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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vacation in South France - Bordeaux

Anyone who has ever been in southern France knows the people and the joy of life on this beautiful spot. Bordeaux is not the typical goal of a short trip or a weekend trip, since the arrival of Asia is too slow, and so far only one flight for a longer stay in the university town, is worth. But whoever is in transit, or planning a family vacation should not miss visiting the historic city core. Bordeaux is located about 45 kilometers from the sea, which makes possible a trip to that of Bordeaux itself is not a destination for a beach holiday. Particularly attractive are the numerous shops in the many streets of the old town, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Can connect with a shopping spree you can get the tour of the beautiful buildings that generally dominate the colonial buildings, the city and the warm ambiance of Bordeaux.

Architecture enthusiasts will be certainly impressed by the Cathedral St. Andre. A magnificent fountain in the middle of the Gironde’s memorial points the way to the cathedral through the shopping streets. To end the day we recommend the lively nightlife of the City University or the many taverns, here you can also participate in wine tastings that are so typical of Bordeaux. Another trip idea is to visit the largest dune in Europe, the Dune of Pillar. There you have, in addition to the breathtaking views of the sea, the possibility for sand boarding, then slide down the sand dune with snowboards and hits so many strange forms. Naturally, the cultural city of Bordeaux also has some interesting museums, such as the Aquitaine Museum that the history of the region shows or the museum of modern art, which even granted free admission and still exhibits a number of impressive works. Whether friend or cultural adventure holiday in Bordeaux, nobody will be neglected and even the biggest misanthrope is transformed in view of the Mediterranean ambiance and the contagious joy of life.

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  1. Bordeaux is a lovely city, thanks for this informative post


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