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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rentals in Burgundy

Castle Round is a long time (and not only for connoisseurs) is a popular tourist destination. The agricultural region in the heart of France is known beyond the borders of the hexagon also for its wines. The wine is more popular for more than 1,700 years here. Obviously there is a positive correlation between extensive wine culture and eager monastery, or were both in Burgundy, how to say in French, hardly as striking presence.

The fact that the region operates primarily in agriculture has a positive effect on tourism: countless small farms have been extensively renovated and modified as equipped apartments, which have much more character than the standard hotels in the cities. The rental of separate rooms for many wineries now, of course, and a loyal group of Francophile wine and tourist restaurant gives them year’s right after year. In general, real estate in Burgundy, popular for decades, foreigners, many German and British buy a small house as a retirement home. One cannot blame them. The region embodies like no other the charm of the small, rural France. In the kitchen, but is provincial asset, in terms of culinary Burgundy is a Garden of Eden. Gourmets from all over Europe to visit the region, not to relax, but for purchases - a vineyard here, a butcher there, elsewhere some cheese...

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