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Shipwreck and Blue Caves Tour: The Best Beaches in Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beaches in Zakynthos
ZAKYNTHOS the Ionian Islands are splendid, cinematic paradise. The island boasts probably the best and most picturesque beaches in Greece and its famous landmark. The waters are bluest blue, the sands are shining silky and smooth. Everything looks photo shopped, but it is just Mother Nature. The coast of Zakynthos is exceptionally picturesque and it’s surprisingly cheap to get around.

It is as fruitful as it is beautiful, boasting a bounty of crops like olives and grapes. Music is a huge part of local culture you can attend a concert or festival during weekend. It is world famous for the crystal beaches and the intense nightlife, which makes it a frequent destination for the youth.

Zakynthos Town is the main town on the island with interesting museum and Venetian castle on top of the hill .Above nice mountains, villages also dot the countryside as well as old monasteries.

Let’s go deeper into these famous tourist spots:

Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour 

The shipwreck beach also called as Navagio on the Greek island. The beach is indeed the most beautiful in the world, granted that it’s viewed from the edge of the cliff that surrounds it.

In order to get the best view of the shipwreck beach you must see it from the top of the limestone cliffs surrounding it. It’s not possible to climb from the sea level. The only way to get there is by land. The best way is to step on the pebbles and swim in the turquoise blue waters, there is only one way by sea .There are also tour companies that offer a boat trip to this beach.

Shipwreck beach is the most commercial place on the island; you have to be quick during a visit on this beach. You take a tour go there to take a swim, click a few photos and in 20 minutes you must leave because the next ship is full of tourist waiting there.

Blue Caves are quite popular phenomena that can be found not only in Greece, it is also found in Malta, Montenegro, Albania, and Brazil. But those in Zakynthos were absolutely spectacular with limestone arches, turquoise water that seemed glowing from the bottom of the sea and abundance of colourful fish. One can also enjoy a bit of swimming and snorkelling. The blue caves have also interesting arches created by erosion along thousands of years, which allow you to go through these caves and get actually surrounded by this surreal environment. However there is one way of being a part of that marvellous scenery apart from getting surrounded by the caves arches. The blue caves are obviously the soft spot for those who like diving.

For those who are not fond of diving, this trip is a good excuse to sail as well as to get away from the town and enjoy this peaceful place with such stunning views.

Nightlife of Zakynthos is shared in two parts, depending on people’s preferences. For those who wish to pass a quiet evening, Zakynthos centre and Vassilikos villages are the ideal locations. You can enjoy a dinner under the sounds of Zakynthian cantara in one of the restaurants that exist. These regions are full of restaurants, taverns and cafeterias for those who prefer a relaxing night. For the other category of visitors who are fun of crazy entertainment, the southern part of the island Argasi, Tsilivi, laganas, alykes and Kalamaki are famous. These are tourist centres and during summer are full of crowd. Here there are many bars clubs and discos and the party begins in the early in the evening and continues till sunrise. Zakynthos nightlife is crazy and exciting.

Getting into these waters in order to experience and investigate the greatness of the blue caves really makes this trip a once-in-life unforgettable experience.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Canary Islands Holidays 2018

Canary Islands
Canary Islands are having beautiful Island scenery, gorgeous beaches and picturesque colonial town. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations for a holiday in relation with sun, sand and sea. These islands are known as Europe’s sun-trap for their mild temperatures and natural environment. Canary Island is divided into small islands further where each island is quite different with its own sparkling personality. The beaches are the most outstanding attractions and are perfect for relaxing. Enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving. There is beautiful and amazing landscape which is ideal for hiking, cycle touring, climbing and even caving. The Canary Islands offers a range of cultural options. The famous monumental site at San Cristobel de la Laguna has been awarded as the world heritage by the UNESCO. If you’re intending to visit this island in February then you will be able to enjoy the spectacular carnival in santacruz de Tenerife.

So well let’s decide which suits your own preferences best, it’s worth knowing what those differences between each of the Canary Islands are.

For a little bit of everything Tenerife island: The largest of the canaries is also the most popular with tourists. When you head north you’ll find a lively carnival that takes over the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife for three weeks in February. Push Island and pine forest soon gives way to the Jaw dropping Teide national Park, home to the eponymous volcano. You can also swirl in superb seafood and excellent wines in picturesque towns like Garachico and la Orotava. There are very beautiful breathtaking views of the arranco Del infierno, fly over the Grand Roque del condor island softly on playa de las Americas at the end of the afternoon with plenty of bars and clubs open until dawn. These panoramic views can only be appreciated in this way.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Island): The island of Gran Canary is a place of stunning natural scenery and nearly half of the island is protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The north of the island is a landscape of dramatic cliff and the south is lined with beautiful beaches. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a seaside town with excellent beaches and a superb natural environment. Las Canteras Beach and La Playa Jinamar is the two beaches associated with it. Another must see nature site on Gran Canaria Island is the Jardin Botanic Viera Y Clavijo (Canary Gardens).

Fuerteventura: The Island and its waters are a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. Here you can forget the world. You will find sandy beaches where you can relax and swim, both in the north at Corralejo Natural Park and in the south at Playas de Jandiass. You can take a boat trip to Lobos Island natural park a small island paradise located about 2 km north of Fuerteventura. Experience a truly unique moments by attending one of the sea turtle releases that take place on Co fete Beach.

Lanzarote Island: it is said that Lanzarote is the most volcanic looking of the Canary Islands. The constant warm weather means you can enjoy the beauty and contrasts of its coast at any time of the year. There are beaches with black or golden sand in the towns. If you are a lover of sports then here you will find a host of possibilities. You can enjoy golf amidst lava and cactus, go diving on this island beautiful sea bed, go deep sea fishing and surfing too. The snorkel tour is the best in Lanzarote.
You can discover underwater beauty. Adventure begins at the Techno Diving Lanzarote dive centre, where all necessary equipment (mask, tube, fins and suit) are provided. The waves are considered some of the best in Europe.

The Canary Islands attracts all sorts of travellers and because of this there is a great variety when it comes to nightlife, with something to suit everyone who visits these islands. Whether you like to hang out in local bars, indulge in a cocktail lounge, watch some live cabaret in a bar or hit the dance floor in a nightclub you are sure to enjoy the perfect evening out in the Canary Islands. Some of them are Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

These are the most popular destination that makes up the canaries to help you plan your next holiday.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Orlando Waltz Disney World

Waltz Disney World
Orlando Waltz Disney World is the only place in United States that celebrates childhood. It is just a notion that only young ones will enjoy this city’s charms, in reality Orlando has a little of this and a little of that to appeal to all ages. We are talking about Waltz Disney world.

There are certain crazy things in Disney that many don’t know about.

A giant turkey leg was first introduced at Disney world in the 90’s. It became so famous that they were introduced to the other parks. More than 1.6 million Turkey drumsticks are consumed on a large scale at the resort every year. You can buy all sorts of gear (t-shirts, hats etc) with a logo of turkey legs on them.

There’s a hotel suite replica of Cinderella’s castle, where you can sleep like a princess. It has a flat screen TV disguised as magic mirrors. Unfortunately you can’t just make a reservation. Overnight guest are winners that are chosen at random by the park each day.

Things to do in Orlando waltz Disney world: Excessive, exhausted and expensive and there’s more to do here than visit theme parks. This is no 1 tourist destination in the entire world with four theme parks, two water parks, two miniature golf courses, four championship golf courses, one night time and entertainment district, one sports complex and a plethora of resorts. Some tourists plan their stay in Walt Disney World Resort around the busy seasons, especially when there is some Disney’s special event.

Each park has special events that are popular like the Epcot International food and wine festival. The Epcot international flower and Garden festivals, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party .These event draws tourist in Disney.

Tours/ special dining events: Disney offers special events and tours for adults throughout the year. One can take part in EPCOT festival, have dinner in the hunter Mansion or Great Movie ride, tour the underground of the Magic Kingdom with all of its tunnels and secrets, or to go to the EPCOT food and Wine festival, and many more. Not only is the food here fantastic, but they danced while you eat.

