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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tips for Sun Bath

Here it is, you go! To you spray, sun, hot sand ... Caution still as UV, salt and heat will not make you a gift. One refrain: protect yourself!

As a prelude ...

- Hang out the beach before noon and after 16 hours: it is less hot and more importantly, the radiation is less harmful.

- Start slowly with a short exposure time - one hour daily the first week - then a little more on other days and never exceed 3 hours per day. These short exposures and repeated stimulate melanin production without risk of burning the skin.

- Remember the panoply of protection: hat and sunglasses in addition to the cream.

- Feel free to use plenty of cream every two hours during exposure.

- It is wrong to think that you can expose longer with a high degree of protection. Better to apply several times a day an index 15 index once extreme type IP 50 or 60.

- Remember that a tan acquired gradually and without sunburn will last longer and be brighter than a deep tan too fast. Patience and caution are the creed of a flawless tan.

The ideal kit

On the beach

- A good barrier cream that matches your skin type

- A protective care for hair.
there are sprays Sun Protector for Hair

- A gloss UV protection and to combine glamorous.
Our favorite: Red Absolute Intense Hydration SPF 15 Lancôme

- A mist to cool and soothe the face

The classic: Evian Water

After the beach

- An after-sun care nourishing and refreshing.
Sun Chill Comfort Gel Face and Body Lancome

- A golden oil to nourish and enhance your tan.

The inescapable Nuxe Golden Oil prodigious

- A makeup palette to enhance your tan.
Our favorite: Solar Guerlain makeup.

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