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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tourism is booming in Switzerland

The tourism in Switzerland is booming. This is shown by a recent study. The number of overnight visitors increase will accordingly in the coming winter season by about three percent. Especially guests from other European countries, but also the winter sports enthusiast Russians provide the consistently high number of bookings.

With good reason: Over 7,000 kilometers of slopes, Switzerland can offer this year, with 29 ski resorts over 2,800 m, it represents the European record. Several new hotels have emerged in recent years; the wide range is aimed at everyone - from the single from St. Petersburg to the family of five from Amsterdam.

Thus, the boom did not turn out as a bubble, the Swiss now set for a four-stage campaign. They wonder not if you encounter everywhere soon pictures of tiny, snow-Canton - in addition to England, America, France, Italy, the Benelux countries and Russia, Germany is one of the major countries of the promotion.

Switzerland shows the enterprising, innovative, and sincerely unaware of the climate problem in combination with tourism. But it's just an independent country.

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