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Saturday, October 3, 2020

25 Famous Statues in the World in 2020

Famous Statues in the World

Thousands of statues were created since the prehistoric ages. And many of them are exoteric for several reasons. Here, we have elaborately described a few famous statues of different countries. Let's have a look at these below to know about the popular statues all over the globe.

Famous statues in London

Here, we have listed the top five famous statues in London. Let's check out.

Tower of London:

This monument is one of the most famous landmarks in London. It is a notable fortress that lies on the North Bank of River Thames. Tower of London is one of the most enchanting places among the historical locations. It is exuberant with magnificent crown jewels and the coveted Koh-I-Noor. Here the visitors enjoy the Ceremony of the Keys that have been taking place every night for the last 800 years. People can book tickets here in advance. It played a significant role as a castle, a palace, an observatory, storehouse, and mint for many years. 'Tower of Castle', one of the famous Statues in London, is an incredibly vast erection. It is a complex form of a monument that has been made after centuries of additions and alterations. It is about 900-years old. In ancient times, People knew it as White Tower.

Buckingham palace:

All your entire trip to London will go in vain if you don't visit the Queen's London home. People who come here to spend their summer vacation can visit the 19 State Rooms. This enchanting palace is affluent with some greatest treasures from the Royal collection. Besides, while visiting here during the summer season, you can get a chance to be a part of the famous British ceremony. It takes place outside Buckingham Palace regularly from May to July. You can visit there by going early to capture the wonderful spectacle of the choreographed marching represented by the guards in bright red uniforms and bearskin hats.

Trafalgar Square:

It is one of the famous Statues in London that was built in the early nineteenth century. Mainly, people used to celebrate the laureate and glorious days at Trafalgar Square. The Royal Wedding, Olympics One-year-to-go celebrations, St. Patrick's Day and Chinese New Year, filming and photography, are a few instances of these extolments. There is an illustrious 52 meter high Nelson's Column at the center of Trafalgar Square since 1843. It is surrounded by four gigantic lion statues. This place becomes immensely notable at the time of celebrations, especially during the Christmas time. The entire Christmas festival is celebrated centering around the majestic Christmas Tree. It is also known as an annual gift from the representative of Oslo.

Battle of Britain Memorial:

This famous statue is dedicated to those who fought to protect the country from invasion. It is complemented with a big propeller-shaped base along with a statue of a seated pilot. The names of the pilots who fought for their country are enlisted in the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall. Mostly the foreign people come to visit in London only to see it. You don't need to pay a single penny for tickets to visit here. We assure you that you will get an unforgettable experience after visiting this remarkable place.


This prehistoric monument is near Salisbury in Wiltshire. It is one of the rarest places across the globe. Stonehenge consists of a circular setting of standing stones. UNESCO listed this place in it's World Heritage Sites in 1986. Many people think Stonehenge as a vast calendar when some believe it to be a burial ground. Your trip to London remains incomplete if you don't visit the place. This masterpiece has taken more than 30 million hours of labor to get built. This captivating place becomes more elegant and sober at the time of sunrise and sunset. You will become fascinated after visiting this here, for sure.

Famous statues in India

We are going to mention the top five splendid and grandiose statues in India. The names of the famous Statues are as follows:

Statue of Unity

It is the tallest statue across the globe. The height of this statue is 182 meters that is 597 in ft. Approximately 2,989 crores of INR were spent to build this exoteric statue. And it took about four years to get completely configured. It is the statue of the Indian leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel facing the Narmada dam.

Statue of Padmasambhava

It remains memorable for its unique location in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The height of the statue is 37.5 meters. The Rewalsar Lake makes this place imposing.

Thiruvalluvar Statue

The height of this statue is 29 meters (95 ft). This famous statue was built on a small island in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. When you visit there, you can see the reflection of Thirukkural in the construction of Thiruvalluvar Statue.

Tathagata Tsal

This statue is 39 meters in height. You can see it at the Buddha Park of Ravangla in Sikkim. Tathagata Tsal is the tallest statue of Lord Buddha in India. The constitution of this statue took about six years to get completed.

Basava Statue

Basava statue is 33 meters in height. We can see this statue in Bidar, Karnataka. It is the tallest statue of Lord Basava across the globe.

Famous statues in Europe

Europe is exuberant with its various kinds of inconceivable monuments and statues. To let you know about Europe's famous Statues, we have listed here a few of those.

Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty was erected on the circle aux Cygnes in Paris. It was built in 1827. The main purpose of configuring this famous statue is to protect the port of Grenelle. This enchanting statue is adorning the island stunningly. The height of this statue is 22 meters. It is known as the younger sibling of the Statue of Liberty in New York. However, now it is faced towards the west. This statue was built based on the figure of Roman Goddess Libertas.