Spa Day: No matter if you are an adult with three kids or a college student who has just finished finals. All could use a spa day. Disney resorts have some Kick- spas that are definitely worth hitting up for that day.

Disney’s Yatch and beach Club: You can take a boat or walk to both Epcot and Hollywood studios. Kids will love the pool which is filled up with the sand at the bottom. It looks like a real beach and features a life size replica shipwreck with a water slide. Everyone can stroll over to the neighbouring Disney’s Board, rent a surrey bike or watch the game at ESPN Zone. Adults can also take advantage of Boardwalk restaurants, duelling piano bar and night club.

At the Magic Kingdom: Start your day in a most magical way with breakfast and early access to select Magic kingdom attractions. Magic Kingdom is a signature Disney world experience. Kid Rides, Space Mountains, Big Thunder Mountain and splash Mountain that offers the biggest thrills can be enjoyed by the youngsters. While the new Seven Dwarfs Mini Train is probably your best bet for a starter Coaster.

Wild night-time tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park: It is a four hour tour. You discover a landscape shimmering with lights with life at night. Enjoy the icy peaks in an open air vehicle on the lust African savannah, go into the bioluminescent rainforest in a river boat and see a brilliant fusion of water, sound and light at a show that’s unlike anything you’ve experience before. After night fall pay a special attention to the Tree of Life at the centre of Disney’s animal Kingdom park. Flickering fireflies magically appear every 10 minutes. A theatre is housed inside the Tree of life root system.

At Disney Hollywood studios character experiences: visit Pixar place for an up- close encounter with race trainer Cruz Ramirez a new character from Cars 3.Meet Buzz light-year and woody. Get ready for your close up during a photo shoot with 2 toy story pals.

Share a warm hug and snap a few pictures with the happiest snowman in Arendellina.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Batumi, Mini Las Vegas of the Black Sea

Batumi attracts many tourists from the nearby regions. Turks, who come there for gambling in many of the city’s casinos .Unfortunately Batumi is hardly known in the rest of the world, the whole beauty is all about palm trees, the sea and the snow covered mountains of Cancasus. The original and beautiful modern architecture and the dolphinarium should not be missed out. The coast and beaches stretch for miles, so it becomes difficult to walk for a long distance. Therefore they have started a good idea to rent one of the city bikes. There are many stations available as well as a long cycle track along the coast.

Actually there are lot to do in Batumi and compared to other tourist destination. It is cheaper here. If you have some money to spend, starting from restaurants and hotels ending with numerous casinos and nightclubs, aqua park, diving club and Yatch club.

Entertainments in Batumi are as follow:

Las Vegas of the black sea

One of the first things you will notice when you travel to Batumi is that there are casinos everywhere. Therefore the city is sometimes called the las vegas of the Black sea.

The statue of love is two moving statue, a metal structure of man and women who meet and love each other. It is beautifully lit up at night. The figures move towards each other, merge into one piece and then move away from each other every 10 minutes. This statue of eternal love is an iconic landmark in Batumi. There are also dancing where in the evenings whole families come to relax watching the show.

Zoological corner and dolphinarium is a must to see attraction. The beautiful Nurigeli Lake is located in the middle of the park and offers an exciting place for relaxation. The dolphin show is one of the attractions in Georgia. There are exciting shows like dancing, singing, kissing and hugging. Excellent master of ceremony conducts the show in three languages: Georgian, Russian and English.

Piazza square features boutique hotels cafes and unique architecture. Many local visit this place for a drink or to eat something. The piazza perfectly mixes different styles and trends.

Batumi nightlife is crazy as Miami. Different nationalities and different kind of fun awaits here. After 23.00 pm Batumi Nightlife starts and continues until the first light of the sun. Batumi nightlife is more attractive and joyful than Europe nightlife. Batumi nightlife is enjoyed everyday instead on weekends only. If you want to pick a girl it’s very easy here. In Batumi most of the easy going ladies are sex workers.

Batumi being surrounded by mountains, skiing is a popular thing to do in Batumi especially at Mt Elnbrus. While landing after skiing you can see the beach, the city and the mountains in one shot. Skiing is becoming a popular reason to travel to Batumi.

Visit Sameba: The holy trinity church is the coolest landmark in Batumi on top of the hill. It is a little bit of a drive uphill but the views are amazing and so are the church itself. It is a great spot to see.

Batumi is a bustling city because of its beaches especially during summer. Kvariati is a good spot to go and considered one of the best beaches in Georgia. Gonio is a trendy spot where bars and clubs are plenty on the beach.

A Makhunseti waterfall is the biggest and a popular tourist attraction in Batumi.

Try Adjarian Cuisine: you can taste Adjarian Khachapuri and some other Adjarian dishes. The delicacies are (cheese melted in butter) known as Borano, (Breakfast with eggs and walnut) known as Chirbuli and sinori a dish with cottage curds and dough plates. Naklava and shakarlama (sugar pastry) are the local sweet pastry.

In the daytime you can enjoy sandy beaches, walking at Piazza square, theatre square, and Europe square, and Mtsvane kontskhi.

Where to stay in Batumi: 

Luxury Radisson Blue, Hilton Batumi

Mid range: sky tower hotel

Budget: Hostel

Sunset point at Liberte: at the end of the long boulevard there is a big sign saying Liberte. It is a great place to see the sun go down in the ocean. Surely this is one of the more romantic things to do in Batumi.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Baguio the City of Pines

Baguio Lion head
Baguio is the summer capital of Philippines. It is one of the most visited tourist destination in Asia. This city is in northern Luzon. Baguio never ceases to attract local and international visitors due to various tourist attraction and recreational activities the city has to offer. Baguio climate never changes all year round. Chilly and spine tingling weather is perfectly suitable for everyone, especially for honeymoon couples. Tourist always look out for a vacation in terms of affordability, convenience and satisfaction, gladly to say all of these vacation travel requisites are within the bosom exquisiteness in the world famous City of Pines.

Here are some essential Baguio experiences for first time visitors.

Strawberry picking: feasting on strawberry is a must once you are in Baguio. Fresh strawberries are the most popular souvenirs from Baguio city. You can let your kids experience strawberry picking at the La Trinidad strawberry farm in La Trinidad on the outskirts of Baguio city.

Visit Camp John Hay: it is one of the most popular recreational areas and tourist destinations in Baguio with several lodges, restaurant and parks. Apart from sightseeing, the treetop adventure inside Camp John Hay has several thrilling rides that you can enjoy. It includes the superman ride (Zip line); Canopy Ride and Tree drop (harnessed free fall).

Go biking and boating at Burnham Park: one of the highlights of Baguio trips is boating in Burnham Park. There is an artificial lake at the centre of the park. This park has become crowded of late and is not as pleasant as it once was, but it still appeals to a lot of tourists and first time visitors with family-friendly activities like biking and boating available.

Night life: Session Road is a home to a lot of bars and restaurants that host live performances. It’s great to visit at night and let your ears guide you to the music you’re feeling that night.

Purple is the newest and coolest dance club in Baguio offering the best clubbing experience in the city. It is a famous nightlife destination for both local and foreign residents. The party never stops at Purple during weekdays. Ladies has free entrance and a free drink during girl’s night out. Every night in –house DJ plays the latest and hottest RnB, Hip Hop and House music, turning purple into the party place in Baguio City.

One way to explore Baguio is to ride on a horseback to some of the city’s top scenic spots. Baguio is also known as HORSEBACK RIDING HAVEN. Wright Park is a favourite place for kids and adults where an organization of pony boys offers horseback rides.

Shopping at Ukay-Ukays: Thrift shopping is something Baguio boasts of. It is very cheap here. They have classic rubber shoes in good condition, signature bags leather, denim, accessories and even tableware. Clothes and shoes are very cheap.

