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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweden: A short trip to Stockholm

Has not only since the big blue and yellow furniture store in our land increasingly pervasive, we are aware of the beauty of the corresponding country-Sweden. Sweden has long been a popular destination for family vacations and fishing. In addition to Gothenburg and Malmo, which are used mainly for transit, especially the capital, Stockholm is a popular destination. With well over 700,000 inhabitants, Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia, and surprises with cultural highlights. The journey by car and plane is least expensive and the budget airlines offer over the Internet quickly and caught up with the Internet system, "Stockholm Town" are also fast cheap accommodation available. Of course, there are now first-class luxury hotels and wealthy districts.

Particularly interesting is the cultural offerings of the city, regularly spilling a wave of young Swedish talent and music to the rest of Europe and inspired the masses. This feeling can be experienced in the many Swedish clubs every day, especially in the Sodermalm district, the scene is decried as Montmartre quarter and Swedish, you'll find many of these clubs. But even during the Stockholm offers a lot, in addition to the many shops in the historic old town invite many attractions to visit. Stunning views of the city, it has the 155 m high Kaknastornet. What hardly anyone knows, are every year in Stockholm on 10 December awarded the Nobel Prize, the Stadshuset therefore the historic "Blue Room" is also worth a visit. Stockholm is a truly great city and is developing day by day; they grow culturally and economically and blossomed into a still more imposing European metropolis.

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