Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kia Ora -Bay of Plenty The most beautiful place on earth

I was glad to discover New Zealand with all the beauties of the landscape in my own way and leave my city behind me. Before arrival I've use a guide put together a customized itinerary that I wanted to take the bus across the country leave. - Short-anticipated, this plan was changed at least five times and added to other places on my list. - Since I had bought a bus ticket with 50 hours, it had to be carefully considered what I wanted to look at everything. The plan was only time to travel a bit to see where you can linger and then go to work on.

It went from Auckland to Coromandel with the ferry, which was to follow the Bay of Plenty (North Coast of the North Island). This area is for me personally the most beautiful in New Zealand. Now l had been reached and I somehow found myself in the middle of nowhere. That's totally contrary to my native situation. I see walking on course in Coromandel and hardly a soul, so completely different than in the metropolis. One learns quickly that have the Kiwis (people from New Zealand) is a completely different attitude to time, because here everything seems to run off more relaxed - is perhaps the most shining sun.

Finding a suitable accommodation was simple, because after arriving in New Zealand I have a BBH card - says Backpacker Card (you get discounts on many things) and bought a booklet given to all registered accommodations such as hostels do so. It is usually sufficient if a day earlier at the backpackers among the most free telephone numbers to call and reserve a bed in the desired neighborhood.

In the summer time one should always call in advance, as well as families like to use the accommodation can be booked under the circumstances. Since I had arrived there in the spring, I had no problems but you can go directly on good luck to backpackers. After 2 days I tried out the bus company (also free hotline) call, called my customer number and said where I would like to climb. This all works quite smoothly.

Then it went on to Whitianga, where I climbed the Shakespeare Cliff, visited Cathedral Cove and enjoyed the scenery. I travelled from there to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. It is the epitome of the ideal location that combines the beauty of incredible scenery and the beach together. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite place in the world. Probably you can understand this only if you were once in New Zealand because it is hard to put into words.What I know at the time still could not - this country would change my life completely.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holidays in San Sebastian

It is summer and high time to finally get out. For example, back to the Basque Country, the Spanish port city of San Sebastian. With its baroque old building, beautiful beaches, which are particularly suitable for surfing and nearly bursting diary full of interesting and cultural events, it is a perfect holiday destination.

Lufthansa and Air Berlin offer fly to Bilbao, which is 100 km from San Sebastian. Ryan Air offers cheaper tickets for the flight from Frankfurt / Hahn-Biarritz. From there it is only 50 km from San Sebastian. From both cities you can travel by bus to the center of San Sebastian. There are also a few guest houses, where you can stay.

In no case it is worth the major international fast-food chains to visit. For in San Sebastian you can in the middle is the stronghold of Basque cuisine, which is the largest star-density cooking show worldwide! Nowhere is there more than top executives in the Basque capital. Three courses with wine and water are already available for 10 to 15 €. In addition, San Sebastian is a film-crazy city: One of the most outstanding events is the annual film festival to take place.

Beautiful old buildings for a first glance, it's really nice to look at the morning sunrise, the three steel sculptures "Peine de los Vientos" at the port and then to walk barefoot along the beach in peace. From here there is a good view of the island located near Santa Clara. To conclude with a cool iced coffee - "cortado con hielo" - drink on the terrace of the Cafe de la Concha, or one of the many cafes that are located in the center of the bay.

Gota Canal – A Perfect River Cruise

To discover the beauty of Sweden, there are endless possibilities. A bike ride along the seemingly endless roads of the country, a bus trip with various stops, canoeing, river cruises on the waterways are only a small selection of what are the options available to visitors.

One of the most beautiful waterways in the world of the Gota Canal, which takes travelers through the middle of Sweden in Stockholm and Gothenburg in the west and east of the country's links with each other. The desire to connect the North and Baltic Sea, left the country once take a superhuman effort. Initiator of the development was the architect Baltzar Graf von Platen (1766-1829), who pushed through by his stubbornness, the construction of the canal. His opening he could not even see the end, but he created the basis for a unique journey through Sweden. Even if the motivation of Graf von Platen-economic nature Baltzar remembers, was the pioneer of many travelers.

The most fascinating kind on the Gota Canal is by using one of the historic cruise ships. The "MS Juno" (1874), the "MS Wilhelm Tham" (1912) and the "MS Diana" (1931) have been restored and now sail regularly on the waterway. Although almost every modern luxury cruise ship goes missing, the travelers enjoy every minute on the ship. If then it should again prevail due to the weather dysphoria, a meal is enough response, prepared by chefs in a magical way to get back to spread a good mood.