Do visit Baguio, an extraordinary tourist attractions that you will surely not forget for the rest of your fruitful and fun filled lifetime.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Barbados, the Jewel of Natural Beauty

A white sanded paradise and the Caribbean home of stage and screen’s finest, BARBADOS makes a lasting impression upon visitors. It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere is this more true than right here on the island of Barbados. The island itself is a tropical paradise with a wealth of scenic shots that’s more than merit. The beauty reaches far beyond our hills and valleys

Barbados is one of the most popular and preferred tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Bridgetown is a capital city of Barbados and Garrison is UNESCO World heritage site. Barbadians are crazy for afternoon tea, cricket, golfing and scuba diving.

The National motto of the Barbadian is Pride and Industry. The National Flower of the country is called the Pride of Barbados. Something good of this flower is that the leaves of this flower is dipped in breast milk and given to crying babies to stop them from crying.

Do you have a thirst for exploring? Here are brilliant thing to do while in Barbados.

The island soul food is a must to try. Street side stalls offer the best in macaroni pie and of course fried chicken rice and peas. The Cliff and a waterfront restaurant in Payne’s are a famous restaurant offering seafood and fusion cuisine in a romantic setting.

Water sports: you can enjoy an underwater experience like no other, right from swimming with turtles to watching vibrant coral reefs. Water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and kite surfing are practised here.

A Barbados wildlife reserve is a must to see. The visitors can watch how native animals play, eat and interact with other animals in a relaxed natural environment.

Atlantis submarines adventure: This adventure is the perfect ocean expedition to rest your mind and stimulate the senses, safe in an underwater wilderness. Imagine you dive 130 feet down secure and dry with no snorkel, goggle and slippers to interfere into the aquarium. Enjoy once in a life time a romantic night time and escape to the bottom of the ocean on Atlantis submarines.

Visit Harrison’s Cave: Harrison’s cave is truly one of the natural wonders of Barbados located in the central uplands. The interior of this cave boasts breathtaking, crystallized limestone that drips water into impossibly clear pools.

Check out Fish Fry Fridays: Oistins Fish fry Friday is an absolute must when visiting Barbados. This weekly party and fish festival is held on a serene beach on Barbados southwest coast and it’s the perfect place to meet new friends, both foreign and local. The food is delicious. There is a lot of dancing and music. Everybody seems to be in a good mood.

Caribbean Crop Over: At the end of each sugarcane season, Barbados puts on its biggest festival of the year and they call it Crop over Summer Festival. It’s the islands most popular and colourful get together. The festival happens every year from May to August, with the largest celebrations happening at the end with carnival celebrations. If ever you plan your trip to Barbados at that time you may not only get to party like crazy, but you may share the streets with world famous Bajan pop and Hip Hop star Rhenna.

The option for beauty in Barbados is needless. It is said that Barbados is the ideal place to pamper yourself whatever the occasion. In case lying on a soft white sandy beach bordered by the turquoise Caribbean sea wasn’t enough to totally relax you, the island has multiple first rate spas that will take your breath away with the ambiance and top quality treatments.

If you want to enjoy night life and partying, stay at any of these hotels, resorts and vacation rental in and around St. Lawrence Gap to be near the heart of the action. Few of them are Yellow Bird Hotel, south Gap hotel, Dolphin Inn Guesthouse, Meridian Inn, and Dover Beach Hotel.

Barbados nightclub is mainly located in St Lawrence Gap. Most of the band plays local music like calypso and reggae. There are excellent R & B bands that play top international music sometimes with a Caribbean beat.

Enjoy an evening of romance along with fine dining at Barbados finest restaurants. Most of these restaurants provide live entertainment to enjoy your evening.

Come to Barbados where you can truly relax and indulge in all that is beautiful the island has to offer. If you’re here for a relaxing vacation away from a world of worry, hustle and bustle, then you can see we’ve got exactly what you need.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Best Place to Travel When You’re Training for a Marathon

Going on holidays is no excuse to leave your running shoes behind with our active holidays offering a change of scenery and culture, whilst improving your health and fitness, whether an athlete or just looking to keep up with our running routine. Make most of the opportunity to explore your beautiful surroundings by foot right from scenic coastline trails in Portugal to sprinting up mountain paths in St. Lucia.

Preparing for a Marathon is something that takes months and months, especially for the beginners and training for your first, second or third race. To be successful, practise is a must every day. No matter how dedicated your marathon training schedule is, even the most committed runners need a break every now and then. Once you are dedicated to a set schedule, your friends might propose a trip and suddenly you’re torn. It becomes more difficult for those who like to travel. Travelling are bound to mess with your training schedule.

But there is no need to fall behind as we’ve collected the best destinations to travel when you’re training for a marathon.

The secret to keeping your marathon training intact can be simple as picking the right hotel. The hospitality industry is getting smarter about how they cater for travellers in training.

Buenos Aires in Argentina: It is not just hotels that are getting more Marathon friendly. Cities like Buenos Aires have started offering running tours for travellers who want to keep up their training and get in plenty of sightseeing. The urban running tours take place daily and offer a variety of experiences from park through Buenos Aires vibrant Palermo Lake to art and culture tours of the city centre.

Nevis in Saint Kitts and Nevis: Travel can disrupt even the most ironclad training routine. But a week on the small Caribbean island of Nevis will help you keep the momentum. Nevis high temperature means that all the local runners train at the same time, first thing in the morning and at sunset. This provides visitors with both a ready made running community while also making the most of the island for snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming.

Tuscany: It is one of the most beautiful place in Italy and also one of the main destinations of world tourism, the ideal place for a sporting holiday. Train in Tuscan countryside by running through the vineyards of Chianti. The climate is mild and perfect for outdoor sports.

Adventures in the Alps running retreats: one will be hill training in the Alps. Adventure in the Alps offers a variety of running retreats catering for beginners to serious speedsters looking forward to increase their race time.

Run in the sun: Most of the guests come here during January and February to gear up for the spring MARATHON session in the welcoming climate. It is located just 800 m from the seaside town of Moraira on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The company hosts small groups in a private apartment or adjacent villa. U.K. Athletics coach Paul Fletcher guides the guests on scenic runs through the spectacular surrounding mountains and the nearby beach.

St Lucia: Is a fantastic getaway for running enthusiasts, thus healthy holiday on the Caribbean island of St Lucia offering all the luxuries of an all inclusive holiday. Take in the sunrise on your morning beach run, or join the running club for a choice of more challenging routes. Combine your running routine with some quality down time as you choose from a range of recovery options, including reviving spa treatments and restorative group classes such as yoga and stretching.

Algarve spring training: this training is held in Falesia in Portugal. This region has a variety of sandy trails, forests, beaches and hilly cliff tops. So there’s a wealth of different terrain to test you. There is a welcome pizza night, a celebration BBQ night and a karaoke night, as you can be carbo load and bang out a tune with your new found running rivals and friends.

So decide your location. Pack your trainers and simultaneously enjoy you dream holiday.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Dresden the Florence of the North

Dresden is one of the most beautiful German cities. It is also one of Europe’s greatest baroque cities, about 30 km north of the border with the Czech Republic. It stands majestically along the Elbe River. It has gained its importance in 1485 when it became the seat of The Wettin Dynasty.

It is hard to believe that Dresden has been raised from the ashes and bears a few scars from its late 20th century trauma. Palaces glitter, garden bloom and the dome of the magnificently restored Frauenkirche again stands out above the skyline. With its wealth of museum, palaces and other tourist attraction, there are plenty of things to do in Dresden. Dresden is surrounded by a trio of fabulous castle as well as the porcelain town of Meissen. If you only have time for one castle, then Schloss Pillnitz has the best garden, Schloss Moritzburg has the most interesting interiors and Schloss Weesenstein the most romantic location.

Riding bike or Seaway: there are so many people moving around on bicycle. It can be quite a handy way of transportation once you get familiar with the streets. If you are bit comfortable moving around the city then one must go in for the cycling ride along the Elbe.

