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Friday, June 10, 2011

Alps, The paradise for bikers

The Alps are like a motorcycle enthusiast blogger proclaimed, "The paradise for bikers”. Every summer tens of thousands of motorcycle fans to the scenic mountain passes and roads in the Alpine regions of Germany, Italy, Slovenia, France and Switzerland.

Depending on weather conditions, desired distance and purse there are various routes. Most Popular - but also at the most - motorcycle tours from the Salzburg region to the south. Here it is not necessary to pay toll, unless you go through to Italy. Who starts at Achen Pass, but must pay toll fees, but can on the drive to Lienz at the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, stop by. And this view is the road tax worth!

To explore the lesser-known eastern Alpine regions, provides the Solkpass after Slovenia. In general, the Slovenian Alps are relatively small sail. Individualists among motorcycle fetishists can get their costs.

Most of the Alpine passes are easy to drive to mid-October, after the snow line sinks rapidly. Only in the spring - often before May - the passes are perfectly again passable.

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