Only the stations that can happen during a trip on the Gota Canal, are also highly recommended. The two large lakes, Vattern and Varnernsee, cities like Tatorp, Linkoping, Norrkoping and Karlsborg are waiting for the visitors. Even trips to some remote Vimmerby, the home of Pippi Longstocking, are definitely worthwhile.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rosengård, a quiet neighborhood became a thorn in the Swedish media

In Sweden, the clichés about violence and insecurity stick to the skin Rosengård, a district of the city of Malmö. Fantasies widely disseminated by the media, and who served the extreme right, very popular in this part of the country.

Of the 300,000 inhabitants of Malmö, nearly 25% are from immigrant families. (Photo Maud De Carpentier)

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. Located on the North Sea, and close to Copenhagen, it is a popular destination for summer tourists. Its small port, a green area, pedestrian streets ... Malmö attracted by its calm and quality of life. Yet for many Swedes, the city also symbolizes a failure to integrate immigrants.

Of the 300 000 inhabitants, almost 25% are from immigrant families. Most of them live in the city of Rosengård, one of the ten districts of the city. An area which, in the collective imagination of the Swedes, is facing a daily urban violence. Various incidents in 2003 and 2008, gave the "Rose Garden" (French translation of Rosengård) looks like a Scandinavian Bronx.

"Media coverage has helped the extreme right to win votes. "

The original building burned in 2003, after the owner refused to rent to the Muslim community. What the media have chosen: a dispute over a mosque. Optical illusion, objects Listerborn Carina, a researcher at Malmö University: "I interviewed the young. The religious question is not an issue, they just wanted to fight with the police. "

Since then, the far-right party the Sweden Democrats (SD) used the bad reputation of the neighborhood to thrive.

A well-established right-wing

"It is clear that media coverage has helped the SD to win votes, says political scientist Anders Hellström. Rosengård is a symbol of multiculturalism and immigration and reports that deal with violence in this neighborhood tend to link the two. "

The Sweden Democrats are now well established in the city of Malmö, with over 11% of the seats in municipal council.

The most cosmopolitan city of Sweden then drags a terrible image. From Stockholm to Gothenburg, Sweden all know that name. And the vast majority of passers-by are hard and black a picture, where the words "immigrant" and "violence" coexist. As if they were intrinsically linked.

Olivier Truc, the correspondent of the World to Scandinavia, the explanation lies in two factors: the low level of tolerance for "deviant" in Sweden, and the media. They have played a major role in this fantasy of violence that sticks to the skin Rosengård.

A rather quiet city

By 2003, a report by Fox News goes around the world. Images of burning buildings, of young people who throw Molotov cocktails, with words like "civil war" and "chaos" ... The reporter Steve Harrigan leaves no chance to the little town.

However, several years ago that happens much more in the city. "But, laments Anna Lundberg, the press never writes about what's positive here." This teacher of 29 years has taught last year in one of four schools in the district. "This is a wonderful place for so many different reasons, she insists. The atmosphere, multiculturalism, children ... I loved working there. "

And after five days wandering through the neighborhood much-maligned, the images that remain are those of a quiet corner. Children running in the aisles, moms who watch their kids, a shopping center, bicycles ... People also have more than enough of the media treatment reserved for them.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweden: A short trip to Stockholm

Has not only since the big blue and yellow furniture store in our land increasingly pervasive, we are aware of the beauty of the corresponding country-Sweden. Sweden has long been a popular destination for family vacations and fishing. In addition to Gothenburg and Malmo, which are used mainly for transit, especially the capital, Stockholm is a popular destination. With well over 700,000 inhabitants, Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia, and surprises with cultural highlights. The journey by car and plane is least expensive and the budget airlines offer over the Internet quickly and caught up with the Internet system, "Stockholm Town" are also fast cheap accommodation available. Of course, there are now first-class luxury hotels and wealthy districts.