Saxon Food and Beer: there is a huge beer tradition in Saxony. Famous brands are Radeberger and Wernesgruner. Try some of the local dishes that are Pulverturm, a juicy suckling pig from the grill. Their side dish Potato dumpling is actually one of the regions specialties.

Neustadt Nightlife: Dresden is a college town and this is the place where they all go out. If you are late after drinking beer you might enter the so-called Bermuda Triangle. But don’t worry there are restaurants which serve breakfast until 4 p.m. There are at least 150 pubs, bars and restaurants.

Frauenkirche Observation deck: It is Dresden’s most famous landmark. It is a great place to see the city from above. The views are just breathtaking.

Cruise to Konigstein fortress: Dresden’s surroundings can be enjoyed from the waters, while cruising with a paddle steamer in the direction of Saxon Switzerland. Drive along the banks of the Elbe and see the three famous Elbe castle.

Boat trip during the soft evening light: have a ride in the direction of Pillnitz and enjoy the sunset on board. Take a look at the imposing Elbe castle and admire the evening glow of Dresden’s old town.

Experiences on water: there is a small range of great water based activities available in Saxon Switzerland. Several boat hire stations and tour operators are found along the river Elbe. A panoramic view of the majestic rock formations is a beautiful sight.

Guided day trips in rubber dinghies: raft or Canadian canoes offer a lot of fun and space for comrades in arms. Impressive rock formation is a constant companion on tour as a guide in the accompanying motor boat. There is even a stop for a barbeque to recharge your batteries.

Power boat trips are less tiring but just exciting: Up to 26 people can enjoy the exhilaration speed on a stretch between Meiben and Decin and experience the Elbe Sandstone Mountains at top speed.

Saxon Switzerland National Park: Travel to Saxon Switzerland National park, only 30 kilometres southeast of Dresden. It is a wild landscape of soaring limestone pillars with views straight down to the Elbe. The most famous sight is the Bastei Bridge, a 76 meter high stone arched bridge that connects the rock formation and you can hike there or reach there by public transportation. One can travel to Saxon Switzerland by one of the world’s oldest paddle wheel steamboats in a most romantic way.

The peak of happiness: Climbing the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is an indescribable experience. Besides the unique need of climbing in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland national park, it has distinct climbing rules and difficult scale that makes the summit experience so special for each climber. No one who has scaled a peak here will want to leave the magic of this climbing region.

Do visit Dresden, a gracious and beautiful city to simply enjoy its many sights.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

BABYMOON: Destination for Pregnant Women

Most women opt for a holiday usually in the second trimester of a pregnancy before the baby arrives. Honeymoon is for newlyweds, the same way babymoon is for parents to be. But a question arises as to where to go where one can get utmost relaxation and rest and also navigate a new city. Yes, there are cities where one can spend their holidays that require minimum effort and deliver maximum relaxation.

It is said that babies actually need a lot of time and attention. So a BABYMOON is the ideal Opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner and a romantic mini break will help you to leave those endless pre-baby-to-do lists behind.

Good BABYMOON holiday destination in India: If you want to escape the summer heat then visiting a hill station is a better choice. There are plenty of options in any direction in India. Ooty, Coorg, Mount Abu, Deolali, Kasauli, Manalim, Mussoorie, Nainital, Dalhousie, Shimla, Kashmir and Shilling are popular tourist spots.

For a winter holiday you may go to Rajasthan, Agra, Varanasi, Goa, and Pondicherry or to Kerala.
These tourist destinations offer lodging to suit most budgets and also equipped with adequate medical care that is relatively easy to access.

Good BABYMOON destination abroad: 

Omni Amelia Island Plantation resort- Savannah GA: it is located just south of savannah Georgia; Amelia Island is full of sweet southern charm where you can have a relaxing and fun filled baby moon. Spend your day at the spa. Dine at the Verandah Seafood restaurant where you can enjoy fresh caught fish of the day and end your meal with a decadent slice of pecan pie. Then finish off your night with smores on the beach before turning in to your ocean side room while the sounds of the surf lulls you to sleep.

Post ranch Inn Big Sur California: it lies 1200 soaring feet above the Pacific. The hotel rooms have a fireplace perfect for romance, huge soaking tub and a mini bar. Activities like the spa treatment, natural hike, morning yoga classes and late night stargazing with the ocean as your backdrop are available.

Forest escapism in Estonia: Leave the stresses of everyday life behind with a trio to the remote and beautiful MUHU Island off the coast of Estonia. Padastr Manir hotel can only be accessed by ferry and is surrounded by idyllic parkland, forest and meadows. The traditional Estonia design such as thick woven rugs are displayed along with rustic fireplace .Tourist can hire a boat to explore the nearby nature trails.

Chamomile massages in Cyprus are especially for pregnant women. After massage they feel refreshed. It is Cyprus first boutique hotel located on the Mediterranean coast of Limassol. This organic oil is good for body massage .This oil is a combination of calendula and chamomile. It is specially designed for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

Port Vila, Vanuatu is a pacific paradise island. It is made up of more than 80 islands. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, low key tourism and authentic cultural experiences. It is often called the land of smiles. This idyllic Havannah Vanuatu is a great spot for babymooners expecting their first child. The place is designed for couples. The villas are built for two along with a quiet private beach and secluded spots for contemplative dinners. The pregnant mother is given a hamper containing handmade basket filled with organic locally made body products, daily canapés and freshly squeezed juice along with a head and shoulder massage for the mum to be.

Coconut Bay St. Lucia Caribbean: If you are looking for lots of romance and relaxation, then one must stay at St Lucia with its lush emerald green mountains, golden beaches and dazzling clear water. Despite its incredible natural beauty it remains one of the lesser visited island, stay in the adults only harmony wing and choose the baby moon package like a prenatal massage at Kai Metr Spa, a private half an hour Photo shoot and a poolside romantic dinner for two. You’ll also have a chance to snorkel the sapphire blue waters and enjoy nightly entertainment too.

So why not strengthen your bond along with your better half and take a well deserved break before the baby arrives at one of these dreamy babymoon vacation spots.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Unique Wildlife Encounters at New Zealand

New Zealand being was an isolated country for millions of years. The wildlife is quite unique. Before there was no land mammals in New Zealand .But now a few unusual species of animals and birds have evolved that are well worth looking out whenever you are backpacking in New Zealand.

There is no shortage of amazing animals to see in New Zealand’s ancient wilderness. With many of them native to the country, from the alpine parrots to living dinosaurs there are quite a few surprises to be found on land. Not forgetting the marine life living it up in New zeal and waters like the world’s smallest dolphins or super cute fur seals.

A holiday here is your chance to see wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Wildlife encounters is one of the most rewarding backpacking experiences in New Zealand.

New Zealand national symbol is a nocturnal flightless bird with nostrils on the end of its large beak. The trip to New Zealand would not be complete without taking a look at New Zealand’s National bird- the kiwi. They are nocturnal, tiny and extremely fast runners. They are also on the verge of extinction. You can make a camp and set out through the ferns after dark to try and spot one but it is a lot easier to visit one of the many kiwi houses on the south island.

Some well known birds are: Kea, Weks, Tui, Morpork Owl and Blue Penguins.

Sea life: New Zealand has abundant and diverse marine life. Whale watching and swimming with dolphins are the two of our most highly recommended experiences. The small Hector’s dolphin is the world rarest dolphin .The greatest thing in New Zealand is that you can swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. Dolphins are also curious of us as we are of them. Swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitat can be a dream comes true here, while others will be amazed by Penguins, seals, or gannets colonies.

Few parts of New Zealand are covered with national parks, forest areas and reserves. Out of which few national parks contain an incredible variety of unspoiled landscape vegetation. These parks are administered and maintained by the department of conservation. They also provide opportunity for a wide variety of activities including hiking, mountain, biking, skiing and snowboarding, kayaking and trout fishing.

