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Friday, June 10, 2011

Alsace, A Destination for Gourmets

Who is prone to occasional weekend excursions into European countries can quickly find the Alsace with its colorful history and gorgeous kitchen favor. The region can look back on an eventful history, during which they were occupied sometimes by German, and sometimes French. Today, the Alsace region of France, but most Alsatians speak German than French also fairly good. The Alsatian, a mixture of German and French terms, is almost incomprehensible for a stranger.

The largest cities are Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Here there are the weekenders some interesting destinations, such as the World heritage site, the old "Grande Ile" of Strasbourg. Among the tourist attractions of this region is the old town of Mountain Home one of the medieval, also in the butterfly garden and the open-air museum Hunawhir in Unger's home.

Besides the natural attractions of Alsace, which is bounded on the south by the Rhine, west of the foothills of the Vosges, in particular, regional gourmet cuisine attracts many years in the small department.

The typical course specialties include the tarte flambe, the Tarte. The Bundt cake is famous far beyond the borders of the region, and the cremant, and sparkling wines; visitors again and again visit to delight again. Many tasty variations of traditional German or French courts enrich the Alsatian cuisine. But the main specialty of the Alsace wines are his - whether Riesling or Pinot blanc, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner or Pinot gris.

For short trips it seems that this region in the heart of Europe to be predestined and particularly likely to imagine themselves in the gourmet paradise...

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