Particularly interesting is the cultural offerings of the city, regularly spilling a wave of young Swedish talent and music to the rest of Europe and inspired the masses. This feeling can be experienced in the many Swedish clubs every day, especially in the Sodermalm district, the scene is decried as Montmartre quarter and Swedish, you'll find many of these clubs. But even during the Stockholm offers a lot, in addition to the many shops in the historic old town invite many attractions to visit. Stunning views of the city, it has the 155 m high Kaknastornet. What hardly anyone knows, are every year in Stockholm on 10 December awarded the Nobel Prize, the Stadshuset therefore the historic "Blue Room" is also worth a visit. Stockholm is a truly great city and is developing day by day; they grow culturally and economically and blossomed into a still more imposing European metropolis.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation in Iceland, Reykjavik

Admittedly, Iceland at first seemed to be a very exotic destination for a getaway, but the most northerly capital in the world, including many surprising attraction. Iceland offers itself for a visit, due to the natural situation of air travel, fortunately, the capital of Iceland is now also served by most low cost airlines, which the arrival and departure is not only comfortable but also made relatively cheap. Also, the Icelandic budget airline Iceland Express has flights from several major airports in Iceland. Although the airport an hour away from central Reykjavík there are, by the Airbus, who commutes between the airport and downtown, a good connection. In the city itself, there is no train but one all the more better bus network, making it easy to get around the enormous. Accommodation is available in all categories of upscale spa hotels, on pensions, to cheap hostels here is served every wallet.

Wellness should be a topic for every holiday, because of the many hot springs invite you to visit and after a long day of sightseeing is the right to relax, the sauna culture is widespread. When it is evening, and also to allow time to warm the body from the inside, awakens even the city, especially in the "summer", the bar hopping to an experience, because the constant sunlight, the time can be completely forgotten. This is perhaps one reason why it drives the earliest Icelanders out of the house around midnight. Popular in Reykjavík, especially the Kaffibarinn that have to dance, drink and fun is invited. A vacation in Iceland is really worth a try, the exceptional culinary culture, the open-minded people and beautiful nature are here to make every holiday a memorable one I Promise.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vacation in South France - Bordeaux

Anyone who has ever been in southern France knows the people and the joy of life on this beautiful spot. Bordeaux is not the typical goal of a short trip or a weekend trip, since the arrival of Asia is too slow, and so far only one flight for a longer stay in the university town, is worth. But whoever is in transit, or planning a family vacation should not miss visiting the historic city core. Bordeaux is located about 45 kilometers from the sea, which makes possible a trip to that of Bordeaux itself is not a destination for a beach holiday. Particularly attractive are the numerous shops in the many streets of the old town, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Can connect with a shopping spree you can get the tour of the beautiful buildings that generally dominate the colonial buildings, the city and the warm ambiance of Bordeaux.

Architecture enthusiasts will be certainly impressed by the Cathedral St. Andre. A magnificent fountain in the middle of the Gironde’s memorial points the way to the cathedral through the shopping streets. To end the day we recommend the lively nightlife of the City University or the many taverns, here you can also participate in wine tastings that are so typical of Bordeaux. Another trip idea is to visit the largest dune in Europe, the Dune of Pillar. There you have, in addition to the breathtaking views of the sea, the possibility for sand boarding, then slide down the sand dune with snowboards and hits so many strange forms. Naturally, the cultural city of Bordeaux also has some interesting museums, such as the Aquitaine Museum that the history of the region shows or the museum of modern art, which even granted free admission and still exhibits a number of impressive works. Whether friend or cultural adventure holiday in Bordeaux, nobody will be neglected and even the biggest misanthrope is transformed in view of the Mediterranean ambiance and the contagious joy of life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cafes in Riga

The Baltic region is increasingly becoming a hot tip among travelers. One example is in Riga, also called the Paris of the East. What the city itself and in winter a trip worth making?
First of all, there are saunas in every corner, every village even has its own sauna and in cold weather they are an ideal place to stay. But the city is worth a walk through the cold: Here, mixing medieval churches with Stalinist buildings and Art Nouveau buildings - a very interesting mix.
Who is the historical side of the city is interested should definitely go into the occupation Museum, whose exhibits provide a powerful insight into the situation in Latvia during the Soviet regime and the Nazi era.

But to return to the "Paris" elements: In the city of Riga will find numerous cafes, here's a selection:
More of in Saules to get in culinary at its expense. More of Saules "means more sun," and in fact is the establishment of summer and the operation of a sunny disposition. The vanilla is a cafe, restaurant and sushi bar in one. Here you can also sit well with the laptop and work in peace. The Skyline Bar (Elizabetes 55, Reval Hotel Latvija in the 26th floor) offers a great view of the city, it is best to drink a cocktail here and admire the scenery of the city at night.

