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Monday, July 8, 2019

The Rugged Landscape of Mongolia

The Rugged Landscape of Mongolia
In a world mushrooming with soaring sky rises and endless concrete, its unimaginably refreshing to come across a land so rapturously untouched and spectacular as Mongolia cradled by the staggering Altai mountains, vast steppes, sprawling valleys and the clearest and bluest of lakes. This rugged virgin country can very well be considered as an epitome of true wilderness. Mongolia is the perfect adventure destination for the traveller who seeks a glimpse into a different culture.

Mongolia is also said to be a diverse land with many beautiful places to discover from the capital Ulaanbaatar to its sweeping natural wonders. Whether you want to take in some culture or see what Mother Nature has to offer you will find it in any one of these places to visit.

Overall Mongolia is a fascinating country that offers a lot to the explorer in you. One can hire the service of adventure companies that offer visitors a chance to be a part of the Mongolian life which includes travelling on horse backs, sleeping in gers, sharing camel curd with the locals and much more, Mongolian people have a simple, friendly disposition and are wonderful hosts.

Tsagaan Suwarga literally means White Stupa. The towering structure revealing limestone bed rock dating back to the ancient times makes for a truly inspiring sight here. Don’t miss out the splendid views of the desert floor below which transform from white to yellow to pink before turning red.

Gobi Desert is said to be the fifth largest desert in the world. It is known as the land of the Dinosaurs. The Gobi Desert is spread across China and Mongolia .It is a stunning site of Mongolia. Be sure to visit the vast Khongor Sand Dunes.

Terelj National Park is scenic with lovely mountains, spectacular rock formations, beautiful meadows and a river. At the national park there are activities such as horse riding, hiking a Buddhist monastery on a hill, traditional ger stay and visiting the home of nomadic people.

Horse Riding: Mongolians are famous for their horses and riding horses across the expansive, unoccupied Mongolian countryside is a real treat. If you choose to undertake a horseback riding adventure around the country, you’ll probably want to hire a guide. Typically travellers will find that buying a horse and then selling it after their journey is a cheaper option than renting one for the whole time. They can help you out with finding accommodation for the night, especially if you’re looking to stay with families in their yurts during your trip.

Lake Khovsgol: The Dark Blue pearl is how Lake Khovsgol is often described. A gorgeous fresh water lake is frozen for almost half of the year. These deep waters are surrounded by forests of pine trees, verdant meadows and of course an abundance of wildlife such as reindeer, moose, ibex and yaks. In Mongolia gers or yurts are the traditional nomadic style of housing in the country, but plenty of people still live in them. There are tourist ger camps where you can experience a mix between the classic yurt experience and a standard hotel stay. If your trip is going to be based in Ulaanbaatar then check out ger camps in nearby Terelj National park, otherwise head down to the Gobi Desert and stay in the Three Camel Lodge or one of the other ger camps amongst the sand. Nothing is quite like staying in a tent in the middle of the desert.

Experience a festival: if you really want to get immersed in Mongolian culture there’s no better way to do it than to attend one of their festivals of which there are many. One of the best known and largest ones is Naadam festival which is held every year front the 11-13 of July. The three main events of the festivals are archery, horseback, riding and wrestling including traditional dance. One of the best things about the festival is that you will have ample opportunity to try all sorts of different traditional Mongolian foods.

Another incredible festival to experience is the Bayan-Olgii Eagle Festival held every year during late September or early October. If you’re lucky enough you might even have a chance to hold one of the amazing golden eagles yourself which make a pretty cool picture to email your family and friends.

Tsenkher Hot Spa lies just south of Tsetserleg town in the province of Arkhangai and has a very duo origin beneath the earth’s surface. The water that flows here does not mix with the soil since it is hot. The water here has a relatively high mineral content consisting of simple calcium, sodium, sulphur etc. It is due to this very reason of high medicinal value that these springs have become a very popular tourist destination. This water is known to be a remedy for joint pains, nervous system and many other diseases. Some even consider it good for the cure of diabetes and stomach ulcers and also for disabilities of any kind.

Drink Airag: you’re sure to find something special that you wouldn’t find back home. Airag also known as fermented mare’s milk is a drink that you won’t find in most parts of the world. If not interested in Airag there is plenty of other option. Mongolians drink mostly lager beers. The famous beers are Borgio and Altai Gobi.

Skiing in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia may not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking of ski destinations. There is only one real ski resort, a tiny place near Ulaanbaatar. The country is a home to some impressive mountain ranges and clean, untouched lines.

Winter on the steppe: most people opt to visit Mongolia in warmer seasons. The winter months is a beautiful time to see the steppe and Siberian borderlands covered in frost and snow. Winter month is worth a visit as it is a unique experience of its own.

Mongolian Wildlife draws many visitors to Mongolia. In the winter a number of animals can still be spotted, including black vultures, red foxes and jackals, grey wolves, rabbits, reindeer, wild horses and goats. Dog sledding is another winter pastime that provides an exciting vantage for seeing the winter landscape up close.

So next time you are looking for a spot on the map with pristine beauty, crystal clear lakes, tall mountains and undulating grasslands, remember Mongolia. Mongolia although still developing its tourism industry is an amazing place to visit with a ton of different activities that are sure to give you a unique travel itinery.

Mongolia is an incredibly beautiful country. It’s no wonder it’s on many people’s bucket list of travel destinations. Experiences are what make a journey worthwhile.

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