The Lion of Belfort

This famous statue is located at Denfert-Rochereau in Paris. It is a prominent public place in Paris. This entire statue is made of copper. Compared to the earlier real size, the size of this statue gets decreased to one-third of it. It is now 4 meters in height and 7 meters in length. The Lion of Belfort symbolizes the resistance of Colonel Denfert-Rochereau in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

Fontaine Saint-Sulpice

 It was constructed between the year 1843 and 1848. The architect Louis Visconti was the one who played the leading role in the construction of this statue. We can see his notable work style in the tomb of Napoleon. This fountain is a combination of four statues that are mainly dedicated to the French religious figures. The initial purpose of the fountain was to improve the water supply in the city. It was built in front of a Church according to the order of the authorities.

Pallas Athene Fountain

Pallas Athene Fountain sums on an extra touch to the Austrian Parliament building located outside of this building. Austrian Parliament Building is one of the important chateau in Vienna. This historical statue was constructed between 1893 and 1902. You can see there four figures representing the four vital rivers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sculptor Carl Kundmann was the creator of it. Pallas Athene refers to the goddess of wisdom. You will find here a small Nike in her right hand that implies the goddess of victory. And you get to see a spear in the left hand of the goddess.

Sigismund Column

This famous statue is at Castle Square in Warsaw. This one of the popular landmarks of Warsaw is built to dedicate the King Sigismund III Vasa. He had moved his entire capital from Krakutew to Warsaw in 1596. The Sigismund Column was made earlier with bronze. But it was rebuilt in 1944 after being demolished by the Germans. Later, people used granite to build it.

Famous statues in America

If you want to know about the famous monuments and statues of America, then have a look at below. We have given niceties regarding those startling erections that will help you to let you know about the famous statues of America.

Bunker Hill Monument

The Revolutionary War was fought in 1775 at the Breed's hill. The British won in the battle technically. They killed more than a thousand of the 2,400 enemy troops. From this, we get proof of how much they were skilled. Marquis de Lafayette constructed the monument for the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1825.

Statue of Liberty, New York

It is the most famous and iconic monument in America. It lies in New York Harbor. The Sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi designed this copper statue, whereas it was made by Gustave Eiffel. It is a symbol of the friendship of France and the US that was entirely constructed in 1886. After this period, the statue became a welcome sight to immigrants sailing to New York.

Standing Soldiers

According to the resources, you can know that more than two thousand statues were constructed in the late nineteenth century. These statues were also responsible for the devastation of the Civil War for both North and South. You will find the statues quite similar. But still today, we don't know whether the standing soldiers are part of the Confederate monuments or not.

Famous statues in Rome

Want to know about the status of Rome? Then, look underneath. We have given all the details about the exoteric statues.

The Colosseum:

This famous statue was built at the far end of the Roman Forum. It was the greatest architectural legacy of Rome. This fascinating place in Rome has been captivating visitors' minds over 2000 years. It is the symbol of the combat between gladiators and wild beasts. You just need to capture the grand structure floodlit to feel the night beauty of this place. People can see the Arch of Constantine nearby. Besides, there was a pagan Maxentius next to the Colosseum.

The Pantheon:

This monument was made mainly to dedicate it to Rome's pagan gods. It is a symbol of symmetry and architectural innovation. This statue still remains as one of the largest statues, although concrete is not used there. Roman Forum:

'Forum' usually refers to the 'public places'. And for this purpose, it means the entire Roam. This statue is one of the most remarkable attractions in the Roam. It was a center of Roman public life in imperial Rome at a time.

Famous statues in Italy

Italy is affluent for the most famous statues across the globe. If you want to know about the statues of Italy, go through the details.

Dying Gaul

Italy is one of the nations where you get to see the most beautiful statues. Dying Gaul is one of them. People consider this famous statue as a marble copy. There exists a mystery in the 'The Capitoline Museums' in Rome. We don't know who made this sculpture, as no documentation is available till now. If you want to see the most magnificent pieces of art in Italy, then don't miss visiting Dying Gaul.

The Deposition by Michelangelo

Michelangelo is one of the most important places in Italy. Here, people get to know about the moment when Jesus Christ was taken down from the cross. You can find this at the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo in Florence in Italy.

Judith and Holofernes by Donatello

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi was a famous sculptor at that time. He was the producer of the Judith and Holofernes. He is known as Donatello nowadays. You can find it at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.

Famous statues in England

We have listed here a few statues of England. Let's have a look at those.

Titanic Memorial

We know about the Titanic ship that sank in 1912. In that accident, more than 1500 people lost their lives. It is a symbol of the precariousness of existence. You can come to know many details about it after visiting Belfast City. A female character was there who led the primary role. She was one of those people who was alive in that accident. Thomas Brock built this statue in 1920 as a symbol of that incident.

Winston Churchill, London

Some people think that Churchill saved Britain by defeating Hitler. That is why the people of England still remember it. This famous statue is the symbol of Churchill's colossal place in British history and one of the rarest statues of England.


You can see the name of the famous statues of London, America, Italy, India in this article. Now visit these countries and enjoy the mesmerizing view of these statues.

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