Cuba, in the Old City has often obscure funk music and Latin music and beyond good long drinks. If you want cheap stay in Riga, you can drop by the Riga Old Town Hostel, but the best time, since it is often booked up quickly. Another alternative is the youth hostel.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Very Multicultural Sao Paulo

With 19 million inhabitants, Sao Paulo limp is world number five of the largest cities and is the largest city in Brazil. Despite the entire big-city atmosphere, the attentive visitor will find some special and beautiful corners in it. Sao Paulo is particularly famous for the many multicultural influences of Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and German immigrants. One example is how neighborhoods or Bexiga Bras. Many Italians live in them and form the city's life through street parties and (of course) many Italian restaurants. In Sao Paulo live about 6 million Italians, more than any other city in the world - including Rome! Once a year the Italian community celebrates the "Festa de Sao Vito," with more than 60,000 visitors: Who for 9 € for an Italian 5 - course menu at its best wishes to pay, should stop by here Sao Paulo.
In the district of Liberdade, one finds again primarily Japanese influences. If you are lucky you can be there when the Star Festival (Tanabata) is celebrated by the Japanese - even here there are thousands of visitors and offers that are of typical dances, movies, decorations even include origami workshops.

The German influence is not to be overlooked. There are German schools and kindergartens, several German-language periodicals and over again to get to places and buildings are named after Humboldt. About 400,000 people of German descent living in the Greater So Paulo, and who suddenly after too much rice and beans feels hunger for sauerkraut and apple strudel, may find refuge in a German restaurant.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Beautiful Andaman

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands consist of 572 islands, islets, reefs and rocks in the Bay of Bengal, of which 38 islands are inhabited. These islands form an arch of 700 km long, from north to south, located 1200 km from the mainland. They are a living museum of the planet earth.

The topography of the islands is mountainous and over 86% are covered with coniferous forests. The clear blue waters surrounded by coral reefs hide an underwater world full of fish of all possible species and a myriad of other marine animals.

The lush green forests are festooned with bright tropical flowers, butterflies and orchids. They are home to other wild cats, green lizards, wild pigs and a variety of deer, monkeys and snakes. In all, there are 242 species of birds, 46 species of mammals and 78 species of reptiles. These islands are a paradise for scientists, ecologists, ornithologists, experts on marine wildlife and nature lovers.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tourism is booming in Switzerland

The tourism in Switzerland is booming. This is shown by a recent study. The number of overnight visitors increase will accordingly in the coming winter season by about three percent. Especially guests from other European countries, but also the winter sports enthusiast Russians provide the consistently high number of bookings.

With good reason: Over 7,000 kilometers of slopes, Switzerland can offer this year, with 29 ski resorts over 2,800 m, it represents the European record. Several new hotels have emerged in recent years; the wide range is aimed at everyone - from the single from St. Petersburg to the family of five from Amsterdam.

Thus, the boom did not turn out as a bubble, the Swiss now set for a four-stage campaign. They wonder not if you encounter everywhere soon pictures of tiny, snow-Canton - in addition to England, America, France, Italy, the Benelux countries and Russia, Germany is one of the major countries of the promotion.

Switzerland shows the enterprising, innovative, and sincerely unaware of the climate problem in combination with tourism. But it's just an independent country.

Discover the Beauties of Nauru

The tiny island nation located in the western Pacific near Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands. Along the beach you can walk around the Democratic Republic comfortably in one day on foot. The average annual temperature is 27.5 °, and the best Nauru run around in shorts and colorful shirts. As they grow themselves hardly anything to the food supply is composed of the available and canned fish.

The mainland of Nauru is actually the summit of some ancient, extinct volcano. Dinosaurs, giant birds and seagulls were flying over it, usually without pay tribute to the idyllic atoll of a look. Instead, they emptied their bowels over millions of years. The manure stored away, layer by layer, and went through a number of exciting chemical reactions, until it finally covered the island surface as a meter-thick layer of phosphate. For a small eternity, no one knew about it.

Germany 1888, the successor to the imperial century, Nauru had summarily annexed. In 1900, the phosphate was officially discovered, the industrial mining began.

The Nauru saw precious little of the profits: After the First World War, the island went to the English, and most recently to Australia, Nauru thus the colony was but a colony.

When they gained independence from Australia in 1968, decided the Head Chief Hammer DeRoburt that phosphate mining is flourishing now nationalized. The small nation of Nauru Phosphate from building his own, and phosphate is scarce until the nineties of last century Nauru had the second highest per capita incomes in the world. The degradation of the raw material made from approximately 80% of the gross domestic product.

