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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do not ruin your vacation because of a cold, sunburn, bloating ... or a little kick in the wing!

When we think of travel, we imagine ourselves on a beach trying to relax under the hot sun. Unfortunately, for some people, the trip can be ruined because of an illness such as a cold displacement causing a terrible fatigue or lightheadedness. Here are some strategies to adopt to keep you fit during your next trip.

Prevent travelers diarrhea

Traveler's diarrhea is one of the most common diseases during travel. It is caused by consuming food or drinks contaminated with the bacterium E. enterotoxigenic E. coli. There is rarely a problem in a 5 star hotel because it generally uses purified water and hygiene standards are higher there and, conversely, the risk is higher in lower-rated hotels in the developing countries. To reduce your risk, take probiotic supplements before and during your trip, avoid buying food from vendors on the street, drink only water and juice bottled or canned soft drinks, avoid ice cubes as well as meat and uncooked foods.

Immune support

Germs can spread easily and quickly when people are crowded into trains, boats and especially in aircraft. Also, before going on vacation, many people try to complete all their work on time, which can cause a great source of stress and fatigue, thereby weakening the immune system response to daily attacks which we face. To protect itself, a simple and effective way to reinforce its defenses before you travel can be integrated into their lifestyle and diet supplement for immune support as daily FX Immunity.

Help for giddiness

A slight abuse of cocktails combined with much sun causes dehydration and can therefore bring this unwanted light-headedness. How to avoid it? Drink lots of water (or sports drinks) when you drink alcoholic drinks before bedtime and enjoy a drink extra water. You can also take a supplement containing extracts of guava leaves - the elements contained in guava helps your body process the alcohol in your system more efficiently. Use Tylenol sparingly, because although they are useful to treat headaches, a large quantity can be hard on your liver, like alcohol. If you feel a little nauseous the next day, avoid alcohol and drink tea with ginger or lemon.

Exaggerated consumption of servings

Bloating, gas, heartburn, or weight gain. To avoid these unpleasant sensations, eat reasonable portions (avoid buffets), choose your food wisely, you can also take a product to help digestion and drink a cup of tea to aid digestion and support your metabolism.

Control of sunburn

When you take a sun bath, be sure to wear a hat and put sunscreen offers protection equal to or greater than 30 FPS. Do not forget the lips and ears. Even a sunscreen, water resistant must be applied regularly. Bring aloe gel and use it so unfortunately you catch a sunburn. If your skin is sensitive to the products in sunscreens, opt for a cream that contains zinc.

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