of 8,096. It has become a tourist attraction in recent years.It is a flourishing orchid industry,honeymoon destination and also numerous treks and a great country side for adventure sport lovers.


  • The climate in Manali is cold during winter and moderately cold in the summer,It is a snow bound region therefore it is said to be the best travel holiday destination.Manali gets its first snowfall around mid-December which is transformed into snow-covered peaks and a blanket of pristine white draped all across the hill station.


  • Manali is named after the Hindu lawgiver Manu. The word Manali is regarded as the changed name of "Manu-Alaya" which literally means "the abode of Manu". Legend has it that sage Manu stepped off his ark in Manali to recreate human life after a great flood had deluged the world. Manali is also often referred to as the "Valley of the Gods". The Old Manali village has an ancient temple dedicated to sage Manu.The first apple orchard was set up by the British near Patlikuhl, which were earlier not native to Manali.The plum and pearremain the best source of income for the majority of inhabitants.

There are many modes of transport to reach Manali. That is by road, rail or by air.
  • BY AIR

  • The airport is known as kullumanali. Air India andsome other private airlines have regular flights to the airport. Himalayana Bulls along with Deccan Charters havestarted on kullu Chandīgarh kullu sector thrice aday.Chandigarhairport is the nearest international airport.

  • Manali can also be reached from Delhi up to Chandigarh by national highwaywhich passes through Bilaspur, Sunder Nagar,Mandiand kullu towns. Buses ply heavily on this route and are available from all major bus terminals.

  • It is difficult to go by rail to Manali.


  • Tourism in Manali received a boost after the rise of militancy in Kashmirin the late 1980s. This once quiet village was transformed into a bustling town with many hotels and restaurants.

    There are different types of travel attraction of kullumanali,they arelike heli skiing, hidimba devitemple, mountaineering adventure and many more.Those who wish to take part in adventure activities there are fishing, white water rafting,and paragliding,skiing,mountaineering and hiking in and around Manali.Solang valley is a good option for the kids offering a bunch of fun winter sports.

    The malls in Manali sell many products right from cloth to decorative articles and gift articles. TheNew Shopping Centre Market sells good collection of shawls and woollen goods. We also get many different types of hand woven goods and pillbox Kullu Topis.

    Manali ‘s other speciality is Himalayan Handicrafts and assorted Tibetan curios such as prayer wheel, amulets,dorjees or thunderbolts, musical instruments,jewellery.

There are dozens of places to stay in Manali they are as follows:-
  • Sunshine guest house
  • Hotel Highland
  • Hotel Pine wood

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bundi a Travel Destination in Rajasthan

Bundi is a city in the Rajasthan state located in the Hatodi region in the northwest of India. It is a small town.Aravalli Mountain surrounds this city. These hills surround the city from three sides at a narrow gorge and big walls are in line with the city.

This district is located in the south-east of Rajasthan.Tonk districts,Bhilwara, and chittorgarh district surrounds the city. Useful trees of Babul, Khair and Khokra are grown on the hills.Limestone and Sandstone are the minerals found here. However other minerals are also found here.

Weather in summer is very hot and winters are very pleasant. October to Marchis the ideal time to visit.

There are famous forts, beautiful palaces and stepwell reservoirs.

Pulse like Soyabean, Coriander, Mustard, Sugarcane are available. There are also rice mills industries.

The people here belong to the Rajput’s family. They are very brave.Hindi and Rajasthani are the main language.Many FESTIVALS are celebrated but the important feastisTeej.There are other festivals like the Desert Festivals, the Pushkar Fair, the Marwar Festivals and the Camel Festivals. People are very kind hearted. They have a strong affectionwith each other. The people are very dedicated to their culture and customs.

The men and women both are very talented in the field of music. Even the childrenare trained in this field.
The people’s costumes are very attractive and colourful.Food is of different variety. Dal-Bati is the staple food. Apart from this Panchkoota, Laapsi, Ghoogri, Dhungari chhaach, Bail gate is also famous. Not forgetting the Non vegetarian it is wild boar meat which is pickled, wild hare roasted, meat cooked in milk and even in curds are some of the relishing dishes. Allthe dishes are made from pure ghee.

Here cotton carpets, Kota saries, Kota paintings, stone statue, and wooden toys of Jhalawear and lac bangles can be shopped for your favourite ones.

There is famous TOURIST attraction like the TARAGHARH FORT called the STAR FORT which is built on a steep hill. There is a reservoir carved out of a single rock. RANIJI KI BAORI is the step well in a small parkin this city. This step well has different shapes and beautiful carvings and also has curved pillars.DABHAI KUND has steep wells with beautiful carvings.SUKH-MAHAL is a beautiful palace right in the middle of the lake. It is built by using sandalwood and ivory especially for the doors. Something very

Interesting is that this palace is very cool.It is done by the natural way by perforations made in the walls where water is passed by.