The Nauru was rich at once, because they were now the masters of the phosphate fields. Finally, they wanted to benefit from the resource wealth of their homeland.

The government waived taxes or fees; the health care system was free. Although the island only a modest 29 Kilometer asphalt road permit, had every Nauru 2-3 cars and a motorboat. They were celebrating like and often, they imported fantastic stuff. Occasionally, Nauru also flew to Australia to go shopping. Nauru afforded a branch of the "University of the South Pacific" and built an office tower in Melbourne, the "Nauru Tower.

The phosphate mining was so lucrative that you do not even have to work on a regular basis - filed a few hours a day. As told earlier food is imported and they are mostly canned. The population of Nauru had soon an average BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40, more than 25 is considered overweight, about 35% of the adult population suffer from diabetes today.

But in the mid-nineties were the phosphate deposits were exhausted and in a few months Nauru drastically impoverished. The phosphate mines were abandoned on the asphalt streets were bursting, which were cars with empty tanks around on the beach. The airline, "Air Nauru", went bankrupt - between December 2005 and September 2006, the island state of more or less cut off from the outside world. It now flies with the aid of Taiwan, "Our Airline".

Now trying to reorganize the economy on tourism and fishing, especially the latter with only middling success. Although one has asked Iceland to help develop a fishing industry and fishing Nauru many years already.
Regarding tourism, it's more like it: The small island has become a real insider tip, but it offers picturesque beaches and a warm, pleasant climate all year round. Certainly one should not go swimming there because sometimes attacks by Jellyfish and the arms of these poisonous jellyfish can have up to 30 meters long.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baile Atha Cliath means "place of reeds of the ford hurdle": The Gaelic name of the city, whose English name of love to "Devil's Inn" is derived - where the devil resides. This would Beelzebub one of nearly half a million inhabitants the biggest city in Ireland.

Nowhere else in the economic recovery has manifested so clearly as in the glistening facade of modern hotels and banks along the River Liffey. Nevertheless, there continues the traditional, middle-class Dublin in scenic, colorful facades and everywhere-present Irish folk music type a fitting testimony to this.

Besides the traditional attractions (Trinity College, Leinster House, Dublin Castle, The Grave Digger's) are worth a stroll through the bustling city: the magnificent Georgian architecture deserves a second look! Also, who takes a look into the tangled back streets, encounter wonderful old-fashioned cafes and shops.

With its countless pubs (held in which of course traditional music sessions), the many theaters (the most famous is the Abbey Theatre), the various museums (even the brewery Guinness affords the harbor its own), has a few dozen movie theaters and much more Dublin offer an impressive leisure facilities that are not exhausted in the night: Several clubs must open their doors over the curfew also. The young, diverse party scene entices many visitors to the city by night-long celebrations ...

A special highlight of the year of "Blooms day" is: At some point, the Dublin tired of tourists, with Joyce's "Dubliners" in hand, collided and caught nasty bumps. They organized the Blooms day simply (July 16): On this occasion, the novel in different establishments (not just pubs - the national library, a cemetery and the famous Tower ...) celebrated and enacted. This has less literary, rather than wet-cheerful character - Joyce himself would have been such an interpretation is certainly not averse to ...

Who had enough of big-city bustle, the offer of the nearby Wicklow Mountains, the monolithic tombs of Newgrange and the extensive ruins of the monastery Monasterboice has ample opportunities for day trips. The popular beaches are reachable from the city in a short time.

Dublin is an Irish oddity - a diverse, historic city in which the Irish past and European future, a charming symbiosis. And always worth a visit!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In the south I saw two saddled donkeys, attached to the bicycle stand a supermarket parking lot. In the West, freckled children jumped from 5 degrees outside temperature in a good mood in the sea. In Dublin, two red-haired dwarves beat by a girl.

Of course; Cliffs of Moher, the island is not quite as remote as Iceland. But if one were to adjust the population density of European averages, one would have to count the sheep. Anyone who ascends to the highway can not overlook the huge warning signs: Here, no cycling! And no animals!

The huge economic boom of the 90 (sometimes called "Celtic Tiger" personalized) puts the poor Irishmen still in the limbs. Not everything made it into the new era has done - and that's what makes the green island for tourists so attractive.