There are no dangerous animals in New Zealand: Unlike New Zealand neighbours Australia there are no animals out here that are out to kill you. There is however three types of spider that can hurt if they bite, the white tailed spider, red back spider and the kapito spider.

Wildlife activities in New Zealand: Activities involving Wildlife are like going to see the animals or birds in their natural environment, a truly rewarding experience especially because you get to see how they naturally behave.

Spending hours watching the spectacle of nature takes place right in front of your eyes will make your trip simply unforgettable.

Friday, March 2, 2018

The City Of Parks Bucaramanga, Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia
Bucaramanga is known as the pretty city of Colombia. It is the capital city of the country’s Santander department and has pleasant weather, a city of parks, universities, clean and relaxed .Yet it remains an untouristic Colombian city with just a few hostels to its name. Bucaramanga is a good for a stopover for a few days on a Colombian trip and therefore deserves more attention from travellers. It is fast becoming a tourist hotspot due to its beauty and wide range of extreme sports available in the surrounding areas. It comes to life at night, when dozens of clubs, hundreds of bars and 10 universities do their party hats.

These are few things what to do on a visit to the pretty city.

Park life: Bucaramanga is famous for its parks. The centre of the city is full of green spaces ranging from a city block in size to lush green valleys hidden from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Parque ecological flora is a famous park set in a long valley and filled with birds. It has nearly two dozen parks.

Paragliding:  Santander is one of the best places in Colombia to experience one of man’s oldest dream flights. There are daily flights from 2pm with stunning panoramic views over the city and the Santander countryside. It’s a magnificent way to experience the city from a different angle.

Parque Nacional Chicmocha also called as Panachi. It is famous for its canyon cable car system that links to a number of adventure activities. Sangil on the Fonce River is Colombia’s unofficial adventure sports capital. You can hike to the Jean Curi waterfall or take part in any number of exciting guided tours.

Cuisine: The hormigas culonas are a gastronomically tradition in Bucaramanga and Santander. Santander is rightly famous for its gastronomy within Colombia and the departments capital is a great place to try out Carne Oreada, Cabrito con Pepitoria, Santander Style Arepas and much more. There are other dishes such as mule, goat and Corn Arepas .Mercagan is a famous steak house.

Best time to visit Bucaramanga: this country hosts an annual world’s festival usually at the end of September to the beginning of October. During the ten days event the city arranges for national and international participants to perform dances, comedy and tell stories in the various theatres and halls.

Unique experience on the outskirt of Bucaramanga: one can appreciate plantation of tobacco, coca, and pineapple .It is also possible to enjoy adventure sports. Those who arrive to this city set deep affection between mountains and has the possibility to visit places where intense emotion are plentiful derived from practising activities such as paragliding rafting and rappel.

Bucaramanga is the shoe capital of Colombia, with many family factories passing down the craft from generation to generation. Shop brim with all kinds of footwear at affordable prices, but the most eye catching are the stilettos- brightly coloured and glittering with diamante accents. And with Bucaramanga’s lively nightlife scene you’re in the right place to test out you new dancing shoes. Kick them off at the end of the night at hotel tryp or club campestre de Bucaramanga.

So do come and visit this upcoming tourist destination.

Why You Must Take a Train from Budapest to Vienna

Budapest, of the Carpathian Basin, is located rather strategically, lies on an ancient route linking the hills of Transdanubia with the Great Plain. It is situated in the south-east of Vienna, which is also as beautiful and breathtaking as Budapest. Vienna is situated in Austria and is the largest and most populous city of the state, Vienna is home to various stunning locales and famous spots like the Schonbrunn Palace, the Hofburg, The Belvedere as well as St. Stephens Cathedral. There are various ways to traverse to Vienna is your stoppage is Budapest. The best way though is to take a train from Budapest to Vienna, as it offers a very scenic ride. Flight tickets are high priced and while there are buses and other means of transport easily available, travelling by train, enjoying the views of the countryside is unarguably the best choice you can make.

The trains are comfortable and are reasonably priced and there are various facilities that are available on them. The best would be to take the rail Ninja route while travelling from Budapest to Vienna and it takes around two and a half hours to travel from Budapest To Vienna. Vienna hosts the most stunning imperial palaces from Schonbrunn Palace which is a baroque palace with opulent interior, The Hofburg , which is a baroque palace complex with museums, The Beldevre, which is again a complex of palaces with an extremely impressive , St Stephen’s Cathedral which is a city icon and many other such notable spots. You can do a various number of activities as well why you are in Vienna, from walking, cycling, biking and other activities. Vienna, with its rich cultural heritage, is a must visit place on your Europe tour.

The route from Budapest to Vienna is laden with scenic beauty and various iconic places. Peppered with castles and hilly slopes, the rail route is unarguably the best choice to traverse through this part of Europe. Most importantly, it is a short ride and on the train, you get to meet people all over the world. The rail route by rail Ninja offers the most on the facilities and view sections as it covers the most picturesque route from Budapest to Vienna.

From flea markets to musical parks, from imperial palaces to exciting adventure spots, Vienna does not lack anything when it comes to touring through it. The thing about Europe is that with so many charming states on display, one always tends to miss something for the other. However, Vienna is an extremely popular tourist attraction and a great way to begin or end a trip. And while you are touring through this section of Europe Budapest is a must visit stoppage. It is only advisable to take rail routes as it is only through rail routes that you can feel and live the true essence of this part of Europe, the essence that is sure to stay with you for life.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Colchuck Lake, Washington

THE FIRST TIME you go around the corner and come out of the trees at Colchuck Lake is something of a religious experience. Suddenly laid out beneath you feet are the icy waters of the lake deep blue in shade, bright aquamarine in sunlight while high above you at the far end of the lake the twin spires of Dragon tail and Colchuck Peaks seem to crowd out the very sky.

This is a challenging hike with beautiful scenery in the Alpine lies wilderness area of Washington State. However the views at the lake are well worth the effort. This hike is also unique, in that you will find several people who are climbing, snowboarding, skiing and camping whether up down or around Mt Colchuck, Asgard pass or Dragon tail. It’s has many great spots for swimming and snoozing.

Colchuck lake trail starts at Stuart lake trail head off of forest service road 7601, which can be accessed from Icicle Creek Rd. The hike to Lake Stuart is easier than the hike to Colchuck Lake because there is considerably less elevation gained. Once you reach Colchuck Lake you will be rewarded with beautiful views of blue/green lake with the peaks towering behind it. During the hike you may encounter mud, deer, and beautiful scenery. You hike across huge granite boulders and across bridges. At first the trail switchbacks gently, but closer to the lake, it becomes increasingly steep and rocky. Once you near the summit take the trail to the right for quickest access to lake views.
The trail offers number of activity options and is best to visit from April to October.

Enjoy a unique sense of solitude and see stunning Colchuck Lake and the imposing peaks around it under a heavy blanket of snow.

There are campsites all along the Colchuck lake shore, but be aware that camping here is managed under the same strict regime as the core enchantment zone.

After setting up camp for the night try your hand at night-time photography. This is an incredible backpacking trip that leads to amazing locations for night time photography. Overnight in enchantment Wildness for certain season require fee permit .Most people focus on Colchuck Lake, but Asgard pass and Dragon tail Peak make for great photographs as well. Early morning is a Paradise with clear alpine lakes, icebergs, glaciers, mama goat with baby goats, and only few people around. It is one of the most beautiful mountain wilderness areas.

Dogs, Horses, campfire are all prohibited at Colchuck lake which is on the enchantment permit Area. Dogs and horses are also prohibited on the trails leading to Colchuck Lake at all times of the year. All forms of motorized travel are also prohibited on these trails. This trip is definitely best during weekend.

