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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travel to Malta

Archipel Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean blends its natural wealth for its 7000 years old history. Malta is also a unique cultural heritage combined with the warm hospitality of its people who have a real sense of celebration. But did you know that Malta attracts many divers as well as youth and adults to fill some gaps in the language of Shakespeare?

The turquoise waters, transparent and underwater scenery around the Maltese Islands are diving one of the flagship events of the archipelago. The three islands offer diving experiences underwater unique and exquisite and make Malta a dream destination for underwater photography. The best spots are on Gozo and Comino. Visibility is excellent, even more than 30m deep. Night diving is an unforgettable experience; colors appear bright fluorescent light torches. More than 30 sites are listed as caves, mazes, reefs, and wrecks of the Second World War.

The Maltese Islands were under the British for 164 years until 1964. It is one of the few bilingual countries. Indeed, English and Maltese are both official languages ​​which provide education qualification. Since its integration into the EU in 2004, more and more young people and adults come to Malta to attend English classes. For young people, Malta offers the opportunity to improve English in a relaxed atmosphere during the school holidays, while discovering the island's resources. For adults, Malta offers throughout the year training tailored to individual needs... The warmth of the Mediterranean hospitality enhanced by a hint of British culture will be the ideal combination.

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