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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The art of making a suitcase

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, preparation of suitcases is an operation which, admittedly, is not always successful.

You know the scene. You make the round trip for an important meeting and, upon arrival, your only unsightly blouse bears traces of spilled coffee on the trip. Or the elegant set that you had planned for this reception very preppy. took during the trip, the allure of a pile of goo. Or, you land in a resort of your dreams only to find that your clothes look like linen tea towels, or your toothpaste tube was ripped ...

Some practical tips

These few simple ideas you will surely facilitate the task on your next shipment


* Anticipate emergencies, even if you do not go one day. Slip a spare shirt in your briefcase (one for Mr. cravte) as well as the medicines you can not move (remember that the slightest snowfall was quick to disrupt flight schedules and better planned).

* Play the coordinates. By choosing clothes that fit together and s'interchangent, you will greatly reduce the volume of your luggage.

* Put your clothes on your bed, you better report on possible arrangements (which you will surely eliminate up to one third!).

* Opt for overlays, which immediately excludes heavy garments such as coats - a sweater under a jacket, a scarf ...

* You like to plan - Make a list of essential items and check as you add them to the contents of your bag. Remember to take it in your hand luggage. If stolen, the claim will be fast.

* Try to prepare your luggage at least two days in advance. You can then add last minute items that you would have otherwise forgotten.

* Check with your hotel there are many who provide bathrobes and hair dryer, terrycloth slippers ... much clutter that remain at home.

* If you plan to do extensive shopping, take some old clothes you wear for the last time. Once balanced, they can make room for your new acquisitions.

How to pack

Place the heaviest items, solid objects or bulky shoes for example, at the bottom of the bag or along the walls of the bag. Even if the old adage recommended to place them in the bottom, how do you know if your bag will not be stored upside down along the way!

Practical side, if you have a hard case, place the least wrinkle in the middle, fill the voids with socks and underwear.

Roll up jeans and sportswear and place them in the bottom of the bag. Then, stack sweaters and heavy clothing. Finish with fragile clothing.

Fill out your suitcase. Its content is less likely to move and break.

Place all liquids in plastic bottles, taking care not to fill only three-quarters. Then store the containers in freezer bags for extra strength, fitted with a clasp fastener.

Top your shoes stockings and pantyhose. This will save space and thus prevent damage. Insulate shoes clothing by putting them in plastic bags (which will in turn become very useful for storing soiled clothing).

Wrinkle-free technical

Buttoned jackets and shirts hanging them flawlessly. if you use the hook. Dispose of plastic bags (those of your latest dry cleaning) between delicate outfit. Another good technique anti-folds.


Do not pack fragile or valuable items in the bags that go in the hold as money, eyeglasses, jewelry, keys, cameras, laptop ... Take care to put in your hand luggage medicines, essential toilet articles. Keep with what you spend a night in case of loss or theft of your luggage and, if possible, some spare clothes. In case of problems, you'll be glad of this small precaution that you avoid wearing the same clothes for several days or chilly evenings with a shiver.

Finishing Touches

When your bag is ready, weigh them to make sure not to exceed the permitted weight, place a baggage tag with your home address on one side and your destination address of the other. Finally, to facilitate the identification of your luggage on arrival, hang it for a brand: Color adhesives, straps, ribbons ...

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