NAWAL SAGAR LAKE has a temple in the centreof it. It is dedicated to Lord Varuna. The temple is submerged half way in water.Anotheramazing and attracting moment is that one can see the reflection of the entire cityin the Nawal Sagar Lake.

Apart from this there are many more tourist adventures for example: trekking. If you feel like trekking Aravalli Mountain is the best place. There is also a PICNIC spot that is Shikhar Burj and Jait Sagar Lake.

To reachBundi one can go by Air, Train and Road.

By Air: Jaipur is the nearest airport.

By Rail:There are various places that are connected between Bundi and chittaurgarh.

By Road:Buses are available from different place of Rajasthan.

One can hire a car for sightseeing.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bagan Myanmar

Ancient City of Bagan with Temples/Pagodas/Monasteries

Bagan is an area within the Central region of Myanmar covering an area of 16 square miles along the east bank of Ayeyarwaddy. The ancient city of Bagan located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy River is in the Mandalay Region of Burma.

The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan and the political, economic as well as the cultural centre of the Pagan Empire from the 9th to 13th centuries and between the 11th and 13th centuries the wealthy Pagan rulers ordered thousands of temples to be constructed on its plains. It is presumed that over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas as well as monasteries stood once upon a time on the 100 square km plain in central Myanmar where the remains of more than 2200 temples and pagoda still stand to this date.

Bagan was the central powerbase during the 9th century when King Anawratha unified Burma under Theravada Buddhism. Over a period of 250 years, the Bagan’s ruler together with their rich subjects built more than 10,000 monuments in the plains of Bagan and the city prospered in size and grandeur becoming a cosmopolitan centre for religious as well as secular studies where scholars and monks from far off places like India, Ceylon and the Khmer Empire came to study prosody, grammar, astrology, alchemy, phonology, medicine and law.

Old Capital – Pilgrimage Destination

The golden age of Bagan came to an end in 1287 when the Kingdom along with its capital city was conquered and thrown out by the Mongols. The population of the city was reduced to a village which remained amongst the ruins of the once known large city.

 With passage of time, new religious monuments continued to mid-15th century though later, the temple construction slowed down with less than 200 temples constructed during the 15th and 20th centuries However the old capital still continued as a pilgrimage destination though the pilgrimage was aimed only on the prominent temples.

The remaining of the thousands of the temples which were not popular were left to ruins where most of them did not survive the test to time while the others were ruined due to natural calamities like earthquake. Presently only a few temples are maintained regularly.

 Towards 1990, the government had made efforts to restore several of the damaged pagodas though failed to retain its original architectural styles and the use of modern materials brought about widespread disapproval from art historians as well as preservationist all across the world.

Archaeological Museums

Bagan had to pay the price of the government’s irresponsible act when it was rejected by UNESCO as a designation for World Heritage Site due to the un-historic way the temples had been restored though the government was of the belief that the ancient capital’s thousands of the unrestored temples as well as large corpus of stone inscriptions would be more than sufficient to win over the designation.

Bagan is a home to several archaeological sites with many temples and monuments that are found here and visitors can go on a spiritual as well as a historical excursion from one temple to another since each one is unique in its own individual design. However there is much more to explore in Bagan besides the temples and religious monuments where one will also find archaeological museums and the highly revered Mount Popa.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kerala, The land of Coconuts

Kerala is situated between Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats in South India.The Western Coastal line has interconnected canal, lakes and rivers, which is known as Backwaters of Kerala. There are forty four rivers out of which Periyar River is the largest river.

Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the largest city in this state and is the capital city of Kerala. Here the female ratio is more than male. Malayalam is the mother tongue of this state but English is spoken widely all over the state. The people have their own culture and traditions. All the people in this state are literate. Females are more educated than Men. Keralites are very honest and efficient in all the respective fields.

It is one of the leading agriculture states in the country. Because of the infinite numbers of medicinal plants grown in this state the HERBS are available throughout the year and for every season. Therefore it is the only state where AYURVEDA is still practised sincerely. Not forgetting about the availability of the rich content of the soil that is Alkaloid.

Ayurveda is practised by experienced Vaidya’s who has studied in details about each and every herb so as to which herbs will heal which sickness. Paralyses and other incurable diseases are cured with these herbs. People come here for massages to get cured.

This place is also a famous TOURIST centre right from the Wildlife Sanctuaries to Beaches. Few of them are as follows:

ALLEPPEY BACKWATERS: Where they have a traditional boathouse. You can go cruising all over lakes and lagoons not missing the drifting water, birds chirping all around the lake which is really a good thing to experience. These boat houses are well equipped with good facilities. Even the kitchen has good chefs to cater to your needs.

