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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation in Iceland, Reykjavik

Admittedly, Iceland at first seemed to be a very exotic destination for a getaway, but the most northerly capital in the world, including many surprising attraction. Iceland offers itself for a visit, due to the natural situation of air travel, fortunately, the capital of Iceland is now also served by most low cost airlines, which the arrival and departure is not only comfortable but also made relatively cheap. Also, the Icelandic budget airline Iceland Express has flights from several major airports in Iceland. Although the airport an hour away from central Reykjavík there are, by the Airbus, who commutes between the airport and downtown, a good connection. In the city itself, there is no train but one all the more better bus network, making it easy to get around the enormous. Accommodation is available in all categories of upscale spa hotels, on pensions, to cheap hostels here is served every wallet.

Wellness should be a topic for every holiday, because of the many hot springs invite you to visit and after a long day of sightseeing is the right to relax, the sauna culture is widespread. When it is evening, and also to allow time to warm the body from the inside, awakens even the city, especially in the "summer", the bar hopping to an experience, because the constant sunlight, the time can be completely forgotten. This is perhaps one reason why it drives the earliest Icelanders out of the house around midnight. Popular in Reykjavík, especially the Kaffibarinn that have to dance, drink and fun is invited. A vacation in Iceland is really worth a try, the exceptional culinary culture, the open-minded people and beautiful nature are here to make every holiday a memorable one I Promise.

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