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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In the south I saw two saddled donkeys, attached to the bicycle stand a supermarket parking lot. In the West, freckled children jumped from 5 degrees outside temperature in a good mood in the sea. In Dublin, two red-haired dwarves beat by a girl.

Of course; Cliffs of Moher, the island is not quite as remote as Iceland. But if one were to adjust the population density of European averages, one would have to count the sheep. Anyone who ascends to the highway can not overlook the huge warning signs: Here, no cycling! And no animals!

The huge economic boom of the 90 (sometimes called "Celtic Tiger" personalized) puts the poor Irishmen still in the limbs. Not everything made it into the new era has done - and that's what makes the green island for tourists so attractive.

Who now drives to Ireland, will come with real Irishmen in conversation, and that means that he will get the very best compliments - even if in a language that his school English is not very similar. You at the Dublin Pub Crawl can participate, or just aimlessly driving in the Burroughs, on the cliffs of Moher or to visit the ruined monastery the Book of Kells admire in Galway oysters with Guinness cost or stroll through the picturesque Cork.

If any one visits pubs, he will soon find that really dominated Irishman with an instrument and can sing a song that you pay in rounds.
It is noted that Irishmen are behaving as if they were characters in their own biopic - not without drama, not without wit, but always with a smile. He confirmed the old Irish saying:
"A stranger is just a friend, we do not yet know”.

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