Who now drives to Ireland, will come with real Irishmen in conversation, and that means that he will get the very best compliments - even if in a language that his school English is not very similar. You at the Dublin Pub Crawl can participate, or just aimlessly driving in the Burroughs, on the cliffs of Moher or to visit the ruined monastery the Book of Kells admire in Galway oysters with Guinness cost or stroll through the picturesque Cork.

If any one visits pubs, he will soon find that really dominated Irishman with an instrument and can sing a song that you pay in rounds.
It is noted that Irishmen are behaving as if they were characters in their own biopic - not without drama, not without wit, but always with a smile. He confirmed the old Irish saying:
"A stranger is just a friend, we do not yet know”.

Rentals in Burgundy

Castle Round is a long time (and not only for connoisseurs) is a popular tourist destination. The agricultural region in the heart of France is known beyond the borders of the hexagon also for its wines. The wine is more popular for more than 1,700 years here. Obviously there is a positive correlation between extensive wine culture and eager monastery, or were both in Burgundy, how to say in French, hardly as striking presence.

The fact that the region operates primarily in agriculture has a positive effect on tourism: countless small farms have been extensively renovated and modified as equipped apartments, which have much more character than the standard hotels in the cities. The rental of separate rooms for many wineries now, of course, and a loyal group of Francophile wine and tourist restaurant gives them year’s right after year. In general, real estate in Burgundy, popular for decades, foreigners, many German and British buy a small house as a retirement home. One cannot blame them. The region embodies like no other the charm of the small, rural France. In the kitchen, but is provincial asset, in terms of culinary Burgundy is a Garden of Eden. Gourmets from all over Europe to visit the region, not to relax, but for purchases - a vineyard here, a butcher there, elsewhere some cheese...

Holidays on the mountain Alps

As soon as Easter is over, occupying armies, good-natured old man with snow-white beard, the supermarket shelves as a laying hen battery. In a flamboyant red coat clad, they lie in wait on us. You smile friendly when the last time we buy barbecue meat in September, they are a mischievous look to throw in October, when it must exist, and the rogue flashes in her eyes when finally, finally, the Christmas is coming, and now we need.

All year long they've been waiting, have been eaten at the lake undignified and smeared the mouths of small boys on Halloween. But now their time has come. Now we are their servants - the festival of love no one can resist ...

It of course requires some chutzpah to go on over Christmas: the many family visits in fall, and possibly even one's also designed as a malignancy, although it is an act of grace yet.

Those who want to avoid the crash can easily rent one of the many mountain huts, which are offered by business-minded Swiss on Christmas Day. In some you can share with up to 30 people - possibly enough space to silence the alleged whiners by being easy with it. Thus, a family vacation but also something nice.

Sitting And while the other is the Advent wreath and sing quiet songs or "Little Lord Fauntleroy" look, can down toboggan you yodeling the pasture, make funny alpine hikes and do some things that you would not normally try: it's no one there - the all sit at home and munch Christmas cake.

Excellent villas in Ibiza

Summer is approaching; it is already time to plan your next summer vacation. I have already planned to spend a short week in beautiful villas in Ibiza to rent! Planned to accommodate 12 people (Yes, my friends will be able to come with me), the villa located on the breathtaking hippest islands in the Mediterranean offers exciting views over the sea and minimalist design combines comfort, this luxury villas Ibiza offers exceptional service in an idyllic setting. It remains only to save and gather your friends for this summer... This wonderful island is a real attraction and well known for its quality way of life, climate and its brace for the chartered libertines. This magnificent Island and the luxury villas to rent on Ibiza was most well-liked among artiste who came to drawing, paint and generate in the magnificent radiance in which the land mass cleanses. It swiftly becomes the European alike of San Francisco, where various artists combined to bring into being some of the supreme works of fine art of their cohort. Here in this marvelous island, there are profusions of activities to remain even the most vigorous tourist busy. For more information, please log on to or just dial +44 1451 827 526.

Friday, June 10, 2011


With its rich cultural and leisure opportunities, the Austrian capital of Vienna over the years into one of the most popular tourist cities of Europe developed. No wonder shines, the city that for centuries marked the border between East and West, but still in the glow of her glamorous past: St. Stephen's Cathedral, State Opera and the Imperial Palace, Ring Road, Albertina and Ferris wheel, the magnificent old town and the Karntner Strasse with its traditional businesses are examples of Vienna's attractions, which are so far from exhausted: So you can loll about on Dr. Freud's couch, the sample lying in the coffin Museum or the largest chocolate fountain Austria nibble (First Viennese Chocolate Museum). Among other things, in the Austrian capital is also a great outdoor fair.

