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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visit Peaceful Fortress of Kusadasi

If you dream about your travel during your vacation, stay a little quiet, away from the bustle of your city. And if you are looking for a peaceful and authentic; Come and visit in Turkey Kusadasi.
Located in western Turkey in the center of a gulf on the shores of the Aegean Sea to 95km from the province of Izmir, Kusadasi was a small fishing village in its infancy. Its name means "bird island" is now a seaside resort in Turkey. With no other tourist attractions such as a great history and unique in its origin, it nevertheless became one of the leading cities of the Aegean by the influx of tourists worldwide. His modernism is reflected by the hotels in Kusadasi clubs there are many discos and shops of all kinds.

Immersed in a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers, mild winters and wet, you can swim from May to October. The olive is a big part in the economy of the region. In antiquity, the Ephesian was already practicing the trade of olive oil in the world. 3 categories of oil existed at the time: the best for the kitchen, the second category for perfumes and the latest quality oil lamps. Kusadasi is a small town and do not have public transport like buses but taxis and dolmus ensure traffic in the city.
Three superb water parks are located 5 km from Kusadasi: Adaland Aqua Fantasy and Aqualand. For your memories of family holidays in Kusadasi, small shops, tannery, jewelry and clothing are at your service to give you a wide range of local products. You can visit Selcuk, 7 km from the city, a center of production of high quality leather. Cuisine lover, you will enjoy the country of origin of Kebab, Turkish specialty. Small kebab restaurants are found at every street corner. Added to the eggplant, a vegetable lighthouse in Turkey, you will succumb to the delicious taste of the Imam.

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