MUNNAR: It is a beautiful hill station with tea plantation slope and not missing the waterfalls and hiking routes.

KUMARAKOM: It is a small village where one can relax enjoying the nature’s beauty and the village life, along with that enjoy the tasting of tender coconut water and some mouth-watering food.

WAYANAD: It is the other greener side of this state having agriculture field in abundance. There is also a heart shaped lake on the way to the top of Chembara Peak which is not missed out by the tourists. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous.

THEKKADY: It has a famous Wildlife Sanctuary called the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. One can go right into the jungle by walking or on the elephants back. The wildlife can also been seen by taking a ride in a boat.

There are also different types of sports like paragliding, water sport, trekking etc. So no one will feel bored to stay in Kerala.

Coconut is the main ingredient in the dishes of Keralites apart from this seafood is very popular and the food also is not spicy. Payasam is the main sweet dish for all the functions.

The main festivals is Onam and Vishu where they have to wear traditional sarees that is White saris with borders of gold thread and blouse matching the sari border while men wear dhoti with kasavuborders.

Kathakali is the most well-known dance it is in the form of a story-cum- play. The theme of kathakali is always religious in nature; they concentrate mostly on hand gesture known as mudras in which they enact the story to us. They use four instruments that are Shuddha, Madalam, Chenda, Manjira and Idakka.

When it comes to shopping you will not go empty handed .There is a wide range of souvenir’s available like the metal mirror, handicrafts items made from coconut shells, clay and cane, paintings, traditional jewellery box ,wok etc.

Travel routes to this country are very convenient.

There are three international airports like Trivandrum airport, Cochin airport and Kozhikode international airport.

There are many national highways connecting to Kerala.

Many express trains are also available from different parts of the country.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scenic Beauty Of Coorg

Coorg is a famous hill station in Karnataka which is situated on the Western Ghats in the south. Another name for Coorg is Kodagu, which means steep hills. It is surrounded by dense forest and beautiful mountains and teak wood forest. This place is filled with natural beauty having waterfalls, green valleys and misty woods. It is 1525 m above sea level. There are three regions where Madikeri is one of the main town. And the other two regions are Virajpet and Somwarpet. Madikeri is the headquarters of Coorg.

The Main language of the people living here is Kannada,Malayalam and English. The people living here are mostly of the tribal communities like the Kodava, Tulu, Gowda, Kudiyas and Buntas. But majority of the people belong to the tribe of Kodavas or they are called Coorgies. They are very down to earth people and straightforward people. They are mainly from the warrior class. This is the only state where the locals are allowed to carry guns without license.Their customs are very different from the other religions in regards to their wedding or a birth of a child. For any ceremony gun shot in the air is a must.

COORG is located in the rural area so the main occupation is forestry, agriculture and plantation.Spices are grown on a large scale especially Cardamom,Pepper etc.which increases the economy of this country.This place is famous for coffee plantation because of its tropical climate. Don’t miss out on tasting the popular brand of coffee that is ROBUSTA and ARABICA.

The climate here is very pleasant during rainy seasons where beautiful WATERFALLS are seen. The season here is so good that even in summer you don’t feel the summer heat. The best time to visit this place is during monsoon because you can experience the waterfalls.

It is a famous TOURIST destination. Some famous tourist spots are TALACAUVERY, ABBI FALLS, IRUPPU FALLS where it is believed that if one bathes there then all their sins are washed away, NAGARHOLE NATIONAL PARK which means a snake river that flows through the park and where it takes the visitors close to the wild life in a safari van,the OMKARESHWAR TEMPLE which is dedicated to Lord Shiva,the RAJA’S SEAT which is a beautiful hill top, the BHAGAMANDALA TEMPLE which is built at the junction of the three rivers meeting at one point. Then the MADIKERI FORTwhich contains a museum,a prison,achapel and a temple.There is a small hamlet called VALANOOR close to the DUBARE FOREST. Tourists who are fond of fishing or fish lovers should pay a visit to this place. Those who love birds it is a haven because of the different types of species.

It is not just a place of scenic beauty but there is a lot more such as adventure, sports, games, relishing food especially pork cooked in vinegar and shopping too. Adventures like trekking,river rafting,quad biking, rock-climbing and fishing are very enjoyable. There are three major peaks where trekking is done that is TADIANDAMOL, PUSHPAGIRI and BRAHMAGIRI.There are certain clubs who arrange for treks including for the other adventure games.

KUSHAL NAGAR is the main shopping centre where most of the items right from spices to outfits are available here. Corgis’ silk saris are very famous because of the unique style in them. Jewellery is also very unique.

Travel routes to this place is as follows

Mysore is the closest station.

THE nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport.

Coorg is connected by road via Mangalore, Bangalore, Kannur and Mysore.