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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Romantic Weekend in Prague

Exceptional architectural landscape, streets, romantic, boat ride on the river Vltava, weekend in a spa town in horse-drawn carriage tour, picnic at Kampa Park ... These are all reasons to go on a love for the season in Prague.
Visit the Charles Bridge is a good beginning program for a romantic stay in Prague. This arch bridge 500 meters connects Mala Strana and Old Town. It is adorned with 75 Baroque statues depicting characters, who played an important role in the religious history of the city. A tour of Gothic architecture is still visible on either end of the bridge. The district of Mala Strana is also worth a detour. Many baroque palace surrounded by beautiful gardens, old houses and beautiful churches are everywhere.

World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the old city of Prague is full of houses of different architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque rustic, medieval and Renaissance. Its historic center is accessible via a narrow lane for pedestrians. To discover a surprising and unusual architecture, the lovers can stroll the side of the Diamond House, Adria Palace and the House Hofman & Stach.

For an unforgettable weekend in Prague, a boat cruise on the Vltava River is absolutely to be programmed. In addition to a rather unique tour, you can have lunch or dinner on the water. Crossings can be enhanced with music and see the participation of magicians and caricaturists. Couples can also go for a walk on the garden island located below the Charles Bridge. Mini-Venice, a place known for its romantic medieval mill is distinguished by a trickle of water lined with houses.

Besides the charm of its streets, its rich history and architecture, Prague is also attractive in terms of accommodation offers. Between lovers can stay in beautiful hotels in Prague, or even in restored castles. The residence is offered at an attractive price resolutely: count between 80 and 150 € for a weekend of two nights for two people. You can also opt for a spa stay or sleep in hotel-located on the river boats.


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