List to pack for your trip to Colchuck lake: 

Snowshoe/ touring skis, Ice Axe or trekking poles, Gaiters, Good waterproof boots, navigation tools would be especially important after a recent snowfall, tent, warm sleeping bag and snow shovel.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Reasons to Visit Little Tokoyo in Makati

Did you know that you can visit Tokyo here in the Philippines? Little Tokyo is a small Japanese’s community. Little Tokyo is a small place in the bustling Makati. Here Filipinos can get at their doorstep authentic Japanese food without having to leave the country. A mini Japanese garden, a Japanese grocery and numerous restaurants shaped like the traditional Japanese home are found here. If you ask any Filipinos about the countries he wants to visit, Japan will surely be a part of the list.

Little Tokyo is tastefully designed to transport you to the streets of kagurazaka in Tokyo, a place that the Japanese refers to as Little Kyoto. This little Tokyo in Makati makes you feel you are in Japan.

Red Tori a traditional Japanese gate stands on both entrances of the compound. The cobblestoned alleyways leading to the restaurants are narrow but are in line with small but well – maintained gardens complete with bonsai. The structure within little Tokay is made of wood to follow traditional Japanese architecture. Most restaurants also feature sliding doors, while colourful lanterns adorn and illuminate the area .Yukata one form of a traditional Japanese garment is worn by the restaurants staff. Some restaurants telecast Japanese T.V. shows, while others have racks of manga available for customers to read.

Two groceries shops are filled with Japanese items in Little Tokyo having your favourite cup noodles, food mixes like instant curry in a box, ingredients like tonkatsu sauces, Kewpie mayo and dressings, mirin and various snacks.

Try authentic Mocho and ice-cream Mochi: Fugetsu-do Mochi is the longest running mocha business in Little Tokyo. A Family business operated since 1904 are famous for their variety of handmade Japanese confections right from small sweet cakes to chocolate filled mocha. If you like the ice cream filled varieties instead, stop by Mikawaya the originator of Mochi Ice cream. Made fresh, small balls of ice-cream are wrapped in the sweet sticky rice dough with traditional flavours like green tea and vanilla to non traditional flavours like mint chips and guava.

Listen to some sweet jazz at the Blue whale located in Weller court. Blue Whale located near Marukai market is one of the best jazz clubs in the city, where the music come first over everything, they have a decent food and drink menu too.

Visit the James Irvine Japanese Garden: it is open to the public and free all year round. The James Irvine Japanese Garden is located in the Japanese American Cultural and community centre. It has a tranquil garden with a waterfall and a 170 ft stream as well as blooming trees, flowers, a selection of stone lanterns and a hand washing fountain.

Koban: If you are in Little Tokyo without a plan or just lost, stop into the Koban centre on the corner of the 1st street, known for being little Tokyo’s information and community hub. The Koban is a great spot to learn about local attractions, current events, festivals, location a hotel, restaurant recommendations and more. Visitors can also sign up for a walking tour.

Enjoy some delicious sushi: Little Tokyo would not be complete without great sushi. There are top three favourite spots for fresh fish and a vegan option as well.

Explore Japanese village Plaza: The Japanese village plaza is little Tokyo’s most popular destination for dinning, shopping and exploring. Places like HAMA (Sushi), Shabu House, Mikawaya (mocha) and cafe Dulce are all located inside the village. Find the unique fashion at Hob Nob or Pop Killer and stop by Sanrio for an extra dose of cuteness if you have kids.

Get your food grilled in Yakitori style: Honda Ya Izakaya offers traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, udon, soba, tempura and more. But the main attraction is the yakitori, select from a long list of mini skewer options like chicken skin, liver, beef balls and bacon.

Nice mushrooms and beef tongue: it’s grilled over a fire and served to you piping hot and it’s delicious.

So let your dream holiday becomes a reality. Little Tokyo is only a jeep or a taxi ride away where you can experience a slice of Japan all day and every day.

Romantic Spots to Dine with Your Date under the Stars

Date Night is a chance to spend a Night under the stars. Your best bet for a night under the stars is to make your plans according to an upcoming celestial event.

Seeing stars it may just be the look in bae’s eyes, cuddling up with you sweetheart while doing some serious star gazing seems like the perfect romantic date night for summer. Star gazing can be an amazing date. Think about the beautiful scenery, there’s no one else around and you’re lying next to each other in the darkness looking up at the sky. Cuddling under a blanket and sipping wine or eating chocolate, this might not be so bad after all.

Wine and dine in either al fresco setting on a rooftop overlooking the view or cosy and warm indoors. It’s a starry night wherever you go with bae.

Be sure to add these spots to your must try lists so you never miss any restaurants near you.
Some of the amazing places to have a romantic dinner are:

Overlooking the city is a beautiful spot with a view of a beautiful landmark like a bridge or a hilltop, where you can watch the city lights twinkle as the sun goes down and have a wonderful dinner along with your date.

Rooftops: if you lie in the city it may be possible to set up a table on either of your rooftop. These are ideal spots because they are secluded and have a nice view.

Parks, meadows and other outdoor areas: these are just a few of the romantic places you can choose, use your imagination to think of other spots that provide great views of the sunset while you enjoy each other’s company.

The PURPLE OWL TAGAYTAY : it is a truly one of Tagaytay’s best kept secrets serving homemade comfort food by Mrs. Gee’s kitchen right in their own backyard, the Purple own transforms the place into different themes, making it perfect for date nights, anniversaries or even casual outdoor movie nights.

The Nest dining under the sky at Alabang: enjoy your dinner along with the warmth of life and laughter, as you dine on the 31st floor at Vivere Hotel with a sweeping view of the south.

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo Garden one of Markna’s hidden gems. It offers delicious food with quality service and most of all a mesmerising garden style set up making up for a unique dining experience a little outside of the city.

If you’re looking to take your date through the flavours of North Indian and continental dishes you must try smoke shack. It is situated at park plaza 17, Garcha Road; Ballygunge.This place has the perfect romantic ambience with a rooftop view and the poolside tables. A perfect candlelight dinner under the sky and right next to the sparkling pool is just what you need to woo that special someone. Add to that, plates of delicious food and you’ll have the best night of your life.

Astronomy still holds at least a notion of romanticism for you too. So why not make a date night of it.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Stress Reducing Travelling Products

Standing in front of an awe-inspiring natural wonder or historic site isn’t the moment to be thinking. Did I lock the front door? Put anxiety at bay. With this stress reducing travel products that will help you relax on your trip, keeping in mind that everything is just fine.

Nest home monitoring product: Assigning a friend to check on the house while you’re always is quite troublesome for them. Putting an extra burden on them is not right on our part. You would like to see whether any one on the door or get notified is something goes wrong. Nest has camera and home-monitoring accessories to tailor to your needs. By doing this you can have a stress free holiday.

Travel Pillow: sometimes it seems like the interior of a plane is specifically engineered to prevent you from sleeping during the trip. Travel pillow attempts to fix this issue by offering neck support, but they leave a lot to be desired. That’s why the Ostrich pillow is such a revelation-it fits your entire head engulfing you in its soft flexible material. Best of all it blocks out light and plane noise.

The ultimate travel organiser: for long trips extra toiletries and a surplus of underwear are frequently required. Keep it all together with the TUO. This water resistance nylon bag unfolds into what is essentially a mini closet with plenty of pouches and pockets to store your personal items.

Luggage Locks: to keep your luggage safe the lock comes handy, like leaving your bags at a hotel reception, before getting on a bumpy flight or for a renting a locker at an airport or hostel. Depending on your needs stash a small or more durable combination lock in your luggage just in case you don’t want to be stressed out worrying about losing a key. Get a lock which is TSA for flights and can double for a locker or go for a classic combination padlock if you depend on hostel lockers.

Luggage tracker: don’t fret about whether or not your luggage will be at the carousal when you reach your destination. Luggage tracker has become an affordable accessory that allows you to see via your phone where your bags are at all times. Smaller trackers like the keychain sized tile are also great for tracking suitcase and smaller items like your keys or wallet. This will ease your stress.