Who would like to combine literary conversation with a coffee in one of the many coffee houses in good hands - but be careful! Using a latte / cappuccino / espresso, please! "To get in this city not far away: Instead, it is advisable to make a small or large black man, a Capuchin, a prolonged, a coffee or a bowl of gold.

In addition the Christmas markets in December and the famous Imperial Ball to provide a steady increase in visitor numbers: "We have had now four visitor record year in a row and this year we are well on track 'with confidence, announced Vice-Mayor. For 2010, aiming to be the magic mark of 10 million overnight stays. Here, the city in recent years, an original marketing strategy was developed: the farther away, the more advertised with traditional Viennese content - in the immediate area of Austria, Germany or Italy advertises it but with the new, "hip" Vienna: the nightlife for example, or the gay Vienna.

Alps, The paradise for bikers

The Alps are like a motorcycle enthusiast blogger proclaimed, "The paradise for bikers”. Every summer tens of thousands of motorcycle fans to the scenic mountain passes and roads in the Alpine regions of Germany, Italy, Slovenia, France and Switzerland.

Depending on weather conditions, desired distance and purse there are various routes. Most Popular - but also at the most - motorcycle tours from the Salzburg region to the south. Here it is not necessary to pay toll, unless you go through to Italy. Who starts at Achen Pass, but must pay toll fees, but can on the drive to Lienz at the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, stop by. And this view is the road tax worth!

To explore the lesser-known eastern Alpine regions, provides the Solkpass after Slovenia. In general, the Slovenian Alps are relatively small sail. Individualists among motorcycle fetishists can get their costs.

Most of the Alpine passes are easy to drive to mid-October, after the snow line sinks rapidly. Only in the spring - often before May - the passes are perfectly again passable.

Alsace, A Destination for Gourmets

Who is prone to occasional weekend excursions into European countries can quickly find the Alsace with its colorful history and gorgeous kitchen favor. The region can look back on an eventful history, during which they were occupied sometimes by German, and sometimes French. Today, the Alsace region of France, but most Alsatians speak German than French also fairly good. The Alsatian, a mixture of German and French terms, is almost incomprehensible for a stranger.

The largest cities are Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Here there are the weekenders some interesting destinations, such as the World heritage site, the old "Grande Ile" of Strasbourg. Among the tourist attractions of this region is the old town of Mountain Home one of the medieval, also in the butterfly garden and the open-air museum Hunawhir in Unger's home.

Besides the natural attractions of Alsace, which is bounded on the south by the Rhine, west of the foothills of the Vosges, in particular, regional gourmet cuisine attracts many years in the small department.

The typical course specialties include the tarte flambe, the Tarte. The Bundt cake is famous far beyond the borders of the region, and the cremant, and sparkling wines; visitors again and again visit to delight again. Many tasty variations of traditional German or French courts enrich the Alsatian cuisine. But the main specialty of the Alsace wines are his - whether Riesling or Pinot blanc, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner or Pinot gris.

For short trips it seems that this region in the heart of Europe to be predestined and particularly likely to imagine themselves in the gourmet paradise...

Trains from St Pancras

St Pancras International is the home of Eurostar terminal. It is an attractive station filled with variety of cafes, food court, gift shop and shops. St Pancras Internationalis situated in the middle of London City, United Kingdom. St Pancras is the key entrance point to Europe, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. St Pancras offer international, national and domestic underground rail service. The high speed rail lines originate from St. Pancras international. It offers international direct transport to Europe. If you are a tourist from other country your passport will be stamped with in a short period. The staffs on duty are very cordial and help you to the maximum extent. The stations are easy to navigate. The exterior architecture of St Pancras is beautiful where as it is very contemporary within. The architectural marvel proves it is best described as Time Out as one of the seven wonders of London.

If you are comparing the rail transport with the air transport, it is very cheap compared with the flight charges and offer less emission than the flights. Within 60 minutes you can reach the continent and within 17 minutes or less you can reach London through high speed rail service. St Pancras international station is equipped with WiFi connection, chargers for laptops and mobile phones. According to 2008 civil authority; that Eurostar record commuter statistics and service reliability as 92.4% where as the airlines operating the similar routes records only 65.4% only. 

This really is the stylish way to travel in style in London.