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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Journey to the South Pole

If you've always wanted to see king penguins in the wild, but then you are planning a trip to Antarctica. This destination is becoming more and more popular among travel enthusiasts around the world.

This unique and important ecosystem to be protected has due to its location at the South Pole special features. These include natural phenomena such as the polar day and polar night and the very special atmosphere.

Antarctica is a difficult terrain, which can be visited primarily by ship. The South Pole located park, with an unbelievably beautiful landscape composed of pure ice. No matter where you look, there are glaciers, icebergs and ice shelves.

The flora and fauna include relatively few species. The vegetation consists mainly composed of spore-bearing plants and the fauna is not very diverse. Besides penguins, including albatrosses, seals and gulls live in the icy climate. The whales too found in Antarctica.

For some time travel to the Antarctic have become increasingly popular and for many tourists is a cruise in the region is a dream come true. Were about 1,000 tourists in 1990, the number 15 years, later increased to 20,000. About 90 percent of tourism is concentrated on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Because the ecosystem is extremely sensitive and almost untouched, should be made expeditions to the region with small ships to more than 110 crew members. The more tourists come to the region, the greater the risk that the animals living there are disturbed and the environment is irreparable in
the Antarctic Peninsula.

The Antarctic Peninsula is located between the middle of the Weddell Sea and Belinghausensee West Antarctica. The very mountainous peninsula towards South America and has been several years in the program led by tour operators.

On the northern part of the island there are several volcanoes, some of which still operate.

The increase in temperature has made in this area especially noticeable. In the last past 50 years, the temperature rose by 2.5 degrees Celsius. Thus, the region is the region with the fastest and strongest temperature rise in the world.

Let's hope that this area remains far from unique and people do not clearly leaves its tourist tracks.

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