Back up phone charger: maps, entertainment and phot snapping are all important on vacation but they’re also sure to drain your battery by the end of the day. Stash a spare charging bank in your bag or travel jacket so you can plug in on the go if you need to. My charge Power cord even fits on your keychain so you’ll never have to worry about packing extra battery power.

LINQ wearable charging cable: this wearable charging cord means keeping your easy to lose charger where you can see it. LINQ is a bracelet and charging cable for iPhones and iPads tha tallow you to wear you iPhone cord when you don’t have anywhere to stash it and it comes with a super compact portable charging bank plus the woven cable looks to be a lot more durable than Apple’s fast fraying cables.

SCOTTeVEST: turn all your essential into Wearables, try pocket added travel jacket like the SCOTTeVEST hoodle. The casual sweatshirt has 21 pockets to help you lighten your baggage load, and will comfortable fit bigger items like an iPad or a water bottle. It’s basically a carry-on bag you can wear.

Portable luggage scale: before it was a gamble to carry a luggage scale in an airline. But thanks to tiny luggage scale

Oaxis: Air Scale doubles as a phone charger and weighs only 5.5 oz. when it is not charging your device use it to lift your bags and get an instant digital reading of the suit case weight.

By using all the above products will reduce your stress and have a tension free holiday.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Tips for Beating Jet Lag

 Jet Lag
Travelling by plane is not at all enjoyable. Especially people with sleep problems, jet lag can wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns. Anyone who flies through multiple time zones has to adjust with the biorhythmic confusion known as jet lag. How to prevent jet lag becomes easier when we understand how our bodies work. Our bodies are naturally programmed to do a number of things throughout a 24 period, such as eating and sleeping. Adjusting with different time zones can play havoc with our bodies, leading to extreme fatigue along with indigestion, bowel problems, loss of appetite, memory and concentration issues.

Jet lag can vary depending on our age, state of health and stress level.

How can we make adjusting to new time zone simpler and how can we help our bodies cope with the effects of long haul flights are few tips shared below.

Hydrate: dry and pressurized airplane cabins can quickly dehydrate you, making you feel extremely sleepy. Drinking water throughout the trip helps ease that process. It doesn’t stop jet lag but it helps make sure dehydration doesn’t affect your fatigue. Try to avoid alcohol and anything caffeinated during your flight. Both can dehydrate your body mess your internal clock and exaggerate jet lag symptoms.

Shift your time for long trips: knowing how to prepare for a long haul flight can help you start your holiday feeling fresh, rather than fatigue. If you are someone with a rigid schedule at home, try to relax that schedule during the days before you leave to another country. Try to shift your sleep schedule one hour each day. Try to alter your meal times. If you’re flexible about such arrangements you’ll start your trip abroad with a major advantage. It really pays off.

Sleep: if you can slap on the plane even for few hours it makes a big difference. So when you land you are fresh.

Avoid naps: Try to stay awake during your new time zone till you go to bed. It can be painful but it really is necessary to make the rest of your trip enjoyable and productive. The fresh air and sunshine make it much easier to stay awake than if you’re stuck inside.

Have an egg: Looking for another delicious way to beat jet lag. A protein rich meal in the morning will boost your brain what it needs to produce neuro chemicals to increase your alertness throughout the day.

Split up the trip: Try to make a stopover between two flights, so your body has more time to adapt to the new routine. This can also slash the price of your airfare.

Don’t be tempted for that afternoon nap: Honestly you need to try your hardest to keep everyone awake. A long afternoon nap is going to stop you sleeping at night and then you will end up in an ongoing vicious circle. I know this is tricky- especially with young children which are bend, pushed around in a buggy. If they do fall asleep try to only let them take maximum one hour nap at a time. Trying to stay awake at the right time is one of the hardest challenges of jet lag,

Sleeping pills are a no: Relying on sleeping pills for a long haul flights is a bad idea. They’re not worth it. They’ll do nothing to come out from your jet lag but will just leave you feeling fuzzy when you land. If you’re in need of some, shut your eye, do it the natural way. Unlimited free hot water is one of the best in flight freebies, so why not try you own herbal tea bags.

So you’ve worked out how to beat the jet lag and you’re ready to explore the world. Why not try these few basic tips.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Unique Travel Experience Stay at These Tree Houses

Tree Houses
Holidays and vacation are one of the best gifts you can give your spouse. When you plan a romantic getaway with your partner, you want to have thrilling as well.

There is time when you might want to spend time arms in arms, in a cool and intimate location, away from the hustle and bustle of life. A stay in tree houses could be the perfect escape from everything that prevents you both from giving enough time to yourselves and to one another. A romantic trip with nature to witness your bond, nothing could get better than tree houses holiday homes. Tree houses are one of the most popular types of glamping. Modern architecture and constructions has allowed tree houses to be erected in the most diverse place in the world. Immersed in nature tree houses envelopes the true definition of glaming as they are each unique, luxurious and awe inspiring. Bring out the kid in you through this unique travel experience

From the jungles of South America to the treetops of the plains of Africa, you can find tree houses on just about every continent in the world, each offering unique amenities, comfortable stay yet amazing experience.

Few of them are as follows: 

Tree houses in the midst of jungles in Nuse Penida Bali: it’s a decent 1 room tree houses overlooking the enormous greenery sweeping ocean and horizon mountain. While staying here don’t miss out the Crimson sunset and golden sunrise view from the tree house. During the stay, outdoor activities such as flying fox and campfire are also organised. It would be a delightful experience to stay here. This tree house is comfortable for 2 people .Also enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean, majestic hills and immense greenery.

The Chalkey Tree houses AFRICA: this tree house is built around a beautiful 500years old Lead wood Tree. Guest is driven out to the tree house suite at dusk given a picnic dinner and then left alone to soak up the evening sounds of the African bush. This is certainly a luxury tree houses and comes with its own toilet, King Size bed and a mosquito net.

Tongabezi Tree houses, Zambia: Tongabezi is a wonderful lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River, just from the Victoria Falls. The tree house is situated on a huge Ebony tree, offering wonderful river views, filled with snorting hippos, with a king sized bed and personal valet service. This is a very romantic option. The food is top notch and many of their activities are unique and included in the price. They have a lovely rustic property on a river island, Sindabezi ad also own the concession at Devil’s Pool, a plunge you have to take on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

The Tree house at Winvian Farm: A night in the Tree house at Winvian Farm one of the eighteen unique cottages on the property of the LITCHFIELD HILLS OF Connecticut is unforgettable. A stay in the tree house starts with an ascent up the colour canopied staircase to the main entrance, 35 feet from the forest floor. With two floors , the cottage features a king size bed and sofa pull-out along with luxurious amenities including two fireplaces , a steam shower and a Jacuzzi, with a full bar in site as well as a night in the 780 sq. foot property makes for the perfect celebratory toast.

Tree houses at the beach in Krabi Thailand: Tree houses at Viking Nature Resorts offer a blend of traditional Thai style accommodation with contemporary standards of convenience and luxury. Covered by the trees the tree house rental space opens up into the white sandy beach. It is fully furnished and fully equipped holiday home situated in a tranquil ambiance.

A tree houses vacation is quite different from the monotonous hotel stays and hours of sightseeing.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sveti Stefan, A Jewel In Montenegro’s Crown

Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan is the jewel in the Budva Rivera’s already adorned crown. It’s got everything from illustrious history, celeb sightings and stunning beauty. It is Aman resort’s first European venture. The seriously luxurious resort is something you have to see to believe. Once a upon time it was a small fishing village. Sveti Stefan is a tourist place visited by almost all celebrities and famous people like Sophia Loren, Claudia schiffer, Sylvester Stallone etc.

