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Friday, April 8, 2011

Weightless leg with essential oils

Ready for a big march? Then, bring in your backpack essential oils to relieve tired legs and feet cool overheated. The hike is working the whole body, stimulating the circulatory functions, respiratory and digestive tracts. When you find the right cadence, legs, back and abdomen will get real strength training.

The aroma solution for legs ultralight

Essential oils have the characteristic of crossing the skin to reach the circulation and act venolymphatic the heart of the movement.

These are very powerful assets produced by aromatic plants. For example, it takes 100 kilos of fresh flowers mastic to make 15 g oil essential. This shows how these extracts are concentrated and loaded asset!

The "cocktail" ideal

Essential oils are light legs champions the mastic, decongestant great venous and lymphatic, Cypress, both venous tonic, lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammatory and dsinfiltrant, or the Everlasting, that relieves the pain of failure venous and enhances the quality of blood vessels. Other essential oils effectively complete their work, such as Juniper, or citrus.

A massage with the concentrate of freshness in power ultradécongestionnant relaxes immediately and you will leave with a light foot.

The Board of Isabelle Pacchioni

Author of "Aromatherapy 150 true / false on essential oils" (Editions du Rocher), Isabelle suggests:

To help reduce and relieve your legs if they are heavy this summer, choose the best oils. Lemon, Cistus, Geranium, Helichrysum, mastic ... are among the most effective decongest, tone and stimulate circulation. This is an opportunity to try the ready-made formulas, as sprays (pharmacy). In a few mists, feet, ankles and legs are instantly relieved of any discomfort.

A flash effect gradually freeing assets for long-term action with proven effectiveness. To do before, during and after your walks. In foot bath, it also works for a toning and anti-fatigue: 6 sprays directly into a large bowl with 5 liters of fresh water. To do so for one quarter of an hour in the morning to invigorate or relax for the evening.

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