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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ski Holiday Hacks That Can Save Your Money

Ski Holiday
Ski holiday can be some of the most fun, exhilarating and memorable holidays you will ever experience, but it’s no secret that they aren’t cheap.

Whether it’s your first trip to the slopes or is a seasoned pro, everyone likes the chance to save money. Ski trips can often come with the additional costs such as lift passes and equipment hire and with the price of lunch on the mountain in popular resorts enough to make anyone shiver it’s easy to blow the budget. There are ways however you can still enjoy a week on the slopes and not totally break the bank

Rent you gears in Advance: some rental shops encourage customer to rent their gear in advance by offering some discount. If you reserve your gear online before getting there, not only will you get cheaper skis and boards, but you and your group can avoid the hassle of paper work.

Choose a chalet stay: staying in a chalet hotel takes a lot of the guess work out of how much you’ll end up spending once in a resort. In a Chalet hotel you get a cooked breakfast, afternoon tea and a three course dinner every day except one- the chalet host’s day off. Unlimited chalet wine is frequently included, meaning you can also save money on bar hopping if you wish.

Bring your own lunch: next time you hit the slopes, stop by a grocery store beforehand and pick up your stuff for lunch.

Plan your ski trip during the mid-week: Lodging can be one of the most expensive aspects of your ski vacation. The easiest way to save is to avoid booking your trip on weekends. Hotels are more affordable mid-week, so if you have the opportunity to ski on a Wednesday take it. Not only you will be save your money but the slopes will be less crowded as well.

Leave it till the last minute: Booking early is a reward when it comes to saving on Ski holidays, but so is waiting till just before you go. Tour operators often keep the incredible deals and offer at the last minute, because they’d rather fill a room at a reduced rate than lose money by leaving it unoccupied.
Get in the driving seat: Heading to the mountains by car can cost less and it has the advantage of allowing you to stuff your car full of food. By booking a self-drive, self-catering holiday, you can buy all the substance you need for the week,

Skip the holiday; spring break and Christmas holidays are not only busy, they’re expensive too. Skip these dates and save big bucks.

Skiing the night; Many resorts now offer night skiing. Get your money’s worth by skiing from morning to night.

Save up: when you start planning for a winter ski trip keep some money as a saving aside. You’ll know exactly how much savings you have available to spend and can avoid chewing up your regular account.

The cost of skiing likely isn’t going to come down .But hopefully with these tips and a little research beforehand you can be out on the slopes without breaking the bank.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advice to "Winter sports"

If I'm not talking about winter now, I never will! My gut tells me that you will probably not be long before you fly to the snow. Allow me to go to my tips "winter sports".

Get fit

If you do not play sports during the year, you might be you "train" a little. I'm not talking about intense training at the Rocky Balboa, but walking or even climbing stairs can help you prepare. Even if you do not ski, it will always be better than nothing, especially since you will also need to adapt to the altitude. Talk about being in shape!

Normally, below 2000 meters, that's fine. But beyond that, you might feel a bit "in the polish" (headache, fatigue, poor appetite). During the first few days, avoid too large differences in altitude. Go easy, do not make intensive efforts during the first 48 hours. Take your mark, take a walk or start with easy runs, taking breaks, and everything will be on skis!

Addition to cold!

Even if the sun is sometimes very present in the mountains, there is still cold. There would be no snow, if so ... Dress accordingly. The ski suits are designed to make you feel good because they maintain a constant body temperature (do not ask me how!). The heat inside and cold outside!

If you ski, you may fall, unless you're a pro at the Alberto Tomba (which itself never falls, as its name does not indicate). Avoid cotton clothing because they stay wet ...
To avoid dehydration due to stress and cold, drink water regularly and abundantly.

And the sun

On snow, the reflection of sunlight is considerable, do not forget. The altitude also increases the UV radiation, even if the sun is not visible. It is therefore essential to protect itself, particularly the face. Ideally, you should apply a sunscreen for your skin type and renew every two hours.

Your skin protected, you must now think of your beautiful eyes ... Your pair of sunglasses will be your best friend. Take it anywhere with you because ultraviolet rays are not there to laugh, especially at altitude.

Prevent accidents

On the slopes, signs will be very useful. They will shed light on the difficulty of trails and their condition. Carefully choose your track:

* Green Track: For beginners. This is where you'll find me ...
* Track Blue: Medium
* Red: for skiers
* Black Track: For very good skiers. This is where you'll find Alberto Tomba.

And above all, watch out for other skiers and ... the firs. Control your speed and anticipate your tracks if you can ...

We repeat constantly, the backcountry is strictly discouraged, especially if you intend to do it alone (e). Listen to the advice of instructors, mountain guides and others who will inform you about the dangerous nature of off-piste (avalanches, accidents, yetis, etc..).
Not sure where your next destination "snow"?

Some tracks (ski):

* France: Chamonix and Three Valleys, Val d'Izere
* Switzerland: Jungfrau, Verbier, Zermatt
* Italy: Cortina d'Ampezzo
* Austria: Innsbruck, 5 Glacier in Tirol, Arlberg, Kitzbühel
* Canada: Mont-Tremblant (Quebec), the Rockies
* United States: Aspen (Colorado), Stowe (Vermont)