Sveti Stefan is surrounded by magnificent sandy beaches and a beautiful park. Beaches aren’t always white sand and more often than not along the Adriatic, beaches are pebble beaches. Frame the distinct blue water. The pink sand beaches are made pink from a mixture of fragment of calcium rich shells and sea creatures. Two of the pink sand beaches are even named King’s Beach and Queen’s Beach because of their spectacular westward facing location, where kings and queens once watched the orange sun dip into the sea as it set. This picturesque place will provide highest level of service for most demanding tourists. This resort has got many prestigious awards like the Golden List 2008, top international Hotel.

The beach to the north of the island is also a part of Aman Resort and cost 80$ per person to hire a lounger. While on the other hand the south beach is free for public. Here you can hire two lounger for 15$ and a sun umbrella.

Sveti Stefan is a great place to spend the day with kids. Close to the beach there’s a very good playground next to olive restaurants. You’ve got everything you need in a small area to have a fun day out with your family.

Montenegro’s tourist region has much to offer in the way of nightlife with bars and clubs guaranteed to quench any midnight thirst. Budva is your best bet, nicknamed the Montenegrin in Miami for its beaches and vibrant nightlife. TV MAESTRAL CASINO you can try your luck at the slot machine and table games of the Maestral Resort and Casino.

Adventures are also great at Sveti Stefan. Aman Sveti Stefan is famous for its sail boat. It is famous for swimmers and also a picturesque spots to enjoy a picnic lunch.

After a few hours on the beach or a workout in the gym, it may be time for a massage. These are available to the guests as well as outside visitors to the spa. Outside guests need to book their time a day in advance to make sure of availability. For any of you budgets spa goers that want a first class experience, you can try a world class spa here for only 45 Euros for the day. This will give you access to the pool, time in the steam room, exercise room, and possible access to the Kings beach. Having a manicure or pedicure, hairstyle or massage can all be added in as possibilities. After spending a day in the spa and on the exclusive beaches, you’ll find the comfy suites of the Aman Resort. Each includes the entire essential for a 5 star stay as well as a fireplace under the T.V to give an extra romantic touch.

In Aman Sveti Stefan one can experience in Montenegro the Mountains, lakes and beaches that create a veritable playground for those wishing to explore the outdoor and cultural attractions abound with picturesque ancient towns, churches and monasteries nearby. Stay for three nights or more with your family and enjoy a choice of activities, personalised guided excursion and daily breakfast.

Celebration is personal whether in honour of a birthday, an anniversary and achievement or a new start. Aman Sveti Stefan offers venue for every occasion and event experts to ensure every detail is unique. The finest of anti pasta offerings which are uniquely Montenegrin showcase local ingredients. These combine with a drink, overlooking the water are perfect for unwinding and enjoying a spot of soul refreshment.

It’s a travel dream fulfilled.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Liliw, Laguna in Philippines

There are many beautiful places in Laguna that are often overlooked by tourist who have limited time and simply want to visit the most popular spots in the country. Though there are many towns and cities in the Philippines where there are many tourist attractions, yet they are not recognised because of lack of tourism promotion and ads. LILIW is now widely regarded as the TSINELAS Capital of the country for its footwear making industry where people will never run out of slippers or shoes to wear. The highland town’s origin was said to have come from a bird chirping the words, “Liw, Liw, and Liw.” The town has become a shopping hub for tourist because of the series of tsinelas shops all around. You will be surprised at the wealth of exciting stuff; this little town has to offer.

There are some of the best things you can do in LILIW.

VISIT THE LILIW CHURCH: St. John the Baptist church is a beautiful destination in the town. This Baroque style church has a red facade, whose colour came from the bricks it was built of. These wonderful structure and architectures are amazing to behold especially if you consider that these beautiful buildings were built without the aid of heavy construction machineries. If you find yourself in Liliw, do shop at the Tsinelas lane, to enjoy its cold springs, to have a food trip to have an R&R in a mountain town whatever reasons it may be. A visit to the old church of Liliw is a must.

LILIW DINING: it is pleasantly surprising that there are places for excellent dining in this small town called Liliw. There are at least two Chef Mau Restaurants and Arabela Italian Restaurants. Arabela is Liliw’s one and only Italian restaurant. It serves some of the best pasta and pizza. Chef Mau is a fast food restaurant. They present a wide variety of Pinoy style dishes served in an elegant design.

THE BATIS AND OTHER ATTRACTIONS: you can experience the mountain streams as you pass through the national highway on the way to the town centre. The resorts here are often built right along these streams and include swimming areas and pools. The most popular resorts are Liliw resort and Batis at Liliw located in Barangays Oples and Laguna.

EDNA ARAGONS SHOE FACTORY: A visit to the town of Liliw would be incomplete without a visit to the makers of the footwear which the town is known for. You will find shops and stalls selling new and trendy varieties of slippers, sandals and shoes. All you need to do is to have patience so you can scour these stores for the perfect bargain. You’ll definitely at least one pair of shoes or sandals during a visit to Liliw because the prices are actually cheap. Your feet will love the wide range of styles and the colour of slippers and sandals you can buy to pamper yourself.

There is no better way to release stress or to celebrate than by belting your vocal cords out. V3 Karaoke bar is there to let you enjoy without having to worry about the cost. V3 will even heighten that celebratory mood by offering an array of alcoholic beverages and classic beer and snacks.

Even for adult, entertainment like the Ringside Bar, Horizon Gentlemen’s VIP Lounge, stags, Mommas and the strip clubs are very famous.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Travel Advice: Experiencing Something Thrilling At least Once In A Life Time

Travel Advice
Life is the most beautiful gift we have, but you never know how long you have until it’s over. Most of us really never explore the endless possibilities life has to offer. But there are certain experiences everyone needs in their lives that make them evolve as a PERSON. It is necessary that we can all live our lives to their absolute fullest by taking every opportunity to try something new that comes our way, something that makes us scream, something that makes us think, something that make us feel completely different to our normal lives. Here are few things every man needs to experience before dying.

Living in a strange country: going somewhere to a new place all alone is something not everyone gets to experience. Do it while you can and discover your true self. So let’s find a beautiful place to get lost in.

Solo travel: There are some places in life where you can only go alone, where you have no family or friends. There is something really interesting about vacationing alone. You can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, for as long as you want to do it, without having to consider anyone else. People also tend to be very friendly to you when you’re travelling alone. It is a great way to meet new people and make friends from different countries and cultures. So pack your bags and head out on a journey without any company, without the surety of having someone around. The ideas may seem scary, but trust us you’ll discover a new side to your personality.

Go to a night club on your own and make some new friends: All of us get way too comfortable in our daily routines. We hang out with the same people, frequent same place and even stay stuck in the same jobs for years. Step out of your comfort zone pick a night and head out to the city on your own, Hit up some bars and nightclubs where you’ll be forced to talk to people. Otherwise you’ll look like a creeper weirdo if you just stand in the corner by yourself. You’ll be surprised how much fun it can be.

Rage wine war in La Rioja Spain: each year several villages in La Rioja spend an entire day soaking each other in red wine. One of the truly great events of the Spanish summer, the Wine war is a wine fight of epic and historic proportions. In history of the Haro Wine Festival leads to a land dispute between the people of Haro and the neighbouring village, Miranda del Ebro, but in the good humoured but frantic battle that rages, there are no oblivious sides, and no winner or loser, instead the object is perfectly straightforward to squirt, hose, blast or throw some 25000 litres over as many people as possible. You also won’t be spared as a spectator, so you may as well join in.

Try a new restaurant: Eating solo forces you to be mindful of what you’re consuming, allowing you to appreciate subtle flavours and scents while taking your time to enjoy the whole sensory experience, to maximise the effect, don’t fill in the void with electronic or other distractions, keep the focus on the food and how much it is to eat.

Something scary: Everyone should do something that terrifies them at least once in their life like flying on an airplane or going bungee jumping .Think about all the time you spend worrying about something that scares you. If you’re terrified of speaking in public or scared of heights you should try facing them at least once. 

So do what you want to do when you get a chance, don’t wait for tomorrow or someday. If you get the opportunity to-day then opt for it.