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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

6 Visas That Are Very Difficult to Get

6 Visas That Are Very Difficult to Get

Nowadays, many people like to spend their holidays traveling to foreign destinations. Are you one of these people who like to enjoy foreign destinations? Then, a visa is something that you need to travel to any foreign location. If you have a visa, you get permission to visit as an international passenger willing to travel to a specific country. Then, the consulate or the embassy of a country issues it.

But a few nations follow such complicated visa processes, which make it impossible to enter the nation. We have given here names of six countries where you cannot easily get them.

What is a Visa?

It is authorized conditionally, and a polity grants to a foreigner that permits them to enter, stay within or leave a country.

Top 6 Visas That Are Very Difficult To Get:

1. Russia:

This nation ranks at the top for having the most complex process. Hence, you must fill out a form where you have to answer multiple questions. Besides, you must mention all the places you have visited in the last ten years. The strongest passports also do not match Russian visa requirements. This country never gives away visa-free travel so easily. 

Although you have any of the world's top ten most powerful passports, they still want a visa to enter. Moreover, the procedure is also long. Ensure that you need to list the starting and finishing dates for each trip you have made in the last ten years.

The biometric system of Russia helps to make all applications in person. You only need to allow your fingerprints to scan and have your photo taken. It indicates that you must visit the nearest visa processing center to you. 

In addition, ensure that you should fill out the online form without mistakes. If you have made any mistake by chance, they can reject your Application. Once you receive your visa from the consulate, ensure you cross-check each piece of information. Thus, you can ensure that the dates are proper with the travel plans.

2. China:

People who want to travel to China can get surprised after experiencing such a lengthy visa process. If you are a passport holder, you can travel in this country without it for 72 hours. But if you want to stay here longer, you will need a proper visa. It might be extremely tedious to obtain.

It allows you to apply only in your country of residence or citizenship. Besides, scheduling a face-to-face appointment to submit the Application is essential. Ensure that you are ready to collect plenty of documents for your Application. For example, you need documents like hotel vouchers or a flight itinerary. It will let them know that you are planning to travel. In addition, it is essential to show a daily itinerary if you want to stay more than thirty days.

The process might need a few days. Therefore, we recommend you apply for it at least two to three months before the trip. Ensure you undergo a lengthy procedure if you are willing to visit the country. However, it allows air travelers from 53 countries to transit and stay up to three days in thirteen cities. But passengers from India are omitted. If you want to apply to China, you must submit a lot of documents.

3. North Korea:

We know it as the Hermit Kingdom. You could only get your visa if you applied through a state-approved tourist organization. Otherwise, North Korea doesn't allow you to enter. Most people want to experience this nation.

You can access North Korea through an organized tour crossing from China. But you can interact with locals in limitation during the tours. In addition, you must adhere to strict rules. Besides, you need to speak ill of their leader.

Never think of smuggling your way to North Korea through illegal secret channels. Besides, ensure that you must not make any independent travel. However, you will have to wait for entry if you are a US or UK citizen. Therefore, remember it before planning your trip. Besides, ensure that you check with your local embassy because entry requirements might change.

4. Saudi Arabia:

It follows very complex visa policies. If you want to visit, you must give your proof of accommodation and a six-month valid passport. However, if you are not Muslim, you are not allowed because o visit the pilgrimage cities of Mecca and Medina.

Although it has glorious shopping experiences, modern cities, and sparkling beaches, it is strict with the entry procedure. A woman who travels solo must have a sponsor to meet them upon arrival. Likewise, she needs a sponsor to hold the passport while in Saudi Arabia. Couples who want to visit there should be married.

Your Application will be denied without a sponsor or a marriage certificate. Besides, you will not get an entry if you have an Israeli stamp on your passport.

5. Bhutan:

If you are looking for an interesting destination to visit, Bhutan is a place you should choose. It is the first carbon-negative country worldwide. Do you want to visit Bhutan? If yes, hire a Bhutanese travel agent and book through an all-inclusive package. Remember that getting this is not as simple as applying for it online. Each package costs about $200-$300 per day. Therefore, you do not have to do too much planning for your trip. Every package includes accommodations, transport, guides, and meals.

6. Afghanistan:

This country has extended a few relaxations than other nations. However, we don't recommend visiting here. If you are an Indian who has a diplomatic passport, you can stay here without a visa for up to 30 days. People from Indonesia, Turkey, China, Iran, and Tajikistan are exempt from it though they have valid diplomatic passports.

The Bottom Line:

More than 195 nations are worldwide, and multiple people want to travel to foreign destinations. But all can't move freely because of visa requirements. While some nations have a more lenient policy, some make it harder to obtain. Our guide will inform you about 6 Visas That Are Very Difficult To Get.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is a Schengen visa difficult to get?

It is a long, challenging, and frustrating procedure. But there are some hacks through which you can get it quickly.

Q. Is a UK visa difficult to get?

It is the most strict and highly scrutinized procedure.

Q. Is a German visa easy to get?

Getting it isn't as simple as you think because many people need it.

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